Thursday, 1 January 2015


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Saturn (tests/karma) is now in Sagittarius (internationalism /passionate ideology). He remains there on and off this year, as he still has some work to do from late Scorpio, where he retreats to in mid June till mid September, after which he really gets into his Sagittarian mode…. but the Sagittarian lessons for our planet will now begin.

As outlined last month this will involve the realities of the negative challenges that globalisation has brought to our door and international co-operation may become more difficult, and devolution/localism will be sought more globally. The swing away from global consensus and cooperation will be tangible as fear, self-protection and increasing federalism gains hold,

People power will try to grow as the collective unconscious builds in its desire to overrule the power of large global corporations that are aided and abetted by many of our governments’ acquiescence to their vested power, which has little interest in anything but long-term profit and power.

People will increasingly demand to be at the centre of policy, not money.  Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing is increasingly becoming distasteful as a value system to the general instincts of humanity.

Spain, Australia and possibly America may show some signs of stresses and strains amongst the populace for various reasons as Saturn in Sagittarius establishes itself, however the real impact of Saturn in Sagittarius will not be felt till next year. Greece will become a focus again as its political profile changes radically, as Saturn will be squaring its Virgo energy.

Jupiter’s move into Virgo from August 11th for a year, may well shift growth towards more awareness of the necessity for the protection of our ecosystem and a rethinking of global farming. Virgo is all about ecosystems/horticulture and the balance and benefits of nature. With climate change becoming an increasing desperately urgent issue, the concept of growth and flourishing of green technology, may well be aided and abetted by the powers of Jupiter in the earth sign of Virgo. This may be increasingly of a no choice issue, as Mother Nature rightfully continues to complain bitterly, and necessity will be the driver of new pro planetary health technology.

The up side of Neptune (sensitivity, spiritual awareness, compassion) in his long stint in his home sign of Pisces (the sea) since 2012, will not only put focus on awareness of the value of the seas and what the consequences are for them and us, as we continue our addiction to growth and exploitation of the natural world.

Also and water shortages plus flooding will continue to be highlighted unless we learn to sacrifice (Neptune) our greed and hunger for instant gratification on the altar of conservation and long term planetary survival.

Every time we harm the natural world, we harm ourselves.

At worse, i.e. the dark side of Neptune in Pisces, has proved to be rather insidiously the case since Neptune entered Pisces in 2012 (negatively: confusion /smoke and mirrors/ deception and disorientation), that global events are full of contradictions, mixed messages, unclear policies. Enemies become allies against other enemies, no clear-cut motives are visible, insidious infiltrations confuse allegiances and nothing is black and white any longer. Left and right politics have merged to a murky centre, leaving often-irrational extremists, political or religious, to emerge, which in turn create diversions from major central issues, such as climate change. The result is a feeling of confused powerlessness for the populace as to what to think or feel, or what or how to fight, as there is no clear enemy and those that cheat the system in the higher echelons of power often get away scot free whilst the heavy hand of authority is only too quick to punish the wayward small man. Evidence based policy has been replaced by ideological polemic.  A confused populace is less likely to show collective, effective dissent and this can only be an advantage to those with and in power.

Pluto and Uranus in Capricorn and Aries respectively, also continue in these signs all 2015 and considerably beyond in their lengthy stays, and remain squaring each other. Quite simply the disconnect between the powerful vested interests of ruthless uber capitalism and the interests of the common man and his natural world will continue to collide. The down sides of our current system with its dubious priorities will grow in manifestation, now Pluto is moving into the second half of his journey through Capricorn. This is the half that brings the nemesis, which follows the hubristic misuse of power on the planet, not least driven by money/greed over of the last 8-10 years or so.

Mars currently this month in Aquarius till the 12th continues to make Russia a rather formidable country in terms of ambition and hegemony, notably when under economic duress. From the 12th Mars in Pisces softens, but subtler behind scenes motives are more likely. However the religious and creative energies on the planet will be underlined as a force..

Mercury in Aquarius moves retrograde this month on the 11th for about 3 weeks and therefore we all need to be aware of delays, hiccups, problems, lack of progress generally and glitches in travel and communications, particularly to do with technology as Aquarius rules technology.

Issues to do with breakdown of technology or even the realities and potentials of cyber warfare may become more high profile this year This is preparing us for the future, when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2025, which will certainly then show us the results of the powers and potentials of technology and not in such a pretty way..

Days this month, of some unpredictability and some geophysical eruptions such as earthquakes, etc. are around the 3rd and the 4th is also a day when power and the possible abuse of it, is in the ether.

The full Moon falls on the 5th at 14 degrees of Cancer, and the new Moon falls on the 20th at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Full moons always represent culminations and endings of cycles, whilst new Moons are linked to the new and births of chapters.  An old farming axiom is that we should sow on the new Moon and reap on the full Moon, and so these events correlate symbolically in our life chapters.

Light and love to all in 2015.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This year's planetary shifts of importance involve Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn moved into Sagittarius on the 23rd last month and will spend much of 2015 exploring the early degrees of that sign. For your sign this is no bad thing. It brings challenge but in a constructive way and dutiful/, obligational travel and study are part of the picture and responsibilities are yours, which you will rise to magnificently. It is a time of constructive hard work and practicality maturity and this serves you well. Initially this month it affects those born up to March 25th.

Jupiter's move into Virgo on the 11th August is a bit of dumb note for your sign, but it does augur well for career, health issues and protection in employment.

Uranus, still in your sign moves slowly this year to affect all born April 3rd-12th, by direct conjunction. This brings radical change within and without, which can be both disruptive and/or liberating. Avoid impulsiveness and always look before you leap, and you will find change comes anyway, so don’t push the river and always go more warily than impulse invites.

However Pluto still is creating potential for power struggles within self and from others re work matters this year, if born April2nd –6th. Keep your conscience and motive clean and avoid coercive behaviour. Endings are in the air, ready for the birth of the new. Trust.

Career is well starred this month. There will be effort and focus put in that area, in a charming way with good communication before the 5th, and love and work can mix well.

Have caution if born after April 13th. Stop and think before acting or speaking, but after the 3rd, love life, social life, group organisation, group goals, all are inspired by your intelligent charms

Beware that on the 11th Mercury will move retrograde, Organising and communicating can go rather sour and not everyone is reading from the same hymn book, so try before the 11th to get all your plans and communications done and dusted for maximum potential for success.

However before the 12th because Mars is so positive for you if born after April 11th you are certainly somebody that will get things moving for yourself and other people. Leadership skills are excellent and drive and determination to achieve what you want to achieve is yours. After the 12th, you may feel a little bit more reclusive and self-reflective, correctly so.

If born between April 8th and 13th Jupiter is on your side this month, romantically and creatively, to do with offspring and the arts, and it is a rather party period, so enjoy!

TAURUS April 21ST – May 20th

You will be relieved that Saturn has left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius as he has been opposing your Suns on and off at some point for 2½ years, although he does return to the late degrees of Scorpio briefly mid June to mid September. In Sagittarius he forces you to get realistic and intense about the deeper things of life and also to focus on complex financial issues of necessity, and some of the eternal truths of life that are not always east to contend with, but he is really a rather dumb note for Taureans, unless you have planets in Gemini (which many do).

Jupiter will move this year on August 11th into Virgo which is positive news for Taureans as Virgo is a compatible earth sign (trine relationship) and therefore brings bonuses in terms of creativity, children's issues and love life, and just fun in general, so look forward.

Pluto is a positive and empowering influence all this year for all born May 3rd –7th, notably re long distance issues and for the powers of the super conscious mind.

Neptune also enhances friendships, empathy, sensitivity the imagination, spiritual instincts and creativity this year, if born April 26th-May 1st

This month is good for travel for many Taureans. It is also good for academic studies and results, and for higher thinking, philosophical and ideological understanding.

After the 3rd, issues tend to get more centred on career and focus on your standing in the world in a positive way, but be aware that from the 11th Mercury moves retrograde, suggesting that career negotiations and communications can after that date go somewhat askew, awry, or at least get delayed so get important things done before then.

Mars is not too friendly before the 12th for all born after May 12th. Again focus on career confrontations is possible and there is a distinct possibility that your assertiveness and ambition could clash with someone else's ideas. Do not be stubborn and do not sink to other people's levels if they are contentious in an unacceptable way.

After the 12th all born up to the 7th will feel in leadership mode and you will be socially active and constructive and intelligent goals and action serve you well, and ambition is also strong.

If born May 8th to 14th Jupiter is tempting over-extravagance, over-confidence, over-everything, but enjoy.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Saturn is now in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and he will haunt the first 3 or 4th degrees this year as he slowly meanders back and forth from Sagittarius to Scorpio and back again. Initially those most affected are born up to May 26th.  For this group issues to do with relationships become important. Focus will be on them and a reality check over others and what one needs to do to move forward will become more obvious. Good relationships go through a bit of a constitutional crisis and improve or get consolidated, and bad relationships can have a serious wobble. Others will be also quite testing and you may feel they are blocking your path. Others may well be teachers.

Also this year Jupiter moves into Virgo on August 11th which enhances your solar 4th house but which can also bring for 12 months after that date some over-indulgence or extravagance, so have a care. Meanwhile he is still in Leo enhancing your sign. In fact for those born June 9th to 14th this month is a time of buoyancy, optimism, positive thinking and intelligent communication and thought.

Neptune may cause some self deception, deception or confusion from others this coming yearn if born May27th-June 1st, notably career wise ., so check small print , but know you are in an evolutionary metamorphosis of some sort.

After the 3rd all of you may have the benefit of love life enhanced by travel or in a long-distance context, or a love of learning will show itself, and after the 5th, communications, wisdom, intellectual focus are also strong for all born up to June 10th but after the 11th beware that your ruler Mercury moves retrograde which means that there may well be misinformation, mis-communications, frustrations, blocks and some travel hiccups as well, so be aware

Before the 12th Mars will be giving you dynamic energy if born after June 13th notably in terms of ideological passion, intellectual pursuits and purposeful travel. However after the 12th if born up to June 7th be aware that there may be some impatience and irritability around you from you to others and others to you, particularly on the professional front. Try to count to ten before over-reacting.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

The big change this year is that Saturn is in Sagittarius for much of the year, newly arrived, although this does not directly affect your sign. He does influence however your solar 6th house which suggests seriousness and focus on everyday work routine and rationalisation of life in a very constructive way and health regimes can be constructive. Also, Jupiter's move into Virgo away from Leo on the 11th August is positive for your sign, as it moves into harmonious sextile relationship and so will enhance your intellect, your communication skills and thought processes in a positive, upbeat way. It also augurs well for sibling relationships.

Uranus and Pluto continue to challenge your sign this year, Uranus will be directly squaring the suns of all born July 5th-14th at various times in the year. Bringing unexpected change and a need to be awakened notably re career direction.  Pluto continues to affect those born July 4th-9th by opposition. There is a need to beware power struggles and abuse of power from self or others. Endings and revolution are in the air.

Neptune is seriously inspiring spiritually, compassion wise and creatively all 2015, if born June 27th-Juy 2nd. Long distance interests and the power of the imagination are inspired.

Mercury will move retrograde on the 11th suggesting that before that date it would be wise to get all issues to do with complex finances sorted and rubber-stamped out of the way and communications around intimate and private issues are also best executed before that date.

Other than that, this is a month that can be very positive and very upbeat, notably before the 5th if born after July 15th. Relationships can be very enhanced both in terms of increased affections and communication serves to really fertilize all liaisons. Love life is underscored very positively, and there is a great feeling of bonhomie towards you from others.

Before the 12th much effort can be put into creating depth of connections with others and complex financial issues may need a lot of energy.

After the 12th if born up to July 9th travel and academic pursuits are thoroughly focused on.

The full Moon in Cancer on the 5th, affects all born round July 7th. For these souls there is a distinct feeling of some disharmony erupting within in a primeval way and which needs to looked at carefully and analytically

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Saturn's new position in Sagittarius which will affect initially those born up to August 28th is bringing a need to work hard and be very much aware that you have to accept responsibilities and also you will have to face some reality checks over offspring. This is a very grounding but ultimately positive experience and you will be haunted by this several times over the year until you actually understand the benefit.

Jupiter will leave your sign on the 11th August and move into Virgo where he may bring some protection and benefits financially.

Uranus will awaken, enlighten and liberate many Leos throughout 2015, not least those born August 4th-15th

This month, notably after the 3rd, all of you may get a boost to your relationship area in life. People are loving and affectionate and people can come into your life who bring a sense of warmth and expansion to your door. Also after the 5th communications with others can go very well but make sure they are achieved before the 11th as after that date there can be room for lost emails, texts and some misunderstandings and letdowns.

Before the 12th Mars is in your opposite sign and for all born after August 14th this suggests that there could be a real sense of confrontation with others. People are on the warpath and you may respond similarly, but have a care and do not let stubbornness prevent compromise.

In the meantime, Jupiter, still in your sign, is this month benefiting all those born August 10th to 16th. He is bringing travel opportunities, protection, growth, creativity and positivity to your door.

The new Moon falls on the 20th at 0 degrees of your opposite sign of Aquarius, therefore on the 20th, all born cuspal Leos, around July 23rd, are likely then to feel a sense of reinvigoration in relationships with others, and initiations are in the ether.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Saturn's move into Sagittarius will haunt those born in the early degrees of your sign on and off for this year, notably those born up to August 28th. He will bring a certain amount of hard work and challenge connected to real estate and family issues, some blocks, restrictions and delays, but all in all, ultimately a time of maturity and putting down a firm basis of hard work for your future. Do employ patience, discipline and not let negativity get the better of you.

Jupiter moves into your sign happily on the 11th August where from 12 months from that date he will act as a protector for all of you at some point, bringing growth, luck, travel and an inner and outer sense of well-being, so something to anticipate and look forward to.

Neptune continues to march slowly through your opposite sign of Pisces all this year and well beyond, and this will affect, by opposing your Sun, over the next 12 months, all born   August 28th-September 3rd. For this group, there is a need to keep aware that fantasies and wishful thinking re others does not cloud realistic judgement and be wary of deceptive circumstances emanating from others and self deception re others.

Pluto meanwhile spends 2015 boosting the creative, fertile and romantic powers and confidence of those born September 5th-9th

This is a happy month for many of you, particularly in the first week, when all born after September 16th can particularly enjoy life to the full and love life is blossoming.

After the 3rd many of you will be using your charms successfully in working life and communications at work are best achieved before the 11th as thereafter Mercury is mischievously retrograde, causing frustrations, and as he is your ruler, it is worth noting.

Efforts and energy are strong in your working life before the 12th, but after that date if born up to September 9th beware that there are others around you in close proximity in relationships who are not pushovers and are assertive, and you need to be aware of this. Some power struggles are in the air potentially.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Saturn has just moved into Sagittarius and he will be haunting the early degrees of that sign for much of the year, suggesting that there is a need in a very positive way for some very constructive, serious practical and grounded thinking to be done and it's very good for academic and scholarly studies as well.

Jupiter's move into Virgo from August brings an element of protection for the following 12 months from the 11th of that month, but in a very private, quiet behind-the-scenes way. A sort of quiet guardian angel effect.

Uranus proves a little disruptive in energy this year for all born October 5th-13th. Others bring surprises and this can be disorienting, but their actions and input, though at first upsetting can be a catalyst for changes you are ultimately thankful for.  Pluto still challenges in 2015 those born October 6th-9th. Family issues loom large and power struggles are possible, but only if you allow them to happen. Don’t play a hopeless game, and accept that endings of chapters are inevitable and new ones will start.

Focus on the home is very strong this month for your sign. Planning and communications with family members and real estate is a necessary activity.

After the 3rd however all of you will have a great deal of joy in some children's issues in fun and in creative work. Social life is rich and also after the 5th, many of you will be feeling very powerful in terms of your creative communications with others, but make sure you get most of this successfully achieved before the 11th as thereafter Mercury retrograde can cause complications, misunderstandings and delays.

Before the 12th Mars in Aquarius is particularly powerful for those born after October 14th. You won't take no for an answer, romance is looking good, children's issues are buoyant as are creative issues and there is much creative effort put into enjoying life to the full.

SCORPIO October 24th - November21st

The year ahead sees Saturn hanging around the early degrees of Sagittarius, having moved in there last month. This will not directly affect your sign, but it does imply finances need focus, a grown-up approach and some consolidation.

From August 11th Jupiter will move into Virgo for a year which will be helpful for your sign and bring benefits and friends, groups and will help bring luck to your goals and life.

This year, your ruler Pluto will be empowering all those born November 4th-9th. Intellectually you will be more forensic even than usual and the power of your written and spoken communications will hit home in a constructive, truthful and powerful way. The ripples will reach far. Also for the coming year Neptune will be inspiring all born October 29th –November 3rd. the arts , love life and children can be magical

Much focus is on group connections and work and social life this month, notably before the 5th when communications with others and fun and enjoyment and love life are also particularly underlined, particularly if born after November 15th. However after the 3rd Venus will move into your solar 4th house, which brings a sense of happiness in the home, a desire to beautify it and not a little extravagance in doing so.

After the 5th communications with family are important but you need to clarify what you need to say and make sure it is easily understood, particularly after the 11th when Mercury moves retrograde and there is a great deal of room for misunderstanding.

Mars also is in Aquarius before the 12th, which does not augur too well for those born after November 13th. You may be a little bit of a bull in china shop in your home base, and others may also be equally obstructive. Battles of wills are possible and stubbornness can be counterproductive.

After the 12th however, all born up to November 22nd will find that their energies become easy, happy, enjoyable and extremely creative, not least on the love life front.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Saturn has just moved into your sign last month. This means that year of 2015 and beyond will be a year to work hard, face facts, look after yourself and give yourself a good infrastructure for the future. It will not be without its challenges but challenges that if you rise to them, will serve you well in terms of the hard work that you do to establish your future. Saturn is a benevolent despot. Initially those most affected are those born up November 27th/28th. Saturn will be in your sign till December 2017, so these affects will be for many of you delayed till next year or the year after.

Looking further into the year in mid August, Jupiter your ruler will move into Virgo for a year and that can be very positive on the career front for your sign, but one needs to avoid extravagance and over-confidence.

This month feels very much as if there is a focus on finances and in quite a positive way, particularly in the first week. Thereafter, focus is on intellect, thinking, planning and communicating, but get those communications done before the 11th when Mercury moves retrograde and there can then be misunderstandings, blocks and delays. It is also true that transport and technology can let you down after the 11th and you may feel you are reading from a different hymn sheet to others, notably siblings, with whom you need to double check that you get your communications really understood.

Before the 12th however, all born after December 13th will feel very intellectually forthright. Communications with others are constructive, positive and convincing. However after the 12th if born up to December 8th, irritations can abound, not least on the domestic front, so stop and think.

 Uranus awakens and enlightens those born December 4th-7th this month; and all born up to December 9th can look forward to some sort of happy innovation in 2015 and sense of excellent intuition. Children and creativity can be especially liberating.


CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Saturn's recent move into Sagittarius does suggest that the year ahead will have, at times, for many of you a feeling of some privacy, as sense of being on one's own, and maybe feeling unable to ask for help on some level. It is a time this year when you need to learn to reach out to others and not feel that you just have to manage everything in isolation.

Jupiter's move into Virgo in August, having been in Leo for a year, will suggest that from August 11th Jupiter will be in harmony with your sign and when you can look forward to new opportunities academically and in terms of travel and adventure and a feel-good factor. Before that point however, Jupiter remains in Leo, which brings depth of thought and understanding and connections.

Uranus and Pluto both continue to impact your sign this year in they’re long slow journeys through Aries and Capricorn respectively. All born Jan 3rd –12th will be touched by one of these players, in terms of revolution/change and potential real empowerment. Some endings of chapters are also likely for some.  Two certainties exist in life and one is change.

This month, Mercury in Aquarius moves retrograde on the 11th, bringing possible financial glitches and delays and so before then and with Mars helping focus on getting financial moves achieved and rubberstamped. After the 12th Mars in Pisces will bring assertive constructive communication for all born up to January 6th.

In the first 3 days all born after16th will be charmed with extra love and grace and affection, and thereafter till the 27th financial progress is helped along through your charms rather than intellect. After the 27th if born up to December 27th, Venus enhances your charisma and draws love and support to you.

The Moon is full in your opposite sign of Cancer on the 5th, suggesting that all born Jan 4th-6th will maybe feel on that day, a sense of denouement in a certain relationship. Others will be a source of a wake up call.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Saturn having just gone into Sagittarius, visiting for several years, presents Pisces with a few opportunities this year for extra growing up, maturing and dealing with the realities of life, notably those born February 19th to 23rd. There will be challenges, possibly career-wise as well, but opportunities to show what you're made of and to be down to earth and pragmatic, something Pisces often find it difficult to do, being idealists.

Also this year from the 11th August, Jupiter will move into Virgo for 1 year, which is good news for your sign as it will oppose your Sun sign and this suggests that from mid August there will be the opportunity for many of you to expand, enjoy and have benefits in relationships, the only downside is that one can be a little OTT or over-expansive.

This month the year starts with focus on celebratory social life, friends and furthered goals. Before the 5th, good communications with friends is enriching, if born after March 13th.

Beware that Mercury retrograde from the11th will bring some sense of alienation in communication with the wider world for a few weeks.

Before the 3rd there is a window of opportunity for all born after March 16th for love life to take a boost and at the very least, harmony and love and friendship are around you.

Focus on Aquarius this month also puts much influence on being able to be in your favourite place which is rather behind-the-scenes, quiet, private and spiritually absorbed, but note that before the 12th when Mars is in Aquarius, there is a tendency to seethe, bottle up anger and to be rather resentful and moody. Try and get out your feelings calmly to those who are relevant at the time. After the 12th however all born up to March 7th have a great boost and thrive in their energy and that there is a feeling of determination and assertion, not least to do with finances.

Neptune stays in your sign all 2015 affecting all born February 24th –March1st.
Keep grounded, and use your current extra sensibilities for the greater good, but beware escapist behaviour, self-deception and over idealism.