Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Welcome to 2013. We are of course still here, but let’s hope the Mayans were on to something with the start of their new calendar cycle.  Apocalyptic prophecies are part of the human condition and implied in the scriptures. Right now in history, we are really primed to embrace such concepts, as we all collectively feel the global mess, and are all too aware of the dark side of collective and individual human energy, deep in our psyche. It is therefore very human to look for a sort of Salvationism so as to avert an apocalypse, which so many issues and conditions (economic /social/climactic) in the world seem to be pointing to.   Collective Apocalyptic notions are in effect a psychological safety valve to prompt a mass change of consciousness…motivated by fear. Maybe that is a good thing.  All religion is based on the concepts of redemption by addressing our evils and overcoming them in order to save oneself. From a secular stance, we need to mobilise ourselves to make changes that are actually just logical.

We need a revolutionary new consciousness, to suit completely unique times. The old defunct socio/economic template imposed by the powers that be (and colluded with by many) just does not cut it any more. It just makes it all worse.

This year the only significant planetary shift is when Jupiter departs Gemini (where it will have been for a year) and enters into Cancer on June 25th/26th, a sign it will move through also for just over a year. Cancer is the USA sign (and new York), bringing a note of optimism across the Atlantic. Jupiter in Cancer focuses on emotions and family consciousness and values the power of nurturing. It is also very protectionist economically, by instinct.

Now that Uranus is direct again from the 13th of last month, a tension will slowly build and culminate in Summer that is generated by the ongoing clash, (strongly yet again), between Uranus, which is about freedom and liberation: the power of a rebellious populous, versus the power of Pluto in Capricorn which is the establishment and the prevailing powers that be: the status quo. We should expect a year of continued revolution and unrest in the world and that will not be confined to the Middle East; it will be global.

Civil unrest will show itself across Europe as the summer gets underway, as Neo Liberalism proves its total contradictions and destructive power, as it blindly pursues the old monstrous model of the last 20-30 years. Faith in the free market has and will continue to prove totally erroneous. Left and right have embraced a model that is not evidence based.  Self-serving capitalism which treats people as currency and which has no social conscience, has to be rethought, restructured and balanced and returned to its original intent: with all people at the centre of the model. People know this collectively in their waters and that is what Uranus square Pluto is indicating.  Carrying on in the current path will lead to total meltdown of an existential sort and this year will truly start to reveal this. Climate change is here right now and governments will be forced over the coming years to deal with continued crisis about the physical survival of the populace, the infrastructure and food supply.  Forget growth and consumer titillation!  Between now and 2025, while Pluto continues to course through Capricorn, the system will continue to melt down, till there will be a no choice realisation of a fundamental need for a root and branch rethink of values.  Necessity will be the mother of invention.  However beware heavy-handed repressions by powerful players before then.

Meanwhile China (Libra) is ever increasingly and rather quietly making inroads into many countries, buying up and controlling their land and resources, and mass exporting their goods to countries, who can no longer afford to buy these goods because there is no manufacturing base left in their own country to supply the jobs or money to buy them. Many in China cannot themselves afford the goods they manufacture, except the increasingly wealthy very few. A time bomb lies under the Chinese political hybrid system and Uranus in Aries (opposing Libran energy) and Pluto in Capricorn (squaring it) will ensure this time bomb will explode over the next few years. Many provinces are racking up serious debt and environmental problems become more intense. This is the Chinese year of the Snake, apparently very difficult for some, while very lucky for others. Indeed the rapid extreme polarising of Chinese society would seem to back that up.

 Meanwhile severely endangered African elephants are at the mercy of wealthy Chinese consortiums who organise the shooting of the elephants from aircraft for looting of their ivory tusks (ivory is a status symbol in China) and who successfully bribe the rangers (there to protect the elephants from poachers) to turn a blind eye to, or even cooperate in the slaughter.  Such arrogant disregard for precious and increasingly rare life and nature on the altar of money is the apotheosis of the worse of capitalism (and evil).

As Bertrand Russell pointed out, when it comes to the natural world and its creatures, the message for us humans is simple “it’s coexistence or no existence” and it is true on so many levels, that every time we damage the natural world, we damage our selves.

Because China has developed the modern capitalist model system so quickly and extremely, its problems will be equally quick and intense. The worship of status, money and consumer goods in much of rapidly growing developed China now, is quite without restraint.

The worse excesses of capitalism over the last 20 years or so, has thrived by exploiting people’s insecurities. What people need has all too often been eclipsed by what they want.

Neptune in Pisces will focus on water issues globally: too much (floods) or too little (drought). The seas are dying and levels are rising and warming is creating shifts of incalculable proportions.  Neptune in Pisces (the fish is the symbol of Christianity) is also bringing confusion and meltdown in establishment religion. Factionism reigns over the question of ordination of women as bishops in the Anglican Church and in relation to gay marriage. All is at sea… and again Uranus and his desire to innovate and create freedom is at odds with the bastions of intransigent tradition and power (Pluto in Capricorn).

Positively Neptune in Pisces will also bring a desire to get back to basics in relation to mans’ need, of necessity to reach out as a force for love, care, compassion and humility, as it is logical for survival, to reach out as a community and help each other. To combat domination of multinational monopolies, we need more localism and Neptune in Pisces will rekindle community consciousness, which will be born out of necessity. Compassion without ego is the redemptive goal of Neptune in Pisces.

Politicians are increasingly pushing their own ideological non-evidence based policies; and the world of detached critical thinking, (the goal of education) and objective academic research is marginalized on the altar of egos, money, prejudice and power. Indeed education itself (at least in the UK) has become a mere market force in the hands of politicians. It is fast becoming a tool to feed the economy and to mould our offspring to its needs.

Mars all this month is in Aquarius (ruler of Aquarius) and this alone will bring rumblings of discontent, and an intransigent adherence to principles; both the ideological principles of politicians and in the determined desire for justice amongst citizens. The huge increase in the need for food banks for the poor, not least in the UK (many of whom are the working poor, not shirkers or skivers, as many in power would have us believe, and whose wages are just completely inadequate for the ever increasing housing/food and utility costs) is indicative of the fundamental trouble brewing in society.

Saturn (difficult reality checks) is now Scorpio. In Syria (Scorpio country) factionist increasingly exists within the rebel’s camp and abuses of power by some of these, is creating anarchy and reveals a human nature that is all too prone to grab power and then abuse it. When people fight abuse of power, it is all too often the case that they eventually start emulating the same behaviour that they are fighting and eventually seek power for their own gratuitous ends. It seems that those who seek power are often the ones who should not have it.

History is indeed a graveyard of aristocracies.

Jupiter also moves direct on January 30th from Gemini which will be a bonus for the world of ideas and innovation, and the power of intellect presiding without a blind ideology.

The year opens with Mars sextile Uranus, which is a positive note of intelligent innovation, technologically and socially, and the sextile of Saturn to Pluto in the first week will certainly bring concrete measures to restrict and limit abusers of power, particularly financial power.

Very positive days are the 4th, 23rd and 26th when Jupiter is activated. Days of slowdown and restriction and reality checks are around the 7th and 31st, when Saturn gets his way and days of powerful communications that resonate are around the 6th and 17th when Pluto is underlined and some unexpected geophysical shocks are possible around the 12th when Uranus is in evidence

The new Moon falls on the 11th at 21º of Capricorn and the full Moon falls on the 27th at 7º of Leo.


A time to start the year addressing issues to do with career and public standing. All of you will need the power of communications to increase your status.

Before the 9th, if born after April 8th, long-distance interests and academic pursuits flourish and the arts and romance can have a foreign flavour. The ability to bring ones creative drive to the attention of other cultures is also underlined for the artists amongst you. After the 9th all born up to April 16th can use their charms successfully in their career.

 It is also possible for all of you to work very powerfully and effectively this month on behalf of causes for the greater good, and to help one’s friends and from the 30th when Jupiter moves direct, one’s ability to get one’s voice heard is strong. It also enhances ones general wisdom in all communications. The power of the mind is accentuated.

Uranus is now directly affecting those born March 24th to 27th. Expect the unexpected and the power of the need for freedom cannot be squashed, but don’t be impulsive and don’t throw out babies with bathwaters.  Wait till this influence has abated before making drastic changes

Pluto is now challenging those born March 29th to April 1st, a time of internal power struggles and a volcanic eruption from within, is a clock striking to say “find your power, assert yourself and end a chapter”… and if this involves some confrontations with those in authority. Be conscious and do not do knee jerk. This is a time of destiny, it is true, but it also needs dignity and a whole lot of soul searching as to exactly what this power is telling you about yourself your past, your family history and indeed about others who challenge you now . Our seeming enemies can be our greatest teachers.


January is a good time for travel or long-distance happy dealings for many of you, but after the 19th you can’t take your eye off the ball professionally. Finances, particularly of a joint nature, can benefit before the 9th, and after the 9th if born up to May 18th a sense of well-being and indeed of Cupid can be in the ether.

However Mars is not well disposed towards those born after April 24th. Impatience and stubbornness from yourself or indeed others in your career can cause some problems. Be flexible and remember that Taureans stubbornness can be your greatest enemy at times..

From the 30th, when Jupiter moves direct, financial news can receive a perk, or at least finances receive some protection till July..

However let’s not forget that Saturn is opposing your sign, now directly affecting those born April 29th to May 3rd. Others are oppressive, bringing reality checks, or are somehow difficult teachers. Things are slowed, delayed, blocked and you need to look after your body as Saturn reminds us of the march of time.. Face facts and do what you know is necessary, even if uncomfortable. Humility is needed, as indeed is wisdom and courage.

Neptune is still sprinkling his magic into the lives of those born April 20th to 23rd. Empathy, compassion, spirituality and intrinsic creative gifts are flowering. Your heart matters and it cannot be denied, whilst those born April 30th to May 2nd have Pluto empowering your ideology, beliefs, spirituality and you can really believe in yourself. The power of mind over matter and self-reinvention should not be underestimated. Particularly powerful influences are from long-distance and academic achievements.


A month to deal with complex financial issues, insurance, taxes and business affairs, and after the 19th many of you having done that work, can relax and trains, boats and planes can call.

Before the 9th there is definitely a sense that love life can be kindled, especially if born after June 9th. Your charms are reciprocated and others are attentive, leading to enriched and deepened feelings after the 9th, and joint finances can also benefit.

Jupiter in your sign goes direct from the 30th and for all born May 27th to 30th, this is a blessed period of growth and a sense of luck, and from the month’s end you see definite manifestations that could be material benefits and with Mars in Aquarius now, many of your energies are intellectually driven very successfully, and also long distance dealings and travel is energised successfully. If born around May 26th/27th, your intuition should be followed and your charisma is strong. Friends are also potential way-showers.

Be aware however that if born around May 21st Neptune is still a confusing factor and a deep dissatisfaction at work can be caused by insecurity or realisation that your heart is not satisfied somehow with what you are doing and a new direction calls as you now feel that there are some things that are too important to leave to the head/intellect alone.. However also be aware that there is confusion in the air and you may not be seeing a certain situation or person clearly and you are easily seduced. Avoiding excessive indulgence in alcohol etc will help keep you realistically grounded in life now enormously, as this is a dangerous time for addictive behaviour to get entrenched.


Relationships dominate the month with Capricorn being prominent. Others make decisions and can be good guiders, and after the 9th many of you are mesmerised by the attraction of another.

From the 30th a sense of well-being and psychological safety starts to manifest when Jupiter moves direct.

For all born July 1st to 4th a very grown-up attitude is demanded of you and you can be very measured and disciplined in achieving what you wish to achieve, particularly in matters of romance, creativity and children’s issues. This is a dutiful and carefully considered time.

However if born June 25th to 28th, uncertainty and unpredictability are in the ether, courtesy of Uranus. You are restless and the left field keeps you guessing. Hang loose, keep flexible and see this period as a journey, particularly re career. The outcome is liberation if you keep the faith are patient and not too impulsive.

Blessed are those born June 23rd/24th as Neptune is bringing an exquisite sensitivity to your door. Greater compassion, empathy and ideological passions are yours and creativity needs to be fostered, particularly in music and photography.

However if born July 1st or 2nd be wary of those who are coercive or who seek power struggles. It is a time for looking into the dark side of the human condition, either your own or others’ and understanding what the dark dynamics you are confronting are really telling you. Endings and new beginnings are in the ether. The new moon on the 11t h falls in your opposite sign of Capricorn and is a good time for those born round July 14th to regenerate relationship issues as the new is in the air.


Time to get down to practicalities, to organise and rationalise life, particularly the workplace. This is about humble application to the logistics of life. It is not a time for centre stage. You can take that role more confidently and shine after the 19th.

Before the 9th however, if born after August 11th there is a strong window for extravert demonstration of your creative capacity and your renowned flirtatious skills can get an airing. However after the 9th talents will only be rewarded if combined with real self-discipline.

Mars in your opposite sign of Aquarius all month suggests that for all born after July 28th there will be some people who will call you to account and challenge you. Have your defence prepared and listen to them objectively.

Jupiter moves direct on the 30th, which is good news for those born July 29th to 31st as friendships can prove themselves then and projects, can manifest in success.

However if born August 1st to 5th, Saturn is on your case and it is on the home and family front where you will find your challenges, but remember Saturn is a karmic schoolteacher, so listen and learn.

If born July 26th to 29th, this group is inspired by Uranus and inspired by travel in particular. A need for expressing your authentic beliefs and individuality will be strong and can be rewarding. There is some sort of liberation in the air and a promise of a more innovative future.

The full moon falls in your sign on the 27th and for all born around July 31st, this may well be a day of some impact and when the power of your own and others’ unconscious eruptions speaks volumes.


January can prove a rather creative and fun month with romance, children’s issues and the arts figuring positively and constructively in your life and preoccupation. Energy is high, as is optimism, and even, unusually for you, a touch of over-optimism may be connected to your professional plans, notably if born August 28th to 31st.

From the 30th when Jupiter moves direct, some positive news on the career front is in the offing and material progress can be made, also from the19th, Mercury, your ruler is in Aquarius and Mars is there all month too. This really focuses your intellect and energy into rationalising career and work surroundings.

Saturn however is keeping a steady hand on the tiller of your life and being, if born September 1st to 5th. Your wisdom, shrewdness and caution is serving you well. However for some time all born August 23rd to 26th have been haunted by Neptune in his once every 165 year transit to your Sun. This will not be completed until the end of the year, so a word to the wise… people are not always what you necessarily feel they are and you can project onto them what you want them to be. They can be heroes to worship or victims you perceive to need saving. Neither is true. You are susceptible to self-deception and deception from others. Be wary, but positively this can bring your level of compassion on an impersonal level to new heights. Just be sure you read the small print re others.

Finally those born September 1st to 4th have Pluto bringing great empowerment and confidence, creatively, romantically and connected to offspring. You can self-reinvent, believe, regenerate and transform your life through will now, and the power of your intellect in directing your transformative activities should not be under-estimated.


The month of January correlates in energy with your home and is often a time to revamp and rethink, and also communications with family can be powerful and positive. After the 9th all born up to October 20th have a particularly good aesthetic sense in home décor.

Mars in Aquarius works very well for all born after September 26th. He gives a lot of power and constructive energy to all creative pursuits. It is also a sociable influence and you won’t take no for an answer. The power of life/love and creativity is strong and positive.

Jupiter is also well disposed now towards those born September 29th to October 2nd. It is excellent for travel but also for a feeling of luck, well-being and growth, especially after the 30th when Jupiter moves direct.

A serious acquisition of money is possible for many of you currently because of wise austerity or wise investment.

All born September 26th to 29th however have Uranus creating a lot of unexpected input from others who will be rocking the boat, however it is also an opportunity for this group to see how their own life can be liberated.  Others are definite catalysts for innovative change in your life now, even if it does feel a little scary.

However if born October 2nd to 5th Pluto is on your case. There are forces at work that are explosive. A pressure-cooker is exploding somewhere within you, but it might be stimulated by external events. It is a fated time when one has to face some endings of chapters in order to empower you and create a resurrection of some sort. This has been waiting to happen, and although uncomfortable, it needs embracing in a conscious, controlled way.


Your mind is in good form this month and after the 19th your focus needs to home in on domestic issues. Before the 9th however many of you will be working your usual financial magic to enhance your bank balance, and after the 9th your charms are notable and communications can combine head with heart successfully..

However Mars in square aspect to your sign all month is affecting directly all born after October 27th. There are definitely war drums audible from the home and family front. Frustrations and blocks abound and impatience and intransigence from others and self are also non-constructive. Damage limitation in needed.

After the 30th many of you may find that blocks on finances are relieved, especially of a complex, business kind..

Saturn is of course in your sign, now directly affecting those born November 1st to 5th. This once every 30 year transit is a big reality check. Care of the body is needed and hard work and discipline is the tool you need. Do what is necessary and remember to honour the karmic schoolteacher and his learning curves., as there are prizes down the road for building a better more realistic infrastructure under Saturn’s domain

Neptune however is very enhancing of the lives of those born October 21st to 27th.  He is bringing magic to your life, romantic magic, creative magic, empathy, compassion and a psychic capacity. You are absorbing others easily and your heart is on your sleeve.

Meanwhile those born November 1st to 4th are being empowered by Pluto. Intellectual acerbic power is yours. You get heard and have influence, so have a sense of responsibility for the power you have and use it for healing.


Your sign can sometimes neglect, or be careless over finances, but before the 19th it is a very good time to secure and negotiate situations to your advantage fiscally. After the 19th your mind and communication skills are powerful as is your ability to think intuitively and impressively outside the box, so enjoy!

Before the 9th all born after December 10th have the power of Venus on your side, giving charisma, charm, and a general “good hair” period and bringing love to your life, because your own loving nature is strong at this time.  Because you look good, feel good and offer love to others then , you are advantaged. After the 9th charms enhance financial potential for all.

For all born after November 28th Mars is aiding and abetting intellect with power all month. Objective, big-picture wisdom affectively expressed is yours.

Jupiter of course in your opposite sign of Gemini is bringing bonuses from others, specifically if born November 28th to December 1st. You are generous and larger-than-life people are in your life. Just don’t let over-confidence and OTT behaviour spoil this positive period. After the 30th blocks in relationships dissolve.

All Sagittarians need to remember currently with Saturn in Scorpio not to sit on problems. Share – you will be surprised at the help you get.

Meanwhile those born November 25th to 27th are looking for uniqueness and innovation in their lives, particularly romantically, and creatively this is a time for invention and lateral thinking. Confidence to be uniquely you without approval is yours, but if born November 23rd/24th, be aware that the power of Neptune is still fogging your perception.


This is your birthday period and therefore an opportunity to show your unique self without fear or self-consciousness., which is always challenging for you Saturn ruled goats. After the 19th finances get your attention and probably productively so, as you are very careful and shrewd re money.

After the 9th when Venus moves into your sign, all born up to February 16th are looking and feeling good. Your charisma is shining and love life can flourish, and you are no shrinking violet when it comes to financial security and career preferment and creative gifts flourish with your increased confidence in them.

From the 30th, Jupiter in your solar 6th house should signal a real green light in work and health issues and if born December 30th to January 3rd you may feel responsible for friends and they will be giving you sound, good advice. Caution and expedience are yours.

 If you are born December 23rd/24th Neptune can now be truly inspiring. You are more sensitive than usual and intelligently so. Empathy and compassion are real motivators.

However Pluto, of course, still in your sign is now right on the Suns of those born January 1st/2nd. This once every 248-year transit should not be under-estimated as a game-changer in your life. Fate is at work, power is yours, new chapters are beginning and you have to be conscious to use the power as wisely and humbly as possible, but use it and acknowledge that which has to pass, in order to make way for a new chapter. The new Moon falls in your sign on the 11th. On that day all born around January 12th will have a sense of a renaissance in some area, probably in relation to a significant other.


Before the 19th many of you may be feeling rather retreatist and thoughts and actions on a behind-the-scenes level can be positive. However with Mars in your sign, for all born after February 23rd, you have no choice but to be proactive in life, despite a need for retreat. Energy, drive and competitive spirit cannot be repressed, but beware that others may challenge you and you may have to stand up and be counted.

After the 19th when the Sun and Mercury move into your sign, most of you will capitulate to being very much on the world stage, but some of your best work will still be done behind-the-scenes.

Jupiter is enhancing the lives of those born January 25th to 28th. He is bringing creative courage and fertility. Romance is also favoured. Intelligent action is yours which, when applied, brings luck, notably around the 30th.

However Saturn is challenging by angle to those born January 28th to February 1st. It is career and public reputation that seems to be a cause of consternation. Restrictions and delays and lack of confidence are possible, and authority figures are not being cooperative. Karmic schoolteachers, however, need to be respected.

Uranus is aiding and abetting in an unusual way, the energies of those born January 23rd to 26th. Your ruler is stimulating your intuition, which may well be more powerful than your intellect currently. You are a way-shower and a lighter of fires.

The powers of the full Moon on the 27th in your opposite sign of Leo, will directly focus on those born around January 27th. This is an excellent time for facing some truths about relationships, even if a tad uncomfortable.energy he iiiiiis 


This is a very sociable month, at least before the 19th. Working in collusion with others can be very beneficial. However with Mars in your solar 12th house all month, do not brood or sit on anger. Express feelings as they happen to the right person, or passive aggression becomes an unattractive quality. After the 9th however, friends can be very supportive.

Be wary if born around February 24th to 27th, of over-indulgence or spending more than is reasonable on home and family and being OTT in general.

However for those born February 28th to March 3rd Saturn is definitely giving a measure of discipline and bringing quite serious but grownup stuff that is productive, emanating possibly from long distance. Intellectually, disciplined hard work brings valuable deferred gratification.

Meanwhile Neptune of course is sitting right on the Suns of those born February 19th to 22nd. Neptune is in Pisces only once every 165 years, so this is a rare baptism and is hovering until the end of the year. Positively it inspires, opens the heart, brings spiritual understanding and dissolves boundaries between you and others, but negatively it can confuse, bring over-idealisation, self-deception or deception from others, or bring the quality of divine discontent or divine homesickness. Use this energy for lifting others up and exploiting creativity. Do not let it use you by making you escapist, or so sensitive, you freeze.

Finally Pluto is giving powers of transformation and regeneration to those born February 27th to March 2nd. Powerful influences through friends and contacts can really change your life, and your power as a leader cannot be under-estimated. Your intellect is incisive and empowering of others. This influence remains all year, so prepare with confidence