Friday, 1 January 2016

Astrological overview of 2016.... specifically January and how it affects your sign

2016 is a critical year, as even though Pluto (power/abuse of power) and Uranus (rebellion) are still at loggerheads, Neptune (potential redemption) is now creeping up to offer a new dimension through his growing benign influence on Pluto. This means that although a meltdown of the old order is very much in the ether as the wrongs of history and our abuse of the planet come home to roost (war, extreme inequality, climate change, for which we will all pay a price), there is a new value system (Neptune) fighting for breath. Neptune is now so strong in its own sign of Pisces (once every 165 years). Hence the strengths can be of the most positive or most negative extreme.

This year Saturn (challenge /reality checks) also continues to move deeply through Sagittarius (globalisation) and brings the global challenge of the fact that the problems of those many miles away are our problems now too. Refugees, climate change (all too apparent recently) and economic upheavals are no longer within the confines of a few countries.  Terrorism too has become a scourge of the world and we can no longer look the other way.

Neptune produces idealism, compassion and also confusion (and in its worst form, impassioned, delusional paranoia such as Isil /Daesh), but when in harmony with Pluto it encourages an ability to use the power of the heart and soul to bring a collective desire to tap into our hearts for the cause of the common good. There is a collective desire to get past the old value system that has brought us to moral bankruptcy and to rethink the way forward without greed and destructive ruthlessness towards the planet. Unfortunately this will only really happen when the problems are inescapable for us all and when the developed world truly faces the worst of climate change, which the next 10 years or so will bring.

 The polarisation between left and right (Pluto in Capricorn versus Uranus in Aries) which is virtually exact currently as these planets both reach the critical midpoint through the two signs, is now manifested as reactions to the current world problems, for instance personified in such figure as Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn  (can you imagine them ever even being able to have a conversation?)  This vision alone demonstrates just how much of a challenge it will be to get any compromise on a way forward when we are talking about such alien viewpoints and value systems.

 All extremes are pathological to some degree… but narcissism (a personality disorder) seems to be a powerful force among the powers that currently hold sway.  Indeed research shows that slightly higher than average narcissistic and indeed psychopathic traits (fearlessness and lack of concern for the fallout of their actions on others) are usually found in the personality profile of those who hold extreme and largely undemocratic power and wealth in both business and politics.
And that characteristic is very underlined while Pluto (power/abuse of power) is in Capricorn  (establishment /economy)

Is a government in power, who secured only 37% of the vote, democratically elected? (Current British government)

Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 till 2025 has indeed put the market and the worship of money and growth as the central priority on the planet politically…and we are paying the price. 

When we also have to face (as we are beginning to now) the inevitable outcome of the abuse of antibiotics (i.e. pathogenic resistance to them because of overuse mainly because of their routine use in industrial meat production) and the implications of the outcome for humanity in terms of future commonplace loss of life from simple infections, only then will we start to understand just how collectively unthinking and abusive we can be. We will always pay a price. Collective hubris leads to collective nemesis.

Therefore we have to hope that Neptune in his constructive form, can help bring emotional intelligence back into the picture and this may only happen when the chips are so down, there will be no choice.

This may start to creep in noticeably this year.

Jupiter now in Virgo (environment /nature /purity) till September 9th  (when he enters Libra) has prompted in the recent Paris climate change summit a greater benign/mire hopeful response to the huge impact of climate change, but when it comes to global financial vested interests, one can only feel cynical. (e.g. David Cameron’s  “impassioned” speech re owing it to our grandchildren to act now against climate change, whilst only weeks before he had massively cut subsidies to renewable energy companies, whilst  continuing to subsidise massively the fossil fuel industries)

When Jupiter moves in Libra (balance /justice) next September, there may well be a renewed push globally also for more social/economic equality and fairness.

As far as this month is concerned, Mercury is retrograde from the 2nd till the 25th. Between these dates, there will be a sense personally and collectively of delay, powerlessness, blocks, transport and communication problems and glitches. It is important to use this slowed period to take stock and reconsider strategy, rather than to just get annoyed and frustrated. It is however advisable to get things achieved and delivered, if it is totally necessary, either side of those dates. Those most affected are likely to be Capricorns born after January 6th and Cancers born after July 7th.

Venus is in Sagittarius till the 23rd suggesting that all Sagittarians will for some days during that time have a greater sense of charm, love, aesthetics and sense of well being. Till the 23rd also all  Geminis  at some point this month will experience a feeling of affection from others more strongly than usual and a sense of good times and indulgence will role.  To some extent before the 23rd Aries will also feel a boost notably connected to long distance issues and Leos before the23rd will have greater joy related to romance and children’s issues at some point during that period.  

 After the 23rd Cancerians born up to December 31st will feel the power of others warm and loving input and so too will Taureans born up to April 30th and Virgos born up to September 2nd will feel benefits from long distance or related to romance, offspring and creative pursuits. Mars is in Libra till the 3rd and this suggests that late Librans born after October 19th will feel that the first 3 days of the month will bring out their assertive side (often hidden) and this may be necessitated by others’ influence. Also in the first 3 days of the month Aries born after the April 18th may find that others are confrontational and you need to be careful how you handle them.   Similarly those Capricorns born after January 18th and Cancers born after July 19th, may find the very early days of the month are suffused with some irritation and impatience related to work or family issues. However Aquarians born after the February 17th and Geminis born after June 19th may find that those first 3 days of the month are enabling of your courage and determination and constructive energy relating to travel, long distance or academic dealings, or related to the arts and creativity and romantic courage and constructivity are also highlighted..

After the 3rd, Mars moves powerfully into its own home sign of Scorpio.  Therefore after the 3rd all Scorpios born up to November 8th will experience a real drive, determination and possibly a rather ruthless streak to achieve you goals, so be conscious. Similarly after the 3rd, all Taureans born up to May 6th will experience some intensity from others that may be a little challenging and you need to be aware of not overreacting and also to watch out for bullying. Draw boundaries as to what you should accept.  Also after the 3rd Pisces born up to March 6th and Cancers born up to July 8th will be fired with intellectual courage and strength and energy put into travel is strong and purposeful. There is also the feeling that love life and creative talents are infused with energy and courage and positivity.  However after the 3rd for Aquarians born up to February 6th there will be a sense of resistance and challenge from others professionally, so needing patience and self-discipline, whilst also after the 3rd Leos born up to August 8th may need to tread carefully round family members.

Jupiter in Virgo moves retrograde on the 8th, and this suggests that all Virgos born September 14th-17th are blessed with a prolonged sense of well-being this month.. Growth and progress inner and outer (mostly outer after the 8th) is underway. There is a sense of protection and potential increased security in the ether and indeed travel is in the air or at the least a sense of pushing out the boundaries of enlightenment.  Similarly Taureans born round May 12th-15th are also feeling somewhat blessed re children, romance and creative inspiration and so too Capricorns born round January 12-15th are feeling boosted re study, philosophical insights, legal issues and travel/long distance dealings.  However if born Pisces between March 12th to 15th there may this month indeed be a tendency to enjoy life, but possibly without sufficient caution and with too much self indulgence, so think before acting or spending… or allowing others to influence you a little unwisely.  Geminis born June13th-16th may be feeling a little OTT in mood relating to career ambitions and a little overconfidence needs checked, or biting off more than you can chew, needs care and also having too great an expectation of self and results of projects could be a problem. Sagittarians too, born December 13th - 16th may be feeling a little over indulgent re home /family /real estate issues.  A general sense of over self-gratification needs watching. Enjoy, but with some caution.

Saturn of course is still coursing through Sagittarius and this month it is definitely those Sagittarians born December 3rd-8th who will be feeling the challenging power of this benevolent despot of a planet. Reality checks, hard work and stepping up to the plate are needed, as well as a very practical, mature attitude to facing facts and doing what is necessary.  Look after the body too as Saturn makes us tired, a little negative and vulnerable physically. Don’t give in to too much negativity. Remember Saturn in the end makes us stronger, if we learn his lessons. He is also of course a karmic schoolteacher. Similarly Geminis born June 1st –6th may be finding that the challenges are coming from others, who are either necessary, if strict teachers or who are unreasonably oppressive. Only you need to honestly decide. Relationships are challenging and mature courage and insight is needed to understand the dynamic.

Pisces born March 1st and 6th and Virgos born September 3rd –8th may be feeling that struggles are within one and lack of confidence and negativity is around as blocks and delays dominate. Keep focused, realistic, patent and self-disciplined and you will get through this. Look after yourself, be austere and embrace the necessity principle and be very grown up in response.  Problems may be related to career or home and domestic issues. Either way, this lesson is worth learning… and keep healthy and well rested.  However if Aries born April 1st-5th or Leo born August 2nd-8th, there is an opportunity to work hard in a way that is clearly focused, disciplined, courageous and constructive and to attend to what is necessary and maybe uncomfortable, but with relative ease and success. This can apply to study, dutiful travel or in relation to facing up to reality and responsibilities re love life and children’s issues and also related possibly to creative efforts. People admire your efforts and achievements at this time, despite any difficulties in the air. Saturn in positive mode makes us constructively responsible and mature in approach.

The outer planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are still meandering trough Aries, Pisces and Capricorn respectively. When they affect people in rare transits, they are protracted influences.  Currently all Aries born April 5th –7th are still feeling (since June 2014) the final influence of Uranus on their Sun. which has brought change, uncertainty, impulse, the unexpected, and the disturbing, but eventually a kick start into a freer more innovative future.  The journey is nearly over.

Similarly Librans born October 8th-10th .are coming to the end of a protracted period of disruption brought into their lives by others and events out of their control are bringing long-term change. Others have been catalysts and although uncomfortable possibly, it has allowed for a new trajectory. Adrenalin has been strong in both the above Librans and Aries’ lives. Calmer times are soon here.

To some extent Cancers born July7th-9th and Capricorns born January 6th-8th, will have felt since around June 2014, a restlessness and lack of certainty re their life and events related to career and or home life… There has been change in the air, and lack of settledness in life, and it has been important to have not jumped into change for its own sake, but to have opened ones arms to a changing journey on its own terms.

However if Leo, born August 7th-10th or Sagittarius born December 7th-9th there has been for around 18 months a real feeling of renewed confidence in ones own uniqueness and authenticity, and feeling that opportunities abound to kick start you into a more appropriate direction in life, with more self belief and conviction of ones purpose and uniqueness. That successful journey is now nearly complete.

 Meanwhile Neptune has, for those Pisces born February 25th-28th, been since April 2014, been bringing intense sensitivity and either spiritual or creative influences to bear and there has been both serious inspiration and potential escapism or over idealism, or possibly more negatively, some delusions or deceptive circumstances are or have been around.  One needs to keep grounded, be real and focus on the greater ability to feel the heart centre and its empathy to be strong and the communion with nature intensified.. Bur also you need to check out the realty and credentials of the vision you have.  Music, the sea and sleep may have been more important that ever, as a source of solace.

 If Virgo born 8th-10th, for nearly 2 years you have had a sense of being prone to seeing what you want to see and projecting onto others a vision and not seeing the reality. It is important to see clearly both people and ideas for what they are, and there has been a definite danger of deceptive circumstances from others.  Although sensitivity has increased and emotionalism too, it can have misguided you and clouded your objectivity and reason. It has been and remains important to look after the body and to keep life simple, with the joys of nature, music and the arts as your friend. Sleep is important, but the danger of negative escapism and addictive behaviour has also been underscored.

 Even for Geminis born June 6th-8th and Sagittarians born December 7th-9th, there has been a keener sense of emotional power and a tendency to self deception or wishful thinking,, and although the power of the heart has been strengthened , it has been and remains important to keep it real.

For Cancers born July 6th-8th and Scorpios born November 8th-10th, there has been since spring 2014 a terrific sense of uplifting inspiration through the arts and, music and firms. Photography especially, and also a real sense of empathic connection with others and with the power of natures influence.. This will continue to inspire and sensitise you till March this year. You will realise then, how much of a more sensitive and inspired soul you have become over the last 2 years.

Pluto, the mighty dwarf, continues to impact powerfully Capricorns born 5th-8th. Power is the key word. The power of transformation and regeneration through destined circumstances and the power of endings are strong. Not always comfortable, Pluto shows us the harsh truths of life and brings power into our lives from within or from others and possibly have power thrust upon us and we have to keep squeaky clean, be very conscious and avoid all abusive gratuitous use pf power for ourselves and to star clear of that misuse of power in others.

Equally Cancerians born July 6th-8th are feeling the power of others in potential power struggles and it is vital that you do not sink to the same level.. Beware also of coercive manipulation, from self or from others. Choose your enemies wisely and give them a clear boundary, but with calm and right on your side. Endings/losses are often part of Pluto’s message, and it is always important to remember that there is a phoenix out of the ashes. To some extent also Aries born April 4th-7th and Librans born October 7th-10th (along with the influence of Uranus) will have felt for a few years a sense of inner struggle related to emancipating their power and destiny. Primeval forces are at work in the psyche and one needs to thoroughly understand the roots of these to be able to handle them wisely.

However if Taurus, born May 5th-8th, or Virgo born September 7th-10th, there is a new found ability to transform, regenerate and self reinvent when it comes to taking control of ones life.  A new chapter of empowerment has been developing over the last year and it is not complete till towards the end of 2017… so too Scorpios born November 7th-10th are being ongoingly empowered with a forensic insight and with effective intensity and depth of thought and communication, as Pluto (Scorpio’s ruling planet) smiles intelligently on your sun.

Finally the Moon is new on the 10th at 19 degrees of Capricorn and new on the 24th at 3 degrees of Leo.

Capricorns born around January 10th may find their birthday period hopefully unfolding new beginnings, whilst on the 24th, Leos born around July 27th, may well be realising that a certain chapter in life is closing in a cyclical way and the power of the unconscious will be strong, as you need to prepare for a new chapter to emerge during the coming year.