Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Last month's eclipse period typically threw some uncomfortable truths at us, and the complicit fiery Mars (retrograde) squaring up dangerously to Uranus and continuing as such into the first week of this month has, if nothing else, thrown in our face the realities of extreme climate manifestations which have created record breaking, seething heat globally and with the fallout of horrendous fires, and potential problems for food production, in a way that reminds us that we ignore our responsibility towards our planet and its health at our peril. Nature always has the last word. Unfortunately an earthquake in Indonesia too (Uranus influence) was part of the mix too. This planetary combination can erupt abnormally and dangerously in people too, because of festering energies/anger within humanity as well as in nature, that are suddenly and often violently exposed.
The first week of this month is still very unpredictable with Mars squaring up to Uranus and a little ominous, extending the mood of July, but after the 6th there is a less agitated feel, but we still have Mars retrograde till the 27th, and being unusually close to Earth , he is shining beautifully, visibly red in the night sky.. Being retrograde , the feeling of pent up paralysis and anger is still prevailing, with the manifestation of a few sharp knocks to our consciousness (if we will listen) which should cause us to rethink strategy and admit our part in the current impasses, both personally and globally. Mercury is still also retrograde till the 19th, and so bring blocks , delays and confusions in communications and possibly connected to transport and technology

Mars returns however to fixed Aquarius in mid September and will again, exactly square up to Uranus then, but this time, direct.

From the 13th of this month, Mars returns to Capricorn, bringing certain issues that were critical in the first half of May to a head globally, as well as personally/individually, We have to revisit them, but this time with a view to progress and some sort of manifestation of the road to be travelled down, especially after the 27th till mid September, for good or ill.

Uranus now in fixed Taurus, if nothing else, has stubbornness now added to its maverick inclinations.  It also suggests upheavals (Uranus) not only in how we use money, but importantly also re land and food  (Taurus), and with drought and heat, this is and certainly will, be bringing challenges for agriculture and farming. Nature always has the last word.

In Britain, with current suggestions from politicians of the need to stock pile food and medicines in the event of a no deal Brexit, (truth for many, project fear for many) along with anxiety about the climactic effects on secure food production, there is a rising sense of anxiety that we have gone critical.  Politicians are more blatantly angry and divided than ever and as a country and indeed globally, we have become increasingly binary in opinions, with little willingness to be detached, logical and compromising. The power of emotion, blind bias and lack of discrimination between real and fake news (Neptune in Pisces?) has really encompassed us.

Jupiter in fixed Scorpio (since last October till early next November) also reflects this, as there is passion and immovability in ideals and principles with this planetary position. Along with Uranus in fixed and somewhat stubborn Taurus, entrenchment and global binary extremism is rife.

BTW for those interested, Jeremy Corbyn, currently has Uranus square his natal Jupiter (every 42 years, and hovers at that angle till May next year), which is not great for moderation and can shake him up a bit in terms of challenges to his pride and position and excessive pride can indeed cause problems. His uncertain stance in relation to handling current events and how he manages the system is showing, and can leave him looking confused and insecure, and others around him are reflecting this in their attitudes to him.  There is no time known for his birth, (but apparently late in the day, so I deduce Scorpio or Libra ascendant…I can see both in him to be honest, but probably Scorpio) However Pluto trines his Mars now, but Neptune squares his Mercury.  This brings a combination of the powerful and determined, but with confusion and uncertainty in thought, and possible misrepresentation.

The USA chart still has Saturn, ruling the 2nd house (economy) opposition its Venus in its seventh house of parners (from late July) till mid this month, suggesting the new trade tariffs introduced by Trump and their repercussions, will in the long term, negatively hit its economy, despite current figures, and some discontent from many countries will lead to some potential isolation for the States. 

Positively, (yes, positive can happen) Saturn trines up to Uranus in the last three quarters of this month and the first half of September, suggesting a balancing effect that combines the new with the discipline of caution and reality and a potential sense of rapprochement between opposing factors and factions. Building blocks can also be put in place that allows some restrictions and safety (Saturn) around the power of technology and social media,(Uranus) to be enabled practically. Some checks, balances and discipline will be fairly and constructively imposed on the dangerously maverick. Freedom with responsibility sums up this planetary alignment.

Jupiter trines Neptune from the 13th-23rd. This augurs especially well for sensitivities, the mystical, the inspired, the idealistic and the arts (music and film especially). It also is a particularly valuable time for appreciating the powers and beauties of nature, especially the sea.

There is a new Moon and partial solar eclipse on the 11th at 18 degrees of Leo. This can actually bring an oasis of some rational and enlightened progress, but nothing life changing.

The full Moon falls on the 26th at 3 degrees of Pisces, and has implications for the power of the seas/water and the arts.


 Mars your ruler remains retrograde till the 27th so you still a need to hang on in there, with calm till then and not allow anger to get trapped and seething and therefore damaging. From the 27th, progress and understanding will become more manifest

August is often a very good month for enjoyment and the affections and communications is good for all born April 1st to 13th, but because Mercury moves direct on the 19th, having been retrograde since the 26th of last month, at least from the 19th, communications will be more likely to hit the spot.  Before that, one needs to make double sure that things are clear.  Confusions and delays abound.   

From the 6th, Venus, your relationship planet, moves into Libra, suggesting that for all born up to April 13th love life then takes on a rosy glow and affections and warmth and popularity are yours. 

Friendships and leadership skills are powerful if born March 22nd/23rd before the 13th.

After the 13th, those born after April 18th may find that work conditions and connections with colleagues are a little bit challenging.  Impatience and irritability is in the air from you or others.  After the 27th, remember, any anger felt will be able to be more healthily expressed.

Saturn is once again squaring the Suns of those born March 22nd to 25th, as last January, so frustrations abound and you may be revisiting issues that cropped up at the beginning of the year.  Be patient and once again you need to step up to the plate re issues that are confronting you in your professional life, but do not lose confidence, just be realistic. 

Pluto is once again squaring the Suns of those born April 7th to 10th.  This journey has been in the air since early 2017 and will be over by the end of this year.  Meanwhile you are still struggling within yourself about your identity and your power and internal power struggles, which may manifest in issues with others, need to be consciously understood, owned and controlled; and directed well.


Home and family issues are powerful now.

Before the 19thall born from May 2nd to 14th need to be aware that communications can go awry and delays and problems connected to home and family may be rife, however after the 19th is a better time for successful resolution of issues and forward planning.

Before the 6th, Venus in Virgo is helping those born after May 13th by bringing fun, enjoyment and awakening Cupid’s power.  Creativity is also underlined. 

Mars is in Aquarius before the 13th directly impacting those born April 21st to 24th, which can bring some confrontations and impatience on the work front.   Because Mars is still retrograde till the 27th, much patience and caution and self-control is needed till then.  Indeed, after that date, internal efforts and determinations manifest as progress.

 However, after the 13th, for those born after May 19th, constructive efforts are successful, particularly connected to study and travel.

 Jupiter is blessing the Suns of those born May 4th to 7th, bringing expansion, confidence, joy, and travel and relationship blessings.  Just be careful of over-doing, over-reaching and over-generosity. 

Saturn however is a great disciplinarian in a very constructive and rewarding way for all those born April 22nd to 26th.  He is bringing necessary hard work, which you find easy to do, and which will bring deferred gratification and good results.  Maturity and focus is yours.

Uranus, now in Taurus, is for this same group, i.e. those born around about April 23rd/24th, bringing a new sense of restlessness.  This once every 84 year transit, which will be with you until May 2019, on and off, suggests a desire for change and freedom and there is an unpredictable quality about your mood.
Uranus awakens and enlightens and forces you to look out of the box and to grasp change, something that your sign is not always too comfortable with.  Enjoy.

Neptune is continuing to inspire the lives of those born May 5th to 7th.  This brings spiritual and creative inspiration and friends are soul mates.

Pluto is still empowering those born 8th to 10th May.  Inspiration and empowerment comes from study, other countries and a big picture forensic insight. 


Your mind is powerful and insightful this month. 

However, before the 19th, when Mercury, your ruler, is still retrograde, he will be, for all born after June 1st to 15th, a little confusing, as there is a lack of progress, despite efforts.  Blocks and confusions abound.  Just make things as clear as possible.  After the 19th, however, things move forward.

Mars still retrograde till the 27th also suggests that some frustrations round action and direction of travel is evident till then. Notably related to complex finances.  Hold fire and watch and wait.. All will start to be revealed as to where and how to move forward, after that date.

Before the 6th, if born after June 14th, there is a tendency to spend too much, particularly on home issues and on self.  Have a care.

However, after the 6th, if born up to June 15th, Venus allows you to relax in living life to the full and enjoying the blessings of love and affection. 

Before the 13th, if born May 23rd to 25th, travel is in the air and efforts that are successful can be put into both study and legal issues; and good planning is particularly helpful, even if no action is in the air until after the 27th

Neptune is a little bit of a confusing energy now for those born June 5th to 7th.  This is around you on and off for about 18th months.  Subtle, but you need to be aware.  Certain uncertainty and shakiness is in the air, as you are re-considering how much your heart is satisfied by what you are doing in life and goals.  Trust that the journey will take you to where is necessary, but don’t lose confidence and look after your body. 


Finances need some careful thought and focus this month; and after the 19th, more concrete plans can be established. 

Before the 6th, all born after July 15th, are able to combine heart with mind and your charm is palpable, but after the 6th, if born up to July 16th, be wary of spending more than you intended and self-indulgence.

From the 13th, all born after July 19th may be re-visiting issues that were significant in the first half of May, connected to some confrontations with others; and challenges need addressing again. 

After the 27th, you are more likely to express yourself clearly and constructively.  Internal energies are released., but up till then Mars retrograde can create impasses with others and a sense of paralysis  with a danger of uncontained frustrations causing damage, if not  reflected on with care

Jupiter is very helpful to those born July 6th to 11th.  Blessings to do with romance, enjoyment, investments and children and creativity are all potentials.

Saturn, however, is as he was in January, once more opposing the Suns of those born June 23rd to 26th.  Other people seem to be blocking your path and certainly restrictions are unwelcome.  A time to reconsider and rethink goals and reality checks about others need careful thought.  Look after your body.

Uranus, now in Taurus, is bringing a real spark to the lives of those born 23rd to 25th June.  New friends, new groups, new organisations are lighting your fire and you are lighting theirs.  Enjoy.

Neptune continues to inspire the lives of those born July 7th to 9th, with a more spiritual approach to life and a creative one.  Your imagination abounds.

Finally, those born July 10th to 13th are still grappling with the power of others (courtesy of Pluto).  Ensure that any abusive power is not tolerated.  Walk away from anything that you are not comfortable with; draw boundaries and stand up for yourself.  Endings and new beginnings are also in the air.


Your month..  Time to shine .

Mercury, in your sign, indicates that for all born August 3rd to 17th, despite best efforts, communications before the 19th may well not be fully understood or reach the spot, as Mercury is retrograde.  However, after the 19th, this same group can start to see a resolution in this area.

Mars still retrograde till the 27th brings unbearable frustrations and stasis till that date. Breathe and wait and do not needlessly allow your internal frustrations to cause you to throw out the baby with the bath water in work or relationships..

After the 6th, Venus moving into Libra, will bring for those born up to August 16th, the ability to exploit your charms and your heart is equally balanced with your brain. 

However, before the 13th, all those born up to July 27th may find that other people are not letting you off the hook and confrontations are possible and you may invite this unconsciously.  Stubbornness on the part of others is almost tangible. 

Jupiter is currently affecting those born August 6th to 11th in a way that can bring exuberance and joy and happiness, but it can also bring over-the-top behaviour, over-confidence and a touch of arrogance.  Over-spending and biting off more than you can chew is also possible. 

Uranus, now in Taurus, is not such a comfortable position for your sign; and indeed all those born July 24th to 27th are now feeling some shaking of their roots connected to public standing, status and career.  The unexpected is in the air and change is coming either from within or from external forces.  You are magnificent and will cope, but may be restless and unpredictable.  Stop and think before making moves.

The partial solar eclipse on the 11th is in your sign, affecting those born August 10th to 12th.  A sense of the new is in the air.   It is a time to sow new seeds and to acknowledge the birth of a new chapter.


Some thinking about the past and contemplation is in order this month.  Beware that before the 19th your thinking may be more negative than it should be.  Reach out to people. Also before the 27th, Mars continues to frustrate and demands that you review so much in life about self and others, but this needs to be reflective and private. Hold your horses. 

However, before the 6th,Venus, in your sign, is excellent romantically and creatively in terms of your appearances being extra pleasing as are your charms, specifically if born after September 16th

After the 13th, if born after September 21st, energy and drive is focussed on creativity, love life, children’s issues and maybe speculative issues.
However, it may be after the 27th that you really see the fruits of your labours.

Jupiter is now the friend of those born September 6th to 11th.  He is bringing wisdom, benevolence of speech and this is excellent for giving presentations or interviews.

Saturn is also very constructive, if a little stern, in the lives of those born August 25th to 28th.  He is bringing discipline, focus, technical skill, perseverance and patience, which pay off very well in the end. 

Uranus is also beginning to stir up the lives of those born August 25th to 28th in a way that is exciting to do with long distance issues, study, possibly legal issues, but a need for the new and the awakening is in the air.  This will be with you, on and off, until May 2019, so prepare for an enlightening ride; and indeed an awakening one.  Work may open different doors for you. 

Neptune however is still opposing the Suns of those born September 7th to 9th.  For this group there is a need to scrutinise others.  There is smoke and mirrors in the air.  You are over-idealising and projecting.  Try and see realistically, clearly and be grounded.  Don’t fall for bogus schemes, but do enjoy the positive side, which is inspirational creatively and brings empathy and compassion and greater sense of the heart opening, which balances your insistence on practical perfection.

Finally, Pluto continues to empower the lives of those born September 10th to 13th.  You have a greater sense of self, your power and your ability to fulfil your destiny, romantically, creatively, connected to offspring and possibly in business.  Use your power for the greater good and this will be very rewarding.


Your mind is sharp this month, but before the 19th, all born October 4th to 17th may feel some frustration, as your best efforts of communication seem to fall on stony ground.

However, after the 19th you will see progress and breakthroughs., but bear in mind that Mars your relationship ruler is still retrograde till the 27th, suggesting that inner issues are building re home and relationships , that can create a total paralysis of frustration and anger .. Let it go, and understand that now is not the time for action, but for reconsideration and reflection re self and others. 

After the 6th, for all born up to October 17th, Venus in your sign accentuates love life, harmony, beauty, aesthetics and your charms and personal appearances are advantaged and creativity shines. 

Before the 13th, if born September 25th to 28th, take advantage of the fact that Mars is creating extra energy and drive romantically and creatively, despite inner unexpressed troubling frustrations..  At least after the 27th when Mars moves direct, there will be a sense that issues that are pent up and pending in terms of determination or resentments get more healthily released. 

However, after the 13th, if born around October 21st, there is a sense of war-drums on the domestic front and impatience and impulsiveness from you or others can be stressful. 

Saturn however, is also a little troubling, as he was in January, for those born September 25th to 28th.  A tendency towards negativity, tiredness, blocks and restrictions are all possible, again to do with home and family and real estate.  Be patient.  This may take a few months to resolve.  Do not push the river, but be realistic and face facts. 

Finally, those born October 7th to 14th are again feeling the impact of Pluto. Inner struggles with your own power are possible and changes, domestically and family wise may feel quite significant.  Do not abuse power, avoid control and recognise that your fights with others are often a reflection of fights within yourself for independence and freedom to express who you truly are. 


Career and public standing is a focus this month, but beware, if born November 3rd to 16th, that your communications are well-received thought through, particularly professionally. 

After the 19th, you will see greater progress and people will listen.

Before the 6th, if born after November 15th, friends and group efforts can be very rewarding and friends can become romantic interests, but working for the greater good is a positive experience. 

Before the 13th, your co-ruler Mars is challenging the Suns of those born October 24th to 28th.  There are people on the family and home front who may be a little obstructive, angry on the warpath and your own clumsiness or impatience won’t necessarily help.  Don’t be too forceful and then others may also not be.  Mars is in retrograde motion till the 27th and is like a tinderbox, connected to a feeling of paralysis and when the slightest thing can create an over reaction of anger in self and others. This is a time for quiet inner reflection as to what the root causes of this feeling is about.

However, from the 13th, if born after November 20th, your determination to express yourself is more constructive and effective, but be aware that before the 27th, frustrations can be possible.  Plan privately.  Do not expect progress, which will start to happen at the very end of the month.

Jupiter in your sign now is certainly bolstering the confidence of those born November 6th to 11th.  This once every 12 year visitation, which is continuing events from last May and June; and in indeed from December of last year, and bringing a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in some area of life.  Possibly not least financially, but travel, optimism and confidence is very much in the air and indeed progress. 

Even Saturn is helping those born October 24th to 27th, giving cautious, patience and pragmatism, which pays off. 

Uranus, however, is definitely bringing, for those born also around the same time, a great sense of disruption and change and unpredictability coming from others.  This long transit is with you, on and off, until early 2020 and will shake up relationships significantly.  Good relationships will get more exiting, bad ones may be tested. 

Neptune is however inspiring the lives of those born November 9th to 11th, through children, through the arts, through greater spirituality and greater sensitivity, empathy and compassion. 

Your ruler Pluto is still working very well for those born November 10th to 13th.  Your incisive understanding and insight and research abilities and ability to get to the truth is impressive.  What you say affects many people, so ensure it’s for the greater good.  Your power is accentuated. 


This is an excellent month for travel and for study. 

For all born December 3rd to 16th, your wisdom and academic skills are strong and learning and other countries go hand in hand, but beware that before the 19th, travel frustrations and limits and hiccups are possible; and definite delays and make sure that you communicate with other clearly and that you fully understand what others communicate to you.

After the 19th, things are more progressive re others particularly. However Mars still retrograde till the 27th, can create some tiredness and internalised anger re security and money and there is a sort of sense of inability to know how to move forward. Let it be, watch and wait . It will feel more mendable from the last few days of the month

Before the 6th, if born after December 15th, ensure that you are not too sycophantic at work.  Your charms are strong, but do not exploit them.

After the 6th, all born up to December 16th will find much joy and solace and fulfilment through friendships and group coordination.  You are popular.

Before the 13th, Mars is on your side despite being retrograde, if born November 23rd to 27th.  Your delivery and passion and ideological convictions are got across well and are convincing and you are very constructive in your efforts and in your mind, but much planning may be done, which is only going to be good for you from the end of the month. So even if energies are put on hold, know that they are constructive. 

Neptune is slightly challenging and slightly confusing for those born December 7th to 9th.  Uncertainty and shakiness is your life.  A sense that you are not convinced of your life direction anymore and things that you assume were set in stone, maybe don’t feel quite so certain now.  This can be domestically and to do with your plans and goals.  Hang loose.  This is a metamorphosis.  Let it be.  Let go and let god.  Get rest, plenty of sleep and meanwhile enjoy nature and music.  It is healing to your soul and your empathy and compassion though powerful, can also make you feel pain more than usual.   Use it to help others.  Don’t let it get you down. 


This is a time for depth and profundity this month in your thinking and on dealings with others.

Before the 6th, Venus is a very good influence on those born after January 13th.  He is bringing happiness and pleasure from long distance issues and from travel and in love life.  Your charms are strong and your philosophical kindness is accentuated. 

After the 6th, if born up to January 14th, however, try not to be hypocritical with your charms in your working life.  They work, but don’t push your luck. 

After the 13th, Mars moves back into your sign, as he was earlier in the year, giving you a chance to re-visit areas that you were energised in back then, particularly if born after January 17th.  Your ambitions, determination, both physically and psychologically and spiritually are strong and can work wonders for you, even though this feels like a private internalised journey with Mars retrograde, and after the 27th, when Mars moves direct, you will see the manifestations in a positive way.

 However between the 13th and the 27th you may feel that it’s all about planning, rather than doing and that may be as it should be.

Jupiter is very much the friend of those born January 4th to 9th.  He is bringing blessings from friends, your goals are getting fulfilled and your leadership skills are admired.  Your intelligent use of energy for the sake of others is much appreciated and success is at hand.

Saturn however is now in your sign in his once every 30-year visitation and he will be there for two and a half years and right now he is directly impacting those born December 23rd to 26th.  You felt this last January and he is back again, maybe you are revisiting that same issue you were dealing with then.  Time to take care of your health, slow down, be reflective, accept that blocks are meant to force you to re-think, re-strategise, but also this is a time to face facts and realities about your life and your direction, but go easy on yourself and do not lose confidence or fall into negative thinking.  There is a reason for this block and delay. 

Uranus however is inspiring for all born around January 9th to 11th.  His new position from Taurus is bringing for you, an every 42-year opportunity to experience a sense of awakening and enlightening and moving forward, creatively, romantically and with regards to fulfilment and enjoyment in life.  You are more likely to opt for change, risk and excitement than is normally your want.  Enjoy.

Neptune is continuing to benevolently inspire all those born January 5th to 7th.  He is opening your heart to creative and spiritual interests and your sensitivity is significant.  Allow your emotions to flourish.  They are productive and positive and creative for you and for others.

Finally Pluto is still haunting the lives, in his once every 248 visitation to those born January 8th to 11th.  This will be over by the end of the year, but meantime the intense experiences, endings and new beginnings and personal empowerment with great consciousness is yours.  Make sure that this power is for the greater good and you can benefit enormously. 


It’s all about relationships this month, but be careful before the 19th that your communications, particularly if born after February 1st to 14th, are clearly understood as confusions and mixed messages are likely and others too may confuse you. 
After the 19th, things get sorted. 

After the 6th, Venus in Libra, will bring for all born up to February 13th, joy through travel and study and love life can be enhanced through both.  It is also good for legal issues.

Mars is in your sign before the 13th, directly impacting those born up to January 25th.  This gives you courage and confidence and determination and ambition, but make sure it doesn’t tip into over-assertiveness or aggression, but because Mars is retrograde till the 27th, you may well also have feelings of frustration and block about your work and your ambitions and desires.
However, after the 27th, you will start to see the fruits of your labours and your determination.

Jupiter is tempting for those born February 3rd to 8th for you to be a little over-indulgent, over-reaching and over-expectant in your career.  Avoid arrogance or confidence, although things can work out well, provided you take that caution.

Uranus, now in Taurus, is not that friendly towards those born January 20th to 24th.  This once every 42-year influence is bringing a little disruption, possibly on the home and family front; and making others and you feel restless.  Change is in the air.  Embrace it.  Don’t be reckless.  Stop and think, but Uranus is your ruling planet, so therefore ultimately he does kick start you into a new and freer future and awakens you to interests and issues that previously would not have touched you.  Indeed he brings out your true natal Uranian qualities.


Everyday work issues may be a focus this month, but it won’t be until after the 19th that many of you really feel that issues to do with communications with others that matter to you are really fully expressed and fruitful.

Before the 6th, Venus in your opposite sign will directly influence those born after 13th March.  This will bring for this group a background of love and affection emanating from others and you are able to reciprocate.  It certainly can give a boost to love life. 

From the 13th, all born after March 18th will be feeling energetic and driven to work with others positively and your efforts are practical, pragmatic and successful, particularly after the 27th when Mars moves direct, when you see the results of your labours.  Before that date, be very cautious about letting residual stresses build into unnecessary or damaging eruptions

Jupiter is most helpful now if born March 4th to 9th.  His current trine to your Sun is brilliant for travel, international dealings, study and legal issues; and wisdom is yours and the ability to spread your wings with wisdom and success. 

Saturn is a grounding presence now for those born February 21st to 24th.  Friends and groups give you solidity and security and your sense of duty towards others is strong and satisfying.  Wisdom, maturity and hard work is happily expressed and accommodated.

Uranus is also very helpful for this same group.  His once every 42 year sextile influence on you, (which is lasting until April 2020 on and off) is liberating – intellectually, communication wise and you will just be aware of seeing a much bigger picture and engaging in such subjects and activities and alternative study, e.g. yoga, pilates, astrology and a greater embracing of technology, is all possible and it will bring a greater consciousness. 

Neptune in your sign now is directly affecting and bringing out, to the nth degree your Pisces nature if born March 5th to 7th.  This is has been around you for some time and will be until the end of next year.  It brings tremendous inspiration; sensitivity and spirituality, but negatively it can also bring escape, self-delusion, self-deception, or from others, over-idealism and just general confusion.  Just ensure that you are in control of it and not it in control of you.

Finally, Pluto, for those born March 8th to 11th, is bringing tremendous power to influence other people, to transform, to regenerate others; and your own goals are given a real boost.  Your destiny is being triggered and can be pursued and you have the ability and confidence to embrace it.  Enjoy.

 The full Moon in Pisces on the 26th affects those born around February 22nd/23rd. This may for this group, bring a feeling of rather eruptive energy, that emanates from within, which speaks some truth and  maybe could signify the possible ending of a chapter ..