Friday, 1 June 2018


Uranus is now getting underway, as a toe dipping exercise into his new sign of earthy Taurus till November, before fully committing to that sign in March next year, for aprox 7 years... Hints of financial (Taurus) disruptions (Uranus) in the banking industry and the unpredictable in monetary/security dealings and in the infrastructure of our financial system globally will start to be flagged up.

Change in the way we view money and deal with it, is going to be very much subject to change in this realm that will not always feel comfortable and the unexpected is very much in the air in this connection.. Digitalisation and technological redefining (Uranus) of money leading to a cashless society will gradually dominate, with implications as to who may be locked out of the system as a result. Rebellions against financial systems  (e.g. the Euro) will be in the air, which will have a global effect on stock markets and economies.

Interestingly Italy is currently going through a disruption politically and a rebellion against the status quo re its affiliation with the Euro. Italy is a Leo country, which is in a square (disruptive) relationship to Taurus, where Uranus has just started to occupy. This has had a knock on effect on international stock markets. This sort of instability will be become more the norm in the coming 7 years.
ere will be more such chaos to come.

Uranus if anything, is guaranteed to bring the unexpected and from Taurus, apart from being connected to financial security is also linked to the land and nature and Uranus will bring revolutions (the innovative/technology) of necessity in this area too, in order to maintain the integrity of our farming systems, our diet and the survival of our natural infrastructure, not least because of climate change and the abuse of our power over the land and animals/insects. The downside is that very unwelcome changes in out natural world can be unpredictable, surprising and rapid as a cumulative result of years of human unknowing or knowing abuse.

 It is also very much a powerful correlative fact that Pluto (power/ hubris and nemesis) since 2007/8 has been in Capricorn  (the establishment and the overarching economic ideology) and is continuing to show serious cracks in the sustainability of the current model of neoliberal capitalism as it has evolved over the last 10-15 years or so. Its implicit inequality and toxicity as it stands, is becoming increasingly globally apparent. Global corporate dominance and implicated tax avoidance /evasion because of their non-allegiance to one domicile; oligarchs and money laundering, shareholder wealth, with no proportionate trickle down to workers… and all this, whilst austerity and limited workers rights and often exploitation, prevail for the mass of the populace.

The concept of continuing economic growth is the unequivocal god, but whom does it serve and what destruction of the planet does it bring in its wake? It has the seeds of its own destruction.

As professor Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University wisely said, “ Perpetual growth is the creed of the cancer cell”

Pluto has certainly ensured whilst in Capricorn (and there till 2025) that capitalism as it was originally designed, in the era of the Calvinist work ethic with its implicit trickle down theory, has long been abandoned on the altar of overt greed by the few.

 Reactionary rebellion against this system has manifested in many ways in populist voting terms, wisely or not, with surprise decisions such as Brexit and the turning to extreme alternative choices of those who govern them, in the hope that this will be the answer to problematic grievances for many.

To add to this whole picture and to act as a catalyst to the nemesis that Pluto brings when power is misused, Saturn (lord of Karma and reality checks i.e. a karmic school teacher.) is also now, along with Pluto, in Capricorn (from late December last year till mid December 2020). He will certainly bring huge glitches to the system as the full realities and the cumulative destruction, not least to the environment, of current capitalism’s extremism continue to manifest.  There is going to be an increasingly very big backlash and a serious price to pay economically/systemically and environmentally in the next few years. This is a real wake up call.

Simultaneously and hopefully, the redemptive influence of Neptune which continues now, since February 2012, to be powerful in its own sign of Pisces (till 2026) and will influence the collective unconscious of the populace and especially for those born during this period,(i.e. the future generation). This will bring a deeper love of and respect for nature and a great desire for its survival and health. A different sense of priorities (Pisces) about what really matters, beyond mere ego, greed and economic growth, will manifest.

The power of Saturn now in Capricorn has not been very magnanimous to either Teresa May or Trump last month or this. Blocks and reality checks abound, as it squares May’s Sun and opposes Trump’s Mercury and squares his Neptune.

The USA birth chart (Independence day 1776) is looking stressed from late this month, all July and early August as Saturn squares its Venus and Jupiter… although Jupiter acts somewhat protectively simultaneously, by luck, rather than design or good management it seems.

Days of some stress and blocks globally are the 15th/16th when Mercury opposes Saturn and the 27th when the Sun opposes Saturn. Serious and difficult issues need addressing and only patience and honesty and lack of ego interest, will help.

Days of some potential ruthless and risky communications are around the 23rd when Mercury opposes Pluto and much confusion in news/communications/ fake news? are around the 6th when Mercury squares up to Neptune and the power of obsession and financial drive is also apparent then, as Venus simultaneously opposes Pluto on the 6th.

Days of some uplift in news and progressive times are around the 1st /2nd when Venus trines Jupiter and Neptune and Mercury trines Mars.

Expect the unexpected around the 30th when Mercury squares up to Uranus… and financial clashes and economic  /trade disputes are indicated as a significant factor around the 21st when Venus opposes Mars.

Crazy communications and unexpected ones are in the ether around the 30th when Mercury squares up to Uranus, and it is also possible that geophysical stresses and strains on the planet will manifest then.

The Moon is new on the 13th   at 22 degrees of Gemini at 19.44 GMT. This can denote new beginnings and the metaphorical sowing of good seeds, whilst the full Moon on the 28th at 6 degrees of Cancer (also opposing Saturn) at 4.54 GMT indicates some rather tough (and unwelcome to some) truths erupting and the results of ill sown seeds are likely to manifest. Endings are in the air.


 Before the 12th you will all be able to feel confidence in your communications with others.  Your mind is sharp and intelligent, although thereafter, clarity when communicating with families will need to be ensured, as there is room for confusion. 

However, self-indulgence and indulgence of others, particularly connected to family is also very indicated before the 13th. 

After the 13th, love life gets a boost, particularly if born up to April 9th and creativity and appreciation of the arts is definitely a feature.  Happy times with offspring are also indicated. 

Mars, now in Aquarius, is bringing this month, for those born March 26th to 31st real leadership drive and determination.  Working with friends is very constructive and they can be great stimulators of your own.  Strong and ambitious energy for the greater good is yours.  Enjoy. 

Saturn however is challenging the lives of those born March 25th to 29th, as he did last February/March.  This energy has never really cleared, but it is a feeling of block or frustration, particularly on the career front.  Lack of confidence needs to be brought under control and patience and determination may be needed. 

Uranus has finally left your sign last month and many of you will look back on the last seven years or so and realise just how much in some respects your life is a different one now.

Finally, those born April 9th to 11th still have Pluto rearing his head, warning you to avoid power struggles.  Keep squeaky clean, draw boundaries around those who are coercive or controlling and recognise that endings are in the air and these can be very transformative, provided you are clear of conscience.


The big news is that Uranus is now in your sign, dipping his toe in until around the 7th November, after which he moves back into Aries for a while.  Those directly affected initially are born April 20th to 23rd.  Be prepared for a year of change, waking up to a new consciousness, looking outside the box, seeing the bigger picture and being activated to do what is uniquely right for you.  This is an awakening, and change is inevitable.

From the 12th, your communications with others can be very successful and effective and your mind and insight is to be admired, as is true for you all. 

Before the 13th, Venus is going to offer, for those born after May 4th, a chance to utilise your charm, combined with intelligence, so that you’re persuasive, convincing and loving in your approach to others. 

However, after the 13th, if born up May 9th, be care about over-indulgence, or over-spending on family and on domestic issues. 

Mars is currently squaring your sign, particularly affecting those born April 25th to May 1st.  There will be some contentious behaviour around you, possibly in your working environment and there is impatience in the air, both from you and others; and forceful behaviour needs to be carefully watched.  Too much fixity can get you into trouble.  Others are no push-overs either.  After the 26th, when Mars moves retrograde, energy that is difficult can internalise and you can feel slightly paralysed.  

Jupiter is very much the friend now of those born May 3rd to 7th in terms of the potential for growth, travel, enthusiasm and enjoyment, just have a care that he can also make you over-reach or bite off more than you can chew or over-spend; and a little bit of arrogance does not go down too well, so beware of that too.  

Saturn is a friend now of those born April 25th to 30th.  He is bringing a great deal of discipline and patience and preparing you to step up to the plate.  Travel may be for duty and obligation, but hard work, focus and maturity pays off. 

Neptune is inspiring now to those born May 6th to 8th.  The arts need to feature in some way.  Your heart is opened.  Your sensitivity and empathy and compassion is strong and a spiritual desire is stimulated.  Friendships and working for goals which open your heart, are underlined very positively.

Pluto is very empowering now again of those born May 10th to 12th, as he was in February. You are determined, strong and know who you are.  A feeling of fate is around you in a very positive and constructive way, even if it is a bit daunting, not least connected to long distance projects or legal issues, but power and determination is yours. 


This is your birthday period so it is a very good time for shining and indeed before the 12th, all born after May 26th are particularly able to exploit your Gemini eloquence and versatility.

After the 13th, all born up to June 10th have the capacity to be very charming, loving and caring in your communications and your heart will be powerful and therefore influential in dealings with others in a very positive way. 

Mars is very helpful now if born May 26th to June 1st.  He is bringing energy, drive, ambition, determination, particularly in intellectual pursuits and connected to travel and long distance interests.  You know who you are and what you want and where you are going. 

After the 26th, when Mars moves retrograde, there may be some pauses for some reconsideration, but it is in a positive way. 

Neptune is going to be affecting many in a way that is a little bit confusing, if born around June 6th to 8th.  He is starting to bring a sense of uncertainty, a wobble, a feeling as if you are navigating difficult ground, where lack of certainty is in the air.  Under-confidence and confusion is possible and you may realise that your goals need to change, particularly connected to career.  That’s fine.  Don’t be scared.  See this as a journey, a little bit without oars or a compass, but trust the trade winds.  This will be with you, on and off, until February 2020, during which you will make a transition.  Trust.   Meanwhile, enjoy the arts and being near the sea, the arts and self-reflection. 

A new Moon will be directly affecting those born around June 13th to 15th on the 13th.  For this group, a new start may well get its launch. 


Uranus’ new entry into Taurus is very good for all born June 22nd to 24th.  It brings the potential over the next year for a change of direction, an intelligent awakening and your intuition is sharpened.  People and opportunities come your ways, that are catalysts for change. 

Meanwhile, this month, after the 12th, Mercury in your sign brings for you all an opportunity to take centre stage, to be listened to.  Just be sure you also listen to the other guy’s point of view as well, but communication will be important to you.

Also before the 13th, for all born after July 6th, Venus is in your sign and can bring personal charm to your charisma, good taste, looking good, feeling good with plenty of love to give and received and harmony surrounds you.

Jupiter is also very much on your side now if born July 5th to 9th.  He is really enhancing your creativity, your social life, romantic potential and good news and enjoyment via personal offspring of the mind (or body).  Travel is very much in the air as well.  This is a great celebration of life and personal talents.

Saturn, however, is now opposing the Suns, as he did last February and March, of those born June 26th to 30th.  Other people seem to be standing in your way, or there are somehow blocks, notably connected to relationships issues.  This is a time to discriminate between those who are genuine and valid teachers and those who are just unnecessarily obstructive, but also acknowledge when people are genuinely in need and loyalty and obligation and duty is flagged up.  This is a very maturing time.  Step up to the plate. 

Neptune is very inspiring if born July 8th to 10th.  This protracted influence is really going to bring out the best in your artistic and creative talents and also in your spiritual reaching.  Travel, being near the sea, taking breaks from the harsh realities of life can work wonders.  Inspiration on all levels is underlined.  Your heart centre is truly open.

Finally, Pluto is continuing on his journey to oppose the Suns of those born July 12th to 14th.  This energy has been in play since the beginning of the year and is not truly over until the end of next year.  It demands that you stand up for yourself and do not allow other people to coerce or control and that you draw boundaries around such behaviour. You need to recognise that endings are in the air and there is a sense of destiny about this, but be very conscious.  Look carefully at the dynamic and know exactly what is the right course of action from a considered and not a knee-jerk viewpoint.


It can be quite a sociable month and others should appreciate you. 

Before the 12th if born after July 27th, communications with groups of people and friends is significant and good news is definitely on the agenda. 

From the 13th for all born up to August 12th, Venus in your sign really enhances your magnificent sense of self, tweaks your ego and brings love and harmony, both from within you and from others.  You will look and feel better than normal, and feel a sense of appreciation from others.

Mars, however, is opposing the Suns now of those born July 28th to August 3rd.  As last February/March, this is a little bit of a challenge from others.  They will not let you get away with anything.  They will be conducive to some self-reflection.  Beware those people who are gratuitously aggressive, but also ensure that you understand why some people are challenging.

After the 26th, when Mars moves retrograde, some paralysis is felt within.  A time of review is necessary. 

For all born between August 5th and 9th, Jupiter is currently squaring your Suns, encouraging some over-indulgence.  Enjoy, but maybe you are pushing the boat out a little too far.  Self-indulgence is in the air.

Uranus’ move into Taurus is going to be directly affecting those born July 23rd to 25th this month.  The square relationship created now between Uranus and the Sun’s of this group will be connected to status and reputation and career, which may go through a wobble.  There is also a sense that uncertainty and unpredictability is within you and foolish impulse should be avoided.  Remember who and what you are.  Change is inevitable and needs to be embraced with caution, but know that it does have to be embraced in some context. 


Uranus’ move into Taurus is good news for those born August 23rd to 26th.  This year long influence will bring an awakening, a confidence, a renewed sense of belief in your own uniqueness and individuality.  It brings a catalyst for change, from higher learning, philosophy and through travel and internationalism.  It ensures that our uniqueness really gains confidence to be expressed.  This is an awakening and an enlightening influence.  Enjoy. 

Friendships are very much emphasised this month after the 12th.  Communications with others in a group context are very successful and others bring good ideas to your door.

Before that date, ensure that all communications in your professional capacity are clear.

Before the 13th, all born after September 6th will find that in social life , support and affection from others is very forthcoming. 

Jupiter is also pleasantly supportive of all those born September 5th to 9th.  He is bringing wisdom, insight, successful communications and negotiations and is a particularly positive one for interaction with siblings.  Good news re events is in the air.

Saturn is also constructive and satisfying for those born August 28th to September 1st.  Hard work and discipline is really paying off now.  Loyalty, duty and stepping up to the plate to do what is necessary comes easily and brings deferred gratification and success and indeed admiration from others, particularly connected to romance and children’s issues. It also brings focus, concentration and discipline in the arts.  All can be very successful. 

Neptune is currently opposing the Suns of those born September 8th to 10th.  This is a long transit, with you on and off until February 2020 and brings idealism in relationships and longing for the perfect mate, but also goes with it the danger of over-idealism, projecting on to others things that you want to see. It also attracts the possibility of escapism and self-deception or indeed some deceptions from other people, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Just keep grounded, but it is brilliant for the arts and for really enjoying the natural and spiritual world. 

Finally, Pluto is really enhancing the powers, determination and the courage and sense of power now for those born September 12 to 14th.  You are no shrinking violet.  You have a sense of self and your destiny and you’re going to go for it, particularly when it comes to creativity and romance.  Your insight is admirable, clear and needs to be acted on.


Travel is flagged up this month, or at least international dealings and after the 12th many of you will find yourself engaged unusually actively with family members and once must make sure that there is clarity. 

Before the 13th, many of you born after October 7th may find yourself in lavish surroundings, spending money, enjoying yourself around home and family, but possibly with some caution needed.

After the 13th, if born up to October 13th, there is a real boost to social life, friendship and love and friendship can get intertwined.  

Mars is very supportive now of those born September 28th to October 4th.  There is a determination and a focus and an ambition connected to creative issues, offspring issues and romantic issues, all in a very constructive way.  There is courage, determination, pragmatism and progress.

Saturn is a little challenging, as he was last February/March, for those born September 28th to October 2nd.  His square to your Sun may bring a few hiccups and challenges on the family, domestic or real estate front.  Self-discipline and patience may be needed, but reality checks are in the air and need to be dealt with.  Delays may demand a bit of a re-think.  Do not loose confidence and look after the health.

Finally, Pluto is now squaring up to the Suns of those born October 13th to 15th.  This has been in the ether since the beginning of the year and does demand a confrontation with issues deep within oneself or in the family context, in a way that makes you understand deep energies that are operating that may be deeply buried in you or others.  A need for self-assertion is strong and honesty and cautious consciousness is very helpful.  Your psyche is demanding things that you need to honour , but not totally control you in an impulsive way.


The entrance of Uranus into your opposite sign of Taurus last month is now impacting, as it will for about a year, the lives of those born around October 23rd to 25th.   This will bring definite changes that are unpredictable, connected to relationships.  There is a sense that other people are wanting more freedom, creating a change in the dynamic between you and the other.  This can be very liberating to you ultimately, even if it feels a little bit disturbing or unexpected.  This is an awakening period and every though it may be uncomfortable, it is necessary to kick start you and partner into a new consciousness. 

After the 12th, you will all be drawn to internationalism or travel will be on the cards and certainly communications, long distance is underlined.

Before the 13th, if born after November 6th, love and travel are perfect partners.  Internationalism is pleasing and a love of learning is in the air. 

After the 13th, however, all born up to November 12th need to be a little careful about hypocrisy at work or sycophancy, but your charms can certainly work wonders. 

Mars is less friendly now to those born October 28th to November 3rd.  He is bringing definitely war drum noises from the domestic environment.  There is anger from you or from others in that context.  Determination, impatience, impulsiveness, irritation and fixity are the enemies, both in self and from others.  Tread carefully.
After the 26th, there will be some internalisation of this energy for reconsideration.

Jupiter is obviously very beneficial for your sign now, being in Scorpio and particularly so now for those born November 5th to 9th.  This augurs very well for luck, optimism, and growth, inner or outer.  This is also brilliant for travel and for financial luck and gain.  A feeling of positivity, enjoyment of life and optimism is in the air.  Just don’t over push your luck. 

Saturn is very much a positive influence, if restraining and maturing, for those born October 28th to November 1st.  Your thinking is grounded, solid, common sense filled and cautious, which serves you well.

Neptune is truly inspiring now for all born November the 8th to 10th.  He is very idealistic romantically and bringing great gifts re visualisation in the arts and a sense of a desire for beauty, harmony and peace; and is very much a bringer of empathy and compassion in love life and to one’s offspring.  Enjoy.  It opens the heart.

Finally, Pluto your powerful ruler is now very much complimenting the lives of those born November 12th to 14th.  Quite simply, he is empowering your insight, which is typical of your sign anyway, but giving it forensic accuracy and your communications to and from others are profound, meaningful, transformational and empowering.  A sense of destiny is in the air and you and others feel your truth, powerfully.  Use well. 


With the Sun being in your opposite sign of Gemini this month, it’s definitely a time for focus on other people and even for potentially allowing them to take some control over your life, obviously in a benign way.

Indeed, before the 12th, all born after November 27th will find that communications with others are on hyper drive, most of which will be very positive. 

From the 13th, all born up to December 12th will find that love and travel are very compatible features and harmony and happiness through higher education, philosophy and international events and dealings are in your lap. 

Mars is also in a very constructive mood for all born November 27th to December 3rd.  From your solar 3rd house he is bringing focus on determination of thought, speech and mind, with clarity and determination to affect others with your wisdom and strength. Intelligence and action are hand in hand.

Neptune is currently, from Pisces, squaring your sign and is at this moment in time squaring the Suns of those born December 8th to 10th.  This has been in the ether for this group since last month and will be hanging around as such until February 2020.  Whenever Neptune is around, one has to treat it as a rather blind journey when he is in square relationship.  There is confusion and uncertainty and rather shaky infrastructure.  There is transition and it’s slow, it’s gradual and it feels like it can undermine confidence, but in fact this is a natural transition, like an evolution and it will bring ultimately a change of direction that is more in tune with your heart.  Trust.  Let the trade winds take you there.  Meanwhile, being near nature, around the arts and opening the heart centre and having sort of meditative time can be very helpful.  This is a time of inner searching, rather than outer ego.


Uranus’ recent move into Taurus last month is very good news for your sign, notable now if born December 22nd/23rd. He is going to bring the new, the exciting and the innovative into your life, from within and externally, particularly connected to children’s issues, romantic issues and creative issues.  Social life will take a turn for the better in terms of awakening and enlightening you to new possibilities and new input in general.  This allows you to get away from fear or security issues that have held you back and brings you the ability to take a leap into the new and to trust.  This is awakening and a freedom giving transit, but it’s slow, but sure and by this time next year you would have understood the journey.

Meanwhile this is definitely a month of relationship focus, notably after the 12th, when communications with others are very favourable and constructive.

Indeed, before the 13th, for all born after January 4th, love life is definitely highlighted and appreciation and affection from others to you and vice versa, is definitely in the air. 

Jupiter is also very much your friend now if born January 3rd to 6th.  You are feeling lucky, intelligent, working with others as a leader is very underlined and friends, associations and groups you work with all bring you positive vibes, luck and expansion.  Travel is also positively flagged up. 

Saturn however is in your sign, and as last February/March is directly sitting on the Suns ( in his once every 30 year visitation) of those born December 26th to 30th.  For this group, there is a need for rest, to look after the body, to be patient, hard working, self-controlled and self-disciplined in order to get through some challenges.  Building structures for oneself through hard work is important now, but facing facts and reality checks are part of the picture.  Delays need to be taken on board with a philosophical attitude.  They are for a reason,

Neptune is highly inspiring now for those born January 6th to 8th and will be for about another year.  This brings out your creative gifts and appreciation of the arts, particularly music and a love of the sea.  Your heart centre is opened, your mind is not just about pure logic anymore and empathy and compassion are shining through and your communications will demonstrate this and the non-material side of you will also shine.

Finally, Pluto, still in your sign, and will be until 2025, is now again directly impacting those born January 10th to 12th.  This has been true on and off since February and will be so until December of next year.  Note that this once every 248-year hit to your Sun brings a profound sense of fate and destiny into your life.  It is very much transformational, transitional and regenerative, but sometimes one has to go through the dark to get to the light.  Endings are in the air, but out of anything that is difficult, comes a renewed sense of empowerment and sense of identity, that you’ve got no choice but to embrace and whatever lies within you as a potential can materialise.

The full Moon on the 28th directly affects those born around December 28th. For these people there is a sense of closing of chapters, as the unconscious wishes to enforce a clearinghouse in some way.


June is definitely a time for enjoyment, happiness, celebration of creativity and love life.  There is fertility around.

Indeed, before the 12th, all born after January 24th will have creativity, particularly with writing, very underscored and communications with loved ones and children shine.

After the 13th, when Venus moves into your opposite sign of Leo, all born up to February 9th will find that Cupid is very much your friend.  Love to and from others is very much on the menu and your charms are so attractive to others. 

Mars is in your sign this month, directly sitting on the energies of those born January 25th to January 31st.  This gives a huge impact to your drives, your determination and also to potential angry feelings and lack of patience and some intolerance.  It can also mean that others are reflecting to you similar qualities.  Positively it is about determination and ambition and drive that is constructive.  As always note your motive.  You may get what you want, but the price you pay could be not what you would have desired.  Motive is everything. 

Jupiter is squaring the Suns currently of those born February 2nd to 6th.  When Jupiter squares one’s Sun, it can bring good times, but it can also bring a excess of confidence, or excess of extravagance or a sort of over the tope quality.  In this case any excess is like to be an over-confidence in career or over-pushing for results that are not realistic.  Enjoy by all means, but with caution. 

Uranus’ move into Taurus does bring with it a square energy to your sign and initially this is most affecting those born January 21st/22nd.  For this group, unexpected change and disruption and unpredictability can come from deep within you, but also from circumstances connecting to home, family and real estate.  Restlessness, frustration, desire for change is all part of this energy and since Uranus is your ruling planet, this is not insignificant.  What it does do is give you the opportunity to kick-start yourself into being true to your own intuitive self.  The danger is to rush into something too impulsively.  So stop and think, but know that change is desirable, but needs cautious management.  This will last for about a year, so give it time. 


Uranus’s move into Taurus is good news for your sign over the coming seven years and initially is most directly affecting those born February 19th/20th.  This once every 42-year angular relationship will release a new sense of a desire for awakening, enlightenment and a freedom to be true to oneself and a strong intuition, particularly in one’s thinking.  Communications will be marked by insight and eureka moments and intelligent big picture understanding.  Technology, new ideas and innovation will be part of the journey. 

From the 12th, all of you will enjoy fun, good times, good communication with lovers, children and very creative inspirations, particularly connected to the written word.

Before the 13th, all born after March 4th can enjoy the fruits of love life, creativity and offspring issues.  Fun and enjoyment and affections are very much in the air. 

Jupiter is very much on the side now of those born March 3rd to 7th.  Travel is definitely flagged up and international dealings can bring luck and success.  There is also a great desire for higher learning and success in academia.  The philosophical bent is definitely strong and a general feeling of luck, growth, confidence and adventure is very much underlined. 

Saturn now is creating a rather magnanimous sense of caution and discipline and hard work that brings rewards for those born February 23rd to 27th.  Working in a group context brings growth through discipline and patience and constructive cooperation.  Self-discipline now is a really good investment of energy and working for the greater good is very satisfactory. 

Neptune remains very strong in your sign of course, for the long haul and is currently directly emphasising the energy of a truly pure Piscean nature of those born March 6th to 8th.  This energy remains with you until early 2020, so one needs to get used to this.  It is truly inspiring, truly spiritualising, truly creative and truly opening of the heart and that’s all positive.  The negative side is that it can make you very escapist, hypersensitive, prone to illusion, delusion or self-deception and hypersensitive to the point of finding it sometimes difficult to cope with reality.  Do try and ensure the former qualities are emphasised.  Psychic moments and spiritual experiences are not that uncommon with this.  Just remember to keep grounded. 

Finally, Pluto is currently harmonising with the Suns of those born March 10th to 12th and remains so until the end of 2019.  This just gives a great sense of empowerment to your gifts and talent and a sense of destiny to exploit them and confidence. Working in a group situation encourages this self-belief and you can be transformational not only for yourself but for others who need your power and energy to help them.  Enjoy.