Sunday, 1 September 2013


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The significant T square that has recently been operating since late July between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, points to a powerful Uranian (apex planet) input on the world stage, which is left field, and anarchic and potentially this brings very dangerous action, from those with ruthlessness at heart. A “nothing left to lose” feel is in the ether.  Chemical weapons attacks being an example of an almost a psychopathic use of power. Syria is believed to be a Scorpio country and with Saturn currently in that sign, she is indeed facing some of the most serious reality checks about the regime, which rules her and the ruthlessness that humanity can sink too. Additionally this brings great restlessness from the repressed peoples of the planet and a sense of preparedness to take great risk in order to get heard. Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto, promotes a strong obsessive will for power.

 Very late last month, Jupiter, the USA ruling planet, was sitting right on the Sun of the USA birth chart, giving confidence and an expansive mood and a will to make a heroic mark on the world In foreign policy. Hence its proposed intervention in Syria. However In the mid two weeks of September, Obama’s chart is very difficult, with serious reality checks being indicated in any foreign venture (Saturn conjuncts his Neptune in his 9th house). Saturn however is exactly sextiling Pluto between the 18th and 23rd which is a stabilising influence and acts as a window of opportunity to combine power that is quite significant in terms of its transformational ability within structured systems. In others words the establishment can, for once, be guided by intelligent and wise use of power. Certain big players on the world stage however will need to seriously hold their nerve with great wisdom and indeed selective restraint, but intransigence is also concomitantly dangerously rife this month.

International involvement In Syria’s tragic circumstances are indeed indicated during this planetary line up. The saving grace is that authority figures in powerful international positions (Saturn) however will be motivated genuinely to use their own power (Pluto) in some way, to limit abuse of power by others. But of course, ironic unintended consequences are as probably inevitable, as the human condition, is flawed and so largely spiritually bankrupt when politicised/economic power is at work.

Meanwhile the British government has had to bow to powerful democratic pressures and Cameron has been forced to abandon  (just as Saturn squared his Moon) his bombastic ideas of joining the U.S. in military action against the Assad regime.  Pluto is now sitting right on England’s chart natal Sun and Midheaven (every 248 Years) indicating a real meltdown of her old colonial/imperialist sense of worldly influence and with Neptune conjunct England’s natal Pluto also right now (once every 165 years), a dissolving of her old traditional power on the world stage is definitely underway. Humility is needed..

The England chart also shows a very tricky mid September, suggesting that trouble and strife may be home grown.

Very turbulent days are indeed likely to be around 15th and 16th when Mercury exactly opposes Uranus and squares Pluto. The unexpected is in the air, geo physically and geopolitically. Misuse of power and impulse can prove dangerous, particularly also in Egypt (Libra) and with Mercury in Libra from the 9th that country is more vulnerable. Uranus being in the opposite sign to Libra will imply that Libra nations are going through a period of turbulence (including China) and a path to a new future is strewn with chaos, and of course, Pluto is also squaring Libra still from Capricorn. Power struggles simply dominate the planet. Factionism also rules and complicates. Neptune so strong now in Pisces, will very likely bring religious martyrdom as a lethal weapon into conflicts.

It is also interesting that Brazil (Virgo country) is in some social chaos, as many in that country are rejecting the results of its recent economic boom, (now faltering) as the fruits of this and the effects on its society have been seen as divisive and destructive, destroying the soul of the country in the eyes of many of its people.. Neptune in Pisces opposing Virgo now,  (every 165 years) is a force calling for a need for a shift in values. Rampant unchecked capitalism is felt in the bones and the waters of many, to be a force for destruction and division.  The so called emerging economies, including India (Capricorn) are seeing a significant slow down, because we have to learn that the capitalism we have engendered in the last 30 years, is just not sustainable… which Pluto in Capricorn has been flagging up loud and clear since 2007/08

Neptune, positively, now calls for redemption and a rebalancing.

On the plus side (ha!), the arts are favoured this month with Mars in Leo. Energy put into the creative font will be well used.  Positive days are around the 6th and 7th and the 26th/27th when some harmony is in the air courtesy of benign Jupiter input..

The new Moon falls on the 5th at 13° of Virgo and the full Moon falls on the 19th at 26° of Pisces. The old agricultural law of sowing on the new Moon and reaping on the full Moon is as true metaphorically in our lives, as it is in the cycles of crop growth and change. We reap what we sow.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

A good period for a health regime and to ensure a healthy diet etc. Also everyday routine can be tightened to your advantage and good communications with colleagues is the way to go.

As the month ages, personal relationships are a focus and great communication is inspiring.

Venus in your opposite sign before the 11th, brings good news for all born after April 8th. Others loving hearts are open to you. As you have given to others, so shall be returned. Good karma is in the air. After the 11th things get a little hotter, as do financial benefits.

Mars is certainly on your side, now being in fellow fire sign of Leo and you all feel the benefit of extra amorous energy and creative energy. Your drives, spiritual, psychological and physical are enhanced. Don’t forget that Mars is your ruler. There is a competitive streak too.

Jupiter is encouraging all born April 2nd to 9th to be a little on the extravagant side. The good times roll, but one can push the boat out a little far. Enjoy with care.

Uranus is exactly on the Suns still of those born March 31st to April 3rd. Since April this year, this has been a factor for this group and continues until April 2014. Unusual restlessness and, a need for change and some addiction to adrenaline and a tendency to be impulsive and volatile are apparent. Know that you are wakening to a new enlightenment, a new understanding and personal authenticity which needs patience and which will happen despite yourself. This is an inner seeming chaotic journey and external events will reflect it. Don’t push the river.

If born March 28th to 31st Pluto has informed you since the beginning of 2012 and continues to until the end of this year, of the need to recognise when power is misused either by self or others, and to understand that there are only two certainties in life; and endings are one of them. Every ending brings a new beginning. This becomes a little apparent from the 20th.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

This is a month featuring your solar 5th house of leisure, pleasure, romance and benefits from offspring and creative ventures and gifts in communications, whether it be writing or speaking, abound before the 9th, particularly if born after May 5th.

After the 11th when Venus moves into your opposite sign, all born up to May 13th have an extra romantic sparkle in their eye. Others will find you irresistible and your charms attract affections and you can deal with people beautifully.

However all of you are going to feel the impact to some extent of Mars this month as he squares your Suns, so there will be times when somebody will be a little caustic, possibly a family member or someone sharing house space. A few harsh words and confrontations are possible. Stubbornness can be the root cause and Taureans are often guilty of that.

However if born May 3rd to 10th, Jupiter brings extra wisdom, insight and opportunities to see clearly and with generosity which opens doors for you. Travel too is a source of joy and luck.

If born April 28th to May 2nd, you have Saturn opposing your Suns which can be quite stressful in terms of the impact from others who feel oppressive, or who are making demands on you, which could be valid or not, and only you can decide. However this same group have the power of regenerative, reinventing and rejuvenating Pluto with you now, which gives you the great ability to deal with anything with insight and wisdom. Also intellectual, metaphysical and long-distance concerns can be a source of great rejuvenation and insight, notably after the 20th. Even the challenges can become your gateway to breakthrough.

Also Neptune is smiling gently on all born April 23rd –25th. You benefit from friends and from working in cooperation with others. You reciprocate in terms of inspiration, comfort and insight into each other and can work together for the greater good, with the heart committed.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Some focus may be forced upon many of you to stabilize yourself and concentrate on your domestic and family security and stability through communications that are clear and through constructive directed energy. 

Before the 11th when Venus is in Libra, all born after June 8th have opportunities for times when love and affection and creative inspiration abound and social life is harmonious and satisfying.

All of you this month will find that your intellectual effectiveness and indeed assertiveness will be heeded and you are hungry for knowledge, as Mars is driving your mind, which is always eclectic, and after the 9th great communications can certainly win the day for you.

Finances seem relatively protected now with Jupiter in your solar 2nd house and there is also the possibility of some unexpected luck in that area.

Uranus too is working well for you if born the first few days of June. People are way-showers; friends are eye-openers and are catalysts for your future, and your successful ability to show your altruistic, humanitarian side can bring great satisfaction and recognition. Intuition abounds now as big-picture understanding is yours and new adventures call.

Just have a care if born around May 24th to 26th as Neptune is putting some confused spanners in the works. Uncertainties and some smoke and mirrors are around, possibly in relation to profession. Check out reality, don’t see what you want to see and also realise that for once in your life your heart needs honouring. There are some things that are too important to leave to the power of rationality alone and realise that unless your heart and soul is involved with your career, you may well sabotage it somehow. Get extra sleep, as it helps clear the cobwebs now in your mind and remember to keep a close eye on escapist behaviour and alcohol etc, as it can bring unwise actions. 

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Your rationality is strong now and your communication skills and insights shine, and dealings with brothers and sisters can be fruitful, especially before the 9th if born after July 7th.

Before the 11th is a good time for celebrating and entertaining in the home, or indeed for rejuvenating it, notably if born after July 10th. After the 11th if born up to July 14th, love life becomes underlined and artistic skills flourish.

Jupiter of course is still in your sign and is now really focusing his benevolence on those born July 5th to 7th. This small, group is now experiencing a boost that can be incredibly protective or really growth orientating and that can be internal or external. It can be good around health and work issues too and any such Jupiter transit can point to happy travel.

Uranus is still creating mischief for those born around July 1st to 4th. Things are still feeling a little insecure, possibly professionally. You are restless, wanting change, but not sure what. This will be a lengthy journey until May 2014 when will you feel you have crossed into a more stability. Change is needed, but don’t jump out of frying pans into fires. Know the message.

For those born June 29th to July 2nd Pluto is seriously on your case, as he has been in fact since early 2012, so you are used to this energy. This journey is nearly over and what it has brought to you is the realisation that some people need standing up to with dignity, without you sinking to their level if they have been in any way misusing power. Certain endings of chapters may need confronting. A sense of destiny is in the air. This is an evolutionary journey and ultimately empowers you, particularly you will notice, after the 20th of this month. Because you also have Saturn supportive of you currently, this will be an important time to make valiant ,wise headway via practical, realistic and structured actions.

Neptune continues to weaves magical vibes in terms of extra gentleness, empathy, sensitivity and creative gifts, around those born June 23rd-25th. Some soul mates can also manifest.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

September may focus many of your minds onto the necessary issue of financial security. Much can be done to help secure that, through good communications and indeed all of you after the 9th will find that your intellectual strengths are enhanced, and also if born after August 10th your mind is softened by your emotions and affections in a way that is enhancing of all relationships.

After the 11th all born up to August 14th can spend time happily enjoying love and harmony in the domestic/family situation.

Mars is in your sign all month, suggesting that for all of you at some point there will be a tremendous drive and ambition to achieve something that is important to you and you will be a little like a steamroller in terms of energy and will. Just be careful it doesn’t tip over into something that attracts people who somehow want to block you.

Uranus is now in his rather rare harmonious angle to the Suns of those born August 2nd to 5th. For this group there is stimulation and excitement and opportunities far afield and also intellectually in terms of higher study and metaphysical interests. Wanting to wake up to higher truths and using your intuition is strong now and wake up calls can come when travelling or studying.

After the 20th it is not impossible that some of you may get the green light to start reinventing yourself when it comes to career opportunities and it may well be that if born July 30th to August 3rd, pressure from reality checks prompt a sense of urgency to get your house in order.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

This is your solar return month therefore a time of celebrations and to shine, and intellectual assets are certainly underscored if born after September 7th. After the 9th your communication skills benefit you all financially and with Venus before the 11th helping out, you are all able to charm your way a little into financial benefit and enjoy the goodies that money can buy.

However after the 11th if born up to September 15th, Venus moving you into your solar 3rd house inclines you to use your heart as well as mind when communicating

Mars however is in your solar 12th house now for all of you. It’s a time when you do really need to be wary of sitting on anger and seething as it can damage the body and then erupt in inappropriate circumstances because of a lack of honesty about what you feel at the time.

Jupiter is protective now in a way that is allowing you to grab good opportunities intelligently if born September 5th to 12th. Friends are benefactors and your confidence in groups is strong. You are not so self-effacing as usual and a feeling of well being is in the air.

For all born August 30th to September 3rd, you have Saturn and Pluto both bringing the ability to use really mature, measured intellect and discipline to ensure that you achieve your goals related to creativity, romance and offspring issues. You can channel almost occult powers through practical, structured systems.  It is also wonderful for the artist and for those who want some permanence in their emotional life, notably strong after the 20th.

Neptune is counselling still all born August 26th-28th to not take anyone at face value and your boundaries are weak and you are vulnerable, so protect self.

The full Moon falls in Pisces on the 19th and this is therefore a significant date for those born around 19th September, when others reveal their truth in some way.. Whilst on the 5th when the Moon is new, all born around September 6th will feel a spring in their step and a sense of control over new beginnings.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

For Librans, the emphasis on the 12th house in September does incline you towards privacy and contemplation of yourself and your soul when issues and people from your past may be significant. Some retreat may be necessary for your psychological well being. However because Venus is in your sign before the 11th, all born after October 11th will have no choice but to respond to others who find you irresistible company and will demand much of it. Also it is a good time for shopping, getting hair done etc and for enhancing yourself as you are definitely in a good hair period and love and generosity abounds from your nature.

After the 11th all born up to October 16th may well find that finances get some sort of protection or at least a boost.

It is also true to say that all of you now have Mars supporting you at some point this month, giving you intelligence energy when dealing with others and brings determination.

However by contrast Uranus is opposing the Suns of those born October 3rd to 6th just as he has been doing on and off since April this year and will do until April 2014. This is an on-going journey of some circuitous and unexpected events, mainly emanating from other people. You are still meant to hang loose and remember that the change and unexpected events are actually catalysts to your own innovative future, even if it feels uncomfortable and insecure. You are waking up to your true need, yourself, your authenticity and your own unique abilities, and it is important to give others a little more freedom, as you need it yourself.

If born October 1st to 5th, the influence from Pluto right now is also forcing you to recognise that maybe an end of chapter is necessary as you empower self rather than be a slave to others, and domestic change may be part of this destined period of life, notably after the 20th.

SCORPIO October24th - November 21st

September can be an extremely sociable time for your sign, emphasising your solar 11th house. It is good for working in concert with others for an externalised cause and also just for the joy of being with friends, with good communications and wisdom all around you.

For many of you before the 11th there will be much good being done behind-the-scenes and your compassion and empathy for others, particularly those in need, is significant.

However after the 11th, all born up to November 15th are looking good, feeling good with a very strong romantic motivation in their step. You are emanating attractive and magnetic vibes and you are looking a bit like a flame to a moth.

However Mars all month is challenging your energy particularly professionally, and there could be some power struggles, or at least discordant noises going on around colleagues or authority figures. Don’t be stubborn or over-controlling or you will meet resistance.

However Jupiter is kindly disposed towards those born November 5th to 12th. This is an excellent time for travel for this group and for intellectual happiness and success. New courses of study feel great and general luck is in the air.

However those born October 31st to November 3rd have Saturn on your case. This once every 30-year transit is bringing challenge that can be very rewarding if you rise to the occasion. You have to make him work for you. If you can’t beat Saturn.. join him in the demands he makes on you, which you need to recognise as good in the long run. Reality checks abound. However because you also have Pluto (your ruler) in a supportive mode, your insight and understanding to know exactly what should be done, particularly after the 20th, is profound

Finally Neptune is very sensitising still if born October 26th –28th. Your ability to connect with others emotionally/empathetically, especially in relation to love life and children, is powerful and your creative font is bubbling.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Professional responsibilities are underlined this month and you have to shine even if you may be reluctantly doing so. Ensure before the 9th that if born after December 7th your communications are understood loud and clear and vice versa. After the 9th however all of you will feel more serene. Friends will be supportive and communications are smooth.

This month does hold most promise from social life for all of you born after December 10th when romance and friendship can link, and your ability to be a compassionate leader in a group situation stands you in good stead.

All of you this month will benefit from Mars in Leo which absolutely points to the power of travel and much energy put into overseas activities in a constructive and fiery way, but ensure that you don’t hang on to problems. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Uranus too is a bonus now if born December 2nd to 5th. He is bringing excitement, awakening, new freedoms, new liberations, new roads to travel and a new, innovative future, particularly relating to romance and offspring issues. There is an excitement and a buzz in the air and your own uniqueness and belief in your own authenticity is growing and is strong, and your intuitive powers should be listened to.

Finally Neptune is a little confusing now for all born November around 25th to 27th and has been for some time. Nothing is clear-cut or certain. Make no major decisions.  Your security feels wobbly and you are not sure where this journey is going. Your ego is downgraded of necessity. Trust your heart but don’t become a victim of delusion or illusion. Get advice from people who seem very grounded. The dissolving of the old you is underway while a new one is slowly taking shape.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

A late summer holiday calls and this can combine with expansion of the mind, notably for all born in January. After the 11th, all born up to January 13th have the support and love of friends. Love also is constructively combined with intelligence.

Very blessed are those born January 3rd to 10th as Jupiter opposing your Suns now and is bringing expansions of horizons geographically and metaphorically and it is also tempting to great self-indulgence, even if it is great fun. Relationships are certainly flourishing with new, wise people and from different corners of the world. Enjoy, but use a little moderation.

Meanwhile those born December 28th to January 14th have Saturn (your ruler) and Pluto directly affecting them. This is an amazing and rare powerful period to combine discipline and measured, constructive wisdom with power to achieve and to show your true potential, not least after the 20th when Pluto moves direct. Don’t under-estimate your regenerative influence over others, or indeed, other people’s ability to empower you now, especially in a group context, and your intellect is incisive and you’re understanding is deep.  This is exceptional as a combination in its ability to allow you to achieve what may seem impossible to others.

Neptune is also now very favourably inclined for those born around December 22nd-24th. He is enhancing your Sun as he has been on and off since last May (a once every approximately 42 year event). The message is to open your heart, allow your spiritual side to expand, to listen to and encourage your creative gifts and stop just being a human “doing” for a while and try just to be a human “being”.  Smell the roses and listen to the wind. Empathy is growing and values are changing within you. Enjoy.  Some things need the heart to assess them and not just the measurement of logic or of material worth; and this is part of your realisation now.  You may benefit from realising that you can be a little more unconditional with others too.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

September is a time when you have to look deeply into your often over-rationalised emotions, and issues of intimacy, empathy and complex financial dealings can be highlighted.  It’s a time to look into others feelings and circumstances and maybe offer you strengths.

However with Venus in compatible Libra before the 11th, all born after February 6th can enjoy harmony; and the mind and the heart combine. This too is a period of more than just opportunities for travel, but also a love of learning is underlined. However, after the 11th, all born after February 11th are focusing strongly and productively now, maybe of necessity, on career.

Mars is now in your opposite sign of Leo, affecting most you this month, which is a warning that there will be some rather assertive, even aggressive people around, who won’t give much leeway. You too are in forceful mode, particularly when it comes to ideological and intellectual issues… so ensure your own intractability does not exacerbate unnecessary standoffs.

Saturn is definitely a challenging energy now if born January 27th to 30th. For this group, career is proving in some way a challenge and blocks and restrictions are in the air. Lack of confidence needs to be fought, but reality checks abound. Time to bite a few bullets about whether you are knocking on the right door or where you just realise that only hard work, patience and self discipline will get you through., Authority figures may feel oppressive and reality check about others and self are in the air.

Between the 9th and 29th all of you however have the advantage of excellent communication skills, so any arguments or interchange with others proves your wisdom and effectiveness, especially around the 16th. If born in the last few days of January, embrace your ruler Uranus, as he brings a rare protracted drive to liberate yourself and to stand-up for your uniqueness of insight and to take a leap into a more innovative future. Eureka moments are in the air.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Your opposite sign of Virgo is the sign of the month which puts emphasis on relationship issues, especially in the first nine days of the month and notably if born after March 5th. Other people may be writing the script of your life a little, but in a good way, so maybe let it be

With the long Neptune (your ruler) transit in your sign now affecting those born around February 22nd (as he has been doing since March and will until the end of 2014) it is a time to be aware of keeping grounded and ensuring that you see clearly while getting rest and having music around you and recognising the sea as your friend. Ego is being dissolved and spirituality calls, but you are still master of your destiny.   Let your increased sensitivity be used positively for the planet and its creatures, whether creatively or through compassion

Jupiter is very much favouring those born March 3rd to 10th. Romance, children’s issues, fun, creativity, luck and growth are all in the ether and after the 11th if born any time up to March 12th, study, romance and travel can all combine beautifully. If born February 25th to March 1st, Saturn is ensuring that duty; obligation and hard work are part of the mix… all to long-term advantage. Saturn is about firming up foundations.

Finally Pluto, direct on the 29th is truly empowering this same group, giving a sense of destiny and leadership ability. Your ability to generate and transform other people for the better and for friends to do the same for you is formidable… and you are able to secure your triumphs.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the 19th and will target those born March 16 to 18th.. A time for confrontation with the unconscious and its power; both your own and others.  It’s also a time of things naturally reaching a conclusion somehow. Meanwhile on the New moon on the 5th all born March 3rd-5th have an opportunity then to get the ball rolling with the new and heartfelt, with no hesitation.