Tuesday, 1 March 2016



Two powerful eclipses this month, points to it being a significant month globally. Although not visible over Europe or the Americas they occur on the 9th (total solar eclipse) at 18 degrees of Pisces and on the 23rd (lunar eclipse) at 3 degrees of Libra.  The eclipses are basically new and full moons but additionally are in eclipse mode and therefore they have infinitely more power in effect. The new moon (solar) eclipse brings the new and the innovative. Seeds are sown. The full moon (lunar) eclipse brings endings of chapters and when we sow what we have reaped. 

Eruptions from the unconscious, individually or collectively are powerful and quite primeval, notably under the lunar eclipse. Those most personally impacted on those dates on the lunar eclipse are some Pisces and Virgos (see below) and during the lunar eclipse, those touched will be some Aries and Libras (see horoscopes below)

Uranus now tightly squaring is Pluto (since summer 2011) still underway is a being reflected in the huge schisms as to the way forward in the world on so many issues, now not least re issues within the E.U. Rebellion and power struggles are complex and not at all black and white… so many shades of grey. Neptune in Pisces also is causing much confusion but also brings out a longing for more purity/idealism in whatever sense that appeals. Sadly that can be over idealism and even delusional stuff.

England’s natal chart (Capricorn /Aries rising) shows big changes and disruption round May /June time chaos and upset is in the air re foreign policy (time of referendum on the Brexit issue)..   This is starting to take effect now. Uranus will be passing exactly over its ascendant in Aries (every 84 years) in summer, which is the face of England and its projection on to the world … and Pluto will be conjuncting the country’s Mercury (every 248 years) then too, which is connected to agreements/treaties and its functioning health. Big changes are in the air for the UK and further schisms are looking very likely, no matter what the out come of the referendum in June.

Mars moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius in the 6th taking some pressure off the ongoing Syria tragedy (believed to be a Scorpio country)…but puts added weight onto the USA shoulders, building in April. But Mars goes retrograde on April 17th and then returns to Scorpio in late May and stays there till early August, so no room for breathing a sigh of relief re the benighted Syrian issue sadly.

A very positive transit this month is Jupiter in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn mid month exact on the 16th/17th. This augurs well for real determination and luck combining, to be able to bring about some triumph, possibly connected to progress re environmental /earth health. We need some good news.

(I have returned to the traditional horoscope format below, as preferred by readers. Thank you for your input.)

 Mars moves into your sign on the 6th bringing to those born up to March 29th an added dash of determination, ambition drive and if not careful, a slight overdose of aver assertiveness and for some that may also mean others are a little in your face as well in their assertiveness, so go carefully.  Also for all born up to April 9th there is after the 22nd a sense of increased communication skill and you get listened to and your mind is active and sharp, if a little self-centred. Before the 12th for those born after April 4th social life /love life and networking all get a bit of a boost courtesy of Venus and your charms are enhanced. Saturn is currently your friend if born April 4th-7th, but in a way that demands loyalty, duty and a very mature attitude in your behaviour. Travel may be work or duty related and academic /study pursuits may be demanding but well worth the effort.  Serious addressing of philosophical /ideological issues can be very fulfilling too.

Uranus is still hiking unpredictably through your sign and in his once ever 84-year visitation and he is now targeting those born April 7th-10th. This has been going in since last May and is finally easing off next month, so you are at the end of a roller coaster of change with feelings of restlessness and sense of a need for freedom, even rebellion against the status quo. It has been best to let change evolve and not push for it at any price, or proverbial babies can get thrown out with bathwater.  You are nearly there and will soon realise that you have been kick started into a new sense of self and a new chapter in some way internally, externally or both.

 If born April 5th-8th Pluto is also now on your case and will be on and off till the end of next year, so be prepared for some issues that are likely to erupt that are deep rooted about power and your feeling of a need to fully express it especially related to work..  Keep squeaky clean and guard against others who are not, or who have a rather ruthless agenda, but you must be conscious, controlled and aware, but also courageous and calm.. This is an important test of you sense of personhood and potential and what needs to be done to develop it wisely.

The Lunar eclipse if the 23rd will directly affect those born March 23rd-25th. For this group eruption are likely then in some form and what has been brewing will show itself and it is a time of the closing of chapters and reaping results of the past.. Whatever happens has a truth about it that can’t be denied, but is better faced without anger, alarm or resentment. The clock strikes to bring a necessary jolt.


This is a good month for socialising and the power of friendship. Also for leadership potential and furthering goals in general. Don’t worry if you feel a little out of synch communication wise before the 5th if born after May 15th as it passes. In fact this can be quite a sociable month with friends on tap for support and enjoyment.

There is a slight risk if born after May 4th that before the 12th you will be a little over indulgent or over selling of your self or even over doing the charm probably unnecessarily, but from the 12th all born up to May 14th will be feeling the good times roll with friends and creative instincts are sharpened. Mars is in the last degrees of Scorpio before the 6th, so if born after May 18th the first 6 days of the month may attract some rather challenging input from others and you may have to stand up to others who carry some resentment or they may be speaking some uncomfortable truth, only you will know, if you are really honest with self.

Jupiter is very much the friend of all born May 5th-11th, brining at the least; protection but also romance and offspring issues are favoured. Creativity is strong and fertility is around in terms of success in creating the new and party time is in the air.  Travel can very much be part of the picture too.. General luck surrounds you.

Neptune currently subtly but importantly enhances the consciousness and sensitivity of those born April 28th-May 1st. There is an increased sense of empathy compassion and a stronger heart centre. .. Artistic vision is strengthened and you need like hearted friends and associates around you. . This new spiritual /emotional/ creative consciousness will grow over the next year or so and is redemptive. Be glad.

 Meanwhile Pluto is now really bringing a message for the next few years of coming
empowerment for  those born May 6th-9th .. Be prepared for a growing sense of intensity and a desire to self reinvent in a way that suits a sense of destiny about needing to bring out your potential that needs to happen. This may connect with long distance, or legal or philosophical or even legal issues bur a new transformational power is in the air and it needs handling wisely and with humility. You are the agent, not the owner of the power and it must be for the greater good, not just personal gratification or ego.


Work is a focus this month, not always comfortably as you may feel a bit alienated. It will pass.  After the 5th all of you at some point till the 22nd will feel a little misunderstood or people are not reading from the same page somehow.. It is important to be clear and slow down to accommodate others slower pace of understanding. After the 22nd if born up to June 10th, friends prove a relief in terms of their being totally able to get your thinking and are in harmony.

 Venus is your friend till the 12th if born after June 6th travel is favoured and long distance goes well with love life somehow and indeed may be with money and after the 12th if born up to May 14th, beware sycophancy at work or being a little too over the top on your generosity with others or self indulgence …with maybe an unwise agenda.  After the 6th when Mars enter Sagittarius all born up to May 29th, need to be on your toes as their will be some people out there who are in the mood to challenge you and some war drums are audible.. Even mild confrontations may take you unawares, but you nay in some unconscious way attract this through your own over assertive or unthinking attitude… so anticipate and think before inviting harsh responses.   Jupiter square to your sign currently is temping those born June 5th-11th to be a little extravagant and self indulgent especially round home and family and relationships.. Good times roll but at a price maybe… Over generosity can be regretted later too.

 By contrast Saturn is challenging those born June 5th-8th by opposition.,. He is testing you though relationships and realities about others are in the air.. Duty and obligation may be very much to the fore as you cope with others needs, but it is also possible that you are seeing the reality of others that is a wake up call that needs attending to. Step up to the plate and do what is necessary and be aware of the need to be very mature and pragmatic. Hard work is around but blocks and delays are part of the need for you to rethink things or to develop perseverance and patience if necessary.  Time to remember also to look after the body… you are not getting younger.

Uranus is good news now and for the last year or so for those born June 8th-11th..   However this period is coming to a culminating close which is going to be the outcome of greater intuition and a push to greater individuality and freedom to be uniquely you … New causes /friends and activities have liberated you and now you are realising this.  However if born May 31st/ to June 1st, Neptune has started to create a bit of divine discontent and possible confusion. Your heart is complaining if your work is not satisfying an emotional need and as you are a very thinking sign but it is time to consider the heart’s needs.. Beware you check all small print and others credentials as smoke and mirrors are in the air and keep as honest as possible yourself, as deceptions can catch you out. Try getting solace and extra healing fro the sea music /film and some meditation and get lots of sleep and avoid gratuitous escapist behaviour.


Holiday/travel or focus on study is in the air for many of you… and positively so and after the 5th and before the 22nd Mercury allows extra brain power and good study progress and long distance communication is very favoured. After the 12th also Venus in Pisces brings for all born up to July 16th a love of learning joy in travel; and love links with long distance and a sense of well being connected to a good philosophy of life. The sea may call as a soothing sight.

 Mars in Scorpio till the 6th, brings till that date for all born after July 19th a sense of energy and enthusiasm re love life /passion and creativity and the arts. Extra courage and energy is on tap and male input is strong somehow in terms of positive energy.

Jupiter is also now kindly disposed to those born July 6th-12th. He is encouraging luck and opportunity, and is sharpening your mind and communication skills and success. Communications bring good news. Siblings bring positive input too.

Uranus is currently squaring Cancer and those who have been targeted over the last year or so and just coming to the end of this period are born July 9th-13th. You have been feeling a sense of turbulence and uncertainty and restlessness possibly at work and maybe domestically too. It is a period of change, like a journey not an arrival.. You have needed to keep flexible and go with the flow and now you are beginning to see how it has awakened you and kick started you into a new awareness of self and maybe a new more enlightened and freer direction, even if a bumpy ride.

Neptune has shifted forward and is now directly affecting positively all born July 1st-3rd bringing inspiration of a mystical /emotional and creative kind.  This may come from far off shores or through higher study or even through a new belief system that is developing, or a new spiritually enhancing activity.. It certainly enhances the heart centre and feelings of compassion empathy and universal love and care are brought to the fore. Idealism too is part of the picture m but in a good way..   Communing with nature /the sea /music /film /the arts are all underlined as positive for you currently.

Pluto in Capricorn is now in his very rare visitation is opposing the suns of those born July 7th-10th. This brings for 18 months or so of a time of change, of endings followed by new beginnings. It is a time of some struggles within self and likely caused by some power struggles with others and it is a question of drawing boundaries round behaviour in others that is out of order, but not sinking to their level and if necessary walking away.. However it may also indicate a need to rethink your own destiny and why this is happening and what it is meant to help you liberate within and to learn about yourself. Keep away from dark forces or where you feel someone is not very conscious or well motivated in behaviour.. It is also not impossible that events are quite intense but be aware that courage may be needed to handle certain closing of chapters. The message of Pluto is regeneration and transformation, but after certain challenges and often with Pluto we have to go through the dark to get to the light.


There may be times when you have to be quite philosophical and to dig deep to gain some understanding of life, self and others this month.. This is not a time for self-centeredness but for sharing resources whether spiritual, psychological, or material for the benefit for others and before the 5th if born after August 14th, others input and communication is enlightening with good exchange or healing and before the 12th if born after August 8th love life and the very positive input of others is shining. After the 22nd if born up to August 11th travel and long distance and legal issues are favoured and positive input re these is in the offing. It also augurs well for study and good results.

Mars is not too friendly now from Scorpio before the 6th if born after August 21st. those first 6 days for this group of Leos may feel a little tense round home and family issues. People are quick to criticise and impatience and irritation is around. Try not to attract it. You too are impatient and easily irritated and more uninhibited in anger than is usually your style.  However after the 6th and if born up to July 31st then there is a great enthusiasm and energised sense relating to creative pursuits /sports, love life and matters related to children and the opportunity to be fully enjoying life… socialising is a strong input.

Even Saturn is on your side in a rather sober bur very constructive way if born August 7th-10th. He is demanding politely that you take your love life and your creativity seriously with joy in so doing and with loyalty duty and constructive hard work bring excellent results and joy. You have to be very mature with this transit of Saturn

Uranus too is now bringing to a fulfilling close a happy once every 42 year period of awakening and enlightenment and a freer sense of self if born August 10th-13th.  This has been around for about 1 year and now you are seeing how this has panned out… notably re learning, increased awareness and connected to long distance and philosophical issues.


Much relationship focus is around this month in a very positive way. And after the 5th till the 22nd there is a special sense of valuable communications with others and good feedback and after the 12th Venus in your solar 7th house, if born up to September 15th brings loving vibes from others and opportunities to give and receive affection in all contexts and your charms bring good feedback.    Even Mars in Scorpio before the 6th gives a boost to all born after September 20th, in terms of sharpness of thought and incisive, courageous but constructive. Jupiter is now excellent news from his position currently in your sign, notably strongly now if born September 7th-13th. A time of growth, inner or outer, good news, confidence, expanding horizons, praise, success and excellent travel. Enjoy, but don’t get over confident (unlikely for your modest sign).

Saturn however is also holding to account those born September 7th-10th. For these people there is a sense of frustration block, and a slight depression and anxiety feeling. Saturn is forcing you to address what needs facing up to practically and especially re real estate or family issues, with courage hard work and common sense. Things take longer than you thought and patience is needed and it is time to not lose confidence, but also to get rest in between the hard work required of you now.  Deferred gratification is the name of the game. Putting a better infrastructure in your life to cope with changing times is needed.  It is a bit of “facing the fear and doing it anyway” provided it is not dangerous of course.

 Neptune is a little problematic now if born September 1st-4th There is a sense of confusion and uncertainty in life.. a feeling of floating on a foggy sea without a compass or oars ; a time of transition , but also vulnerability to  deceptions and over idealism or seeing through a distorted lens. Keep the faith, stay on your toes keep grounded and don’t over indulge in escapism, but enjoy the arts, especially music/
film and the sea and don’t let emotional vulnerability master you, but you must use you sensitivity now for the benefit of others but with discrimination and not martyrdom. Certain of issues/relationships are dissolving as life moves on and know the difference between those that you heed to nurture and those that you need to let go and be careful who you trust too.. Without being too suspicious of course.

Pluto is however very regenerative and empowering now if born September 8th-11th. He is bringing transformational energy to you, notably relating to arts, love life or matters relating to offspring and brings you inner strength and a sense of your personal unique power, without ego being too far up the agenda.

The solar eclipse of the 9th is going to reverberate for those born around September 11th. This will bring a sense of the new and the beginnings of something … in quite a notable way which will reverberate throughout the coming year.A time of sowing new seeds..


Work and everyday routine is a focus as may be new health regimes…. And before the 12th all born after October 9h may find the good times and romance can fill the air and general creative fertility is around too., Time to enjoy life. Also if born after October 15th   before the 5th there is improvement in all relationships through good communications and writing skills flourish too.  After the 6th when Mars moves into Sagittarius the effectiveness and passion in your messages and contacts with others will be considerable, very impressive and constructive as the force of your ideas and positioning is very convincing.
Saturn is a sturdy if disciplining colleague for all born October 8th-11th. He is demanding but offering a real grounded wisdom that is very constructive for progress especially related to home/roots /family /real; estate.. He is keeping you down to earth and practical and what you say resonates with others as very practical and constructive.   Good for dealing dutifully too with family members..

Uranus by contrast is continuing creating potential chaos and some instability, if born October 10-13th. Others are bringing surprise and change to your door even if on the face of it is unwelcome, but in fact they are a catalyst to change that is probably needed even if you had resisted it, or not looked for it. This once every 84 year event is coming to a close now having haunted you for many months.. You can see the way forward.. An adventure at least, or a scary uncertain journey does have a destination which is a new and freer place for you in many ways.

Pluto is now also very active in the lives of those born October 8th-11th. He brings a certain sense over the next few years, of inevitable transition through events that spell endings of chapters and which may involve having to pit your strength against others who are somehow limiting or controlling you.. Emancipation from such situations may need to be fought for, not least within your self. Thus is like a build up of tension from way back that is powerful in force and needs to be released but in a controlled fashion and a very conscious one or else it can prove explosive and primeval in force, which can be destructive. A destined emancipation is within you, but needs wise handling so that it is somehow healing not hurting, and as not ruthless in character.

The lunar eclipse of the 23rd is landing on the Suns born around the 25-27th September. For this small group there is a distinct sense of drama in the air, as eruptions from others and honesty and powerful truths come to the surface.. Ends of chapters are suggested as chickens come home to roost.  A time for reaping, but probably a healthy outpouring that ultimately can clear the way for transition.

March is often a good time for partying, love life and creativity for your sign and after the 5th and before the 22nd you will also have a chance to be centre stage with creative wisdom and amusing and constructive communications and to be very charmingly endearing in a romantic context and around children and offspring..

Venus is also your friend after the 12th if born up to November 15th. Love life blossoms as does general fertility and creatively you are on a roll and speculative interests are favoured too. You are happy with your children’s company.

Mars is, before the 6th in your sign and directly affecting you in those first 6 days if born after November 18th, there will for this group then a great sense of assertive, ambitious, purposeful determination to achieve, if not slightly ruthlessly so .. . Achievements are likely but beware the methodology and possible price if too harsh.

Jupiter is kindly disposed to those born November 7th-13th. There is a sense for this group of happiness and progress with projects, friends and with added leadership skills.  Intelligent action brings lucky opportunities that need grabbing..  A very sociable time is in the ether and travel with friends or connected a project is very favoured.

Neptune is also very much on your side now in a gentle but profound way if born November1st-4th.. For the coming year or so this will bring added sensitivity appreciation of beauty, art, nature and added compassion and sympathy for others pain and feelings.. It is inspiring but also brings much emotional response which can bring dissolving of boundaries that allowing you to merge with others feelings., hopefully so you can bring empathy and healing .. It also makes you very idealistic looking for the dream especially re love life and it is possible that soul mates can be found. Time by the sea and having time to contemplate and may be have some retreat time is all to your advantage..  Inspiration though the arts is huge now.

Finally Pluto you powerful ruler is now activating positively the Scorpionic powers of those born November 7th-10th.For this group it is important to respect the powerful insight and forensic qualities this influence brings for a few years.. (Every 124 years aprox). You see clearly and have good teaching skills and great powers of convincing others and also getting to the roots of things and finding out truths. Great for meaningful and fulfilling study.


Home calls this month: a feeling of a need for secure roots..  Before the 5th Mercury brings for all born after December13th an extra power of intellectual insight and clarity and wisdom of communication, but after that date there is a sense that for all Sagittarians there is a more muddled thinking process or rather a feeling that others just don’t get what you mean and there is room for misunderstanding.. If born after the December 6th, before the 12th, beauty and charm is added to your ideas and talent at communicating and after the 12th all your sign will sense a need to have beauty, harmony and peace in the home and family, with maybe a bit of excessive indulgence as part of the picture.

 Mars enters your sign on the 6th bring from that date for all born up to November 30th a sense of forthright energy, drive, ambition and determination and ideological verve.. Just beware being a bit bossy or pushy   Before the 6th there maybe a little bit of a sense for many of you of being rather private with some pent up frustrations or anger which you should not sit on and allow to seethe.

 Jupiter in Virgo currently is creating a mood now for those born December 6th-12th of confidence at work that may mean a bit of complacency or taking things for granted and beware a lackadaisical approach. Also self indulgence and lack of moderation is tempting, so have a care.

Saturn still in your sign (ever 30 years) is now sitting tight on the Suns of those born December 6th-9th..For this group, it all about has to grasp the nettle of challenge without going into self-doubt or negativity. Although bound to feel tired, this is in fact a time to rise to a challenge and do what you need to do to secure your future and be pragmatic and structured about it, not a time for play, but for work and discipline, but also keep an eye on health as you are a little more vulnerably than usual on that level. Maturity and realism is demanded now and remember that Saturn is a karmic schoolteacher for our own good and a benevolent despot.

Uranus by contrast is still stirring up a note of excitement, freedom and personal authenticity if born December 9th-12th.. This period (about 1year) is nearly ended now and many of you in this group will feel that in a month or so they are in a better more appropriate place for themselves, than a year or so ago, especially related to love life, children and in all creative issues.
Neptune however is starting to bug the consciousness a little of those born November 30th –December 3rd.. There is a sense insecurity and uncertainty related to roots and family and home life and this creates a sense of confusion and lack of direction and security.. Tiredness is part of the picture and lack of clarity about life is haunting a bit.. Best to not do anything that is too radical. Tread water and see where the trade winds take you. Let go and let god, but do not fall for fantastic schemes or chase rainbows. Keep grounded and during this time you will realise that you actually in transition and metamorphosing and in a year or so you will emerge as a different but clearer and more redeemed being.. but do get as much sleep as possible ..Listen to music and appreciate the world of nature.. Keep it simple and pure, but do not indulge in destructive escapism.


 You will be in thinking, study and communicative mode this month and between the 5th and the 22nd that will be particularly pronounced and communications with siblings is underlined too. After the 12th,all born up to January 14th will have charm added to their communications as well and harmony will be in the air. Before the 6th and if born after January 18th, there will be a sense of purposeful energy that serves you well with potential for a lot of constructive cooperation with friends in those few days..

Jupiter in Virgo is looking very good now for those born January 5th-11th..  Travel and vacations are well starred and long distance issues are all generally favoured too.
At the least protection is in the air and a sense of well-being and philosophical peace.

 Uranus is coming to an end of a rather turbulent period affecting those born January 8th-11th and this has been going on for about 1 year. The reason for the change unpredictability and restlessness is beginning to be clearer and the other side of the transit looks smoother and more in tune with your needs.  It may be connected to home and family, but all has been a little insecure and uncertain and an underlying discontent has been evident, but you have woken to a need that needs honoured and stability will resume in the next hew months.

Neptune is a good and sensitising friend now to those born December 31st- January 2nd.  This will be in the ether for this group strongly for the coming year. It is a time of ability to combine heart and soul with brain and also sensitises all your communications with added empathy and with a less materialistic viewpoint.  The arts too figure more strongly and inspiration rises and the simple beauties of nature call.
Intelligent instincts and intuitions are more prominent now.. Enjoy.

 Pluto too is very powerful now if born January 6th-9th. For the coming 2 years this once every 248-year visitation can be life changing for this group. A time of power within and without. Endings of chapters followed by important new beginnings are likely and you will be tested to understand the transformations and to use them for the greater good …and to use your power wisely.  Motive is all.  Pluto brings power in many ways, within and without …but one thing is sure after the 2 years, you will have a significant change of consciousness as a result of this journey and strength within that is very deep. This is a very important time


 Finances may be high in consciousness currently with a desire to improve security and after the 5th and especially after the 12th finances can be fluid and the power of intellect and your creative skills can help to prove triumphantly lucrative.

Before the 5th, your mind will be in extra high alert and communications with self are important. Thinking is about ones personal situation is a major preoccupation and before the 12th if born after February 4th, Venus brings added charisma and added charm to your persona.  Mars is a little difficult in mood before the 6th for those born after February 17th.   For this group, your ambitions or impatience re your standing may be stubborn, creating some confrontations and indeed there may be some people you have to cross swords with in an authoritarian context and this could include a family member. Try to not be too intractable or ruthless. Compromise may be necessary

After the 6th, all born up to January 29th, will be feeling up beat in energy and your will and goals are forwarded constructively and associates and friends are powerful allies to help you. Leadership instincts are admirable and well directed via your intelligence.

Uranus is still bringing a input of excitement and inspiration for those born February 7th-10th.Your thinking has been having eureka qualities and intuition is excellent.. Thinking courtside the box, laterally or divergently has been underlined and this has been growing over the last year.. Your true Uranian nature (ruler of Aquarius) has been underlined in this once every 42-year sextile transit of your Sun.   Maverick qualities that may have emerged are in fact based on wise judgement and increased general insight and awareness.

Neptune and Pluto is not directly affecting your sign unless you have planets in Capricorn or Cancer, or Pisces or Virgo.

This is you birthday period, so a new beginning as this period is called the solar return. This is a new yearly cycle of your Sun. From the 5th till the 22nd sees Mercury in your sign, auguring well for you all to experience extra mind power with a penchant for a need to communicate and write and your mind will be busy and with many faceted interests.  After the 12th all born up to March 14th will find that Venus in Pisces will bring extra charisma to their being and love and affection abound and it emanates from you. Artistic talents are also underlined with greater power and sensitivity to beauty. In the first 6 days Mars will be firing up those of you born after March 17th. Your courage, energy and determination will be strong and effective and travel will be enthusiastic, as will study. Passion is in the air about certain causes and issues.

After the 6th all born up to February 28th, may find a sense of impatience and irritability haunts them, notably connected to professional matters and authority figures may seem unreasonable to you.. Count to 10 before reacting.
Jupiter is opposing now the suns of those born March 5th-11th. This group may well be having a great time but there is a danger of over confidence over expectation over indulgence and over doing, so have caution and a bit of moderation and stop and think before you launch into anything, including over expansion /over spending or over generosity. You can enjoy, if you take these facts into consideration.

Saturn however is simultaneously trying the patience of those born March 5th to 8th For this group there is a feeling of block and tiredness.. Everything seems very onerous and an existential sort of tiredness haunts you. Although with Jupiter around you may lack balance in your judgment and jump into something too quickly in an attempt to avoid the realty of something.  Important to face facts and be realistic and to modify issues, if there are ways to make amends to something that needs changing.. Negative thinking needs to be replaced by realism and hard work will be necessary to overcome some difficulties. You will be glad you did it though, later.

Neptune (your ruler) is a powerful influences in his once every 165-year visitation to the Suns of those born February 28th-March 2nd now lasting strongly in influence for a year or so. The up side is that your natural spiritual /artistic inclinations will be amplified hugely as will your sensitivity and ability to absorb everything around you like a sponge and your empathy /compassion is overwhelming and you heart will be very vulnerable.. The down side is a great need to fight total escapism and retreat and to avoid not seeing realistically, because you are seeing via a prism of hypersensitivity or possibly through an over powerful, even slightly paranoid imagination. The sea and music and film can be great influences for healing now in a creative way, but do avoid a tendency to self deception seeing through rose coloured specs and over idealism.. Deceptions by others are also very possible now as you are vulnerable. However with grounded ness and sense of reality your creativity and even psychic powers are very strong. A need for simplicity and nature will appeal. Alcohol etc in excess can however be a bit too tempting under this influence, as escapist inclinations can be strong. Have a care.

Finally Pluto is a greatly positive influence on those born March 6-8th Powerful influences through friendship are able to enhance your potential and your leadership gifts in certain goals orientated enterprises are strong now. You have a sense of your potential and destiny and your shyness retreats on the altar of needing to reinvent and regenerate and empower self and others.. This lasts for around 2 years or so, so use wisely and not just for ego, but for the greater good.

The solar eclipse falls in your sign on the 9th affecting directly all born around March 9th. This augurs well for a new chapter of enthusiasm and hopefulness re a certain issue in your life. New seeds are sowed.