Saturday, 1 February 2014


               by Leigh Oswald     (London based astrologer and teacher)
Early month has a very powerful combining of planets when Venus is in conjunction with Pluto and both opposing Jupiter. This combination brings intensity, possibly obsession and a desire for power. There is nothing superficial about these first few days for any of us

America (Cancer, Sagittarius rising) will be very much in the news, especially early month as Jupiter closes in to conjunct the USA natal Sun and Venus and Pluto will start to oppose the Sun.

This Pluto opposition to the US Sun will bring a sense of conflict/disharmony with other economies.  Emerging markets, such as South Africa, Turkey, Argentina and India are in turmoil and very jumpy, as changes in US economic policy, such as the tapering of quantitative easing, threatens their economies, as US investors pull their money out these emerging economies. This will of course have repercussions for the global economy.

Mercury famously moves retrograde this month on the 6th as he does on average three times a year and stays in that mode right up to the last day of the month, which means that for all of us, after the 6th, there will be a sense of some frustration and delay in some area of life, as things get put on hold and where there is a necessity for a rethink. From the 13th when Mercury moves back into Aquarius, this may well be a global rethink.  All is in flux, uncertain unclear and communications can fail. Governmental policies and international events will seem out of control and no one will seem to know the way forward and impasses abound.
Economic recovery/growth claimed to be underway, will be hobbled globally by the instabilities of the so-called emerging markets.

No clear map forward is evident as we are in a unique chapter of human history, which needs a fundamentally unique map. Uranus in Aries demands that we ditch the old model and think innovatively for the sake of the future, rather than try to revive and consolidate old outworn patterns of power (Pluto in Capricorn)

The struggle that is ongoing between Uranus and Pluto and which will intensify over the coming few months, is one in which awakened enlightenment as to the real needs of our planet in the future, is seen as a great threat to the entrenched powers that be, who seek to merely preserve the status quo and vested interests.  The struggle between populaces and governmental power will become more critically high profile again.

Extreme weather events also will grow, until the issue of plain environmental survival will dominate collective consciousness.  Issues of economic “growth” will pale into insignificance.

Neptune continuing his long journey through Pisces is certainly bringing to our consciousness the issue of water (Neptune), whether it be radiation polluting our seas, notably from Fukushima, or the deluges and flooding being experienced in parts of Europe, deaths of coral reefs, emptying seas and the implications that it all has for the health of the human race.

The need to respect the powers of nature and to review our abuse of it, due to our arrogance, folly and misuse of power, is a message that seems to be continuously pushed in our faces now. The phrase hubris and nemesis and its meaning should be taught to our children from an early age

Neptune in Pisces (Feb 2012—April 2025) can also in negative mode, reflect the negative power of religion, when ideologically politicised and extremist in nature, and which ironically promotes violence/killing/oppression in the name of a conveniently constructed vengeful God.  We see so many wars and uprisings now, being opportunistically exploited by the power of fundamentalist religious ideology and its factions..

The positive side of Neptune in Pisces is yet to be fully realised and manifest as a global force, which is the need to fight for the survival of our planet; its peoples and the beauty and bounty of nature. Spirituality is so often the opposite of man made/distorted religion. Neptune in Pisces can illuminate the best and worse of the sign.

Excellent days for the arts are the 4th to 8th and around the 23rd when Neptune is activated. Days with dynamic courage and energy for many will be around the 15th to 17th although the 11th and 12th may well see many of us rather thwarted in our goals and reality checks abound globally as indeed they do around the 19th. There will be the necessity for some sobriety and austerity between the 24th and 27th.

There is only a full Moon this month – no new Moon will be manifest, as we had two new Moons last month. The full Moon will be at 26° of Leo on the 14th, more-or-less opposing the USA’s Moon, which may bring a few disconcerting surprises.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

This is a very sociable month when you can take on a leadership role and when friends and contacts can prove very fruitful, which works both ways.  However after the 6th when Mercury is in walkabout mode, sometimes it will feel like herding cats when organising people and before the 13th you will definitely feel a little alone in your vision and may choose to be a little unavailable at times.

Mars is in your opposite sign this month, directly impacting those born April 13th to 19th. For this group there are those who are definitely feeling adversarial towards you, or so it seems, and challenges are in the air. Have the courage to surrender, if the only thing that is stopping you is pride. Partners in all contexts will certainly be no pushovers, and this challenger can be good for you, in terms of re-examining your own behaviour.

For those born in the last two days of March, Uranus is now absolutely on your case as he has been on and off for about a year. This is the final stretch when you are still accommodating a crazy sense of uncertainty, change, excitement, adrenaline and some nervous tension and exhaustion. Your life has been a roller-coaster and continues to be for just a few months longer, and then you will see that you are in a different place with a different consciousness to what you were a year ago, I This journey denotes actually a more liberated you.

Jupiter is creating a little self-indulgence in the mood of those born March 31st-April 4th, so have a care before spending/risking too much.

Pluto for those born around April 2nd is also forcing many of you to recognise the need for power in your work. What matters is the motive and the context and your consciousness. Ends of chapters are in the air and any crisis can also be an opportunity. Early month may well reflect this fact in your life quite strongly.

TAURUS April 21ST – May 20th

Your reputation and career standing matter and you have the opportunity to shine, but beware that after the 13th when Mercury is retrograde this may not be an area where you feel you have complete control over the smooth running of things. Also after the 6th and before the 13th, friends may seem flaky and arrangements may need double-checking.

Venus, your ruler however, if born May 3rd to 17th, brings very positive input through travel and from overseas quarters, and you also can combine romance and long-distance issues. It also is excellent for enjoying an academic programme, but this month, with Mars in Libra, you cannot take your eye off the ball on your everyday work.

Jupiter is also your friend now if born May 1st to 4th. He is inspiring your wisdom and communication skills and bringing a level of luck which you need to grab.  Early month also brings power from your higher mind and with long distance sources that can be intensely enriching

However Saturn, still in your opposite sign of Scorpio, has now reached the point where he is directly affecting those born May 12th to 15th. For this group others can be onerous and demanding. The march of time is taking its toll, and the pressures of doing what one has to, can feel very weighty. Karma is in the air and reality checks about others also need acknowledging. Bite a bullet.

However if born around May 3rd there is a new sense of empowerment in the air. Intellectually you are truly incisive. Transformation of understanding and insightful wisdom is growing and your power and courage is undeniable in terms of self- reinvention for self and others. There is a sense of healing and relationships can be empowered as never before, not only with others, but also with your self.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Planes, boats and trains call in February but be aware that after the 13th transport hiccups and delays can be on the menu, and between the 6th and 13th career frustrations are also very possible.

There is quite a determined note in terms of romance and proactive creative issues, and also connected to offspring in a very constructive way that forwards your goals, if born June 13th to 19th and this group won’t be inclined to take no for an answer. Mars is very much your friend now.

If born May 30th to June 2nd Uranus is definitely imbuing you with a sense of wanting to take a leap into a more exciting and appropriate future for your talent.  People from other walks of life and differing interests capture your imagination. Friends are serious catalysts to change and enlightenment. You are seeing outside the box and your desire to work for the greater good is being prompted and inspired. A period of awakening is at hand. And this may involve travel and international interests being flagged up as part of you leap into a more awakened innovative you and your future. This has been underway since late April last year and is now nearing completion, so concentrate on the last chapters of the journey being constructive..

It is noteworthy, that if born May 25th to 28th, you may be feeling rather low in energy and drive. Neptune is at work. A disillusionment and disappointment is creeping up, connected possibly to work. Be careful about over-escapism or addictive behaviour, but know that you are on journey of a dissolving of ego and a reconnection with what really matters and a sense that sometimes inaction can be as valuable as action. The old order is dissolving and a new one will ultimately emerge. Go with the flow.  This is a time of a metamorphosis and while on the journey you feel disorientated, rather confused and disempowered somehow. That is normal and precedes a new consciousness and new internal securities that arrive later.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

This is not a month for frivolity or light-heartedness. It is about profound and serious issues and connections with people. Complex financial issues need dealing with, and complex emotions need understanding and it is time to lower the ego on the altar of helping others with their resources. However after the 6th when Mercury is retrograde, things might not be so smooth running and plans can be held up, so there is necessity to review.

If born between July 4th and 19th, Venus is in your solar 7th house, suggesting that relationships can enrich, romance is flourishing and a general harmony with others is mutually rewarding, but if born July 15th to 21st, there is a need to be careful that your levels of impatience or lack of self-discipline can irritate those at home, and indeed those with whom you share house space, can also be less cooperative. This is a time for tolerance.

Jupiter beautifully, is in his once every 12 year visitation, is sitting on the Suns of those born July 1st to 5th.For this group there is a real joie de vivre, sense of growth, luck and good times, and it also augurs well for health and work. Possibilities and confidence abound, but keep some humility. Early month is especially powerful for relationship issues.

However, if born around July 3rd to 5th, Pluto is also bringing some potential confrontation with someone in a kind of power struggle. It’s a time when you may be dealing with the darker side of power in self and in others, and primeval forces are at work connected to feelings of survival. Be conscious, draw boundaries, rise above and understand that this goes very deep in both you and in rivals.  Those with birthdays round july1st or 2nd are in the closing chapter of a yearlong Uranus transit that has brought some uncertainty /restlessness in life, perhaps relate to career. This final chapter can lead you to a more appropriate future, despite the flux.

Neptune brings rare blessing in terms of new sensibilities, new spiritual insights/senses and long distance magic if born June 25th-28th.

Saturn is ensuring that for all born July 14th to 17th there is also an element of austerity, maturity and constructive hard work in life, which will allow for future benefits. Romance had a very grown-up feel to it, with responsibilities, pragmatism and duties as part of the picture.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Relationships may figure strongly this month as the Sun dominates your solar 7th and 8th house, but be aware, particularly after the 13th when Mercury is retrograde in your 7th house that it is very easy for relationships to fall foul of poor communications and there is a potential for confusion. Between the 6th and 13th, confusion and frustration will manifest more at work..

Intelligent actions and outgoing courage are around if born August 15th to 21st, courtesy of Mars, but if born August 14th to 27th, you also have Saturn bringing very significant reality checks to your door. Family and domestic issues will be serious and others may well block your path and to remind you of duty and responsibility and that personal ego cannot supersede what is pragmatically important in life.. Frustrations abounding now are to teach you. Saturn is the karmic schoolteacher, after all. You cannot turn away from the necessity principle and you are also reminded that you are no longer as young as you used to be. Saturn reminds us of the march of time and the limitations time imposes on our bodies.

However if born in the first two days of August, Uranus inspires with the desire for freedom, adventure, adrenaline and a new chapter, and travel or at the least international links, may be part of this journey.  Academic and metaphysical insights expand. Others are definitely catalysts. New worlds are opening up to you and you may become aware of being helped in your view of life by being less subjective and limited in view point.

Jupiter in your solar 12th house is bringing quiet protection to many of you. Enemies can become friends and reversals can be followed by successes.  Use the very early month to focus professionally on what you want to happen, it is most likely to succeed then, as your will is strong.

The full Moon on the 14th brings for those born August 18th-20th a sense of a completion or closing of a certain chapter.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Your work ethic is strong this month but be aware after the 13th that colleagues may be a little less than cooperative, and indeed between the 6th and 13th significant others may also not be on the same page.

If born September 5th to 19th Venus is ensuring that there is a little bit of Cupid’s input and artists and creative people are inspired. Mars is also directing energy into financial safety as he encourages you to fight for your just desserts.

Social life and friendships are blessed if born September 2nd to 6th and you need to take advantage of opportunities and if born September 14th to 17th focus and concentration is good and intellectual soundness is strong. The work ethic is focused.

However you had better be on your toes if born August 26th to 29th, as there is definitely a feeling that everything is not as it seems in relationships. Neptune is at work by opposition. This is a rare event and hangs around for this year. You are projecting onto others and people can take advantage. Don’t over-idealise, keep grounded and check credentials of others who may not be all they seem

Mercury in retrograde mode from the 6th is likely to bring some hiccups, confusion and delays in the area of relationships till the 13th and others will be hard to pin down or understand. Clarify all arrangements. After the 13th this confusion can be experienced in your working environment, and colleagues may seem flaky.  It is a time to review goals and the path to them.

 Pluto however is very much a significant empowerer now if born September 4th –6th. Creatively and romantically, this period brings opportunities to show strength, courage and regeneration in these matters. Also issues related to procreation and offspring are potentially areas of triumph and regeneration

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

February can be quite a romantic and creative time and when the desire to live life to the full in manifest, especially after the 13th. Before that date it may be a positive time to hunker down and focus on good communications with family. However after the 6th, as for us all, there is a real danger of upsets, delays and blocks when it comes to communications., not least at work.

There is a bit of a warning for those born October 6th to 20th. There is a propensity for a lack of moderation in spending and indulgence, particularly domestically, especially early month.. This is because of Jupiter’s influence and although enjoyment abounds, some regrets may follow if moderation is not heeded. This same group needs to be wary of arrogance at work.

Mars in your sign now is directly activating the lives of those born October 16th to 22nd. This group will feel energised, ambitious, driven, even assertive and you will need to be certain that it is used constructively and proactively and make sure that it is not just an excuse to be a little bit of a bull in a china shop, which can incur objections from others. It is also true that others may well be very adversarial towards you and you will have your time-honoured conflict between self-assertion and self-surrender tested.

Those born October 2nd to 5th have Uranus opposing your Sun, creating a lot of chaos and unpredictability coming from other people who are in fact actually creating this mood, consciously or unconsciously, in order to kick-start you into a newer future, even though it feels like an uncomfortable journey. Change is in the air.

Pluto brings potential for internal and external power struggles relating to your personal autonomy if born October 5th-7th.  Eruptive powers are emanating. It feels like an issue of survival and the roots go way back.. Be conscious, keep things in proportion and do not abuse power in your effort to be independent and heard..

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

This is a positive period to hunker down and focus on home and family and how you can bring more life and satisfaction into your domestic situation.

Mercury being retrograde from the 6th implies that after that date, many of you will need to be very aware that you may be singing from a different song sheet to many of those with whom you have domestic connections and before the 13th romance may suffer from some confusion

At least for those born November 5th to 20th, there is a sense that your better nature combines with your thought processes to bring heart in confluence with mind, but since Mars is in your solar 12th house, you will all need to be aware that sitting on anger is counter-productive. Seething and resenting does you more harm than anyone else who may be the target of your resentment. Air your feelings calmly as they happen to the right person

Jupiter however is very much supportive of those born November 3rd to 6th. He is pointing in the direction of travel and international issues, bringing confidence and luck to your door.

However Saturn is now sitting firmly and squarely in his 30-year visitation on the Suns of those born November 14th to 17th. For this group the cold hand of hard work, duty, karma and reality checks are manifesting. Do not shirk the issues and look after the body.

For those born October 27th to 30th, Neptune is truly inspiring now, creatively, romantically and in terms of increased empathy, sympathy and a lowering of the ego. Your heart is dominating.

Pluto, your ruler, is now bringing a sense of your inner potential and power, especially intellectually, and with greater depth and profundity now, if born around November 5th.
This power hangs around you for nearly 2 years so prepare to focus it wisely, with regeneration, insight and healing as your goal.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Your intellectual insights now are sound and your communication skills are positive, but with Mercury retrograde from the 6th, after that date there will be some sense of confusion, possibly domestically, hold-ups and after the 13th you do need to very much repeat yourself in communications to ensure clarity, particularly true if born around November 23rd. Clarify communications with siblings especially. Your humanitarian instincts are powerful.
If born December 14th to 21st, Mars is on your side. There is support from groups, you have leadership skills, and your intelligence and action go hand-in-hand, particularly when working with others. Fairness and balanced dealings are yours to use wisely and to your advantage.

Uranus is also very much inspiring the lives of those born December 1st 4th. You are being awakened to new potential, new chapters; new romances and dealing with offspring issues are inspiring. You are being kick-started into a new and freer future. And even creatively the very innovative and technological can be particularly inspiring

However beware all born November 26th to 29th that Neptune is creating some fog and smoke and mirrors. Check your facts, beware seeing what you want to see and projecting. Nothing is clear and there is potential for some deceptive issues being in the ether. Listen to music; spend time by the see and commune with your soul.  Being near the sea or bodies of water can be very assuaging and healing.  More sleep than usual may be in order.

Pluto still traversing your solar 2nd house suggests an ongoing need to empower yourself financially somehow. But also you should be aware of the need to get a balance between obsession and ruthlessness and fair economic empowerment. This is particularly true early month when economic issues are high profile and feel compulsive.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is quite a good month to focus on finances and to secure them , now the Sun is in your solar 2nd house, but with Mercury retrograde, particularly after the 13th, finances can become convoluted. You need to clarify agreements, check transactions and be prepared for delays, and before the 13th be aware that communications, computers, cell phones etc. can be less than reliable. Travel can feel frustrated too

However those born January 3rd to 17th have Venus gracing their Sun, bringing a sense of love, beauty, harmony and well being to your door. Your taste is exquisite, but if born January 13th to 19th, Mars is making you a little spikey. Bosses and authority figures are a little adversarial and your impatience and tolerance is low, as indeed is other’s. Count to ten.

Those born in the first four days of January however, have Jupiter opposing their Sun, tempting good times, extravagance, confidence, all good, but do think in terms of moderation, which is usually quite easy for your sign.  Don’t be too much of a steam roller in your desires.

Those born January 12th to 15th have your ruler Saturn bringing responsibilities and obligations to others and that is as it should be.

However, if born the last day of December, first day of January, Uranus is creating a little bit of havoc. The unpredictable and the uncertain are around, particularly domestically. You want change but you fear it. All is in flux, keep flexible, go with the flow and don’t be impulsive, but know that you are waking up to some bigger truths that lead naturally to change

Meanwhile Pluto is seriously on the case now in his very rare visitation to those born January 2nd to 4th. A sense of destiny is on your shoulder, a sense of power that you need to act on and a sense of the need to be responsible in the use of that power. The clock is striking and denoting that it is time to find your true and fated future.

Meanwhile Neptune now adds a touch of exquisite sensitivity to the thinking and feeling of those born December 25th-28th. Ego takes aback seat.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Your birthday, or solar return, month indicates an uprising in energy. Mercury retrograde in Pisces suggests that you all need to be aware of looking after finances and recognise that the cheque is not necessarily in the post as expected, and from the 13th, Mercury back in your sign brings back issues that were unresolved last mont for review. Love life has a very behind-the-scenes feel, but much good can be done for others in a very private way.

Mars is inspiring the energies and psychological and academic courage for those born February 11th to 17th. However for those born February 10th to 13th Saturn is also weighing heavily on your case. He is bringing some stress and strain and obligations and responsibilities connected to work and profession. Authority figures are not exactly benign from your viewpoint. Time to bite the bullet, do what you have to, but also face the facts and reality with courage.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 6th till the month’s end. This will indicate that for many of you   between the 6th and 13th, there will be a sense of confusion re money and you need to check the small print.. After the 13th you may well need to rethink plans that got underway that  last month.

Uranus, your ruler, however, if born January 28th to 31st, is inspiring you with intuition, insight and the ability to look outside the box and with divergent and lateral understanding. A desire for freedom and innovation is yours and the maverick in you can show yourself a new way forward as you also can for others.  The full Moon falls at 26 degrees of your opposite sign of Leo on the 14th. Therefore for those born around14th-16th February, there may well be on the 14th a rather powerful confrontation with a truth regarding a relationship issue. Truths will out and primitive forces are erupting.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

 February is very much a month when many Pisces feel in retreat, a time for privacy and a time to reconnect with your soul and your past. It is also a time when you feel a sort of divine discontent; even more than usual.

Mercury is in your sign up to the 14th and for all born February 19th to 23rd there will be a focus very much on reflective thinking, but because Mercury moves retrograde from the 6th, this same group will feel rather alienated in terms of feeling misunderstood and communications can feel frustrating. It is time to stop and take stock.  Some withdrawal may feel necessary.

Friends provide solace if born March 3rd to 5th and Venus is very much promoting their support.

Jupiter is also a big hero now for those born March 1st to 4th. He is also encouraging slightly more extrovert positivity, he is bringing fertility, creative joy, a sense of well-being, and career success is on the cards.

However if born March 12th to 15th Saturn is bringing a promise of a quieter success. Duty and obligation is strong, maturity is needed but deferred gratification is guaranteed from work put in. Travel can be very much for work or duty as well.

Neptune is now moving to directly impact those born March 22nd to 25th. Your ruling planet in his once every 165-year visitation to your Sun is promoting the most exquisite sensitivity, creativity and spiritual forces that you will ever experience. Keep grounded, avoid excessive escapism and listen to your heart, but keep fact from fancy clearly delineated

Pluto is now bringing a new and rare sense of power and strength to those with birthdays. March 2nd –4th. Contacts, groups and friendships become ultra significant. There is great reciprocal benefit and your leadership potential is strong. Increased incisive wisdom and courage is yours for approximately the coming 2 years.