Friday, 31 May 2019


The current astrology of the outer planets (generational and global in influence) i.e. Neptune now in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in the last ditch of Capricorn, certainly suggests we are indeed at a point in human history, where a revolution in world political value systems is going to happen, but in what direction?? Idealism and sentimentality about a glorious nationalistic past (one manifestation of Neptune in Pisces), will conflict with the idealism of ensuring the survival of a more cooperatively achieved ecologically healthier planet, along with a fairer, more compassionate world (the other manifestations of Neptune in Pisces).

There are always choices as the way to go with all planetary positions, and it comes down to value systems and individual understanding of the problems, as to which seems correct to the individual. The results of the EU elections have clearly showed total polarised stances in the UK on the way to go forward. The rise of the Green party throughout Europe is also indicative of a real awakening to what will become, sooner than is palatable, overwhelmingly the most urgent issue.

Uranus now, seriously Taurus (every aprox 84 years for 7 years)  is now moving fast apace, having reached 4 /5 degrees. The wake up call re the state of our planet ecologically and climate wise, is building.  Uranus symbolises shocks that are indeed awakening and enlightening but often uncomfortable and Taurus is all about the earth and nature, as well as security issues. Chaotic unpredictability and change re economies/money/security will also become evident.

Pluto (power) in the last decan of Capricorn (establishment) is manifesting in the nemesis of a system i.e. the fallout of neo capitalist ideology, which did not heed the various warnings, not least, the financial shock of 2007/8. This has now culminated in anger, rebellion and a certain amount of scapegoating, as inequality has grown so much, as the trickle down theory of growth, opportunity and wealth of the original Calvinist capitalist model, has become more trickle up, to the few. Saturn (karma and reality) now nudging Pluto (power), certainly over the next year will hold Pluto to account, relating to misuse of power and its fallout for the whole planet too

Valid anger and frustration by the so-called “left behind”, not least in the USA and the UK, has manifested in many ways. Populism and the rise of the far right are shows of knee-jerk anger and a desire to take charge of a system that has failed many. Support for a leader who is perceived as a rebellious “character”, who breaks the rules and who is applauded for his non-politically correct, anti establishment stance, no matter how controversial, and who claims to want to break the current value system, is being witnessed in many countries.  

It is interesting that the success of Nigel Forage’s Brexit party in the UK EU elections was fairly obviously going to happen, for many reasons, but not least from an astrological viewpoint. Farage’s birth chart (probably correct chart from his reported memory of time of birth) had the Sun transiting exactly his 5-degree Gemini midheaven (shining public success) on the Sunday/Monday of the results. This happens for only 1 day a year.

His natal chart is very powerful. Sun, Mars and Jupiter are all in ambitious, fiery, self assertive and driven Aries, with powerful, determined, if not ruthless Pluto; and unpredictable, anti establishment and freedom loving Uranus, both sitting right on his purist Virgo ascendant. His Moon is in ideologically passionate and bluntly outspoken Sagittarius; (international as well, ironically. His second wife is German and he has served as an MEP for many years). His career point i.e. the Midheaven, is in Gemini (clever, changeable, rather dualistic and great salesman qualities) and Venus conjunct that point natally, indicates great career popularity. His Venus and Mercury are both in fixed Taurus, earthy and pretty immoveable. He loves his financial security too.

Looking at the most, in my opinion at least, correct and relevant England chart, (25 December 1066) Saturn will be sitting right on the natal Mercury position next month (July) and also in November of this year. These periods will be difficult for the economy and will bring a significant reality check re the potential for progress in any negotiations and will bring a very serious, disciplined, if not a significant challenge re acknowledgement of facts and figures about our country’s global situation re trade and its status. Blocks may well be seriously indicated.

Boris Johnson (whose chart details we know) is flagged up as a strong possibility for being the next leader of the Conservative party. From the beginning of May however, he has had Neptune conjunct his Chiron  (every 165 years) which will bring, till mid August, difficulties for him in his professional life (leader of his party or not) which will cause him some pain and self reflection and indeed humility will be needed to address within himself, the reasons for this. This will be repeated as energy for him in March 2020.

Additionally, during the first half of this month, he will have Jupiter opposing his Mercury in Gemini (he has 4 planets, including the Sun in Gemini), which will be testing and put him in over confident, impulsive and reckless mode when communicating and he will need to think very carefully before he does, or regrets will haunt him later.

Meanwhile Donald Trump’s chart (Gemini Sun, Leo ascendant and Moon in Sagittarius. He was born on a lunar eclipse) is certainly looking stressed from the last week in June till half way through July, when his expansive goals are blocked (Saturn square his natal Jupiter) but it will be January and February next year, when real and resounding challenges hit him significantly. Saturn and Pluto then really do combine (very rare) to oppose his natal Saturn; and then Saturn moves to oppose his natal Venus too. Hubris and nemesis as energy, shouts loud then for him and indeed in many ways for the planet.

It is interesting how politicians with strong Gemini in their charts are often so popular, as they are great salespeople: notably Trump and Boris Johnson and not least, Nigel Farage with his Gemini Midheaven.

Significant dates this month when there is socio politically, rather covert tension, potential ruthless power struggles and dangerous behaviour prompted by rather subconscious forces are around the 16th to the 21st when Mercury joins Mars in conjunction in Cancer and both then oppose Pluto.

Also between the 13th-16th when Mercury and Mars opposes Saturn; there is much potential for angry frustration within us all generally, both personally and collectively.

The squares to Neptune (in Pisces) that are created this month around the 9th and 13th- 24th suggest significant confusion, deceits, truth being distorted and a general smoke and mirror politics and potential self-delusion/collective delusion. This quality will be dominant on the world stage and will be spawned by the large, powerful but delicate egos currently in power, or who are indeed vying for power.

When the forces of ego, greed and a gratuitous desire for power (Pluto wading through the last 10 degrees of Capricorn) defeats truth, integrity, wisdom, humility and a genuine desire to serve the common good, we are in a dark place.

However, voices of truth, reality and constructive wisdom will most likely be audible around the 3rd, 7th and 14th.

The problem is, as TS Eliot said,  “human kind cannot bear too much reality”.

Note to my readers.

I sometimes have readers commenting on how in some months, their birthday period in a specific sign is not highlighted in my monthly forecasts.

Sun sign forecasts are in fact extremely limiting, as the Sun is only one factor of many in your birth chart, and only your Sun position can be definitely known solely from just your birth date & month. The Sun’s 12-month orbit means it returns virtually to the exact same degree at the same time each year (your birthday) & hence basic Sun sign forecasting. In some monthly forecasts, your particular birth sign Sun degree is not necessarily being influenced by any planet & hence the lack of comment.

Without more personal specifics; year, place and & preferably time of birth, astrologers cannot make deeper comments regarding the other, very influential planets that comprise a full astrological birth chart (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). These have hugely individual, varying orbits (unlike the Sun) & are exerting frequent, differing significantly powerful influences, which affect each one of your individual planetary positions at different times in your unique personal birth chart.

If you are interested in a detailed, personal forecast for a period of either 1, or 2 years, you can find ordering options on the services page of my website:

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Communications are important to you this month and need careful focus. 

Before the 4th, if born after April, you are absolutely on the ball in writing and speaking. 

After the 27th, if born up to March 24th, creativity, writing and love life benefit from your intelligence. 

After the 9th, if born up to April 18th, your communications are absolutely combined with the power of emotions and heart.  In fact your head and heart combine, giving you much charm and attractiveness and compassion. 

However, Mars, your ruler, is now in your Solar 4th House bringing for all those born April 1st to 19th a sense of energy that can be discordant in the home life, either from you to others or vice versa.  Impatience, intolerance and a little bit of potential eruption is in the air, so stop and think before speaking or acting,  unless you want a showdown of course.. 

Jupiter, however, is well disposed now towards all those born April 7th to 12th.  Travel, internationalism, publishing and legal issues are all very favoured.

However, you will all need to earn that, because Saturn is also simultaneously squaring your Suns.  Saturn is the benevolent despot and is forcing you to really work hard for your luck and the harder you work, the luckier you get.  Patience will be needed, particularly at work, not to mention, fortitude and determination. 

Finally, Pluto is bringing for all born April 12th to 14th, in his once every 248 challenge,( that will last until the end of 2020), to find your power, your destiny.. and this may come with a struggle, but ensure that you're conscious of this.  Endings and new beginnings are in the air.  The more you repress the energy, the more eruptive it will be, but have humility.  


There is a focus on finances and communications about those areas this month. 

After the 4th and before the 27th, all of you will find that communications are well directed and successful.
After the 27th, if born up to April 24th, (early Taurus), miss-communications are a possibility.  

Before the 9th, all born after May 10th have charm on your side and you exude a sense of well being, caring, loving, nurturing and also you are particularly attractive to others.  

Mars is also very supportive of all born May 1st to 20th.  Your communications and actions are well timed, courageous, focused and successful.  

Saturn is testing for endurance and hard work, loyalty and duty and particularly constructive for having to travel for work purposes, if born May 7th to 18th.  You rise to the occasion but self-discipline is a necessity.  

Uranus, now in your sign, once every 84 years, is now directly affecting those born April 24th to 27th.  This is on and off for a year and will bring change, liberation, uncertainly, awakening and some disruption.  All meant to be; and ultimately and potentially very positive.  Remain flexible.  This may affect work.  

Neptune is however, remaining inspiring, creatively and spiritually and empathetically for all born May 8th too 10th.  Your heart is strong and your intuition and almost psychic powers can’t be underestimated.
Working for causes you really believe brings the best out in you.  

Pluto is currently still working very well and particularly regenerative for all born around May14th   and will so do till approximately the end of 2020.  It empowers your philosophical viewpoint with forensic insight and wisdom and issues to do with publishing, legal matters and areas of higher study and international interests are potentially really empowered and expanded too. Relationships can also be regenerated or be regenerating, and certainly somehow also empowering.


Your birthday period, and your articulation and communication skills are at their peak, particularly before the 4th if born after June 13th.  Your mind is like a washing machine in action, so busy. 

After the 27th, if born up to May 25th, again communications are on top form. 

After the 9th, however, Venus moves into your sign, bringing for all born up to June 19th a great sense of personal attractiveness, harmony, charm and great aesthetic appreciation.  Love is in the air. 

Jupiter is also in your opposite sign now, bringing particularly benefits relationship wise to all born June 8th to 13th.  For this group there is a real sense that people coming into your life now are likely to stay and be beneficial for you in the long term.  Internationalism and confidence with others is also underlined, as is luck and a sense of blessing.  
This returns in September and October. 

Neptune can be tricky now, as it has been for a little while, for those born around June 9th to 11th.  There is definitely some confusion and sense of deception in the air.  You need to be clear with others, as others need to be with you.  Dissolving of certain issues and certainties are felt in your gut and some uncertainty to do with home and family is a possibility. Float.  See where this journey takes you, but it may be not until April 2020 when you understand the true transition, but your heart is calling for something different.  


Some behind the scenes dealings may be necessary this month, but after the 4th all of you will benefit enormously from the power of excellent mind, communications and insight, as Mercury will be in your sign.  

Before the 9th, all born after July 12th will find that friendships and groups and your goals are all very happy and satisfactory.  Admiration and consideration of others and from others to you, is strong and supportive.  Social life shines.  

Mars is currently traversing your own sign and this month it’s directly affecting those born after July 2nd until 22nd.  This gives energy, drive, determination, and assertiveness.  Just ensure it doesn’t turn into combativeness.  Energy is high and needs directing, constrictively.  With wisdom, much can be achieved.  

Saturn however is opposing now the Suns of those born July 9th to 13th. There will also be for this group, some feeling of blockage or restriction or obligation from others.  Only you can decide whether this is valid or not.  Also, pace yourself, as you may not be quite so resilient physically as you think.  

Uranus is now very positive in terms of awakening and enlightening the uniqueness of those born June 25th to 28th.  This transit lasts on and off for about a year and brings out the humanitarian in you and the desire for some change and evolution in your life and indeed in the lives of others who you feel need it.  Intelligent change and confidence is in the air.  

Neptune is also bringing for all born July 10th to 12th and has been for a few months, a great sense of emotional sensitivity, empathy, compassion, spirituality and indeed artistic desires and abilities.  Your ideological beliefs for the greater good are very activated.  Enjoy.  Others will benefit too.  

Finally, Pluto is bringing some obstruction from others, if born July 14th to 16th.  This is ongoing for a year or so.  Power struggles are possible. Keep calm.  Do not sink to their level and walk away if necessary, without losing dignity.  


Social life and working with and on behalf of others to your advantage is underlined this month.  

After the 27th, early Leos, born up to July 27th will find communication skills particularly poignant and positive.   

Before the 9th, all born after August 13th, need be careful about being hypocritical when dealing with other people in order to gain advantage, particularly at work.   Beware sycophancy. 

After the 9th, if born up to August 21st, relationships with others, particularly friends, who can become more than friends, is also strongly underlined.  

Jupiter is very much the friend now of those born August 9th to 15th.  He is extenuating love, creativity, bringing joy around children’s issues and can be quite lucky around speculation.  Confidence is in the air. 

Uranus, now in Taurus, is bringing a rare challenge to the Suns of those born July 27th to 30th.  Challenges are in the air to do with work, often coming from lesser other people.   Unpredictable events, decisions, communications and restlessness on your behalf is strong and you may feel the need to break away, or out of something that is no longer working for you.  No matter how long you’ve been repressing this, it now becomes important to look at. This is with you for about a year. Don't be too impulsive, but know the need for change.  


Career is a focus this month and after the 4th all of you should know that communications with friends and contacts in other countries are very empowering and positive and social life is inspiring.  

Before the 9th, Venus, for all born after September 2nd, is excellent for travel, internationalism and study and love life and happiness can all mix very well with those areas.  It is also excellent for publishing.  

However, after the 9th, if born up to September 21st, don’t believe everybody’s charm on the working front and don’t be hypocritical in your communications with others, in order to gain advantage.  

Mars is constructive now for all born September 2nd to 23rd, particularly in terms of working towards your goal and your ideals; and particularly when in concert with other people connected to something you passionately believe in.  Social life is also very active in a very constructive way. 

Jupiter is now squaring the Suns of those born September 9th to 15th. Also for this group there will be the possibility of over-confidence or even a little arrogance, although that is not typical of your sign, but be careful about over-generosity or over-expansion to do with home, property or family.  

Fortunately however, Saturn acts as a very great cautionary tale for those born September 9th to 12th, as he is trining your Suns which gives you a grown up, considered, hard working, practical, grounded energy, that’s successful. 

Uranus, newly in Taurus, is now very enhancing to the energies of those born August 27th to 30th.  This influence is on and off for about a year and effectively brings intelligence and intuition that brings change that is needed, to allow your uniqueness to show, particularly connected to long distance issues, academic issues, philosophical and legal issues.  The brightest and the best are brought out in you, as is confidence.  

Neptune, however, is continuing, as he has done for the last month, to oppose the Suns of those born around September 11th to 13th, advising you to have a care in relationships and to beware smoke and mirrors and the projection of what you want to see and believe in, in others.

 Pluto however is very positive for those born September14th-16th. This regenerative power is with you till late 2020, and it allows you to show your real insight and creative power as well as regeneration of confidence and life via important romantic connections and potentially re offspring.


Travel may be high on the agenda this month, as may academic issues. 

Before the 4th, writing, studying , long distance issues and legal issues all go hand in hand very successfully. 

After the 27th, all born up to September 27th will find that communications with friends and social life are very beneficial too. 

Venus in Gemini, after the 9th, is also helpful in terms of love life and the art, mixing very well with long distance issues and travel; and love of what you are learning, if born up to October 20th.  

Mars in Cancer is potentially a little troublesome for those born after October 3rd.  Impatience and eruptive events from you to others and others to you are likely to manifest in your professional context and others can see your ambition as being a little forceful.  Count to ten. 

Jupiter is supportive now of those born October 10th to 15th.  He is bringing wisdom, confidence, optimism and opportunities and certainly good communications.  

However, simultaneously if born October 10th to 14th, Saturn is squaring your Suns, which means that one has to be aware of lack of confidence or some conflicting issues connected to home and family, that are causing some block, but whatever difficulties you are dealing with, Jupiter is there as a cavalry to help; and just pace yourself.  Patience is a virtue.

Pluto is challenging still the Suns of those born round October 16th  (since February). Inner power struggles about direction and purpose in life are possible and it may involve reflection deeply on stuff from early roots and childhood. Endings are on the air, as is a sense of fate/destiny and it is important to allow these energies to be conscious, so you can control and understand them, rather than they control you. This energy hovers till late 2020, so carefully monitor re journey


You have no choice but to be rather profound in your thinking and feeling, although that is fairly well the norm for you. 

After the 4th, all of you will find that your thinking qualities are very existential, big picture, philosophical and your ability to enjoy travel, because of enhancing your mental capacity and communication abilities should not be underestimated.

After the 27th, if born up to October 28th, one may need to stop and think before one speaks.  

Venus is in your opposite sign before the 9th, enhancing the relationships of all those born after November 12th.  Love is given and received, as is support and help from other people and you are able to give the same.  Cupid is around..  

Mars is also very compatible now with the energies of all born November 2nd to 22nd.  Very constructive action is indicated and courage, determination and intelligence in moving towards your goals.  It is also excellent for travel that has a real goal attached to it, and for adventure.  

Saturn is also constructive for those born November 9th to 13th.  He is bringing rounded common sense, careful patience and hard intelligent work that bring goals closer to fulfilment and your mind is serious and wise, but also very practical.  

Uranus, now in your opposite sign of Taurus, where he is every 84 years only, is now in rare opposition to your Sun, which will be with you on and off for about a year, if born October 27th to 30th.  This position basically brings disruption and unpredictability and change, maybe emanating from others, which leads to an awakening and a new chapter in relationships particularly.  Disruption that may upset you may eventually be very advantageous to you.  Expect the unexpected from others and from circumstances.
Neptune, is however now still very inspiring and gentle for those born November 10th-12th. Love life has a real spiritual idealism connected to it and empathy compassion and idealism is strong, as is creative potential and inspiration.  Soul mates are sought.

Pluto your ruler is now bringing huge forensic insight and impressive depth to the minds and communications of those born November 14th-16th. The power you have now needs to be used for the greater good and not just for personal power. This influence hovers till late 2020.


Relationship issues are high focus this month, with the Sun in Mercury and Venus for much the month being in your opposite sign.  

Good communication before the 4th is very possible if born after December 14th and that can go a long way towards forwarding plans and also after the 27th, if born up to November 26th, there is good legal communication and good long distance travel plans.  

After the 9th, for all born up to December 20th, love life is enhanced and fondness and affections and good people are in your life and displayed. 

Jupiter, of course is in your sign now, particularly enhancing the lives and the luck and the sense of expansion of those born December 9th to 14th.  Pushing out boundaries, confidence, travel, opportunities, growth are all in the air, as are celebrations. 

Neptune is, and has been for the last month, squaring the Suns now of those born December 10th to 12th.  For this group there is a need to be certain of detail.  There is room for confusion and deception from self or from other people, consciously or unconsciously.  A dissolving of certain issues to do with the domestic scene is in the air.  Sacrifices are being made and change is rippling, if not made, but you know it is coming as something is dissolving so as to make the way for the new.  Be patient. 


Everyday work issues are focused but as is very strongly relationship issues as well. 

Indeed, after the 4th you will all get opportunities to really communicate fully and honestly and have that reciprocated from others in a way that is very constructive to further your life.  Listen as well as speak.  

Before the 9th, with Venus now in Taurus, all born after January 10th, will find that romance and celebratory issues, fun, creativity, children’s issues, can all be very life enhancing.  

There is a warning that Mars is now in you’re opposite sign of Cancer, directly impacting those born January 1st to 20th.  That implies some war drums emanating from other people.  Other people being impatient or unpredictable, eruptive or slightly aggressive in their tone.  You must make sure that you do not invite this in, but relationships do seem a little fiery.  

Saturn, of course, is also as you probably know, in your sign now and currently is directly contacting the Suns of those born January 7th to 11th. For this group there is a lot of hard work, focus, reality checks, some potential for depression, negativity or even lack of confidence, which can haunt Capricorns, but practical re-thinking of structure is necessary.  There are delays and frustrations as well, which force a re-think of direction.  Also it is important to look after the health.  Get rest, but do what has to be done, rather than what can wait. It is a very maturing, grown up time, but hard work done now, will pay off in the future. 

Uranus, now in Taurus every 84 years, is directly benefiting those born December 26th to 29th.  He is awakening your more maverick side, your desire for freedom, uniqueness, difference, change and this needs to be noted, or it maybe will feel like a no choice thing, not least romantically, creatively and maybe connected to offspring. 

 Neptune is now great for those born around May 9th.  Humanitarian instincts, compassion empathy and spiritual drives are strong and valid,  as are creative inspirations. Friendships and group goals are all very inspiring, special, rewarding emotionally and constructive.. Enjoy.

Pluto of course, still in your sign is continuing to bring this once every 248-year energy to bear, on those born Jan 12th-14th. This is big and revolutionary. Endings of chapters and regenerations to follow are in the ether.  Intense experiences are likely and give a sense of destiny that can be a great opportunity, but above all have humility on the journey and know that you are happening to a certain situation, not that it is happening to you… The only true friend of power is humility.  Even difficult occurrences are all about ultimately regeneration of your soul and consciousness in some very profound, if very private way.


This is a very creative month, both in terms of romance and in terms of your own artistic ability.  

Before the 4th, communications with children and in a love life context is very favoured if born after February 11th.  

After the 27th, if born up to January 24th, communications with others are particularly fruitful as well.  

Before the 9th, many of you may find that if born after the 10th, there is a self-indulgent quality about your lifestyle and spending in your home and on yourself, but after the 9th, for all born up to February 17th, there is a real positivity and a great aesthetic drive, which really underlines your creativity and also love life.  

Jupiter is constructive and lucky now for those born February 6th to 11th, but you need to take advantage of this luck.  It is particularly sociable. Luck in new friendships.  You are good for them.  They are good for you and bring you a great ability to enhance the lives of other people when you are working in a collective, focus.  Your leadership skills are excellent.  

Uranus, your Sun ruler, is, newly from Taurus, is now squaring the Suns of those born January 24th to 27th.  This is bringing some disruption, some uncertainty, some feeling of change, some eruptive, impatience within you that may be connected to family issues and the unexpected is in the air and there may be some change going on to do with real estate. You want to be more free, to be uniquely you in your expression, possibly to do with where you live, but don’t be impulsive.  Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water, but know change will evolve over the coming year.  


There is lots of focus on home and domestic issues this month.

After the 4th, all of you will have the opportunity to express your writing skills and creative skills and communications with romantic partners and children are excellent.  

Before the 9th, also, Venus in Taurus, for all born after March 10th, brings an ability to combine love with reason in a brilliant way that not only helps with communications, but also creatively.  

However, after the 9th, if born up to March 18th, be careful about over-indulgence towards self or others, particularly on the family front and domestically.  

Mars is excellent now for the energies and drive for all born from March 1st.  Once again, creative skills are hugely stimulated and are very powerful and intelligently driven and indeed drive in love life should not be underestimated, as is general fertility.  

Jupiter however is possibly bringing a little bit of extravagance or over-confidence into the lives of those born March 7th to 12th.  At work one has to be a little more modest maybe, or not expect too much of self or others, or go over the top to get success.  

Fortunately however, Saturn is acting as a cautionary energy in this respect, particularly if born March 7th to 11th.  He is bringing good advice from friends, logic, rationality, roundedness, hard work and intelligent caution.  

Uranus is also positively now oriented towards those born February 23rd to 26th.  Newly in Taurus he is inspiring this group to awaken intuition, your need for the new, the innovative and the liberating, particularly in your thinking.  Enjoy. 

Neptune your ruler could not be stronger in his own sign and still sitting now on the Suns of those born around March 9th.. This is an extreme Pisces influence only happening every 165 years. It is a force for huge creative expression in many ways and or spiritual inspiration, massive empathy and compassion and brings intuition and even potential psychic powers to bear. It hugely sensitises and also potentially can cause excessive escapism because of hypersensitivity and that can lead to rather destructive and possibly addictive behaviour in extreme cases, so beware.

All planets have their positive and their negative strengths.

Pluto is now well positioned to help those born around March 13th to experience a real strength in leadership and in working for the greater good with and for others, and for personal goals. These drives are fuelled with confident insightful intelligence, which pushes to achievement. This is around till the end of next year, so enjoy.  Also people in your orbit now can be powerful and empowering for you, so appreciate.