Thursday, 31 August 2017


Mercury moving direct from the 5th will be very constructive for many, as goals get furthered and communications become clearer.  Strong multi planetary emphasis on Virgo (purity and environment) this month will also flag up environmental issues, with increased realisation of a need for change to a more sustainable and planet protecting policies. Mars moving into in Virgo from the 5th will underscore this. Not least because of current extreme weather events worldwide in Asia, India and the USA, which will alert people to the real effects of climate change, despite the deniers.

Talking of climate change deniers, in the first week of the month, Mars will be at 29 degrees of Leo, which is exact on Trump’s ascendant, having on the 31st of August, triggered its own place in his chart, hence he will be rather explosive in temperament, re foreign policy in particular, in those opening days of the month. There is however, if we get past this period unscathed, a small, if temporary respite from the warlike noises of July and August thankfully and Uranus is in positive mode, as is Pluto, so there should be at the least a feeling of more optimism and progress in constructive news on the planet.
Trump still (since the beginning of July) has Saturn conjunct his Moon and moving to oppose his Sun from the 26th staying there till half way through October.  This protracted every 30-year assault/learning curve from Saturn brings events and karma that are not easy.  However with Pluto still squaring his Jupiter (since July and every aprox 124 years) he will remain in fighting mode till mid December. This transit also creates significant power struggles with others with powerful wills (including family).
The last few days of the month sees Saturn square up to the natal degree of Neptune in the USA chart. This will see the dawning of very significant reality checks in that country, not least in economic terms and in international standing and reputation, but also re its president, as wake up calls are huge.

The last week of the month sees Jupiter oppose Uranus in the heavens. This once every 12-year event will embolden many to take a rather risky leap into a future, perceived as freer and more exciting. An adrenalin rush is in the air. It may also manifest as a feat of technology that is revolutionary, but with possible unpredictable outcomes.

 The problem with leaps in technological capabilities however, is that they are not always matched by leaps in wisdom.

Neptune (an outer planet so it has generational effect in its influence) now in Pisces till 2025/2026 and since 2011, creates a backdrop of a renewed sense of a need to honour the natural world and has awoken us as to how much we have sacrificed it on the altar of our consumption and greed.  However, all born with Neptune in Pisces will be a generation greatly affected by this awareness and in their essence there will be a powerful desire to value and protect nature and its creatures.

They will realise that the natural world can sustain our need, but not our greed.

This month days when there are however some smoke and mirrors and deceptive circumstances geopolitically very pronounced are on the 4/5th, the 20th, and the 24th/25th.  The Sun, Mercury and Mars respectively will then be opposing Neptune and this creates confusion and possible misjudgement of facts and slight of hand. This energy is also an influence on us all individually too.

The Moon is full on the 6th at 13 degrees of Pisces,  (exactly on Teresa May’s natal Mars.) Some eruptions are in the air on that day (not least for her perhaps).  The full Moon brings things to a close, as truths will out and the brooding unconscious is unleashed.

The new Moon is on the 20th at 27 degrees of Virgo. New starts are in the air and a renewed sense of confidence. 


It really is a month to concentrate on everyday routine work and to rationalise this if possible.
Before the 10th, focus in terms of communications is on romantic and creative life.  However, from the 5th, when Mercury moves direct, breakthroughs will feel a relief.  After the 10th, again, work needs your attention.  

Before the 20th, for all born after March 27th, the affections and romance and enjoyment of life and creative skills are enhanced. 

After the 20th, once again, work and health issues are in a very positive light 
 Before the 5th, all born after April 16th are in determined mode.  Creatively and in romantic areas there is a drive and a will to achieve in a very successful way.  Again, after the 5th it’s back to more mundane issues.  

 Jupiter is enhancing the relationship area for all born April 10th to 18th.  Other people are generous, other cultures may dominate your life, and there are general benefits from others, but don’t let other people tempt you into being more adventurous or confident than is realistic.
 However, there is a strong sense of the brakes being on for those born April 10th to 13th.  For this group there is discipline and hard work needed and you are required to step up to the plate, so do what is necessary and loyalty and duty and hard work connected to travel is a strong possibility, but work done and duty done now will pay off in the long term. 

 Uranus is still really exciting the lives of those born April 16th to 19th.  There is a continued restlessness, which you have experienced for a while now.  The unexpected is in the air.  You surprise yourself and others and events are very left field.  Just keep calm.  Enjoy the journey.  Try not to throw babies out with bathwater, but know you are awakening and enlightening to a new consciousness and this will go on until early 2019, so don’t push the river.  Don’t rush. Watch the change; and even changes that are uncomfortable ultimately are part of your destiny.  

 Finally, Pluto, since 2016, has been squaring the Suns of those born April 5th to 8th.  This continues until the end of the year.   Some power struggles and profound changes in your work have been dealt and will continue to be, hopefully wisely.  Fate is around.  Keep good motive.


 This is a month for enjoyment, fun and sociability.  Notably for those born after April 29th.
 After the 5th, a lot of issues that have been difficult, blocked, or restricted or frustrating will clear. 

 After the 10th, for all of you, communications with offspring, spouses, lovers and all creative ventures go very well; and your mind is articulate.  

 Before the 20th, all born after April 28th will be feeling very indulgent and enjoying the good life.  Just be aware of lacking moderation.  

 However, after the 20th for all born up to May 4th love life is underlined.  Affections are strong and offspring are a joy; and those with a creative bent, flourish.
 Before the 5th however, Mars is slightly challenging for those born after May 17th.  There is a definite need to stop and think before you react or speak, particularly around home and family, as you are a little bit like a bull in a china shop.  Impatience is in the air and others will not respond kindly to this.

 However, after the 5th, for all born up to May 8th, you’re in constructive mode and nothing’s going to stop you creatively and constructively dealing with projects that involve enjoyment, love life and offspring.  

 Neptune is continuing to inspire and sensitise the lives of those born May 2nd to 4th.  This long transit, since March, continues strongly until March 2018; and during this period you will find that your desire is to have your heart satisfied as well as your idealism and your humanitarian, compassionate and sensitive side.  Your creative side needs celebrating and understanding and accepting.  Certain psychic qualities are also likely to be triggered.  

 Finally, for all born May 6th to 9th, Pluto continues in his long journey to inspire, empower and re-invent your life somehow.  Opportunities that are long distance and connected to expanding your mind and consciousness are all around and you can recognise potential and power (use wisely) that you have never really felt before.  Enjoy.


 Home issues predominate.  Focus lies with family.  Your ruler, Mercury finally moves direct on the 5th, allowing your thoughts and speech to be clearly understood and for blocks and restrictions to life to lift.  After the 10th, all of you again, will find that there is a great need for expressing yourself and communicating on the home front.  

 Before the 20th, those born after May 28th are able to combine heart with mind; and your charms and your empathy are strong.  Writers excel.  

 However, after the 20th, for all born up to June 4th, your desire to enjoy life and to indulge may exceed the bank balance; and spending generously on the home and family needs a little caution. 
 Before the 5th, however, all born after June 18th have a very strong sense of determination to get heard and that may be because of the frustrations of your ruler being retrograde.  However, your actions and your courage are noteworthy and positive.
 After the 5th, for all born up to June 8th, your energies may be causing some problems, as you are easily irritated and rather impulsive; and you may waste time on bickering.  Impatience is strong.  Have a care. 

 Jupiter, however is gracing the lives for those born June 11th to 20th.  Creative talents are flourishing.  Confidence, travel, loves life has all got great support and optimism; and relationships are particularly beneficial and happy. 

 However, for those born June 11th to 14th, despite Jupiter’s protection, are feeling that something or someone is blocking their path to complete happiness.  Get rest, Be patient.  Step up to the plate and do what is necessary in terms of duty, obligation and pragmatism.  At least Jupiter is acting as a cavalry effect..  

 Uranus, however, is still giving all those born June 18th to 20th a boost in terms of awakening you and enlightening you to new possibilities and making you restless for the innovative.  Friends and groups are inspiring you.  You are discovering new dimensions of self and life; and technology and the innovative can be a great boost.  This remains with you, on and off, until March 2019.  Enjoy.
 Finally, those born around June 2nd to 4th are still dealing with Neptune’s square to your Sun, which will be with you strongly until March 2018.  This continues to bring over-idealism and potential confusion, or look through rose coloured spectacles.  You have had to be very careful to honour your heart and to realise that there is a need to let your career express your emotional side, not just your strong rational side.  Watch out for deceptive circumstances round others and be true to yourself, but enjoy nature and the arts, as that is very healing.


 Your mind is sharp and alert this month.  However, after the 5th you will really notice the benefits of this, when Mercury moves direct.  Communications with others, particularly siblings, will be enhanced.  Notably after the 10th when your mind is in good form. 

 After the 20th all born up to July 5th will have an extra dimension of love and harmony and sensitivity added to your thoughts and communications; and augers very well for the writers amongst you.

 After the 5th, all born up to July 9th will feel strong willed and determined and constructive in your thoughts and utterances.  People listen and admire.  Your constructive strength should not be underestimated. 

 If born July 13th to 21st, Jupiter is currently squaring your Sun, which does tend to a little over-confidence, possibly some arrogance and maybe pushing out the boat too far.  Have a bit of caution, but do enjoy this expansive period.  

 Uranus, for those born July 19th to 22nd, is however continuing with his square to your Sun, which does hang around until around March 2019; and this energy can feel; and has done for some time, quite disruptive, particularly in your working and professional life.  There is restlessness and there is the unpredictable in the air; and other and work conditions may be going through a stage of uncertainty.  This will ultimately liberate you, but just watch, ride and be flexible.  This is a journey. 

 All born around July 3rd and 4th are being truly inspired through to early 2018.  Other countries and higher learning are bringing out your most sensitive and aware self.  Empathy, caring and compassion is strong.  Spiritual and creative pursuits are very favoured.
 Finally, all born July 8th to 11th are continuing to find that life has got a fated quality about it and that certain relationships are going through significant changes, as you realise that you cannot be controlled or manipulated.  By the end of the year this will have been resolved.  Meantime, stay strong, draw lines, do not abuse power and do not sink to other people’s levels of behaviour if they do.  Endings are followed by phoenixes out of the ashes. 


 The focus is very much on finances this month, being Virgo’s month, which is your Solar Second House; and from the 5th, any blocks or restrictions that you have been experiencing are likely to lift; and from the 10th, finances may run a little more smoothly.
 Before the 20th, Venus is in your sign is, for all born after July 28th, enhancing your charms, and bringing love and affection to your door.  Enjoyment predominates.  However, from the 20th, financial dealings and favours can enhance your life.  

 Before the 5th, Mars is in your sign and very much affecting you if born after August 19th. There is drive and ambition for this group, which can tip into assertiveness – which is excellent for the rest of us.  Courage and determination is at the least yours.  

 After the 5th, many of you may find that others and yourself express assertion in financial issues. 
 Jupiter is supportive now of all born August 13th to 21st.  A certain amount of luck is yours and intelligent action, which can bring progress; and certain benevolence is also yours too. 

 On top of which, Saturn is for the very small group of those born August 13th to 16th, pressurising you to be very mature, pragmatic, dutiful, loyal and face up to facts and step up to the plate and achieve what your obligations tell you to.  Responsibilities in love life, around offspring and in speculation are yours to see through. 

 For all born August 19th to 22nd, you still have Uranus trining your Suns.  For this group, there is an ongoing sense of liberation, freedom, the new, the innovative, particularly connected to legal issues and overseas issues; and possibly being awakened, through study, to new dimensions of consciousness.  Belief in uniqueness is strong and enabled and other people are very much catalysts for this new consciousness that is liberating.


 This is your month when there is lots of emphasis on your sign, so power to your elbow and a great sense of the life force is being focused on you.  Your ruler, Mercury, moves direct on the 5th, which will bring a relief, particularly a psychological relief, that finally maybe things can start moving forward, having been on hold since the middle of August; and indeed after the 10th, all of you will really feel the strength of your mental skills finally being put to good use, appreciated and bringing good results and your communication levels will speed up remarkably. 

 Before the 20th, if born after August 30th, there will be a sense of well being in your inner psychological self; and behind the scenes good deeds will be very much appreciated. 

 After the 20th, if born up to September 6th, your own charms and affections are underlined; and love life is strong and your ability to attract love and money is underlined.  

 After the 5th, all born up to September 10th have Mars going through your sign and over your Suns, which will bring a great deal of assertiveness, determination, courage and constructive power.  Just ensure it doesn’t tip into slightly aggressive impatience.  It will be hard for you to take no for an answer.
 Saturn is rather challenging now for those born September 13th to 16th.  This has been going on for over a month, but will lift next month.  There has been a feeling of block and restriction in your actions and it may have come from home or family issues, or to do with real estate.  It is also a time when you can feel tired and everything feels like an uphill struggle.  Keep disciplined, focussed and working hard, but patience is your virtue right now.  Get the rest that you need. 

 Neptune continues, in his very long protracted transit of your Sun, if born September 4th to 6th; and will do so until March 2019.  This is a journey where you have felt very much an element of uncertainty, confusion and shades of grey around other people.  You may have idealised people and you may also have been vulnerable to other people’s lack of sincerity or plain deception; and it is important that you maintain your vigilance and do not take everything at face value.  However, it is also true that your desire for your heart to sing is strong, for there is increased spiritual awareness and creative appreciation and also appreciation of nature, which all needs to be acknowledged and fed.  Just beware of escapism of a negative sort.  Music and the film world can however be very healing.
 Finally Pluto is really empowering for those born September 8th to 11th and has been since early 2016.  This is a period of real regeneration and transformation and self-reinvention through love life, children or creative gifts.  Enjoy. 

The Moon is new in your sign on the 20th at 27 degrees of your sign. Hence for those born around the 20th, there is likely to be a sense on your birthday of a new chapter being born and where you feel happily more at one with yourself and confidently focused than usual.


After the 5th, there will be a relief in terms of your goals and your social life becoming a little more straightforward and less subject to confusion and misunderstandings and hiccups will get resolved.  This very strong emphasis on Virgo this month would point to much behind the scenes activity, privacy and also dealings with issues and people that are very much connected to the past; and kindness to others and empathy and service will be flagged up.  Not least after the 20th when your ruling planet Venus moves through your solar 12th house; and love life takes on a rather private dimension.  

 Before the 5th however, if born after October 20th, your ability to influence other people and to be a leader should not be under-estimated.  Social life takes on a strong force in your life; and which you can use very much to your advantage and where you can be very much the driver of a very good and positive outcome.

 However, after the 5th, there is a need for you all to remember not to sit on anger.  Express it calmly to the right person, at the right place, at the right time. 

 Jupiter is very favourable now to those born October 14th to 22nd, as he transits your Suns.  He did this twice before – the end of December 2016/January 2017 and then again end of February and March 2017 and this is the final hit, before he disappears for 12 years.  This, quite simply, will bring optimism, positivity, joy, luck, travel and at the least protection.  He will also bring wisdom and a certain amount of belief in self and confidence that will carry you far. 

 However, for those born October 14th to 17th, there will be an additional energy of Saturn, positively enhancing your discipline, focus, patience and hard work capacity, which bring extra success.  It also brings intelligence and wisdom in thought and communication.  A very progressive period. 

 For all born October 20th to 23rd, there is an additional energy with the planet Uranus continuing to oppose your Suns.  This dynamic and rather unpredictable energy has been hovering around the Suns of this group since June and will continue to do so until around March 2019.  Other people are the sources of disruption and their surprising behaviour or desire for freedoms, or their inspirations to you can be life changing; and although upsetting, ultimately will catapult you on to a new and better road, but equally, unusual and unconventional and rather maverick people can awaken you to new conceptions and new ideas, but just be cautious that you don’t allow other people to be too disruptive. 

Finally, if born October 9th to 12, be aware that you are still in a phase of life where you need to liberate yourself from the old in order to give birth to the new; and internal struggles are part of the process, but keep conscious, cool and calm and take charge of your destiny without anger.


Friendships and goals, social life figure strongly this month; and frustrations around work will be relieved from the 5th as clarity rules. 

From the 10th, the power of your communications to make your goals happen is restored.  
Beware before the 20th, if born after October 30th of being hypocritical or sycophantic at work.
After the 20th, if born up to November 6th, your ability to show love and affection and creativity in terms of your leadership abilities and your goals and working with others is admirable and friends can turn into romantic partners.  

 However, a warning to those born after November 19th that before the 5th, there is a slight danger of you being a little bit too assertive in your working capacity.  Irritation and impatience can your worst enemy and do not be coercive.  Indeed you may also suffer the same at the hands of others.  Handle it with wisdom and calm.

 However, after the 5th, if born up to November 10th, your techniques and drives and confidence are well-expressed and constructed for self and others.

 Neptune is very much a sensitising influence now for all those born November 4th to 6th.  This influence, which has been going on since earlier in the year, continues to be strong until March 18th and indeed you will never lose it completely.  It has sensitised your soul, has put a focus on your heart and your emotions, particularly when it comes to love life, the arts and one’s offspring.  It has awoken a more spiritual and less material side, with empathy and compassion and sensitivity and intuition about others has flourished.  

 Finally, your ruler Pluto has been sextiling the Suns of those born November 8th to 11th since early 2016 and continues to until the end of the year.  This has, and continues to bring intelligent power to your door, particularly in directing and helping other people with leadership skills that are intelligent, sensitive, regenerative and transformative; and provided these skills are used for the greater good and not just for yourself, this is a very satisfactory period. 


 Quite a lot of focus is on work this month as there is so much emphasis on your solar tenth house of Virgo.  

 However, after the 5th, there may well be a feeling of relief for many of you as communications and progress clarifies.  

For all of you there is still a need to be absolutely certain that you are all talking from the same page, particularly professionally.  

 Before the 20th, for all born after November 28th, love and travel can go hand in hand and general feeling of harmony with other predominates.  Harmony comes from study and travel.
 After the 20th, however, if born up to December 5th, ensure that you are genuine at work and not exercising charm, just to get your own way, bur certainly charm will help.

 From the 5th, Mars will, for all born after December 17th bring a great feeling of determination, courage, focus, especially connected to study, travel and legal issues.  You are ideologically very passionate as well. 

 However, after the 5th, for all born up to December 9th, beware that impatience irritability and over-assertiveness does not rebound you negatively in the working environment.  Also beware of people in authority maybe throwing their weight around a little.  Confrontations are possible. 

 However, for all born December 12th to 20th, Jupiter is smiling on you.  It is a great time for friendships, for helpful people, for good contacts, for networking and for leadership skills.  Travel, confidence and potential growth and luck is in the air. 

 However, some of you will really need this protection as Saturn is sitting on the Suns of those born December 12th to 15th.  This is a long drawn out stressful transit that you have been enduring.  Blocks, restrictions, tiredness, some financial anxiety possible have all be haunting you.  This will resolve with patience, determination, focus, hard work by late October.  Get rest when you can.
 Uranus, however, is still inspiring for those born December 18th to 21st.  Areas to do with creative world, love life, enjoyment is all being exercised with excitement and the unpredictable and you are being liberated on many levels to a new sense of your own uniqueness. 

 However, for born around December 4th, you need to continue to keep vigilant about escapism, over-idealism and maybe even trusting too much.  Getting plenty of sleep and being near the sea will help.


This is an excellent month for travel and for long distance issues and holidays for many of you.  Also legal issues can be favourable, particularly after the 5th when Mercury moves direct, when travel hiccups are smoothed and academic progress is underlined. 

 From the 20th, for all born up to January 4th will also find that love life and happiness is very much hand in hand with travelling and learning.  An enhanced consciousness is yours. 

 After the 5th, all born up to January 8th will have a great sense of constructive energy, ambition, determination and intelligent action.  Notably in travel and in study; and success is assured in those areas, although prior to that, many of you may be putting a lot of effort into enduring complex financial are sorted out and indeed intimate relationships as well. 

 For those born January 11th to 19th, Jupiter is currently squaring your Sun.  This does imply that there is a danger of over-reaching or over-ambition and even for you a rather unconfident side may be a little bit of arrogance in ambition.  At the very least you will be having a good time with self-indulgence.  Just ensure that others don’t feel that you are pushing too far, particularly in the working environment. 

 Uranus however, is still causing some unpredictability and restlessness within and without for those born January 16th to 19th.  Domestic circumstances and family issues may be making you feel as if you are on the edge of your seat.  This long transit is a journey, not an arrival and ultimately wakes you up to new dimensions.  

 Neptune is inspiring those born around January 3rd.  The heart is opened and your thinking is combined far more with your emotions than it has been before.  Your sensitivities and your artistic and spiritual nature is flourishing. 

 However, if born January 6th to 9th, you are until the end of the year, completing a period of real transition in terms of your power.  Endings of chapters have been in the air and continue to be so.  This is about self-reinvention, transformation and regeneration; and sometimes you have to go through the dark to get to the light.  Destiny is in the ether.


 It is quite important this month to focus on intimate relationships and complex money issues; and after the 5th, relationship issues in general can start to become more concrete and secure. 

 Before the 20th, if born after January 26th, romance and love life flourish and your charms attract positive vibes from other people and you attract affection. 

 Before the 5th, however, if born after February 15th, there is a potential for attracting who are rather assertive or even aggressive.  Confrontations are possible.  It is important that you are not too rigid, fixed or impulsive in dealings with others. 

 However, if born February 9th to 17th, Jupiter is bringing good fortune from long distance connections.  It is very good for travel and holidays.  This is very good for academic success and growth and a general feeling of well being, inner and or outer.  

 If born February 9th to 12th, Saturn is bringing much stability through hard work and discipline and patience and maturity to your lives.  Obligations and duties are accepted with honour and consciousness, with constructive, positive results in the offing, particularly in obligations to other people in leadership roles.

 Your ruler Uranus continues to bring out your Aquarian best if born February 15th to 18th.  Your mind is super intuitive.  You have eureka moments and you are able to communicate to self and others in a way that is outside the box, universal and even existential in its understanding and insight.  Study of the less mainstream subjects inspire you.

 It is very much about other people and relationships this month.  From the 5th, when Mercury moves direct, you will find that you can really sort problems out with others, as communications become much clearer.

 After the 10th, for all of your, there is a great sense that people everywhere are listening to you; and you receive very good and intelligent communications from others as well, which are constructive. 

 After the 20th, if born up to March 4th, love life can take a turn for the better and there is definitely a feeling that Cupid is in the air and you attract much affection and what you give is reciprocated.
 After the 5th however, one needs to be a little bit aware that if born up to March 8th, Mars may well bring into your orbit some people who are a little on the challenging side; and you have to be careful that you do not invite this, by being over-assertive yourself.  Others may confront you and test your resolve.  Stop and count to ten before you react. 

 Saturn is less than helpful if born March 11th to 14th.  Responsibilities, obligations and duties feel onerous and burdensome and blocks and restrictions prevent you moving forward and your tiredness is significant and needs respecting.  With patience and perseverance you will get through this block, but reality checks need acknowledging.  

 Neptune however, is maintaining his mesmerising grip on those born March 2nd to 4th.  There are two ways of dealing with this long transit, which will not be completely over until early next year; and which is creating two possibilities.  Either escapism, over-idealism and non-reality, or real inspiration, empathy, compassion, sensitivity and a desire to really excel in creativity.  New spirituality is around as is almost a psychic awakening but do keep rounded and avoid running away from realities, but do also listen to your heart. 

Finally, Pluto is, for those born March 6th to 9th, giving you a tremendous sense of insight, intelligence and power to affect the lives of other people for the better; and therefore to improve your own self-image.  A time of intelligent insight as to what your destiny is and how you can help others.  Use this power wisely and not for ego, but for others.  You are the steward, not the owner of the power. 

 The full Moon is at 13 degrees of Pisces on the 5th. This suggests that those born around the 3rd-5th of March, are likely to feel a sense of potential eruption that comes from ones own unconscious machinations or from another’s on that day. This may indicate a need to bring a chapter or situation to a close, or at least to confront and maybe clear away much baggage

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


All month Jupiter is squaring up to Pluto. This does indicate a period that globally is predominantly dominated by ruthless egos that care only about steamrollering (vanity) projects through for their own gains, with not much concern for the greater good. However such behaviour does attract rebellion from those who feel threatened, by any perceived abuse of power, so power struggles ensue, and unrest, at the least, is unleashed.

Till 19th Mars is still hanging around the Sun by conjunction, hence ambition is rife as are aggressive noises, if not action. So the globe is still in a tricky period as far as impulse and ruthlessness is concerned.

However the unpredictable is less rife than it was last month.

Mercury in Virgo does move into retrograde motion from the 13th and remains in retreat till September 5th.  For many this will feel like a period of frustration, delay and blocks . It can also correlate with travel disruption and and technological hiccups. Misunderstandings and confusions are also potentially rife. This period is best seen as an oportunity to rethink and revise plans and projects Getting angry and impatient is a waste of an opportunity to take time out to look at a bigger picture , pause and revise.

 On cue, as his chart clearly shows, Trump’s troubles seemed to start to be significantly underlined last month, as his son was revealed to be embroiled in controversy relating to the whole Russian election interference scandal and the internal war in the White House.  Saturn started in early July to exactly conjunct Trump’s natal Moon in 5th house i.e. trouble re children and challenge from the past as the Moon rules his 12th house. This every 30 year Saturn assault on his Moon by conjunction and opposing his Sun, more or less simultaneously, continues till half way through October. His health, both physical and mental is potentially under strain as is his political standing. This would be a very karmically difficult time for anyone. People, who withstand this, IF their conscience is clear, are usually, at the very least, humbled, as there is a realisation of the huge difficulties of a certain task/role/job they are involved in, as the realities of the challenges hit home hard. Without humility, any guilty past comes home to haunt with a vengeance under these transits. Events through till late October, in his presidency, will create a nemesis that lays the foundations that determine his ultimate presidential status.

There are 2 eclipses this month. On the 7th there is a partial Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees of Aquarius.
This is powerful in so far as it signifies endings of chapter in quite a powerful way, personally and globally, for significant numbers of people.

The total Solar eclipse on the 21st is at 28 degrees of Leo. This will be visible strongly in many parts across the USA.  Significantly, it is virtually exactly conjunct Trump’s ascendant and Mars in Leo.  This will impact him strongly, as, despite current challenges, he will feel a new surge of a rebellious confidence to compensate for his problems and any humiliations he has felt. This is likely to encourage him to indulge in even rather more compensatory rash and ruthless behaviour and he will be extremely likely to throw his weight about and enemies should beware. This however ultimately may prove for him to be hubris too far.

Interestingly and unusually Trump was born at the time of a lunar eclipse… and because his Moon in Sagittarius, therefore conjuncts his south node, this indicates that, by becoming so involved in politics, he is ideologically adopting ambitions in this life, that are connected to past stubborn views, which are outworn and which need to be left behind. Despite his posturing, he may well realise, that his best road in life was probably to have remained in the business world, as his ability to cope ideologically with a swiftly changing globe and its needs is likely to be sorely lacking. 

 Globally, July was very Uranian and Martian   and August is still very Martian, hence increased global desires to flirt with war and the recent trend towards increasingly totalitarian regimes and ambitions towards dictatorship by political leaders, have been and are very self evident.

Whether one looks at the UK constitution’s chart for 1st January 1801 or England’s chart for 25th December1066, this benighted land is also going through crisis, not least economic or in international dealings now and for the coming few years. No surprise there. Teresa May has Neptune still transiting by conjunction her Mars and this once every 165-year transit will undoubtedly now and till the beginning of 2019, at the least humble her and if she manages to hang on to her position, it will disempower her significantly. She will also, professionally, not be able to trust those around her, as deceptions and disloyalty are in the air.

The most unpredictable and chaotic days this month are around the 24/25th when Venus squares Uranus, and intense and possibly rather dark days are around the 16th when Venus opposes Pluto. 
However with 2 eclipses, this month on the 7th and 21st, there will be some game changers on our planet this month, possibly rather intensely so on the 7th.


 August for you is a time of enjoyment.   It’s party time; when you can take the initiative, have fun and be extrovert.  Romance is also more flagged up

It is important however, after the 13th, for many of you, to ensure there are no misunderstandings and miscommunications, or alternative facts haunting you at work. 

Before the 26th, you may all be tempted to be rather self-indulgent on the home and family front.  Good times are around, but curb extravagance.   After the 26th if born up to 30th, affections and passions are stimulated, as is creativity.

All born from March 28th to April 17th will be in a very constructive, energised mood, particularly romantically and creatively, as Mars stimulates you to action and positivity.

Jupiter is currently opposing the Suns of those born April 5th to 12th.  For this group, travel is very much on the cards, happy vacations; and also relationships are particularly abundant.  The only downside is over-confidence, over-indulgence and letter other people influence you a little too much. 

Saturn, however, is very constructive and mature if born April 10th to 12th.  It is good for study, serious communications, and legal matters and for long distance business. 

Uranus, still in your sign, is now directly impacting, as he was last month, those of you born around April 17th to 19th.  This influence, which will last on and off until May next year, is definitely one of restlessness and change and happens only every 84 years.  Acknowledge it, accept it, but do not be too impulsive.  Let the change happen to you.  Don’t force it. A more humanitarian and maverick attitude is growing.  You are looking outside the box. 

However, for those born around April 6th to 8th, you are in the final chapter of the transit that has been affecting you since March 2016 and it will be over by the end of this year; and it is one where there has been some internal struggle with yourself in order to gain your own rightful power and where you have possibly been in an external power struggle with someone, connected to work or career.  Very deep stuff has been dug up for you, so that you are recognising the need to assert your own uniqueness, individuality and independence and autonomy.  This is now under way towards a successful conclusion, provided you keep squeaky clean, are not coercive and what you are doing, you know is for the greater good. 


August is a month which focuses very much on home and family for your sign; and from the 13th, when Mercury moves retrograde, which he is until the 5th September, there a need just to be sure that communications in love life and with one’s offspring are allowing no room for misunderstandings; and maybe some re-thinking of plans in any speculative venture is possible, but it would be constructive.

Before the 26th, all of you will be able to utilise your charms in communications and your creativity is flagged up and harmony with siblings is underlined.  Your heart and your mind combine well. 

After the 26th, all born up to April 28th may be tempted to be lavish in their attentions and spending on home and family. Family celebrations or gatherings are indicated

However, Mars is in Leo, and therefore stressful to some extent, to those born April 27th to May 18th.  For this group, one need to be a little aware that there may well be some impatience and impulsiveness on your part and you may be a little like a bull in a china shop at home, or alternatively others on the home or family front may well be over-reactive and over assertive to you.  Also, stop and count to ten before doing anything risky, particularly at home, as you are slightly more lacking in caution in action and word, which potentially can make you a little metaphorically and literally accident prone.  Also, beware over-fixity and lack of flexibility when dealing with others.

Neptune is currently bringing a dose of hypersensitivity and empathy to those born May 3rd to 5th.  This has been in the ether for you since April and continues to affect you in this way until the beginning of 2019, and this once every approximately 82 year transit is bringing a gentleness, a sensitivity, a spirituality and a humanitarian sensibility to your door.  It is also excellent of the arts, particularly music and film.  Your heart centre is very important now. 

Pluto is currently, as he has been since March 2016, finalising his trine to you Sun, if born May 7th to 10th.  This transformative, regenerative and self-re-invention influence from Pluto is truly inspiring in terms of philosophical understandings, insights, travel, long distance associations and academic study.  It also gives courage, strength and belief in self and joy.


The summer month of August is very good for Gemini’s mind.  Communication will be important to you in a very positive way. However, your ruler, Mercury does move retrograde on the 13th and remains such until the 5th September.  All of you will need to be aware, particularly if born up to June 3rd, that family communications especially, can be the source of frustration.  Lack of clarity and uncertainty is underlined. 

After the 6th, if born up to May 29th, there is a need to have a little self-control over excessive spending and indulgence.  After the 26th, heart and mind combine for all born up to May 28th. Communication skills will be excelling

Mars however, is for those born May 28th to June 18th, giving a real constructive assertiveness to your thoughts and your speech and your communications.  You are a good negotiator.  Arguments will rarely be lost and you will enjoy a good debate.  Energy is strong and constructive.

Also, for all born June 6th to 13th, Jupiter is bringing blessings of optimism; positivity, travel, happiness, creativity and love life and affections are underlined.  A new confidence and optimism is in the air. 

However, Saturn is once again haunting those born June 11th to 13th, as he did at the end of December 2016, early January 2017.  For some weeks, there will be a sense of some block, restriction, a need to re-think goals and reality checks around situations and people that need to be taken seriously.  It is also a time to be aware that you need to look after your body and get rest and not push yourself.  Delays now offer a good reason to re-assess plans.  Just don’t lose confidence and you will see people very clearly, warts and all.

Uranus, however, is still inspiring those born around June 19th to 21st and he will do, on and off, until May next year.  Quite simply, he is inspiring your desire to work with others for the greater good, bringing confidence in your own understanding, insights and need to have interests in life that reflect your inner intuition.  Friends will be catalysts for change and you are a catalyst for others as well.  You are being awoken and you are being enlightened to yourself and to others.

Finally Neptune is still bringing a note of caution to those born around June 3rd to 5th.  Idealism is strong, but if you are in the wrong job, you may find that you are longing for something better.  The need for creativity, the arts and nature is strong, but whatever you do, be careful that you don’t fall for anybody who is less than totally sincere and certainly avoid any attempts at sleight of hand, particularly at work.


Finances may well be a healthy focus this month and be aware that from the 13th, with Mercury retrograde, that you think very carefully before you speak or write, or send an email etc.  Make sure that your words are totally clear. 

Before the 26th, Venus is in your sign.  This can only enhance your charms, your charisma and love and affection invades your life more than usual. 

Jupiter, currently in Libra, is bringing for those born July 7th to 15th, a sense of well-being, comfort and happiness, but also extravagance and possibly a little over-reaching, particularly connected to domestic issues, real estate and home.  Enjoy. 

Uranus, however, is still creating restlessness and the unpredictable in the lives of those born July 20th to 22nd and has been so doing since late June and will not be completely finished with his journey until May 2018.  This once every 42-year square to your Sun is bringing particularly restlessness and unpredictability in your working life.  It is a time where the need for change is strong and it may be forced upon you, or you may be choosing it, but either way, acknowledge it is something that ultimately will liberate you, even if the initial disruption is a little unnerving.  The time has come to be kick started into a newer, more appropriate future for you.

Neptune is still being very kind in his once every 84-year transit to the Suns of those born July 4th to 7th.  Since April 2017, still strong and with you until January 2019, there is a sense that your gradually evolving into an emotionally intelligent and more sensitive being. Your heart centre is stronger than ever, your idealism, your creativity and your empathy and sensitivity to others, particularly the downtrodden and the vulnerable is significant now.  Being near water, nature and through inspiring travel you are growing and heart centre is undeniable.

However, if born July 9th to 11th, Pluto is in his final lap of a transit that only happens once every 165 years; and which started in March 2016 and is going to be over by end of the year. This can involve an experience of confrontation with someone that has undoubtedly brought you to be in a stronger position, through your ability to handle it wisely.  Keep squeaky clean, draw boundaries and if necessary, walk away. 


Your month; and therefore there is a desire to be centre stage and to shine.

With Mercury now being in Virgo and retrograde from the 13th, there is however, a need for you all to be aware for the coming three weeks that finances may well be subject to confusion and misunderstandings in dealings.  Keep squeaky clean and crystal clear. 

Venus moves into your sign on the 26th, affecting those born up to July 30th.  For this group, from that date, there will be an added dollop of love and affection in your life and your own warmth and charm will be significantly greater than usual.

Mars is also in your sign this month, which one has to be a little bit cautious of, particularly if born July 29th to August 20th.  For this group there is a distinct need to differentiate between assertion and aggression in attitude.  You are determined.  You are ambitious and you are driven on all levels that can be very constructive, provided motive is good and ruthlessness is avoided.  There is however a chance that it is someone else who brings over-assertiveness to your door, but one has to ask if one has attracted it. 

Jupiter is benevolent now if born August 8th to 15th.  He is bringing wisdom, support, luck, positivity and confidence. 

Saturn is being supportive in a different and constructive way with maturity and discipline and reality if born August 13th to 15th.  Hard work will pay off; as will obligation and duty to those one loves.

Uranus is also inspiring now; and been since the end of June; and will continue to be, on and off until May 2018, for all born August 20th to 22nd.  Long distance issues, study, travel, legal issues and academic pursuits can be truly inspiring and life changing and awaken you to new understandings and insights which can be liberating.  Other people may well be catalysts for this and relationships can certainly bring a refreshing input into your life.  Many of you will be able to see a bigger picture beyond your own subjectivity.

 If born around August 7th-9th the lunar eclipse on the 7th, may be quite an important dat . A time of eruptive endings or insights that can be quite powerful in affecting your insights and realisations about self and others.

If born around August 21st, the solar eclipse on the 21st will potentially bring a sense of a rejuvenation of the new and where difficult issues can get catapulted somehow away. This can feel like a sort of safety valve.


Some alone time can be beneficial this month and privacy and behind the scenes dealing can dominate. 

However, Mercury, your ruling planet in your sign, does move retrograde from the 13th and stays that way until the 5th of September.  That would imply that all born up to September 5th need to be particularly conscientious about the possibility of delay, disruptions in communications, misunderstandings and failed messages.  All communication systems can let you down.  Keep on your toes. 

From the 26th, for all of you, friendships and collective activities with others can be really inspiring and love and friendship can somehow combine or morph from one to the other.  You are popular.  Enjoy.

It may be worth pointing out that because Mars is in your 12th House this month, it is important not to sit on any resentment or anger and let is seethe.  Get it out calmly to the right person, in the right place, at the right time. 

Saturn however, is a little tricky now, as he was indeed last December/January, if born September 13th to 15th.  This position will feel quite frustrating to this group.  Obligations, responsibilities and reality checks are around you, possibly to do with family and domestic situations.  You need to look after your health and pace yourself, as tiredness and lack of confidence can get the better of you.  Don’t see the cup too much as half empty, but with some hard work and discipline and facing reality, you can actually make progress, even if it is delayed. 

Neptune is currently, as he has been since April this year, opposing the Suns, in his once every 165-year transit, of those born September 5th to 7th.  This will be around you until January 2019 and a long subtle transit of Neptune does bring changes.  When it’s an opposition you have to be very aware that you are much more vulnerable to other people’s dishonesty or lack of black and white motive than usual.  You are also likely to put people on pedestals, or be drawn to victims.  You are not seeing people clearly or in a realistic way.  Check the credentials of everybody and get advice from others who are very grounded.  However, you will long for harmony and beauty, but be careful about negative escapist behaviour. 

However, if born September 9th to 11th, you will have a new found sense of empowerment, transformation, belief in self and confidence, notably creatively and in love life.  Enjoy.  This influence is with you until January of next year and has been building.


Your mind is sharp this month and communications abound in a successful way, but like everybody, after the 13th, you need to be aware that delays and blocks are actually opportunities to re-think things.

Before the 26th, Venus in your sign is a little warning that one has to be careful about any sycophantic behaviour in your working life.  Your charms can help, but don’t overdo it.

After the 26th, if born up to September 30th, friendships can be very benefiting and love life too can inspire.  Working with and for others is pleasing. 

Mars is giving a boost of energy to those born September 30th to October 21st.  Your leadership skills and your ability to coordinate other people and your determination to achieve your goals, particularly if they involve large groups will be admirable and effective.  Energy, on all levels is strong and constructive.

Jupiter, still in your sign, is now blessing those born October 9th to 16th.  Excellent for travel, good times, celebrations, happiness, and luck; and at the very least if there are any problems in your life, he will bring a mitigating factors.  The cavalry arrives.

Even Saturn is currently bringing, for those born October 14th to 16th, a sense of maturity, courage, determination, hard work and insightful wisdom, which brings bonuses later. It is deferred gratification. 

Uranus, however, is strongly now in his once every 84 Opposition to the Suns of those born October 21st to 23rd, a new sense of turbulence, possibly in relationships.  Other people are affecting you and are catalysts for change, disruption, for awakening and enlightening, even if it is uncomfortable.  This need for change is inevitable and although it may come from outside you, it is flagging up a destined time to realise that a new chapter does wait; and it will not be over until May of 2018.  Keep flexible, see this as a journey and don’t lose faith in the fact that it will kick-start you into a new, better future.  Be patient and calm.

However, if born October 10th to 12th, you are in the final chapter, over by the end of the year, of a transit from Pluto since last March 2016, which has been disruptive.  Endings of chapters have been possible and you have needed to emancipate yourself in a certain situation that was oppressive; and provided you are squeaky clean, did not in any way abuse power or sink to manipulative means, this will ultimately be a time of finding your true strength.


Your personal reputation and public standing is flagged up this month.  Ensure you don’t let over-confidence or arrogance blemish that.  Be aware that from the 13th you will all need to be acutely aware that communications can go astray and blocks and restrictions on plans are possible, so double check everything; and particularly when arranging plans with friends.

Before the 26th, Venus in Cancer augurs extremely well for you all in terms of love life and travel going hand in hand.  Fulfilment and happiness is also possible in academic pursuits and love life can be very rewarding. 

After the 26th, if born up to October 31st, have a caution that you are not disingenuous at work, in order to gain favour. 

Mars in Leo is bringing for all those born October 31st to November 20th, a rather over-assertive impatience, and impulsive quality.  Again professionally; and equally others in authority may have a rather over-aggressive attitude towards you.  Stopping and counting to 10 before responding will be helpful and do also look before you leap.  There is tremendous fixity in your life now; and an inability to compromise.  Flexibility, as hard as it might be, could be your saviour.

 For all born around November 5th-7th, Neptune has, since April 2017 and will, until January 2019, been bringing a journey into your consciousness of greater empathy, sensitivity and huge artistic inspiration. Caring and putting other people’s needs first will have become important.  Your heart centre has expanded, appreciation of music, the arts, the sea, nature have all possibly taken you by surprise in their intensity.  Almost psychic connection with others will have rewarded relationships, not least in love life and with children. 

Pluto, your ruler, is also continuing until the end of the year his journey that started in March 2016, for those born November 9th to 11th.  This journey has brought insight, power, a forensic mind, truth telling, impressive communications, power over others in a positive way, regeneration and transformative insight, which has brought you respect.  Remember you are the agent, not the owner of the power.


August is a particularly good time for your sign for vacations and travel.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 13th which does suggest that after that dates you may need to pay much attention to ensuring that all communications are thoroughly understood in your working context.  It also suggests blocks and delays in achieving and communications between the 13th and the 5th September.  Don’t assume people have got messages or you have received them.  Frustrations can abound, so get things sorted before the 13th

After the 26th, if born up to November 30th, harmony and love is in the air, particularly when travelling and great appreciation of study of the arts.

Mars is also very complimentary now to those born November 30th to December 19th.  Passions are aroused.  Determination and constructive energies, particularly connected to study, long distance issues and legal issues.  Your forthright views are sound and get listened to and you can make a difference. 

Jupiter is also harmonious now for those born December 7th to 14th.  Friends and social life figure strongly and happily.  Your goals are given a boost.  Confidence is aroused and optimistic positivity.  Remember your ruler is Jupiter. 

Saturn, however has been in your sign for many moons and is now re-visiting the Suns of those born December 12 to as he has been doing since late July and will continue to be in that position until the end of September.  For this group, there is a challenge to face facts, deal with reality, work hard on a very practical level, step up to the plate and create an infrastructure for yourself through hard work, based on reality, but get rest.  Look after the body and don’t let the challenges defeat you. 

Uranus is inspiring however to those born December 20th and 21st.  This transit will be around, on and off, until February 2019.  Once in every 42 years this energy affects you and is brilliant for awakening you to your uniqueness, your creative abilities and your true humanitarian spirit.  You don’t do convention. You do inspired individualism and it can set you free. 

However, if born December 4th to 6th, keep grounded, keep real.  Do not trust too much and know you are going into a much more spiritual phase of life.


You may have to dig deep this month into complex issues to do with relationships, intimacy and finances.  This is not a time for superficiality. 

After the 13th, until September 5th, it is a good idea to double check all travel arrangements and long distance communications and legal issues, as delays, frustrations and confusion can be in the air.  Having said that, your mind, provided you take those issues into account, is sharp.

Before the 26th, all of you have Venus going through your Solar 7th House bringing bonuses of love and affection from others and you give as you receive.  People are a blessing. 

However, if born January 6th to 13th, be careful not to be over confident and ensure that you do not bite off more than you can chew, or show any arrogance in your career.  Don’t over-compensate for deep-rooted lack of confidence with a veneer of too much.

Uranus is, in his once every 42 years Square to your Sun, affecting all those born around January 18th to 20th and will be so doing on and off until March 2019.  This will bring restlessness and a desire for change, particularly domestically and unexpected events connected to home and family are possibly on the cards.  Rebellion, a need for the new, away from conservatism or total safety is rising in your being.  Your own individuality is being strongly stimulated.  Just be careful that you do not act rashly or impulsively just for the sake of change.  Consider carefully.

Neptune however is very inspiring if born January 3rd to 5th.  Inspiration from the arts and spirituality is strong, as is increased sensitivity to others.  Your psychic side a developing and your empathy and compassion should not be underestimated.  This is with you until early 2019.  Use is to develop your creative and spiritual skills and sensitivities.  Your heart is expanding.

Finally, Pluto is continuing on his long journey to conjunct the Suns of those born January 7th to 9th.  This long journey, every 248 years, has been underway since March 2016 and is in his final lap, over by the end of the year.  For this group, there is a sense of power, change, and transformation, possibly meltdowns followed by phoenixes out of the ashes. Remember to use your power wisely for the greater good and be careful whom you mix with.  Draw boundaries and walk away if necessary. 


This month focuses on the significant others in your life and they may be taking the lead and that’s ok. 

With Mercury retrograde from the 13th to the 5th September, it is very important that you ensure that your business arrangements, particularly financially, are clear-cut.  Frustrations and delays abound however.  Reconsider strategy and make sure you have clarity with those you deal with, particularly financially.

After the 26th, all born up to January 27th will be experiencing the potential benefits of cupid, but at least the good hearts of those around you.  People bring good things. 

However, Mars is in your opposite sign, affecting all those born January 26th to February 16th.  This entire group need to have an awareness all month that other people may well be on the warpath, either in response to your assertiveness or for no apparent reason.  People will not be pushovers. Stop and count to ten before you speak or communicate.  Be sensitive to this potential; and also do not assume you can be assertive to others in a way that may tip into aggression. 

Jupiter however is very friendly now to all born February 4th to 11th.  It is a great time for travel and international dealings, also for study.  Your mind is high in its consciousness and your sense of adventure is strong.  A feeling of luck and confidence is yours.

Even Saturn is positive now for those born around February 10th to 12th.  He is bringing constructive hard work to your door, which brings results, particularly in a leadership role and when working with others.

Uranus too is very inspiring and he is your ruling planet after all, to all those born around February 17th.  This will be continuous until around February 2019.  He is making your mind more intuitive and incisive with eureka moments and allowing your true Aquarian originality and uniqueness and insight to really shine.  Your humanitarian side and your desire to fight for the greater good is underlined successfully. 

If born around February 4th, the lunar eclipse of the 7th may bring quite a strong impact from others as they reveal issues or show behaviour that is possibly a bit of a revelation.

Also if born around February17th, the 21st could reveal a situation where you have a chance to be liberated from problems, albeit in a way that takes you by surprise and maybe a bit left field.


Your work and your health is supported this month.  Do be aware that from the 13th until the 5th of next month, when Mercury, the planet that rules your 7th House moves retrograde, there is a great potential for misunderstandings and confusions in relationships; and frustrations and blockages, so try and ensure all necessary communications are achieved, if possible, before the 13th.  You may also have to re-think strategy after the 13th, which will ultimately serve you well, particularly connected to dealing with others.

Before the 26th, all of you will have a lot of fun, enjoyment, with the potential for romance flourishing and creatively and artistically you are on high form, with great inspiration and dealings with children and offspring; and fertility is sound.

Saturn is continuing to be a little troublesome for those born March 11th to 13th.  Extra responsibilities and difficulties weigh heavily on you, particularly in your professional capacity and you may feel tired and things are very hard to break through to success.  Take it easy.  Be grounded.  Do what you have to do, but get rest.  Face facts.  Be real.  Be mature and you will achieve a lot, even if it does feel a little bit of an uphill struggle.  Be honest about what you need to re-think.  Goals may have to be modified, but not abandoned. 

Your ruler, Neptune, currently in your sign (every 165 years) is now in his very rare visitation sitting on the Suns still of those born around March 4th.  This has been underway since April and is a very slow journey and is not completed until January 2019.  Because this is such a powerful transit, being your own planet, it brings a tremendous underlining of all Pisces traits, both negative and positive.  Hugely inspiring, hugely sensitising, even more than you normally are.  It brings a tremendous potential for spiritual growth, creative growth, empathy, compassion, and caring and even psychic qualities.  But beware the negative which is over-idealism, deception, self-deception, escapism, even addictive behaviour and hyper-sensitivity to the point of pain psychologically.  Emphasise the positive.  Avoid the negative. 

Finally, Pluto is continuing in his journey of empowerment of the Suns of those born March 7th to 9th.  This brings intelligent insight, powerful communications, ability to work well and effectively and influentially with others and able to transform yourself and others for the greater good.  This is destiny and is with you continuously until the beginning of next year.  Enjoy.