Thursday, 31 December 2020



We have all learned at least one thing in 2020 and ongoing; and that is that we should not take life and our perceived normality, for granted.

Periodically we must remember how much we just assume continuity and that things stay the same, but in truth, there are only two certainties in life, and one of them is change.

 This is indeed a game changer. The world has now necessarily woken up to; and been reminded of the power of what nature can do to us… especially when we mess with it.

We now are entering a period of significant change, obviously and astrologically, totally catalyzed by this pandemic and its power. We need to really understand why this has happened. We cannot just “get back to normal”. We also need a retrospective, essential scrutiny of our lives, our civilization and to develop a big picture awareness of what we can do to try to redress balance and understand the dynamics and consequences of our actions on our planet and therefore on ourselves.

 This Covid period has brought out the most selfless, and indeed sometimes the most selfish behaviour in humanity. Each one of us, I am sure, has done a lot of personal reflection on our lives during this time.  It really is true that every crisis is an opportunity.

 The concept of ruthless, eternal, global economic growth at all costs, has been slowly growing over the last century, emphasised by the negative side of Pluto (power) in Capricorn (economic drive) since 2008.  The fallout is hitting us hard.

The realisations implicit, have been very much indicated by the dawning new emphasis on the power of the air sign of Aquarius, tasted in late March till July, when Saturn then temporarily dipped his toe into that sign. This Aquarian energy however has just again been truly, powerfully activated, when in the second half of December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn, virtually hand in hand, committed to a move together from Capricorn and into Aquarius.  A very rare event.

 As an energy, it is reminiscent of the old late 60’s hippy dream/song of “The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.”  

 Basically, the message is that the power of the carelessness, ignorance, ego, greed and often the heartlessness of mankind, must be superseded by wisdom, a more existential big picture awareness and a far humbler reverence for our planet. This is achieved by using our brains (Aquarius), as well as our hearts (Pisces), for the greater good of humanity, the environment, and therefore for all our physical, spiritual and mental health.

The power of Neptune in its own home water sign of Pisces still, since 2012 till April 2025, has been struggling to awaken our senses and hearts to the value of nature and its delicate, complex balance.

 We need to remember that we need nature, nature does not need us.

There have now been many manifest warnings re climate change. This has now become very visible to many… even the deniers are becoming quieter.  However, with Pluto (power) in Capricorn (economic system) till 2025, the struggle of the transition in our value system will be not an easy one for many of those in power, for whom the old competitive and ruthless economic system is the only perceived and understood way and so is hung onto.

Come the end of 2024, Pluto also will concede the power of necessary change of emphasis, as he will then also move into Aquarius., where he will stay till 2044.

We have had in 2020, and now continuing powerfully, the crucial interaction of scientists with governments, in trying to beat the pandemic, and that has involved humility needed by people in power. This is a very difficult task for many of them if it involves a downgrading of their own power/ego to achieve other goals. Global cooperation, as opposed to competition and nationalism are the only way forward to beat the massive global problems we have and that is what the emphasis on Aquarius now (and Neptune in Pisces) demands. England is a Capricorn country, and the old colonial, sovereign empire mentality is still clung on to by many and will not serve us well in massively changing times.

The power of Jupiter (positivity and optimism) and Saturn (discipline, hard work and necessity) entering the big picture, awareness, rational, and alternative thinking sign of Aquarius has indeed brought, along with the vaccine roll out, a boost to the prospect of a successful combining of rays of hope in many ways. Jupiter in Aquarius has started an increased sense of global environmental collaboration and progress, wisdom, innovation, necessary and amazing scientific advancement to help us through this immediate health crisis, internationalism and a feeling of optimism and protection.  Saturn in Aquarius has also started to demand the challenging need for discipline, necessity, hard work, sense of responsibility, humility and organisation, and importantly patience, and even privation in the name of impersonal, universal progress, based on logic, and a necessary vision for the future. The combining of these energies is powerful. Saturn is the benevolent despot and karmic schoolteacher. We need his focus, discipline and humility now.

 It is interesting how much we realise we do not really need during these times, and indeed we are realising that sometimes less is more, in terms of consumption i.e., what is essential versus what is not. A very Saturnian lesson.  A change of priorities is essential.  The future will be different and needs to be.

The symbolic figure of Aquarius is talked about as “the water bearer” and people often think it is therefore a water sign because of that, but in fact that seeming water she pours from her urn, is symbolic of the flow of knowledge and wisdom

However, we need to be also aware that Saturn can bring blocks, delays and logistical complications and a huge need for patience, such as on the roll out the safest, most effective vaccines, on a desired time scale in the correct way. It is hugely important with Saturn in operation, for all to not put speed, the ticking of boxes and the ego fulfilment of politicians, ahead of scientific certainty and caution.

Jupiter, at the very end of December, overtook Saturn in the combining of the two planets and so started to lead Saturn in the journey through Aquarius.  

This Jupiter leadership has and will create a stronger push for speed, an impatience and a tendency to be overly optimistic, (Jupiter trait) not least by our leaders, about the progress of our path out of the pandemic. There is a possible potential carelessness and underestimation of the necessary caution re the organisation of our management of the challenges. Jupiter power, because of anticipation of an imminent vaccine, has encouraged an overoptimistic relaxation in public compliance re the general health/ social rules, still needed and demanded by Saturn. With the new  Covid variant (s) we need to be reminded by Saturn that indeed patience is the priority needed, in terms of the time taken for any necessary tweaking of vaccines over the months to come. It would, in truth, be better for Saturn to precede Jupiter on this journey… but that is not possible as Jupiter moves much more quickly than Saturn, as indeed he often does in human nature.

 Jupiter and Saturn both journey together through Aquarius till the very end of December 2021, but Jupiter will dip her toe in to Pisces temporarily, from the 13th May till the 28th July this year. Importantly though, she recommits to Aquarius from late July to the end of December, to complete her Aquarian tasks. While temporarily in Pisces however, Jupiter will give hint at the flavour of what will be underlined from late December 2021, when Jupiter commits to Pisces, till May 10th, 2022.  The positive side of Jupiter in Pisces, being the power of the heart, the arts and likely increased compassion, idealism and sensitivity, especially to nature.

Saturn meanwhile is now only committed to travelling through Aquarius, continuously till March 7th, 2023, doing the necessary karmic work in that sign. When he enters Pisces in March 2023, that will be a whole different story.

Clearly, Trump’s power passing to Biden, is very much in keeping with the shift of values underlined now, and the fact that Brexit has been “settled”, I suspect in panic, are indicative of a no choice change of emphasis for Boris.

The date of Jo Biden’s inauguration on January 20th (when fittingly the Sun is also exactly entering Aquarius) sees Saturn trine his ascendant (every 15 years) and Jupiter oppose his Pluto (every 12 years) and Mars conjunct his Part of Fortune (every 2 years) which is a rare combining. These show a sense of responsibility and recognition of duty and economic challenge, all taken on very seriously, alongside a strong determination to make powerful, if ambitious advantageous changes, especially in international relations. Also, there is a strong sense of his will and ambition being combined on that day, with fate and positive success.  Challenges do await him in the second half of February though.

Do not underestimate Biden’s strong will. He is a powerful Scorpio, with Mars square Pluto. Motive is everything with Scorpio, but with Sagittarius rising, and his ruling planet Jupiter, so well and intelligently aspected, it is certainly not ego centred. The US chart (Independence Day 1776.) has Pluto opposing its Mercury now... which indicates radical challenge and change economically, and Biden has been blocked from moving the country forward, by Trump’s lack of cooperation in the transition period. This is indeed a crisis period for the USA, but it is now in wise hands.

 Trump continues to be haunted by a very difficult Pluto transit. Pluto has been opposing his Saturn since January 2020, (which is seriously undermining for anyone and only happens every 248 years) and from January 25th Pluto moves to oppose his Venus (also only every 248 years) which specifically rules his public status (Midheaven) which then will be totally broken down, as will his domestic situation. This influence lasts on and off for 1 year. At the least it is a totally new chapter.

Boris Johnson, last month seriously undermined public confidence in himself by his actions and changes of advice re Xmas social rules and he has alienated many in his far-right supporters re his last-minute heroic, as he saw it, compromise over Brexit, the details of which are still very foggy. He now has Neptune square his Mercury exactly (every 84 years and has been so affecting him, on and off all 2020). It is strong from the 23rd till late February. His health can be affected then, but more likely, it totally underlines his ability to be at the least, very economical with the truth, to make promises that cannot be delivered and to show a lack of any sort of clarity or detail in his plans and pronouncements. This will make the logistics of Brexit very confusing and chaotic for many. Positively he has now ensured an ongoing connection with the EU … but which has rather defeated the objectives of the ERG (extreme Brexiteers).

As always, he wants to keep everyone happy, but as a result, often keeps no one happy (the worst of his Libra rising).

This month, dates to be aware of are when the Sun conjuncts Pluto on the 14th and on  the 19th-22nd ,when Mars conjuncts Uranus . Powerful eruptive forces are at work then geophysically and potentially socio-politically, in terms of unexpected power shifts. The 26th looks shaky, the planet is in grumbling mood again when the Sun squares Uranus, and with Uranus now long term in Taurus, the very physical infrastructure of our planet is more unpredictable and volatile currently anyway.

Mars moves out of his own, fiery and impulsive sign of Aries, where he has been since July 1st, and into the more practical, plodding, patient energy of Taurus on the 6th of January, but Taurus is connected to mother earth/nature, so she will be showing her feelings from then.

The full Moon is on the 28th at 9 degrees of Leo, and Venus conjuncts Pluto on the same day. Eruptions are in the air the too then, especially in the behaviour of politicians and leaders, as closings of chapters hit home, and since it falls on Trump’s natal Pluto, that may well be a rather intense day for him.

 Be assured, a new, more enlightened consciousness is coming (rather late in the day) but now it is urgent, of total necessity and not always comfortable. It will also take more time than is ideal and much patience will be needed by leaders and the populace, for the growing new consciousness to be translated into action and results.

 All best for 2021




Monday, 30 November 2020



There is already a sense of the prospect of change and of light at the end of a tunnel. Indeed, this month, a major shift of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius flags up a positive game changer for planet earth and indeed they make a rare conjunction in that sign. Saturn moves into that sign on the 17th followed by Jupiter on the 19th. They then remain in exact conjunction till the 26th but stay close from then for most of January and into February. Saturn will remain in Aquarius till March 2023 and Jupiter remains there essentially till the end of December 2021, (but he temporarily dips his toe into Pisces between May 2021 and late July 2021) then returns to Aquarius to complete his work there.

 The last time Saturn and Jupiter were exactly conjunct in Aquarius was January 1405, (the period that started to see the demise of the Mongolian empire, if that is of interest.).

 This combining of these two planets in Aquarius is not only rare but can be a very opportunistic period for mankind.

 Aquarius is an air sign, which is all about the power of the mind; and is about vision for the future, innovation, advancing science, technological breakthroughs, humanitarian concerns, wisdom, equality, insight, and big picture, alternative thinking. This will not only include initially the rolling out of effective vaccines but will shift focus from the parochialism of nationalism to more global inclusivity. The science re all urgent issues, such as climate change/environmental health, will be furthered, supported and implemented. The power of money, conservatism, establishment, tradition, as is signified by Capricorn, which is an earth sign, will then  be balanced against new futures, new values and changes in more existential matters (Aquarius).

 Jupiter is expansion, wisdom, confidence, enjoyment, luck, growth, internationalism and positive events, and at the least provides protection, but that planet can also, more negatively, indicate excess, indulgence , over confidence and the power of the ego.

 Saturn, positively, rules serious application, detail, patience, hard work, practicality, discipline, caution, humility, karmic obligation and self-control. He can also uncomfortably bring blocks and delays, limitations and some serious and difficult, but necessary reality checks and important lessons imposed upon us, if we lose caution/reality. Hence, when Saturn combines with Jupiter, there is at work a real combining of many of these principles, both positive and negative and the wise balance of these two planets against each other is essential, in order to maximise progress.

Therefore, self-evidently this conjunction can be a huge and seriously progressive time, if all the positive qualities are emphasised. However, when the conjunction is exact, as it is over the Christmas  period  and if the then understandable Jupiter desire for freedom, socialisation/togetherness  is over indulged,  negating the essential limitations, discipline and boundaries that Saturn often demands, then we will  later likely experience a hard follow up lesson about pushing our luck, i.e. a resulting significant rebound of Corona virus.

Saturn has the job of karmic schoolteacher.

Clearly Trump lost the election as was indicated astrologically , and he has probably realised by now that his challenges to the result are pretty empty , but that does not mean that he will not want to leave his mark, and to create problems for Biden , before he has to make way for him. Since November 20th, Pluto’s current position, has been exactly opposing Trump’s natal Saturn (every 248 years), remaining there till December 27th. That period is a very powerful, rare astrological influence for anyone and can equate, so often, to having to realise that the rug is indeed totally pulled from beneath one’s feet, and one has to adjust to a totally changed circumstance. Old assumptions about security are stripped away.

The transition from Trump to Biden is symbolically totally reflected in the rare, synchronised transition of Saturn and Jupiter, from Capricorn to Aquarius. Capricorn equates politically to strong neoliberal capitalism and nationalistic values (Republicans). Aquarius equates to the values of increased social democracy and more international cooperation (Democrats). The values of  the Democrats, however can be seen by Republicans as dangerous, very left-wing socialism.

This departure of Jupiter and Saturn from Capricorn (economy) and their entry into Aquarius, leaves the power of Pluto then standing alone in Capricorn, remaining in that sign till 2024/2025. That is significant,  as the checks and balances, constraints and sense of responsibility of Saturn and the protection of Jupiter are gone in the purely economic area, especially for Capricorn ruled England, now Brexit is ominously looming, on top of the fallout from Covid. Crisis economically is obviously predicted and assured and will seriously be in all our faces, from late month.

 Saturn squares Boris Johnson’s Moon from the 17th-27th (every 15 years) which suggests some anxiety and a potential uncomfortable reality check looming, re his judgement and actions.

Meanwhile, the plus side is that this month we are seeing a potentially more progressive period in terms of a coming balance of ideologies and a shift of value system.

Mars is still in his home sign of assertive Aries. “Don’t mess with me” is the manifestation.  Anger and impulsive action will still be manifesting on the world stage.  Political upheavals and rebellions are still in the air.

Around the 14th /15th, there are several very progressive hopeful energies at work, helpful to Biden. There is a solar eclipse also on the 14th at 23 degrees of Sagittarius, which can indicate a sense of the bright and the new at work.

The only period, which is seriously quite uncomfortably intense this month, is around the 23rd when Mars squares Pluto, indicating power struggles, or crises of power, and Trump’s chart is also  very activated then, when Mars squares his Saturn, creating potential for rather angry, frustrated, petulant behavior.  

However, all month we need to keep grounded re the background noise of Covid, as Neptune is strongly at work and invisible spread is therefore powerful, as is a potential still for denial.  Avian flu virus has also now erupted in bird populations in Europe. We are collectively at the mercy of nature more now than ever and we need humility to face up to and reverse our role in her demise, which is also that of our own.

The full Moon falls on the 30th at 8 degrees of Cancer, exactly on the degree of Trump's Mercury.  Full Moons demand acknowledgment of the end of chapters, but can also be very eruptive from the depth of the psyche.





Saturday, 31 October 2020



People are holding their breath, re November 3rd.

Naturally, everyone is asking me if the astrology shows that Trump will win the US election again.

The truth is, in theory, no, he is unlikely to win, even if a pretty close result is eventually declared, as the big picture in his chart generally now is difficult. Indeed, it has been for some months and his life is seriously changing, fundamentally for him from the 18th November, the rug is rather pulled from under his feet and he will have to make many adjustments in life. His status quo is seriously broken down then, continuing through December. This is all because Pluto is then finally exactly opposing his Saturn (every 248 years.) My view is that the election results however will not be definitive or even accepted, till around the 14th, when Mars finally goes direct again.  Mercury does interestingly however, move direct on the 3rd suggesting that, at the least, there will be a sense that the waiting will be over, and the dice is finally cast.  There will however be it seems, some significant chaos generally between the 3rd and the 14th, while results are delayed or angrily contested by the opposing party, no matter who seems to be the victor.

Indeed, Mercury opposes Saturn in the ecliptic from the 1st to the 8th and that ensures fear, pessimism, delays and even much misinterpretation generally.

Trump will claim victory somehow, no matter what the outcome really is, and there are likely to be troublesome eruptions as a result. The outcome will be somewhat anarchic. The electoral college system does not reflect the popular vote anyway, so distortion of the reality of the voting balance is part of the system. Added to which, accusations of meddling with the vote of course, will be much in the mix, no matter what. Also, between the 7th and the 14th Jupiter conjuncts with Pluto on a global basis. This brings tremendous and indeed an obsessive drive by certain leaders to gain more power. But be prepared during that period, to see no stone unturned, no matter how ruthless,  in order to get the results desired or challenged , by all parties involved in any fight for supremacy, even if results are more or less fully declared.

 All that really matters is motive when Pluto is involved, in terms of  whether the outcome is for the greater good or for pure ego gratification. Unfortunately with narcissism being a common trait in so many of our leaders now , the latter is so often the main driving factor.

Trump is in many ways not really an ordinary human. He has an ability to fight even inevitabilities to the end, via complete denial of truth.

His niece, Mary Trump wrote “He’s always trying to see what he can get away with and has always got away with everything. No one holds him to account. “

He brazens things out.

This period and indeed the astrological forces at work now, should indeed be his reckoning, but because he is not (seemingly so far) subject to final culpability, or a nemesis (avoiding cosmic laws) and as he seems to have no conscience, he could seriously try to thwart the outcome . The worse scenario is that he may use a scorched earth policy i.e... if he cannot win, no one can, and he could make a drastic, dangerous move in policy decision.

 In fact he does interestingly also  have Jupiter opposing his Saturn and then opposing his Venus in the last half of the month and that can manifest in carelessness, false confidence, false claims and misjudgments about outcomes… but also an ability to feel free to leave behind the past. Also, it can indicate some emotional turmoil in personal relationships too.

 If/when he does have to accept that he is out of the White House, he will not hang around in Washington, or indeed the States. He will try to escape any inevitable repercussions. That every 248-year Pluto opposition his Saturn will tend to sweep away his infrastructure, particularly including his domestic situation (Pluto rules his roots). It is also possible that some latent physical repercussions, re his Covid experience, may well appear, as Saturn links to health in his chart.

 By contrast Jo Biden has Jupiter (his ruling planet) sextile his Mercury from the 1st till the 8th, being exact on the 3rd/4th (every 6 years) and that is indeed very promising in terms of popularity, public support and  good news and it’s a feel good factor in terms of being applauded for his message. From the 12th till the 27th he has Saturn sextile his Sun, and immediately after and till December 8th, it sextiles his Venus, (both only every 15 years) all indicating the weight of public responsibility and duty on his shoulders in a constructive way.  Late November, he also has Jupiter opposition its own place (every 12 years) a celebratory energy. December generally looks a positive time for him, as between the 5th and the 16th, he also has Jupiter sextiling his Sun and Venus; all auguring well for him.  One could say that these positive transits may all just indicate a happy relief, from not having to take on the responsibility of such high office, but it does not look like that to me.

 Anyway, for sure we may have to be prepared to wait till at least till the 14th for general chaos, frustration and real anger, both in the US and indeed globally, to start to subside.

I must also note, that If Trump does in fact manage, by fair means or foul, somehow to get declared the winner, I will say that he has  defied astrological energies… but then it seems currently that all the norms of our world are in trouble or challenged now. Whatever his public position is in late November and December, he has certainly then, for sure, a very chaotic time, with much break down anyway, of his very infrastructure.

The US economy looks drastically troubled in the second half of November, as Saturn then moves to conjunct the US natal Pluto. A serious fiscal reality check will be flagged up and so the then president has a huge challenge.

Meanwhile, the Covid nightmare continues and Xmas looks blighted and indeed it is not really till early January that the world can see any real light in terms of the development of a successful vaccination. Saturn and Jupiter both have joined in Aquarius by then, a sign focusing on the future and innovation.

The science will then flourish and there will be a shift of priorities away from just the pure economic disaster (inevitable) that Covid will manifest. Also, any change needed in our whole value system that this virus has illuminated, will start to reveal itself more clearly, not least environmentally. Jupiter and Saturn’s move into Aquarius points in 2021 to a more environmentally aware and a more revolutionary style of thinking and that would also indicate that our elected leaders, will be, and indeed should and have to be, more focused on that priority.

 So long as Neptune is in Pisces 2012-2026 (invisible spread and elusive energies, among other things) the world will need to realise and be humbled as to the power of nature. We need to honour it, as it will continue to have the last word until we do.  Vaccinations and treatment can certainly bring solutions for the results of these powers at work but addressing the fundamental causes of unnatural manifestations of viruses and indeed of the general destruction of our ecosystems, species and our climate, are a must. The power of Saturn and Jupiter both being in Aquarius together for a year (rare) and Saturn staying there till March 2023, points to hope in that direction from a scientific viewpoint.  Neptune in Pisces also will continue to make the preciousness and beauty of nature and its total importance, when totally respected, to our planet’s health, crystal clear to those with clear eyes and hearts.

 Uranus (shock, unpredictability/change) now in Taurus (March 2019 -May 2026) is inevitably a challenge to monetary issues and to our value system (Taurus) and indeed related to the literal earth beneath our feet (Taurus). It now speaks clearly about the unpredictability of mother earth, in terms of eruptions and its delicate balance and its ability to create uncomfortable occurrences… This combined with Neptune in Pisces, is a major focus on the power of nature and our values systems’ interaction with it.

This month does have some positive pointers generally, but do not hold your breath, in terms of calm, easy resolutions, in terms of power contests.

The New moon falls on the 15th at 23 degrees of Scorpio falling between Jo Biden’s Mercury and Sun. New moons are new starts/new chapters. There is however a Lunar eclipse this month on the 30th at 8 degrees of Gemini which falls on Biden’s Saturn. This is quite difficult and suggests then some serious challenges in his life and status… maybe the reality check of a hugely challenging responsibility.




Wednesday, 30 September 2020



 The incredibly rare planetary dramas continue this month, in fact even more powerfully, as retrograde Mars is now moving more dangerously in his power.

 Mars is still retrograde till November 14th (since September 9th) in his own home sign of Aries and continues to flag up a truly angry, very frustrated and seething energy, in a rather dangerous way. Patience is not its finest quality to put it mildly.

Mars, having manifested its frustrating square to Saturn late September, is now challenging Pluto by square from the 7th-12th and therefore will be more ruthless and indeed almost primaeval in its expression of pent up anger and creates a great desire in people to gain control and destroy,  in any way , what is seen as a threat to their freedom or power . A kneejerk survival mode is in the air. The downside of Pluto is abuse of power, and this tendency will be rampant both politically globally; and indeed, simmering also potentially on a personal level for many. The microcosm will reflect the macrocosm. Ego will dominate over rationality or fairness. Boundaries will be ignored, and breath-taking defiance will manifest, as will radical libertarianism, not least in relation to the Covid virus and its seeming lack of controllability. Between the 14th and 19th (when the Sun also joins in to oppose Mars and then squares up to Pluto and then Saturn) obvious abuse of power is flagged up.  Additionally, around the 17th- 21st when Mars also squares Jupiter, there will be much arrogance and overselling of self on the political stage and narcissism (growing as a global quality) increasingly dominates. The used car salesman syndrome will be at its most ruthless.

To add to the delay, block and frustrated anger of Mars in retrograde motion, Mercury also moves retrograde on the 14th and stays in that mode till November 3rd. A testing month indeed.  Under “normal” circumstances, Mercury retrograde just indicates confusions, delays, hiccups and blocks in communications, agreements and contracts. It can also point to breakdowns in technology and potential travel disruption. It also is a time when a reconsideration of plans and action is necessary. Patience is demanded. It is a bit like writers’ block.  However, under current circumstances and combined with Mars retrograde, it is all that, magnified, and combined with anger and ruthless frustrations too.

Instead of a pause and a much needed complete rethink of the  values and infrastructure of our planet (which many who are not in power are doing)  and which retrograde planets are actually there to flag up the need for , there will be a huge push by the big movers and shakers in power to blindly move forward on a drastic and ruthless ego driven trajectory to  attempt to achieve results that will be at the least totally unwise, often illegal and certainly immoral and probably impossible.… with a potentially disastrous fallout. If it was not so dangerous, it may almost be comical to observe.

 The feeling of potential anarchy / civil war is in the ether, as has been noted by many commentators, and the planets positions now certainly point in that direction.

Jupiter in Capricorn is now moving to conjunct Pluto (and will do so exactly in the very significant second week of November, re the fallout from the final results of the US elections on the 3rd.)  Power drive under this influence is enormous, with passionate ideology and strong desires. all that matters is motive, i.e. for the greater good, or pure personal gain. It can go either way.

 Astrologers recognise this whole period as a game changer, as is obvious also to many, just self-evidently. However  several significant leaders on our planet  have little or no regard for the big  planetary picture and nature’s messaging,  hence it is hard to be cheerful, except to say that we often  have to go through the dark to get to the light . The phoenix can rise from the ashes if we recognise the need for a phoenix.

It has been said about the powers of Pluto’s influence… “Pluto throws open the gates of Hades to the unwilling victim at their own unconscious request “. It seems planet earth is currently putting us through this  taste of a Hades period, in order to wake us up to what we need to change fundamentally, in terms of planetary health, wisdom and indeed our species survival… or we risk so much worse in the future.

The upcoming U.S election is of course all caught up in all the above predominant energies. The vicious claims and counterclaims and ruthless desperation of Trump to keep power, for many personal ego reasons will dominate , and there is anxiety by many about his potential to gain power again, by possible fraudulent activity, or to lose, but then call it voting fraud. Either way, this will create mayhem …. a major crisis.

 October will be an ugly month globally; but you do not need an astrological analysis to see that.  Saturn remains opposing Trump’s Venus, as it did all September (every 30 years). Venus rules his public standing/status, so that will be sorely challenged, and Pluto continues to oppose his Saturn (every 248 years) which will culminate to be exact from the 19th November for a month. This is a powerful force that can indeed sweep away/or at the very least, hugely challenge the status quo of his current life. This influence on him will be over by January 2021.

Jo Biden is still struggling with Saturn opposing his Jupiter in October (every 12 years), which downgrades confidence and underlines blocks to is progress, but this lifts in late October and certainly lifts more in November.

 Boris Johnson is still, throughout October, having his Mercury squared by Neptune, (every 84 years and it was very strong in September). This creates vulnerability to mistakes, his own and others, mental and physical tiredness, confusion, and “mis- speaking”.  It also indicates much game playing with facts, especially in international dealings, deceptions, dishonesty, and many smoke and mirror pronouncements. It can also indicate behind scenes secretive planning. He can be manipulated, or a manipulator of others, with this energy.

 Around the 31st is a significantly powerful date too this month, as the Moon will be full at 8 degrees of Taurus and is also therefore simultaneously conjunct Uranus; and the Sun therefore, by definition, is opposition to Uranus.  This is hence quite an exceptionally challenging day, full of unexpected, significant surprise eruptions in any socio-political context, but also, not least, potentially in a geophysical manifestation.

 Next month will be interesting …


Monday, 31 August 2020


 Mars, so powerfully extra strong now in its home sign of Aries, since the beginning of August, is certainly and loudly, creating turmoil and anger on the world stage. This rare long placement, lasting till January 6th is bringing out rather primeval impulse and rage.

 Saturn and Pluto are still closely conjunct in their oh so rare configuration in Capricorn which equals restriction(Saturn) on power(Pluto) and on economies and because Mars (drive, ambition assertion) as last month, is still squaring this conjunction, this is creating a serious ongoing tension and notable frustration. A conflict is continually growing between a resumption of the economy, versus a need for serious caution re public health, of course.

 It is fair to say generally, that currently, and indeed from the beginning of this year, everyone who has a birthdays around 13th to 19th of January, July, October or April (which equates approximately 22 degrees to 27 degrees of these signs) are currently being personally very impacted by this powerful and rare combination of planets, that existentially has been and is still so significant now on our entire globe. Indeed, also many who have their Ascendant or Mid heaven, or other important natal planets in any of these degrees of these signs, will also feel the power and the challenge personally in their lives and within themselves,

But very importantly, from the 9th of this month, Mars moves retrograde and stays in that mode till November 14th. The addition of a retrograde motion of Mars, will serve to significantly complicate issues.

 This retrograde movement of Mars happens on average every 2 years for approximately just over 2 months and often shows itself as bottled up simmering anger, because of restrictions and blocks to action and power, personally and globally… and when in Aries , this is underlined to the nth degree. In fact, this retrograde planetary positioning demands a huge need for patience and a need to re plan and reconsider future action and to recognize that things/progress need to be more fundamentally reconfigured out of wise necessity.

Things will take longer than would be liked, especially in relation to the mastering of the Covid pandemic. However, because Mars is in assertive “go for it” Aries and is also potently squaring up to Pluto and Saturn, this cautious stance and the need for patience and re-evaluation will be resisted and defied. Wisdom is likely to be ignored on the altar of the powerful force of frustrated anger and the great desire for a return to “normality” and for power and control, despite any blocks. Impotence however will be felt in the face of failed or foolish plans and will likely create bitter frustration among leaders and the populace.

Behind the scenes, purely ego driven manoeuvres will also be powerful now among the powers that be, and secrecy of tactics will be the order of the day.

This is a dangerous, reckless and foolhardy time. An almost civil war mood will be brewing.

The most powerful configuration is from September 20th and operative till the very beginning of October when a tricky T square is created between Mercury opposing Mars which in turn are squaring Saturn and nudging Pluto by square too. Dangerously angry days will be flagged up then, when an obsessive desire to take quite ruthless control by leaders within their own country are highlighted, or an international challenge, resulting from displaced anger can manifest. Diplomacy will be trounced by anger. The fall out in the 1st half of October will be significant .

This tense mood can be palpable also between ordinary citizens, and within families as well as in an international political context.

The environmental mood will not be kind either and this will be reflected in the weather and in manifestations of the fallout of nature’s reactions to our environmental meddling.   Low yield crops, not least.

 Days of potential deception, fake news, fantasy, smoke and mirror happenings, unrealistic ambitions, and falsifying accounts of situations are between the 11th and 13th when the Sun opposes Neptune.  Although this period, can work well for the power of music, film and the arts.

Trump, all month, has Saturn opposition Venus (every 30 years), which equates to harsh reality checks re his public standing in the polls (Venus rules his natal Midheaven, which is all about career /status). It will also unavoidably flag up areas of his responsibilities which he has failed to address, or he will find himself blocked from doing what he wants to do. The economy too will be a real challenge. He also simultaneously has Jupiter square Natal Jupiter all month (every 6 years) and this will mean he will compensate for these frustrations, by over doing, over promising and potentially reckless overreaching and daring in certain other actions and policy decisions. Late month, he will also have Mars squaring his Venus, and sextiling his Mars which will make him desirous of power over others in a rather primitive and potentially bullying way, especially when dealing with politicians of the opposite sex. Also, a ruthlessness over finances, both his own and the economy, are flagged up then. However, he will also simultaneously have renewed confidence and determination to do as he wishes, which may bring him significant support and admiration from his followers.

Jo Biden who has his natal Sun, Mercury , Venus and Mars in  Scorpio ( positions never to be underestimated) with Sagittarius rising, has Saturn opposition his natal Jupiter (his ruling planet) all month, which does not augur well for his confidence or sense of progress to be honest, but realism will dominate. By contrast Kamala Harris, his Democratic running mate, has Jupiter trine her natal Venus all month , which will enhance her popularity , which she will need, as also Mars is squaring her Moon, all month , suggesting that she will be very frustrated in her dealings with men in a political context and she will be challenged significantly… but she is a fighter.  She is a Libra, with Gemini rising, and Moon in Aries, opposition her Sun (full Moon birth). Mercury, her ruler, is in forensic Scorpio.

 Boris Johnson's chart is looking unscathed by the current intensity, probably because he is not calling the shots and is being rather elusive.  He has again the exact recurrence of Neptune squaring his Mercury all month, as he had exactly when he came down with Covid. My guess is that he is backing off major leadership activity, because of some possible ongoing physical impairment and/or, because he is keen to avoid making decisions and reaping any resulting flack. This once in a lifetime (every 82 years) planetary combination can not only affect the health, but also creates much avoiding of the truth and a tearing up of the rules of accountability and also underlines a habit of making empty, fanciful statements and promises. Much secrecy of true intent is surrounding his position now.  Plenty of delegation is also the order of the day in his chart. Power without responsibility. This current year long intermittent combining of Neptune/Mercury energy has been haunting him since April this year, strong again this month, and continues its influence till March 2021.

Positive days this month generally are the 2nd/3rd when the Sun trines Uranus, which is good for scientific breakthroughs and positive, possibly surprise change; and the 9/10th when the Sun trines Jupiter, auguring well for optimism, progress, confidence and international cooperation. But do not underestimate the effect of retrograde Mars in Aries from the 9th!

The Moon is full on the 2nd at 10 degrees of Pisces and new Moon is on the 17th at 25 degrees of Virgo…

You reap consequences of actions on the full Moon and sow new seeds for the future on the new Moon.





Friday, 31 July 2020


As last February and March, Saturn  (brakes/reality checks and karmic school teacher) is now seriously once again speaking truth to Pluto (power). Both planets are once more close in the critical and powerful last 10 degrees of Capricorn (established economic system). Saturn is basically now putting a huge block on the idea of simply “getting back to normal”, especially re the economy, as is/was the hope.

 The power and extreme rarity of this ongoing combination during 2020, makes it no surprise that we are still in the grips of this virus, as it once again, in so many places, is bouncing back and this is not something our civilisation is prepared for. It was never imagined as a likely global phenomenon.

 August, astrologically, reflects the fact that it is a month of significant realisation as to the full scale of the current global crisis. A mixture of the virus, economic situation, environmental issues/climate change and the anarchic energies at work in countries, where the leaders are clearly at a loss as to how to cope with current circumstances has caused chaos. Pure ego is completely counterproductive in leadership qualities, as is becoming so obvious. Sadly ignorance and arrogance are twins, a combination, which, in some countries can also bring a gradual dissolving of once accepted moral obligations in leadership.  Only wise, inclusive, big picture egoless leadership will do now, which we are now beginning to see in some countries.

 We are desperate for “normal”, but we now have to question how our habitual normal, in terms of our global values and habits, has contributed to our current global situation on many levels. Neptune concurrently travelling through his home sign of Pisces (2012-2026, occurring only every 165 years) now is reflecting the power of a massive invisible spread of power in so many areas of life, not least social media, political interferences, climate change and now of course, a virus. Neptune in Pisces most essentially reflects the power of nature to show its power, if we in any way abuse it.

 A global world has to be prepared to bear global consequences of actions in any individual country. Our power to subdue a virus is proving a huge scientific, social and psychological challenge, not to mention politically and the impatient hunger for economic growth again is putting our efforts to quell the virus at risk. Choices made under our present system are so hard and so impossible, given that the current style of global economy equals a matter of life and death in many ways too.

 Jupiter (growth and optimism) has also been involved in this so rare conjunction in Capricorn, which has also given a hope and optimism, and in many cases an arrogance of assumption, that we can resume economic life as it was, but all too quickly and sadly, also over optimistically

 A recent comment made by journalist George Monbiot, is hugely prescient… “We are acclimatising ourselves to an existential crisis”.

 This crisis is actually a huge message to our planet that we need to have a fundamental change in what needs to be normal. We need to shift our values, expectations and rebalance our priorities in how we live our lives. Respecting our planet is a screaming necessity, as the power of nature is clearly telling us when we have abused it. Money and the unthinking pursuit of eternal economic growth, at any cost to our natural world, cannot continue to be the god of us all.  It is that very value that has created this existential crisis. The huge uncertainty around us currently causes great anxiety, but out of uncertainty, creativity is born, as are new paradigms of being.

 Uranus, which equals shock, disruption, innovation, the future and change, which is often ultimately liberating, is now in Taurus (money, value systems/ security/ and indeed the very earth itself) and has been committed to that sign since March 2019 and will stay there till the end of April 2026. This is and will continue slowly to bring a revolution in all those areas i.e. how we are forced to negotiate our needs/values in a new way. It’s a shock and game changing but necessary. That is the point of and purpose of Uranus.

 There are only two certainties in life, and one of those is change.

 Mars, remains in  his home sign of Aries  this month and  has underwhelming through this sign since early July and stays there for an unusually long period, till January 6th. This is a powerful warlike position at worst, healthily determined and assertive at best. The recent chaotic unrest, in Hong Kong and of course in parts of the USA, which has been met by brutal governmental generated force, has reflected this powerful position. From the 13th to the 29th, this month, Mars aspects will likely then seriously generate more potential dangerous, forceful controlling abuses of power, which will be followed by serious frustration and resultant greater anger, (Mars squares Pluto and then squares Saturn during those dates.)

 Mars will also between the 13th-24th seriously challenge Trump’s Saturn and Venus, by square aspect, which will create significant challenges to him internationally and legally, and which will almost certainly result in his desperate push to regain control with desperate, impulsive anger and action.

 Trump’s chart has ongoing incredible challenges, not least Pluto opposing his Saturn (every 248 years). He has had this on and off since January and strongly since the beginning of July and most of this month and strongly again at the end of the year. This transit, when experienced, really pulls the rug from under your feet and an inevitable change in the status quo is indicated because of fated forces. It is powerful in terms of elimination of assumptions about ones position and resources. Fighting these forces successfully is only possible if you are totally on the right path and your conscience is totally clear.  In Trump’s case, it is not helpful to his mental health either (Pluto in the 12th house in his natal chart). It can also possibly bring physical health issues to the fore, which can seriously affect one’s power to continue in one’s desired way.

 We have however to remember that Trump does not respond like most people, because he chooses not to see facts or truth, as his ego is so delicate/damaged, so the truth is just not an option. In fact, he defies many basic laws of humanity…so he is immune to the normal responses in so many ways.   He will fight in any drastic way possible to cling on to power. In late September and October he also has Saturn opposition his Venus (every 30 years), and along with Pluto’s influence, that is very stressful re work and his image in the world. It is a bit of a final straw of a reality check.  Also Uranus is squaring his Pluto now till late September, which does not auger well for stability in many ways. In fact his own party and previously close associates are likely to dessert him, or at least distance themselves significantly, in order to protect their own status.  But never underestimate Trumps popularity with core supporters. He is hypnotic to them, like a cult leader.

 Looking at Boris Johnson, he has Mars, which is currently in Aries, going through his 7th house now (he has Libra rising) continuing till late January. That will bring significant challenges from others and from the outside world. Around the 13th of this month, he has Mercury squaring both his Neptune and his Jupiter. That will be a period where his statements and the facts of a situation, may well be rather at odds. His optimistic generalisations and any carelessness then, may not do him any favours.  He also needs to be careful from August the 27th and all through September, when Neptune once again squares his Mercury (every 84 years and it was strong when he was hospitalised with the virus), as his health will again be prone to vulnerability, or at the least, his work will feel very stressful, and again, relations with other countries are strained. Lack of clarity then will especially be his enemy. Yet again, this period also shows that his idealism and fantasies may well outweigh facts in his statements and in his projected view of things.

 However no Pluto, Uranus or Saturn challenges are in the air for Johnson currently, so he will muddle through.  

 Astrology is great at seeing how the planets are affecting the world and seeing the challenges that need addressing, but as to whether humanity is up to grasping the necessary nettle is another story … Change may well be forced upon us, such is the power of the astrological energies right now. The problem remains that it is short-term economic success that is the god of so many in power and indeed is the god of our globalised system. We may indeed be forced to remodel that god. Capitalism as it is , may well need to be recalibrated.

 The optimistic news  (yes, I can dredge some up) is that from mid/late December when Saturn and Jupiter, in their natural cycle, both move into and commit to Aquarius, (innovation /future/ technology/ big picture/wisdom) we will see not only serious indications of the coming conquest/control of Covid, but also the tentative beginnings of a very new value system starting to emerge, as many of us and indeed many of our leaders, all start, out of total necessity, to look outside our outdated and rather toxic box.








Tuesday, 30 June 2020


Saturn speaks truth to power (Pluto), but it is an inconvenient truth to those in power whose ego is significantly greater than their wisdom. The more power is abused however, the more Saturn hurts.

The current combination of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter all more or less conjunct in Capricorn, is as rare as it gets. This conjunction started significantly in late February, which was when the virus took hold and became significant in all our consciousness.  Its virtual total global reach is the first time in human history.

Capricorn is all about the establishment and the economic system. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) however puts a break on everything it touches and brings serious reality checks that we need to learn from. He is not called the karmic schoolteacher or benevolent despot for nothing.  Saturn always calls time on abuse of power. Hence the ruthless power of Pluto, and the growth and freedom factor of Jupiter, related to the economy, have all been drastically curtailed by the karmic power of the necessity principle of Saturn.

It is significant of course that England is a Capricorn country and the USA is Cancerian country, both especially powerfully affected by this whole crisis i.e. England by conjunction from these current Capricorn planetary placements, and the USA by opposition from them.

Climate change has also been hugely brought to our attention since Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017, a real heads up to what the fallout can be for the health of our planet, resulting from our blind pursuit of eternal economic growth…Then along came the Covid crisis, a globalised pandemic.

Since late March however, when Saturn left Capricorn and moved temporarily into very early Aquarius, focus has been by necessity, turned to issues that the sign rules, i.e. research /technology relating to medical science and also the necessary limitation of our freedoms (not least in aviation, also ruled by Aquarius).

We have also however recognised since then, the limitations of science, when time for a solution is short. This virus proves very challenging to deal with in terms of the time span needed to find a vaccine and for creating efficient test, trace and track systems, not least in England. As a result, patience has been sorely tested, and a return to normality and economic rescue, is longed for and seen as urgent.

This has created a major and not so subtle conflict between these two principles, i.e. ongoing caution to secure health/safety/lives, versus the economic priorities/freedom.

 After Saturn left Capricorn in late March (temporarily), Jupiter in Capricorn (confidence, expansion, optimism,)  gradually moved to get closer to Pluto (power, determination) and they finally formed an exact conjunction, starting on June the 23rd. This combination in Capricorn, without the brake of Saturn, brought a huge and somewhat ruthless determination to restart the economy, and possibly a blind optimism and confidence to move forward. This is understandable, but caution/reality (Saturn) has simultaneously been downgraded significantly.

There has been of course, reflecting these planetary energies, an understandable powerful push by business and of course the political powers that be, to reprioritise the economy, as the truly scary economic fallout of the pandemic sets in. 

Hence lock down has quickly loosened in many places...a decision has been made and medical scientific advice is somewhat downgraded.

However on the 1st of this month, Saturn returned to Capricorn, staying till mid December. Between now and then, the massive fallout for the economy will indeed be revealed and the virus, because of our returned freedoms, will also return in significant waves and once again the conflict of choice between life or the economy will be powerful. Saturn, back in Capricorn, will once again put pressure on Pluto and Jupiter, and once again put the brakes on our freedoms in many places, and therefore on the economy. This can only of course ironically set back the economy even more. There will be a nemesis .

When the choice can be quite starkly boiled down to either protecting life or a healthy economy, something is wrong.  Some libertarians can also interpret it as authoritarian governmental control versus freedom. This whole period astrologically is however designed to show us that our socio-economic system is basically flawed, especially as this virus is anyway a bi product of our interference in and exploitation of nature and its creatures, on the sole altar of economic growth/survival.

When a catastrophic economic crisis happens as a result of more or less 3 months of economic pause, it shows us how fragile our economic system is, especially as events like epidemics and social crisis/upheaval/war are thankfully rare, but nevertheless periodic facts. For major socio/economic systems not to be properly economically prepared for such an event, is both naïve and arrogant.

 From the 18th of December however, Jupiter along with Saturn will both start their committed journey through Aquarius (again a rare combining). This will genuinely begin a lengthy period of increased enlightenment and potentially major leaps in benevolent scientific and medical advance. It will also flag up a potentially more humanitarian and planet centred value system. Out of the ashes, the sight of a beginning of a phoenix rising, is really possible then and is actually essential.

Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2025 and only ever 248 years) has basically seen a ruthless growth in global neo liberal capitalism, with all its fallout. This ultimately has the seeds of its own destruction Whatever sign that Pluto is passing through, is where there is a real potential for abuse of power in the arena of life that the sign  rules. The whole climate change issue / pollution issue and now a global health issue is a linked, combined and growing crisis, that is beyond massive. Saturn being closely involved has had the job of seriously flagging this up and tryng to force lessons..

This month there is another lunar eclipse and coincidentally, it’s on the 5th, as it was last month.  Just as last month it correlated with an eruption of global demonstrations against racism, and saw the collective frustration from lockdown emerge, so again this month’s eclipse may well signal an eruption of anger/frustrations/shock, but its focus will more likely be connected to economic matters, as it is in Capricorn. (It was in Sagittarius last month).

Mercury moves direct on the 12th having been retrograde since the 18th of June. This does signal a greater certainty of what the direction of travel really should be, after weeks of global uncertainties and confusion.

Around the 16th when the Sun opposes Pluto there is tension and crisis is in the air internationally, especially in the States and around the 27th, significant dishonesty, sleight of hand and denial of truth are likely, not least from some of our leaders.

Boris Johnson has Mars opposing his ascendant on the 17th/18th. A period for him of much confrontation from others.

Trump has Pluto opposing his Saturn all month and indeed all the first half of August.
This significant, rare (every 248 years) and powerful transit, which haunts him till next January, certainly challenges him to the core. Instability and inevitable change is forced upon him. Lack of control of his situation becomes apparent to him and his reactions will be a sort of fight or flight response. His survival urge will become primeval and desperate in manifestation. However because he has Jupiter involved in the opposition between the 1st and 10th, his compensatory confidence and over reaching ego then, will not do him any favours. The US economy from late July till December will also likely be increasingly challenged in an unprecedented way, as Saturn and Pluto haunt the economics of the US chart.

Lets not forget that Neptune is still in Pisces remaining there till April 2025 and it does indeed symbolise invisible spread of issues and events and with no boudaries, both positive and negative (an example, apart from the pandemic, was how the Black Lives Matter demonstrations reverberated so quickly around the world.) It also symbolises a very necessary increasing awareness of a global need to re think our value system and above all the need to recognise the power of nature and our need to have much greater reverence for it.

Sunday, 31 May 2020


There are two eclipses this month. A lunar eclipse is on the 5th at 15 degrees of Sagittarius and a solar eclipse is on the 21st at 0 degrees of Cancer.  This makes for a quite a powerful month. Also throughout the month the Sun in Gemini is within a trying mutable square angle to Mars in Pisces. This will be exact on the 5th when the lunar eclipse occurs. Suffice it to say; this suggests the mood music will be at the least impatient and frustrated and at worst, angry, eruptive, warlike and confrontational. Long fermenting anger will explode. We have already seen this sort of activity in the States and in Hong Kong late last month.

 Mercury, now in Cancer, famously goes retrograde on the 18th and stays so till July12th.

This represents delays, confusions, breakdowns of communication and technology. Misunderstandings and miscommunication and so often, travel hitches, are all possible for us all. Patience and a need to rethink strategy and to fine-tune thinking and communicating is demanded.

 It will also be an almighty feeling of significant frustration, with the triumph  of human ingenuity  over the elusive nature of a tricky, morphing Covid 19 virus being seemingly beyond management … or at least delayed.

The lunar eclipse on the 5th will be tense and have a sense of explosion of frustration and anger about much that has been seething. Dark unconscious eruptions manifest into the consciousness.   Those born around December 6th-8th are most likely to feel the power.  If born around June 5th-7th, eruptions can manifest from others.

By contrast the Solar eclipse on the 21st, has a far more benign sense of the positive and the new being born, uplift. If born around June22nd, this may be a very good time for new chapters.

It is however a uniquely critical time in the world and the pandemic is also at a critical moment and at least in the UK, the easing of the lockdown is a step that to many is controversial/risky/dangerous, and to some to be totally celebrated and indeed in some countries the lockdown has been resisted by presidents and indeed significant parts of the populace too.  It is a matter of the huge pressure of the importance of the economy. Pluto in Capricorn is obsessed with that.

Jupiter in Capricorn is now also moving into close proximity with Pluto, this month, which brings determined optimism and quite ruthless determination related to getting the economy back on track.

 In the UK, several “Sage” scientific advisers are indeed fearful and have urged more caution re loosening the lockdown, but economic advisers have prevailed. The problem is that this current combination of and sign placement of planets in Capricorn can bring quite an unconditional desire to particularly protect big, powerful international business e.g. the aviation industry, and holiday companies, and there is desperation for them to resume, as was.

 It is all a question of weighing up risk to life versus a risk to the economy, and with the economy being so much of a motivator with all this Capricorn strength in the ether, clearly that will be very underlined and totally prioritised. Governments desperately need the economy to bounce back, as it is obviously so much in their interests in terms of the ongoing functioning of society. Human psychology is also hugely stressed by the privations psychologically and economically, of lockdown, so it all is no surprise. The pressures to be once again as we were, are huge. However viruses and nature are not to be underestimated… nor should we underestimate the urgent need to rethink our big picture value system. After all every crisis is an opportunity. If we don’t learn, it is wasted, and another bigger one will be in the wings.

At the beginning of July when Saturn (the brakes/lessons/reality checks) leaves Aquarius and moves back into Capricorn, there will gradually be an undermining of economic optimism. Of course also then, the massive rather unimaginable fallout, for the economy and peoples jobs/living circumstances, as a result of the last few months, will then become all too distressingly obvious. Saturn is karmic schoolteacher, not least about economic factors from July. There is also a very significant likelihood then of a beginning of a significant bounce back of the virus manifesting over the coming months, as a result of over pushing our risk, in trying to resume normality.  That can lead of course to worse privations on the economy.

Neptune in Pisces (invisible spread/permeability) is so powerful still and the elusive quality of Covid will remain a conundrum, despite the excellent global work that scientists and epidemiologists have done during Saturn’s visit to Aquarius since March 22nd (he returns there for the long term in mid December) .

Mars (energy /focus) has been in Pisces (nature, the obscure, emotions) too since May 13th and remains there till the 28th of June. Positively this has brought a huge appreciation of nature, as we have paused our noise and some of our assault on the natural world. It also creates many emotional /psychological vulnerabilities because of a yearning for love, connection and humanity, which we have been deprived of, but which we have seen so powerfully exhibited in carers and health workers. It also creates idealism, and that has contributed to a natural and desperate desire to get our physical connections back with others, and for many people, a chance to rethink how we treat the planet.

The downside of Mars in Pisces is weakness, impotence and delusion about what is possible. Fire (Mars) is quashed by water (Pisces). It has highlighted the impotence of many of those in power (Mars) relating to fighting and managing this virus (Pisces). There has been some delusion /illusion, smoke and mirrors too.  Denials about the power of the virus and about its origin have arisen. It has been called a myth; fake news, a Chinese hoax, caused by technology etc and false optimism about its imminent demise have also been rife…. Populist leaders have had their narcissistic tendencies underlined, as their egos have been threatened by their helplessness and lack of muscle in the face of the virus, hence denial of the importance of, or the power of the virus has been expressed, or they have made ridiculous, false claims that they have the answer to it.

The virus has also underlined massive inequalities between the poor and wealthy, in terms of their vulnerability.

Mars (drive/competitiveness/ambition) in Pisces (over idealism/fantasy) has created some grasping at techniques that are claimed to be ultimate answers to the problem. The test, track and trace tool that has worked in other countries because of dedicated organisation has seemed to fall off its pedestal, as the solution in the UK. The more egotistical a government and its leader are, the more Mars traversing Pisces brings problems of unreal claims and oversold, overoptimistic, perceived solutions, often simply because of insufficient attention to timing, reality, detail and practical organisation.

This planetary position also creates an increased likelihood of buried sleight of hand in terms of pushing through controversial policy decisions, by those in power, under the cover of the focus on and distraction of, the global health crisis. Smoke and mirrors can abound with Mars in Pisces.

Obfuscation of reality, or avoidance of directness is a negative manifestation of this planetary placement and it can also often draw people to controversial, extremist social ideology. Mars in Pisces is often secretive and likes to be hidden and private with its power.

 Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's chief adviser has Mars in Pisces at birth.

Neptune demands no selfishness, no ulterior motive and no ego involvement, in order to ensure good outcomes

Between the 12th and 15th when Mars conjoins with Neptune now trolling through Pisces (Neptune is the ruler of Pisces) this really gives huge power to this energy. There may then at worse, be a real impetus to the growth of the virus and more serious deceptions being undertaken or exposed.  Over idealism and ideological vigour can also take on an obsessive quality then.

Boris Johnson has a pretty tough month ahead, with little mitigation, especially in the second half.

Mars squares his Mercury between the 10th and 13th and that might be a very tricky time for him, in terms of difficulties with challenges from others at home and especially in international issues and he needs to look after his lungs then too. (Mercury rules the lungs and he is a Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury)

More seriously, Saturn is squaring his Moon from June 14th till July 2nd as it did in late March/early April, when he contracted Covid 19. This is potentially significantly challenging for his career status, health and also issues connected to women.

Emotional/physical stress is strongly indicated and his career can suffer as a result. This square will return for the final 3rd time in the second half of December this year, with a definitive challenge. It will not so affect him in this way, again for aprox another 15 years.

He will also experience between the 24th and 27th, Mars squaring both his Sun and Venus, which will be vexatious for him in terms of others threatening his position and he will not be given an easy ride by them.

Neptune generally haunts Johnson by square to Mercury all this year (every 84 years) and it got under way last March  (again can create vulnerability in lungs) and can weaken his public position generally, especially in questions of trustworthiness and capability and this stays with him on and off, in operation till April 2021.

Trump has a very tricky time this month too.

Neptune is now squaring his north node till late August. This every aprox 84-year transit brings confusion as to identity and purpose and a meltdown of the old assumptions about self. However, when someone is very insecure, or damaged and can’t face up to mistakes or a need to rethink identity, then anger, as a confused reaction results and a lashing out to blame all around, rather than to review oneself and one’s trajectory in life. As mentioned, Neptune does not work at all well with ego.

Between the 12th and 17th when Mars squares his Sun and Moon, anger and war like impulses are indeed in the air, and petulance and impatience, that can be dangerous. There is also considerable likelihood of him taking very risky action in the week before that period, when Mars squares his Uranus and then the unpredictable is very strong in himself and emanating from others in power.  However with Jupiter strong in his chart by opposition to Venus also mid month, it is likely he will feel emboldened and will seemingly confidently push the boat out wildly and too far, to compensate for a feeling of stress, confusion and impotence in power.

So hang on to your hat folks. Stay safe.