Thursday, 1 October 2015


           This is a month of some challenge, but that is hardly surprising when one takes a look at the world….  The Sun opposes Uranus and squares up to Pluto in the first 2 weeks and Mars opposes Neptune too around the same period which signals the unpredictable and is quite explosive with significant power struggles, danger and deceptive circumstances globally. Similarly late month when Mercury opposes Uranus and squares Pluto the energy levels in the ether especially re communications are less than peaceful.

            The coming Pluto entrance into the last 15 degrees of Capricorn (till 2025) is about to see much unravel in our global system, not least financially. The refugee crisis is a karmic test for the globe to tackle, as much of the causes of this mass exodus lies in past western strategy.

Saturn now re-establishing itself in Sagittarius for the long haul, till late December 2017, is also going to bring to all our doors the challenging aspect of globalisation and the responsibility we have in international issues connected with the displacement of peoples from all points of the globe. Karma (Saturn) in Sagittarius (international issues) is in our face with the massive need to address (Saturn) the international refugee problem with intelligence and humanity (Sagittarius), and to look at the root causes of the problem in a pragmatic way (Saturn).

Similarly the globalised power of corporations that transcend national sovereignty, will be showing their dark side in terms of outwitting national interests and governments, and revelations will force us all to face squarely the somewhat endemic abuse of power.  The VW scandal and the FIFA investigations is an opening example. There is more to come.

Neptune in Pisces now is blurring boundaries and borders and is creating Diasporas of religions and nationalities as home countries become uninhabitable because of internecine, largely religious wars.  The plus side is that our humanity is being touched and there is an opportunity for redemption, and to overlook religious differences/prejudices on the altar of humane spiritual consciousness and inclusivity (Neptune in Pisces).

  Revolution is in the air and extreme right and left wing attitudes are hardening Jeremy Corbyn the new leader of the British labour party has a chart (no time known) that displays not a little passion (Mars conjunct Moon in Taurus) and high intelligence (a forensic Mercury) but with a huge sense of social justice and idealism (Jupiter in Aquarius) and he is uncompromising by instinct.  He represents the huge shake up that is coming in terms of the growing clash between two fundamental philosophies of the human condition and how society should be run. He represents a social movement, rather than a political party… and embodies a deeply felt by many, a divine discontent, (not least the young) with the current political status quo

 It all boils down to attitudes re the power of money and whether that should be at the centre of all our society and policies, or should it be people and the planet that are more the centre of our focus, with money being subservient to that. It is a fundamental split of opinion as to our priorities as a planetary goal. Corbyn may indeed turn out to be a catalyst alone, but symbolically he is a very significant person/event.

 November however will be a very challenging month for him, notably the first half, when Saturn opposes his Sun., especially as Saturn squares his Sun natally.

            Jupiter is now in Virgo, fortunately will trine up to Pluto between the 11th and 13th of this month, which allows a real combination of luck and determination on a very practical level, to solve a global problem.
            Mercury moves direct from the 9th in Libra and flags up a way forward for us all after some hold ups, delays and a period of a need for rethinking of strategy.  All Libras will feel a particular sense of moving forward after the 9th and all Aries will also have a sense from the 9th that relationship issues get somehow released from complications.

             Leos born after August 17th will have, before the 8th an opportunity to feel the power of love in their lives and creativity is emboldened and Aquarians born after February 13th will be similarly having their attractiveness and magnetic powers flagged up, whereas Scorpios born after November17th and Taurus born after May 14th, need before the 8th to be careful of spending more than is affordable, or possibly or eating and drinking more than is wise.

However Sagittarians born after the December 16th and Aries born after April 15th will before the 8th feel a sense of warmth well being and popularity as Venus harmonises with your sun. Travel/long distance issues and creativity may be positively flagged up too.  Virgos born up to September 15th will after the 8th, have a new sense of sociability and popularity and cupid is in the ether and all Pisces born up to March 13th will be feeling to power of others attentions and generosity of spirit. Taureans born up to May 13th and Capricorns born up to January 13th, will also benefit from Venus after the 8th, in terms of warm heartedness and affections coming from yourself and others and your charms are prominent. Sagittarians born up to December 14th and Geminis born up to june13th need, after the 8th to be wary of over self indulgence or expecting to much from others..

However Mars in Virgo all month points to Virgos born August 26th to September 16th feeling more assertive, determined and competitive than usual. There is a need for a healthy outlet for your energy and boldness should not become unnecessarily manifested as over assertion. The drive for fulfilment in money and romance is in the air.  Equally Pisces born between February 22nd- March 14th need this month to be aware that or others may be challenging or even combative around you, try to keep your cool. Also Sagittarians born from November 27th- December 15th and Geminis born between May 26th and June 14th, may be feeling impatient, irritable and impulsive.. Stop and count to 10 and think before acting or speaking.. However if born Taurus between April 24th- May14th or Capricorn, between December 26th and January 13th, Mars is bringing this month courage, strength, wise and constructive action, either in academic areas and in international directions or in love life and creativity.

Jupiter is now sailing through Virgo, bringing emphasis to the health of planet earth, the environment, diet and the need for more purity and practical care of our planet.  Those now benefiting are Virgos born September 2nd-10th. For this group there is a sense of an up swing of energy, luck, travel, freedom and opportunity and confidence and at the least, protection. Also Pisces born between March 1st and 8th are feeling lucky, but beware pushing your luck too far and over reaching with over confidence or arrogance, or it could back fire. Taurus born May 1st – 13th and Capricorns born January 1st-13th are also gaining ground from Jupiter now as he smiles on you romantically/socially, fertility wise or intellectually and travel wise…

For Sagittarians born around November25, Saturn is now sitting right on you Sun, as he did in January /February and the 2nd half of April/May earlier this year. This is the final hit before he returns in the same connection for 30 years.  This is a testing time of maturity and hard work. Avoid negativity, but learn the lessons face facts and face the fear and rise to the occasion and look after your body.. Saturn is a benevolent despot and schoolteacher. Hard work applied now and a sense of obligation, reality and discipline will bring real rewards in the future.. Deferred gratification is the name of the game.

Similarly Geminis born around May 25th, have a Saturn challenge now as last year in Jan/Feb and April/May. Others are oppressive, challenging and realty check re others abound.  Only you can decide if these people are worthy of the efforts needed to deal with the situation and are good teachers or are to be challenged and if necessary  walked away from .. Good relationships survive and thrive under this influence with hard work and addressing the problems wisely, bad relationships won’t be so mendable.  Pisces born around February 22nd/23rd and Virgos born August 27th are also going to be feeling tired and blocked and not so buoyant. Patience and hard work and self-honesty is the way through.

However Aries born round March 24th and Leos born round July 27th will be feeling that the hard work and maturity that is needed and given now by yourself, is well worth the effort, and brings real constructive rewards and admiration and gratitude from others that lasts.

The outer planets Uranus Neptune and Pluto are, as ever, powerful players globally and for those currently being touched by their vibrations. These are rare and long lasting visitations..

Capricorns born January 2nd-5th are experiencing the last chapter of transformation through. Potential challenge, which is eventually empowering endings of chapters are being finalised.. Also too Cancerians born July 11th-6th are seeing the end of what has felt like a power struggle from those who may well have abused power. Dignity, a clear conscience, and drawing calm boundaries is the only way to have dealt (to deal) with this.. Equally the loss of things /people /situations all has a fated feel to it and represents an opportunity to reinvent yourself and come through admirably stronger and with a sense of purpose.

For Taurus born May 2nd-5th, there is now a chance to rubber stamp an new empowered sense of regenerative power though travel, international issues, ideological and academic issues. Also Virgo born September 4th-7th are also too finding their feet and strength creatively/romantically and re children’s issues.

However Aries born April 2nd-5th   and Libras born October 5th-7th will be feeling the that a difficult period is finalising, related to an internal powers struggle connected to liberating themselves from the old, and finding their own power and independence., hopefully in a conscious and not too primeval and angry manner.
            Uranus is now bringing a shake up internally and/or externally to Aries born April 6th –9th. A rebellious energy, a need for the new, the adrenalising and the authentic in representation of self feels urgent. Change is in the air and you are being kick started into a more innovative future, but do not leap before you look.  Libras too born October10th-13th are feeling the force of change imposed upon them by others, and though unnerving, they are in fact agents for a new chapter.  Those Leos born August 9th-11th and Sagittarians born December 9th-12th, are however feeling a surge of excitement and confidence in their own uniqueness and awakening and intuitive insights. This Uranus transits continues till April next year.
                      Neptune continues (since last February) to anoint Pisces born February 25th-27th into a really creative and spiritual period, Psychic powers are triggered, and there is a huge increase in your sensitivity, just beware escapism and over idealism. Virgos born August round August 30th-31st are also likely to be feeling some sense of dissolving of the old and this feels like a rather blind journey that needs your faith to believe I the destination, as yet unknown. Trust the trade winds, but keep grounded and beware being easily deceived or confused by self and others. Check everything out thoroughly.

Similarly Geminis born May 28th-30th and Sagittarians born November 29th/30th need to keep checking facts and the credentials of issues and people as confusion and smoke and mirrors are in the air.  However f born Cancer around June 28th-30th or Scorpio born round October30th/31st you are feeling more inspired, creative, empathetic, emotional and the power of the heart and soul is now more the prime mover and shaker.

 The Moon is New on the 13th at 19 degrees of Libra and full on the 27th at 3 degrees of Taurus. If a Libra born October 13th, then your birthday really does indicate a year of the new and the innovative. If an Aries, born around April 10th, there is also a sense of a new start. If Taurus, born round April 24th, then the 27th may feel like a day of some revelations from deep within yourself or from others, that can signal the ending of a certain chapter, as something has run its course. Similarly Scorpios born round October 27th may feel that others are the bringers of truths to your door that need noting.