Tuesday, 1 July 2014


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The big astrological news,( apart from the difficult  grand square/ cross in the first half of the month), is that Jupiter shifts signs, which he does once a year and moves on the 16th, from Cancer into Leo, where he will stay till August 11th 2015.

Cancer is the U.S. astrological sign and when he moves out of that sign, it suggests that some protection that the US has felt over the last 12 months is lifted a little and the focus comes more on the challenges, rather than on any complacency. Jupiter into Leo also shifts focus of power, particularly to forces operative in the Middle East, as expansionism and confidence (over confidence) is underlined. 

Late June and the first half of July has been and is continuing to be a stressful time globally. The cardinal T square of last month, which develops into a cardinal grand cross in the first 2 weeks (between the Uranus, Pluto and Mars and then with the addition of the Sun) is not for the faint-hearted, but it does galvanise the recognition of needing to develop potential solutions to the world’s fundamental problems, which are often only addressed when it is totally unavoidable.

Surprise and rebellion is in the air and misuse of power is certainly abroad, as is a sense of certain events being out of control. This planetary crucifix is likely to be reflected not only socio-politically, but also socio-economically, not least both being connected to the States. Also geophysically, there is a continuing likelihood of disruptions, so earthquakes and physical eruptions are potentially still more likely than normal.

Potentially the most critical days for the planet are around 4th, 8th and the 16th.

On the 25th however, the Sun exactly combines with (conjuncts) Jupiter, which can be a time of some sort of culmination of a positive event on a collective and personal level. Optimism and confidence is in the air.

Mercury, in Gemini at least goes direct from the 2nd suggesting that any sense of inertia or paralysis is shifted as policies begin to gel, and generally people will find that frustrations and blocks and delays in their personal life and work will somehow be alleviated.

Mars’ move into Scorpio on the 26th denotes a time of intensity; seriousness, profundity and some ruthlessness grow in the ether. Actions will be decisive and heavy-handed by many powers that be and late month when Mars squares Jupiter, actions may be less than wise, impulsive and are likely to be born out of ego. Mars (god of war) in Scorpio is definitely indicative of inflamed circumstances, particularly in Syria (Scorpio country) as is already self-evident.

Saturn goes direct on the 20th, suggesting that problems become more controllable and people feel less impotent in their ability to move forward, and can start to deal with challenges and impasses. There will be an increased sense of being in the driver’s seat.

Countries that may feel favoured, or somehow protected in some way, by Jupiter’s new position in Leo, are France and Italy, which are traditionally linked to the sign of Leo.

The full Moon falls at 20° of Capricorn on the 12th at 11.25 GMT and the new Moon falls at 3° of Leo on the 26th at 22.42 GMT. The full Moon this month, being in Capricorn, is likely to exacerbate current planetary tensions. Full moons are eruptive in their effects.

The new Moon in Leo, by contrast, will be almost conjunct Jupiter, newly ensconced in that sign, which bodes particularly well for the powerful start of the new, which for many may feel particularly optimistic.

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

You, Capricorns, Cancers and Libras are feeling the turbulence more than most. You are in a state of flux and impatience. Domestic and career issues clash and relationships feel volatile. Much of this energy comes from within, as change is inevitable, notably if born April 5th to 7th. Count to ten and be calm. Uranus is sitting on your Suns. You are being awakened and thrust into another chapter, but don’t leap before you are sure the time is right; don’t push the river.

If born after April 7th, many of you, courtesy of your ruler Mars, will be finding that other people are particularly challenging and your normal assertive role will of necessity be modified, and if born in the first few days of April, powerful forces and authority figures are likely to impinge on your life, and you have to draw careful boundaries around your behaviour and theirs. Keep squeaky clean and determine that your motive is pure.

Mars moves into Scorpio after the 26th, suggesting that for many of you there will be a need over the next six weeks or so to get down and serious over profound deeper issues.  It’s not a time for dealing with the superficial, and complex joint finances need attention.

 After the 20th, when Saturn moves direct, certain blocks and frustrations in certain relationship issues get lifted and potentially resolved, as do financial muddles and hold ups.

Pluto too, if born March 31st-April 3rd is creating power struggles possibly at work or with authority figures and there are boundaries to be drawn around others and your own behaviour, if it is motivated by dark compulsions. Be honest with self.

Jupiter’s move into Leo this month is good news for Aries. After the 16th he leaves Cancer for fellow fire sign, Leo, for a year. Initially those born up to March 25th will benefit, romantically, creatively and possibly speculatively as well. Luck is in the air as is travel and confidence.

Fortunately for many of you after the 2nd, thoughts and communications can become clearer and confidence of communication is restored. After the 13th family communication improve also.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Jupiter moves out of Cancer into Leo on the 16th. While he has been in Cancer he has served you well as a sign, bringing the gift of greater wisdom in your communications and certain protection. From Leo he brings a more extravagant phase and maybe one should look before one leaps. However it will bring a certain amount of benefit domestically and family-wise, providing there’s a little modesty. Initially those affected after the 16th, are born up April 25th. 

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd bringing for many a little bit of relief on a financial level, or at least any cheque that should have been in the post finally will be, and after the 13th many of you will find that lines of communication are much more free-flowing.

After the 18th, if born April 26th to May 7th, your mind and your heart combine to give extra charm when dealing with others.

Be aware that after the 26th when Mars moves into Scorpio, you will have a period of time when other people are not pushovers and when there will be some confrontations. Initially those born up to April 26th will feel this as the month matures.. People will feel fairly ruthless and unbending and you must be careful not to sink to the same level. Preferably walk away.

Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio still, is bringing an ongoing sense of weight, weariness, tiredness and lack of patience for those born May 6th to 8th. Others feel burdensome and some tasks feel impossible and you need rest and to draw boundaries if people are too demanding. It is also a time for making decisions about the validity of certain people in your life, and from the 20th, ways forward are visible. Pluto now (rarely) empowers those born on the 2nd-4th May. A sense of intense courage to grab your potential and power and destiny (without arrogance) serves you well.

Neptune brings applied and workable idealism and blessings from friends if born April 26th-29th.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Financial safety may become an important issue for you this month, and indeed before the 16th many of you have a last opportunity to ensure that that can be rubber-stamped.  From the 2nd your ruler Mercury moves forward again in your sign, suggesting that the brakes come off in certain important persona areas that have been stalled in life. People start to read from the same hymn sheet again too.

When Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th however, this is also good news for your sign, notably initially for all those born up to May 26th. The coming year is likely to bring an increase in your ability to access wisdom, intelligence, learning, and positive and powerful communications that are effective. A boost is in the air.

Before the 26th all born after June 8th are prompted to have courage and confidence in romantic matters. You will not take no for an answer and there is a great surge of creative energy as well. The desire to take a few risks is likely to show itself and probably productively.

When Mars moves into Scorpio on the 26th, energy and drive will be more focused into everyday routine and work, and after the 20th when Saturn moves direct in Scorpio, conundrums at work or impasses will start to ease.

If born around June 6th to 8th Uranus continues to give you a real boost to your wisdom and intuition and your ability to see the big picture grows.. You can think outside the box and your leadership role in a group capacity is enhanced. Wisdom now encompasses more than just logic.

 Neptune is causing some mischief for those born June 27th-30th. There is some sense of a dissolving of ties with career direction and circumstances and all may not be as it seems … Get clarity, check the small pint and be aware that you are changing values and this nay be causing you some confusion in your goals.  Beware also others taking advantage of you unfairly.  Selfless giving is fine if warranted, but beware others abusing this in you.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Your birthday month brings a need to shine. However because of some cosmic challenges that are very much in the ether in the first 2 weeks, you may be finding that some relationships and career issues are in flux, and uncertainty is all around, notably in the first half of July. This is a time when one has to acknowledge that there is an inevitability of change and things that have been lying low erupting. Volcanic forces are around globally and possibly in a personal capacity. There are only three certainties in life and one of them is change, including potentially for those born July 4th-10th courtesy of Pluto and Uranus.

However this is also a time, when after the 18th particularly, if born between June 27th and July 9th the forces of romance and your own charms can happily combine to bring bonuses.

Before the 26th if born after July 10th beware of impatience. Do not rush into things without thinking and handle adversarial people with cool detachment, as Mars is on the warpath.

However when Mars moves into Scorpio on the 26th, those born up to June 26th will feel a rush of creative energy and passions, and emotional intelligence will be yours, and creative instincts/talents, and fertility abounds.  After the 2nd any sense of alienation tends to reduce.

Jupiter moving into Leo on the 16th means his year long occupation of your sign ends. Over the last year many of you have had a rather indulgent time with luck, and growth it has been enjoyable. Before the 16th those just enjoying the remaining quality of that happy energy are born after July 18th.Travel and good times can roll. From Leo, Jupiter suggests benefits from financial /security issues, as he will be occupying your solar 2nd house for a year.

When Saturn moves direct on the 20th a practical way forward can be accessed in a very constructive way, when it comes to romantic, creative or offspring issues.

Neptune inspires if born June 27th-30th. Your work needs to express your heartfelt beliefs.

The full Moon in your opposite sign of Capricorn on the 12th suggests that those born July 12th-14th may experience on the 12th a bit of an enlightening event re a partnership.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Despite your ability to cope with stress, you may be very aware of the disruptions at large.

However the good news for your sign is that Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th where he will stay for a year, during which time all of you will have your turn in the Sun, feeling positive and as if life is on your side. Initially after the 16th those first blessed are born up to July 28th. For this group romance and confidence glows, artistic and creative abilities shine, travel and progress is in the air. It is also quite a fertile period generally, physically and metaphorically.

However July normally for Leo is a time for some quiet contemplation, which may be necessary for some reason. Behind-the-scenes dealings and activities are dominating.

Before the 18th friendships and social life are a pull, despite a retreatist mood, but after the 18th many of you find your sense of kindness and compassion is private and love life is clandestine. From the 2nd personal projects and friends become more user friendly.

Before the 26th Mars in Libra encourages all born after August 10th to have a very intelligent and proactive approach to life with confidence and successful activity. However importantly after the 26th when Mars moves into Scorpio, domestic stresses and family pressures become powerful. Notably those first affected are born in late July. In fact there is a danger after the 26th that some late July born Leos may be a little over-confident and others may be resentful. 

Saturn continues to haunt those born between August 8th and 10th. This is a long haul when one feels frustrated and blocked, and difficult realities are being faced. However from the 20th there will definitely be windows and doors opening to show you a way forward.

Uranus inspires and excites those born August 8th-10th. Travel and metaphysical issues can attract and liberate. A big picture awakening is in the ether.

The new Moon in your sign is on the 26th inspiring those born July 26th-28th to see a welcome new chapter being born in life, notably strong as it conjuncts to Jupiter now newly in your sign.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Keep calm and carry on is a phrase that many of us may put in operation this month as the world acknowledges significant shifts. Fortunately for your sign you are likely to be observers.

This can be a sociable month for you all as the Sun is in your solar 11th house of friendships and goals, and from the 2nd many of you may feel that professional blocks are somehow remedied, and after the 13th, communications with others are easy and productive.

Your charms can benefit you professionally before the 18th and after that date for all born between August 29th and September 9th, warmth, friendship and romance can lighten life.

Before the 26th energy is likely to be expended in finding financial security and boosting your financial potential and after the 26th all born up to August 28th will feel a surge in their intellectual vigour and physical energy, which is positively manifested.

Jupiter’s move away from Cancer into Leo suggests that before the 16th when Jupiter moves sign, all born after September 19th should enjoy a final fling of growth, confidence, luck and benefits from friends and working in groups, and your charisma is shining. Travel is benefited.

However after the 16th emphasis is on quiet protection and hidden good fortune over the next year. The year ahead prepares for a launch in August 2015.

From the 20th many of you will find that communications become more effective. Your mind is more in control, and indeed if born around September 10th self-discipline and patience is your strong point. You are feeling very grounded.

Neptune opposing the Suns of those born August 29th-September1st still brings for this group a danger of self deception or others being less than upfront in relationship areas. Try and see reality rather than projected wishful thinking, but compassion for others is strong.

Pluto brings power romantically and creatively to the elbows of all born September.3rd-6th. Not for you the self-effacing shy Virgo archetype.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Your sign being cardinal is one of the four signs likely to be feeling the current cosmic stresses more than others. It is a time of the unexpected, some power struggles and some confrontational episodes. Much that has been buried is likely to show itself in a rather demanding way and life can be very left field in some way.

Before the 18th if born after October 1st good news and positive experiences are however likely, related to overseas or long-distance issues, as indeed they are for legal and academic pursuits.  Mercury moving direct on the 2nd brings a sense of the green light going on so you can move forward with plans, including travel and academic pursuits.

Mars in your sign before the 26th warns many of you born after October 11th to beware that there is a strong sense that others are going to be tough in their dealings with you and you yourself are surprisingly more assertive than usual and you will have to stand up and be counted, but draw boundaries around unacceptable bullying.  In your eternal battle between self-assertion and self-surrender the former may have to bravely prevail.

The advent of Jupiter into Leo on the 16th is good news for your sign as he is in harmonious angular relationship to your Libra and this month it brings for those born up to September 28th a boost to social life. Opportunities are there to be grabbed and also leadership skills are underscored. Friends also come up trumps.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the unpredictable in relationships if born October 9th to 11th. Others are behaving in a chaotic way, but it is potentially liberating. They are bringing you opportunities for growth and innovation, despite the sense of insecurity that is on the table.

If born October 4th-7th, there are power struggles in the air, both within self and externally and domestic conditions may be areas of needed change. A growing awareness of a need to own your own power and independence may needs acknowledged, without it being abusive.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

You will be aware of some turmoil on the planet this month but many of you will just observe

This is an excellent time for your sign for travel, vacations and long-distance dealings, and after the 2nd the green light goes on for a lack of hitches. 

 The movement of Jupiter into Leo after the 16th, having been in Cancer for a year, suggests that before the 16th all born after November 18th should enjoy the benefit that Jupiter can bring re a feel-good factor, good luck and love and expansion of horizons, metaphysically and physically.  After the 16th, for all of you, career becomes a little more protected and favoured, but there is a danger over the next year that many of you at times may suffer from a little excess confidence or from biting off more than you can chew professionally. Initially those so-affected after the 16th are born October 23rd to 28th.

Mars moves into your sign on the 26th which will give for many of you, notably if born November 23rd to 28th, a sense of real drive, ambition, zeal and assertiveness that can tip over into over-assertiveness/obsessive tendencies. The second half of the month for this group can tempt a bit of a push too far and arrogance can be counter-productive.

For all born October 29th to November 9th love, travel and academic satisfaction are in the air.

Saturn is now once again sitting fairly and squarely on the Suns of those born November 8th to 10th. For this group, reality checks and some karmic lessons are hovering. Do not ignore them or kick the can down the road, for after the 20th you are able to start to put things right.  Look after health and you may feel oppressed by responsibilities which need honoured and also some bullets have to be bitten.

 Neptune is still enhancing the sensibilities if born October 29th-November 1st. Idealism re love life and magic round children is in the air and the creative font is truly inspired.

Also your ruler Pluto is favouring those born November 4th-7th, bringing extra Scorpionic power, depth of insight and incisive communication skills.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd- December 21st

The very good news for you this month is that Jupiter moves on the 16th into your fellow fire sign of Leo which will for the next 12 months benefit you all at some point in terms of long-distance issues, and academic and/or legal and publishing issues, and will bring a general feeling of upswing of energy and luck. Initially after the 16th those most benefiting are born November 22nd to 27th.

Unless you have significant planets in Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra, this month’s grand cross /square chaos isn’t directly influencing your sign in particular.

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd, bringing a sense of breakthrough and progression in all things to do with relationships, notably if born after December 16th, and before the 18th all born after November 30th can look forward to a fillip in all relationships as affections flourish.

Energy is wisely directed especially towards group goals before the 26th if born after December 10th. After the 26th for all of you, energy becomes a little more private and it is important not to sit on resentments.

Financial frustrations may start to resolve for many of you as from the 20th when Saturn moves direct and for those born December 8th to 10th, Uranus continues to bring a sense of the welcome in terms of awakening you to new possibilities, new futures and innovation, both within and without.

Neptune’s influence is currently strong if born November 28th –December 1st. For this group there is a need to be wary of illusion, delusion, deception and over idealism, as there are smoke and mirror factors around. All may feel confused and uncertain and no major decisions that are irreversible should be made in important matters. Watch and wait for the Fog to lift on its own, which it will eventually. Allow your ego to take a back seat. In the meantime avoid excessive escapism and get sleep and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and life, especially being near the sea. The world of music, film and the arts attract and bring solace.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Your sign is implicated in the grand cross that is in the zeitgeist now and this may be a rather turbulent month and one in which you can grow considerably if you handle with care. However relationship issues can be a powerful area and changes are in the air, and indeed those born in the first week of January may find you have to stand up and be counted, and if born around the 6th to 8th of January, beware that the unpredictable is very much in the ether.

Before the 26th for all born after January 8th, impulsiveness, impatience and over-assertion can cause challenge with those you deal with in your professional capacity.

Jupiter after a year long visit, is leaving your opposite sign on the 16th. He moves into Leo then. Before the 16th, all born after January 16th will enjoy a positive time with a celebration and expansiveness in relationships, but beware pushing the boat out too far, trusting too much or being over-generous. After the 2nd many of you will find work runs more smoothly.

Jupiter’s move into Leo for a year from the 16th puts emphasis on profounder issues of life. Deeper feelings need some exploring and it can bring advantage re complex financial issues and assets gained via others, and the ability to help others with their resources is underlined.

After the 18th, if born up to January 7th, affections and romance blossom and after the 2nd, delays work-wise get cleared, but from the 13th you all gain from healing communications.

Saturn, your ruler, acts as a great steadier and grounder if born around January 7th, and after the 20th there is a sense that you are more in control of any situation that is frustrating you.

However you will need that steadying influence as Uranus is bringing roller coaster rides.

Neptune still is bringing a hint of magic to those born December 27th-30th.your heart and soul are engaging with your mind bring great sensitivity, compassion and creative input.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the12th targeting those born January 10th-12th. For this group the day can see eruptions in relationships and endings of chapters are possible.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

The very good news, despite the fact that it is a troublesome month, is that Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Leo on the 16th, bringing for you all at some point in the next year, a sense of expansion, growth, benefit and as always with Jupiter opposition, also a sense of over-extravagance and over-indulgence, so moderation will not go amiss. Initially those born January 21st to 25th are targeted this month after the 16th.

The cardinal grand cross operative now may stir up issues to do with the past, work and possibly academic and travel issues, but you are not directly affected as a sign. Some power struggles are in the air.

After the 2nd the green light goes on in all creative issues and to issues to do with romance and offspring, and after the 13th communications can work wonders in your working life.

Before the 18th all born after January 27th are experiencing attention, acceleration of love life, and increased aesthetic skills. After the 18th your charms work well in career.

Before the 26th, Mars brings intellectual vigour to all born after February 6th. Confidence intellectually and purposeful travel is well starred. After the 26th all born up to January 25th need to be a little careful about being over-pushy and impatient professionally, and indeed others may be challenging.

Saturn is bringing some stresses now if born February 4th to 6th. Work is feeling very challenging and some reality checks are at hand that need long, honest, careful inspection; although after the 20th there will be a sense that you are more in control of changing the dynamic.  Uranus your ruler is now bringing to all born February 3rd-6th a feeling of extra desire to be authentically true to self, with greater freedom and innovation at hand. You are being blessed by an extra dose of your true outside the box intuitive awareness.

The new Moon falls in your opposite sign of Leo on the 26th potentially bringing to all born January 23rd –25th an extra sense of the initiation of the new and expansive in relationships.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

The stressful transits now in operation, particularly in the first 2 weeks do not directly affect you, but you will be aware of the energies around you and none of us will be untouched.

Creativity, speculative ventures and children are real forces for you now and issues connected to home, real estate and family get moving after the 2nd when Mercury goes direct, and indeed from the 13th, all of you will feel a boost to intellectual energy, and enhanced communication skills allow breakthroughs, notably romantically, creatively and with offspring.

After the 18th all born between February 24th and March 7th can expect increased input from Cupid and the artistic talents flourish.

There may be some stress re money for you all, but this may reflect big picture issues.

After the 26th all born up to February 24th will feel a surge of energy and issues to do with academic study and travel can be successful and flourish.

The big news is that Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th leaving your fellow water sign of Cancer, so that before the 16th all born after March 16th will be anointed with the blessings of Jupiter which brings luck, fulfilment, confidence and travel.

After the 16th Jupiter’s move into Leo brings the focus of benefit into your solar 6th house relating to routine work and health issues which should feel supported for the next 12 months.

Neptune your ruler brings a sense of either divine inspiration and spiritual awareness or confusion and possible delusion to those born Feb 25-27th. Keep grounded. If born March 1st- 4th Pluto brings a touch of destiny and purpose with leadership power. Friends are transformative

Meanwhile Saturn steadies the tiller for those born March 6th to 8th and from the 20th when Saturn moves direct, there is a sense of the green light coming on and you can control affairs, particularly long-distance and legal, but realise that this is a tumultuous period globally..