Friday, 1 July 2016


So Uranus currently is on, by transit (ever 84 years) the ascendant of the chart for England (Norman conquest 1066). Massive change and disruption and possible surprise reversals are unleashed heralding a rather unknown, long journey (at least another 18 months) that has massive implications, and not just for the UK. .  So much is unravelling, as Pluto takes us through the last half of Capricorn.  Nemesis is in the air globally. The dispossessed and the angry are putting two fingers up to the establishment in so many ways.  Uranus (rebellion /people power/anti establishment) rules the 11th house, which is the house of collectivity/groups and the immigration issue of course is therefore very implicated and subject to confusion and chaos in negotiation..  Also notably In England’s chart, Pluto is sitting by transit now on its natal Mercury in its 10th house, till late 2017(every 248 years).  The death (Pluto) of a certain status/function is indicated, and joint finances (with other nations) will be a source of power struggle (Pluto) and ruthless change for many months to come.  The intensity of negotiations /research and profound depth analysis (Pluto) needed to make the changes will be exhausting and hugely challenging. Pluto has a fated quality, so this all has inevitability about it in the human/global condition. Hopefully a phoenix rises out of the ashes, as so often happens with such a transit

This is a very intense month globally, with several very strong Uranus and Pluto challenges   notably around the 1st, 7/8th, 11th, 16th/17th. This indicates globally power struggles and dramatic eruptions socially/politically and possibly geological. Endings of chapters are in the air. The shocking /eruptive becomes more commonplace.

Saturn squaring up to Neptune for all of us currently, is also and indicator of ideals being dashed and disillusionment being in the air, but it also indicates the need for really hard pragmatic efforts being needed if ideals are to be achieved. The oceans (Neptune) certainly will be crying out for practical attention (Saturn) in some way, to do with pollution /dying coral reefs and the power of water /floods /rising sea levels, melting ice caps will be issues that cant be ignored, or at least only at our peril. Practical committed solutions have to in the air.

Positive periods where progress and hope and mitigating factors is in the air are around the 1st 8th, 10th, 17th.


 Home/family is a focus this month.  Communication and affections are highlighted.
 After the 12th for all of you communications in romantic relationships and with offspring are very productive.

After the 14th all born up to April 14th may find that the power of love and affection is strong and your charms are appealing. This is a sociable time with popularity strong. The arts are favoured and appreciated too.

 Mars now direct brings a sense of progress and movement in financial issues and intimate private connections get a boost in terms of seeing a way forward.

 Saturn is currently back harmonising with the suns of those born March 28th-April 2nd. Journeys may have to be made out of duty or for work and there is a strong sense of hard, but productive and rewarding work being demanded of you and you need to hear the call and just do it.

Uranus is still creating a once every 84-year real revolution for those born round April 13th-15th. Rebellion within and change from without drive you to a new chapter that is flagged up. This trip lasts on and off till February 2018. Remain flexible and don’t grab change impulsively, but know that this is a necessary journey.

 Pluto is still bringing a rare challenge to those born April 4th-7th. This may involve some power struggles within self, or from others, notably connected to professional affairs or from authority figures.  Keep dignity, search within for the roots of this and be conscious and in control of emotions and do not resort to ruthless tactics, but understand the potential of this time fully, but be in control of it with a clear conscience. This has been underway since March 2015 and will be complete as a journey by late 2017..


A month of much loving communication, thought and restlessness with much coming and going is at hand. After the 14th however for all of you there is a need to ensure that communications are fully articulated, so as not to risk any confusion.  Entertaining from home and revamping ones domestic environment may well be a happy preoccupation after the 12th for all born up to May 14th. Just beware of over extravagance.

 Mars still in your opposite sign of Scorpio, is now direct and opposing the suns of all born May 13th-20th. For these natives of the sign, there is a distinct sense of opposition from others and you will be quick to retort and impatience is in the air.  Take care with rushing, as accident proneness is possible.

 Jupiter now is favouring those born May 7th-13th. Love life, party mood, fertility and creative sparks/talents are all underlined. Luck too and a sense of optimism and growth, as well as travel is in the air.

 Neptune is still currently favouring gently those born the very end of April /very beginning of May… Friends are empathetic and compassionate as you are to them. There is idealism and gentleness and a more emotional response to life. There is a new sense of spirituality in interest and also in creative skills, notably re music and the visual arts.

 Pluto rarely still now empowers those born May 5th-8th.  Long distance issues and academic /philosophical interests and benefits are strong now. Self-reinvention and a sense of destiny is in the air. It is important to grasp the nettle and know that this is a time to rethink your potential in a confident and proactive way… and use your power for the greater good.


Money/security can be a preoccupying topic for many of you this month and in a positive way especially if born after June 6th.

After the 12th all born up to June 14th will have extra charm added to their communications, which can make you more effective in communications. After the 14th, there will be a boost to intelligent and effective reasoning power and extra convincing communication skills.

Mars now direct, will bring a sense of progress and movement in work and possibly in health regime issues.

Jupiter now tempts those born June 7th-13th to be a little over confident or have a sense of over indulgence. Wit caution and some modesty, however this can be an enjoyable time, with family /home/real estate issues being favoured.

Saturn however is now (in his every 30 years cycle) opposing the Suns again (as last December 2015) of those born May 28th- June 3rd.  This brings a sense of block, frustration, hard work that is tiresome and demanding and also a sense of tiredness and even a feeling of feeling that health is not so robust, so look after yourself.. This is a lesson in the need to face realities about situations and people and there could be a need to rethink direction and confidence can be knocked. However like a schoolteacher demanding you do your homework. If you step up to the plate, you will be glad you did when the results of the work pay off.

 Neptune continues to warns those born round June 1st-3rd to check facts and beware rose coloured spectacles and don’t trust too much what seems to be the case.. Keep real.  Beware all deceptive potential especially in a work context..  However communing with nature and enjoying the arts and the sea can be very refreshing and healing.

Uranus meanwhile is bringing a spark to the lives of those born June 13th-15th. This may show itself as interesting and exciting new people /friends /contacts into your life who inspire you and wake you up some how. Your social sense and desire to fight for what you believe in may also be stimulated.


Your month and this is a time therefore to shine. You can feel centre stage and with a hunger to communicate and if born after July 7th, your personal charisma is shining and you feel good and are looking good.  Love and charm are part of your being more strongly than usual.

 After the12th, finances loom large in your sign’s consciousness.

 Mars now direct in Scorpio augers very well for the courage, drive and energy of those born July 15th-22nd. It ignites your sexuality and confidence in all efforts to attract others and to enjoy life and it also gives a powerful creative drive.

Jupiter helps now those born July 8th-14th.. Confidence in your wisdom and in all communications is underlined and you can be listened to with admiration. Writing /teaching skills are excellent too, with good connections with siblings emphasised. There is happy travel indicated too.

 Uranus creates disruption and the unexpected for those born July 16th-18th, notably connected to status and some dissatisfaction with this. A restlessness leads to a need for change, which is in the air, but change for its own sake would be unwise, but an awakening is around you.

 Neptune, if born round July 2nd-4th is still bringing a longing for the more spiritual and or creative in life. There is a more emotional idealism prevalent now and a new sensitivity/compassion and more psychic side being nourished in your being.   Other lands and higher learning can provide inspiration needed.

 Pluto however, if born July 6th-9th is still bringing some difficult challenges from others who may be less than gentle in their use of power and there is a sense of endings in the air making way for the new. It is important to draw careful boundaries round the temptation to behave ruthlessly.

 The new Moon in your sign on the 4th affects those born around the 6th July. The new and positive is flagged up


This is a time of year for some privacy and reflection for many of you. The past also calls.  However after the 12th You rather emerge again in your more usual extrovert self, and many of you then feel a strong sense of your attractions and talents which others really respond to and after the 14th you will all have a greater confidence in your ideas and in your ability to express them well and harmoniously.

 However Mars is in challenging angle this month to the Suns of those born   August15th –21st. Challenges from family and problems round home issues are in the ether and you may be feeling intolerant, angry and impatient too. Impulse needs to be avoided, and the bull (or lion) in the china shop may be an apt description of your being now.

 Saturn is now helping those born July 31st-August 4th to be pragmatic, disciplined, loyal, mature and effective in what you do, not least in creative work and indeed in love life and in dealings with offspring /children.

 Uranus is now continuing to excite and awaken the energies and spirit of those born August 16th-18th. Liberty and stimulation connected to other cultures or though higher learning is very much on the cards.  This also brings a new objectivity and detachment from the ego, which adds another dimension of consciousness and offers new opportunities to head in a different direction.


 Friendships and working towards mutual goal with others are favoured now and a serious approach towards ones sense of social duties is indicated.

After the 12th, there will be a move to a more private sense and communications and love life will have a more clandestine, or behind the scenes quality.

Mars is constructive and promotes ambition and drive for all born September 15th –21st. This brings constructive assertiveness to your being and incisiveness to your thoughts, words and writings.  You can overcome loss of confidence or any shyness.

Jupiter in your sign now is bringing his every 12-year bonus to those born September 9th-15th.  For this group there is a sense of buoyancy, confidence growth inner or outer and the desire to be pushing forward in life with success in mind.. It also is excellent for vacations/travel.  Jupiter also brings extra vision and a bigger picture view of life, but tone down over confidence or even a little arrogant.

 By contrast Saturn is back to challenging those born September 1st-5th. For you this can bring a similar feeling to last December/January. That is a sense of burden /challenge /block and tiredness, related possibly to home /family /real estate factors.

This is a time for some humility and pragmatism and to face facts and do what is necessary. Hard work and reality acceptance and even courage may be needed and also patience. The delays and frustrations will pass but is to be learned from. Later the lesson, if learned, will be valued.

Neptune is still opposing the Suns of those born September 3rd –5th (since April 2016 till end of 2017), so there remains a need to be vigilant about any potential smoke and mirrors or deceptions from others and also beware projecting onto others what you want to see. Keep grounded, but do indulge music, the arts and love and enjoy the beauties of nature and the sea. Also importantly acknowledge increased sensitivity to our planet and to others.

Finally Pluto is still bringing courage and positive empowerment in romantic and creative activities, if born September 7th-10th. This is a rare influence. Enjoy.


This is a month for focus on your career and public face, whether you like it or not. After the 12th focus is also on social life and collective activity and after the 14th if born up to October17th, love life and friendship can inter mingle and your charms are proactive in your ability to achieve your goals.

Mars puts focus on finances now and there will be a feeling of the accelerator going on in this area.

Saturn is a rather maturing friend now for those born October 1st-5th. For this group a rather serious thought process is needed and communications with others, possibly especially siblings, are of necessity now more pragmatic, mature and constructive. What you say and hear has a large chunk of serious reality about it.

Uranus continues to very much bring shake-ups and unexpected events related to others behaviour if born October 16th-18th.  Largely external catalysts now determine your life and so you need to be on guard. Adrenalin flows and remember that others are not consistent, so you cannot rely on others now, but they can be ships in the night that play a significant part in your life and then move on. For some this will all point to ultimate awakening and a new freedom. This bumpy period lasts on and off, and often rather in the back ground, till around March 2018

 Pluto, if born October 7th-10th, is creating still (since March 2015) a feeling of a need for escaping from any pressure from others, a need to escape any control and a determination to emerge a more powerful individual with a sense of independent power and purpose.

Beware ruthlessness within and look deeply at the real subterranean issues that are erupting now.  You can find your own eruptions, which are quite primitive, and volcanic (and probably rooted in valid need for change) may also attract unpleasant, deep-rooted responses from others.


A great month for travel and for long distance issues and for thinking big picture, also for legal concerns, after the 12th focus is also drawn to career issues and if born up to November 15th beware sycophancy, but you charms are useful in relation to your public face.

Mars is hugely powerful now in his own environment of Scorpio and now direct; and for those born after November 15th there is a real ambition and power to your action /behaviour. A determined, focused and even ruthless quality is unleashed for good or ill. Beware what you want, as it may be achieved, but it could be at a cost.

Jupiter is in harmony from Virgo with your sign and currently most favoured are those born November 9th-15th. For these people there is a sense of luck and progress based on intelligence. Friends are beneficial to you and vice versa and your leadership skills are shining. A real sense of progress is highlighted in your goals, socially, affection wise and materially.

Saturn in your solar 2nd house now continues to remind you all of a need for careful caution re finances.

Neptune is still harmonious with those born November 3rd-5th. This brings inspired creativity and the arts are more than usually appreciated and healing.  Sensitivity to others and emotional responses are strong. A need for soulful connection in love life also dominates.  Your relationship with offspring has a greater sensitivity and empathy now that can forge great bonds.

 Pluto, your massively important ruler, is now signalling for those born November 7th-10th a time of incumbent power that needs directing for the greater good and which allows you to see where your skills and lust for truth and regeneration are best needed and successfully used.


 Be aware of the need to focus on complex financial issues and the more private intimate issues in relationships and closeness and truth is needed.

After the 12th focus shifts a little also to long distance concerns and travel. Also a more philosophical angle is mulled over, but this is a great period for successful academic progress too. From the 14th also, for all born up to December17th there is a link of love life with other borders., and a love of travel is satisfied.

Jupiter may tempt those born December 8th-14th to be a little over confident of what can be achieved and beware biting off more than one can chew.

Saturn, still travelling through your sign is now targeting again those born November 30th- December 4th  (as last December/January). For this group a realty check re life is burgeoning and a mature grasping of what needs to be done is in the air. Blocks and frustrations are in the air and a time to take stock and review now of the future is probably needed. Look after your health and get a balance between what is needed to be done and re and avoid excessive negativity. The cup is fuller than you think or feel right now.

Uranus is still bringing a very different mood for those born December 16th-18th. This group (till Feb 2018) will be feeling the need for independence, and positive new leaps into a more authentic future. Love life and opportunities related to creativity have a sense of the new and exciting. Children/offspring also are sources of the new and exciting.

If born around December 2nd –4th, a sense of confusion and lack of certainty about things is disorientating. Much of this possibly relates to home and family issues. This last on and off till February 2018, so be prepared to float a little and take no irrevocable decisions. Beware self-delusion and deceptive circumstances and there are dangers of distortion of viewpoint, and sacrifices may be made that are not so necessary as you think. Keep grounded and see this a journey that demands a need to trust the trade winds, as there is a lack of a compass, as to judging the way to go.


Relationships are major influences now and others moves and issues impact you strongly. After the 12th focus on joint issues emotionally and financially becomes strong also.

 Mars is now powerfully direct from Scorpio and positively he will endow those born January 12th-19th with a sense of social determination to achieve goals with others with a powerful leadership role underlined. Intelligent drive and constructive ambition is indicated. Achieving desired goals is given a boost.

 Jupiter is also very much on your side and supportive if born January 7th-13th. Excellent indications are flagged up for travel and academic happiness/success. A natural increased philosophical wisdom is indicated. Legal issues get a boost and also any international dealings are favoured.

Uranus may be creating uncertainty for those born round January 13th-15th. This is a period in the background till February 2018.  Domestic change is likely and a feeling of restlessness and a need to acknowledge inner frustrations will show themselves. This is not hugely disruptive, but acknowledge a need for some adjustment to changes in self and others, that can ultimately be quite eye opening and progressive. It is important however not to be too impulsive. Think things through and look before you leap.

 Neptune still enhances the aesthetic/artistic and spiritual sensitivity for those born January 1st-4th.  Emotions rule more than they have done historically, but in a very constructive role.

Pluto is in a powerful position (every 248 years) for those born January 5th-8th and has been on and off for some time.  Your true potential is now flagged up to grab with a sense of destiny. Endings of chapters are possibly seriously in the air… and a new empowered journey will start. It is important with this to be the owner of the power in a humble way and not the victim of it .You are the steward not the owner of power. It comes through you, not from you.  Avoid ruthless dark motives that come from dark sources within and from baggage from the past. Intensity in some context is part of the experience.

 The full Moon on the 19th affects then those born around 20th/21st. A time of the culmination of issues that are brought to the surface and need in some way to be confronted and so put to rest.


July is a month where your solar 6th house is activated, putting the emphasis on routine everyday work and health issues.. An excellent period for a new health regime and rationalising practical aspects of life and work is flagged up.  The second half of the month also accentuates relationships and the impact of others (positively) on life. Love life and the power of affections for those born up to February 15th are also looking brightly highlighted.

 Mars now strong from Scorpio and is challenging to those born February 11th-18th.
For this group there is a sense of intensity and some anger/impatience on the professional front and also related possibly to authority figures. Have a care and show patience and caution when reacting and avoid rushing/speeding.

Saturn (your co ruler) is a restraining and maturing influence now for those born January 30th February 2nd.   Working hard with other in a project will be necessary and controlled patience and sustained effort to solve problems are rewarded with success and some admiration from others. Saturn is a benevolent despot and brings you challenges now to test your courage to put your life in order and address these challenges bravely, successfully and realistically.

Uranus, (your main ruler) is a helpful and rather exciting influence on those born February 12th-14th. For this group there is a sense of a renewed intuition and ability for thinking outside the box. New ideas and concepts can be very inspiring for life and your future.


This is a month for fun, extroversion and creativity and also for a draw to romance and speculative ventures, socially and possibly financially. Offspring/children are bringers of joy and can be a focus too

After the 12th work issues are also a focus and also love and social life can overlap with work issues. Health is supported too.

 Mars is supportive and strong now for those born March 13th-20th. Much energy and drive, ambition can be connected to travel and long distance interests and effort put into study and academic/ philosophical/ideological issues.

Jupiter is positive now for those born March 7th-13th.. He brings good times indulgence travel and confidence especially connected to relationships.  The only drawback is it can tempt to over indulgence, some hedonism and possibly some over confidence. Others/relationships can be the source of some of these dangers.
Provided one is wary of these possibilities, expansion is flagged up.

 Saturn provides some challenges now for those born February 27th- March 3rd. There is a feeling of stress and challenge emanating from work and there can be a need to challenge your own lack of confidence and possibly a need to rethink career if it is flagging up unacceptable realities. Some times it can just indicate a delay or block.. With patience or a rethink of strategy and goals and potentially a time to take stock, it can eventually bring real rewards

 Neptune is a real, but nebulous powerhouse now in the lives of those born March 1st –3rd.  There is real inspiration, hypersensitivity, spirituality and creative power bubbling, but there is also the concomitant danger of gullibility, vulnerability, over idealism, fantasy and potentially self-deception and lack of realism and sometimes-risky escapism. This influence hovers till early 2018, so be discriminating and use this sensitivity positively and don’t let it use you.

Pluto is a rewardingly positive influence on those born March 5th-8th.  Intelligent use of power and regenerative influences are yours in concert with others, for something you believe in.  This brings a new sense of self-reinvention and the power evoked needs to be conscious and used for the common good.