Tuesday, 30 July 2019


Mercury finally goes direct on the 2nd, after being retrograde for nearly 4 weeks, so delays, transport disruptions, blocks of any sort, both generally and for individuals, should calm down and forward movement is possible, hopefully after giving pause for constructive thought and re-evaluation, as a result of difficulties. That is the main purpose of retrograde motion, i.e. pause for reflection.

 Sorry this will be quite long, but much to be flagged up.

This month, Boris Johnson comes to mind for some reason.

The UK can look forward to a crazy month and more, now he is in power, with his appointed rather radical cabinet, that some have referred to as a right wing coup/hostile take over. I talked a bit about Boris’s chart last month. (His real name is Alexander).

Globally, astrologically, one can only see increasing lack of clarity between truth and fantasy/lie, as the manifestation of the downside of Neptune in its home sign of Pisces, so very potent now and since 2011/12. There is always a downside, as well as an upside of every planetary position, especially the outer planets. The downside manifestation of this planetary placement (the strong upside is talked about later in this piece) seems to have has blurred all boundaries and fantasy politics seems to be becoming the norm. We even now have literal comedians being voted into power.

This positioning has correlated (as both Pisces and its ruler Neptune classically do) with strong smoke and mirrors, obfuscation; fantasy, distortion. A sort of cartoon reality and escapism has taken over people’s minds and often the collective unconscious. The sort of behaviour of those in power, that would have been deeply condemned a decade ago, is now often overlooked, or even found mildly amusing; and allowed to continue, as the old order of right and wrong and the strength of an assumed moral compass; and indeed the power of the state and the judiciary to uphold those standards, is dissolving away (Neptune). This has resulted in so called authority figures not being held to account, as once they would have been.

Living in an era where truth and facts are now so ignored, confused, denied, or seen as unimportant by powerful figures (and indeed so often by those, who vote) is quite disturbing.  These truths are sacrificed on the altar of ideology, populism and/ or ego, and this phenomenon is often, of course, fed by the power of social media (which exploded in influence whilst Uranus was in Aries and Neptune was in Aquarius).

Taboo busting, anti establishment type politics, are also now conveniently uniting the privileged wealthy and many of the poorer populations. Hard liner Brexiteer politicians in England and the far right in the USA are very happy with that, as their policies will be infinitely to the advantage of the wealthy, but that is not how they are sold.

 Back to Boris.  His tendencies to want to please and charm everyone (Libra rising) are shining now. His renown for being mercurial, evasive, very economical with truth, shape shifting, superficial and often wrong on detail, whilst being strong and generous on promises, rather than on action, is plain to see. He is also accident/gaffe prone, and has blown with the wind according to what seems exploitatively popular. He will totally delegate; and often to others who will be more ruthless than he realises, or does he?  His 4 planets in Gemini, not least Mars in Gemini and Mars square Uranus all tend to correlate with the above tendencies.

His natal Jupiter opposition Neptune from his 8th to 2nd house (financial dealings) shows he can be profligate, unrealistic and promising much more than can be delivered. Money can be splashed on idealistic, vanity projects to attract popularity.  Also, others he collaborates with financially may be not as they seem, and he will not be sure when selling ideas to others or being sold to by others, of the financial facts and implications himself.  This will be especially true when negotiating trade deals (Pluto from the 12th squaring his Mercury in 9th and Saturn squaring his Pluto.) It is very easy for him to get metaphorically stabbed in the back, re money and trade issues, and equally he could be the perpetrator,

His convincing, trusting air of naivety, which has a childlike charm for many, belies his lifelong desire for power. He has an ability to be a funny front man, but behind which, now, much more ruthless, nihilistic forces, prevail, (Pluto in the 12th) i.e. people who want total market libertarianism, with a bonfire of protective regulations i.e. a no deal Brexit. His Moon in Scorpio also shows the power of assertive and intense women to impact and influence him too. 

Trump sees Johnson as a soul mate, even flattering him as his alter ego for the UK. They do indeed share their mutual Geminian planetary energies. Trumps natal Jupiter close to Johnson’s natal ascendant, will also feel very beneficial to Johnson; that is until Trump wants his pound of flesh.

There is no denying astrologically their strong collaborative potential, but motive is questionable.

There is much talk of the power of narcissism as a quality in many political leaders these days. You may wonder how this narcissism is astrologically explained. Well certain planetary/sign qualities and aspects do resonate with the potential for narcissism, but it is complex.

A narcissistic personality type often come to believe their own lies to be true, as a form of ultimate self protection; and the power of this belief is such, that others believe those lies to be true too. Such is the conviction and the brainwashing effect, a narcissist can have on many of their followers/admirers, i.e. if you want it to be true, it is true. This is all self-comfort and confirmation bias, or an echo chamber effect, in a time of deep collective insecurity, caused by a political system/establishment of huge inequality, that has failed so many. As a result, people so often feel the need for a “Strong Man” seeming saviour type figure, as leader now.

Neptune in Pisces again, globally, as it effects our world, does attract this down side of the saviour syndrome and many so called self proclaimed saviours, behind that caring, egalitarian front, have, either scarily obviously, or subtly, a narcissistic trait, which means they are often in reality, plain power hungry, self-seeking, totally ego driven and who love adoration, The power of self-seeking dictatorial/oligarch type leaders, are becoming more frequent on the world stage. While Neptune is in Pisces, escapist and idealistic ideas of redemption, by romanticising and being virtually hypnotised by these types of leaders are evident (again the saviour syndrome.)

The very positive manifestation of Neptune in Pisces response however, is when motive for action is pure, selfless, heart and soul driven, inclusive, with no ego drive, or desire for personal gain or power, just intrinsically for the joy of seeing the betterment of what will be in all our interests.  It is a quality that exists, but we rarely see it in our politicians.

This sort of powerful positive response (thank the gods), is manifesting in many, especially young, people, and it has hugely increased sensitivity to the environment and to climate issues. This has created for significantly large swathes of humanity, the passionate desire to work to save, and protect the natural world and therefore the human race, against our ecocide, as the ravages of human behaviour and global heating, is now manifesting so clearly.

Motive is always everything.

Additionally, Uranus now in Taurus for 7 years, certainly will bring increasing financial insecurity, not least to England, after a no deal Brexit and the increasing Uranian disruptions to our Earth (Taurus) re the climate crisis and geophysical upsets, which will become more the norm, will lead to panic. This will put so many of the usual political/economic concerns into perspective. Priorities will change of necessity radically, especially as we approach 2025, when the basis of modern day uber, neo liberal capitalism, becomes clearly unsustainable. Pluto then, after approximately 17 years in Capricorn, leaves and enters Aquarius.

Pluto is the planet that always reveals the power of hubris and nemesis.
Days of intensity, power and some ruthlessness generally this month, are the last week, when the Sun conjuncts Mars. Disruptive days, when the unexpected occurs socio-politically and /or geophysically, are around the 1st/ 2nd /3rd when Venus squares up to Uranus and also on the 15th/16th/17th when Mercury squares up to Uranus.

There are 2 new Moons this month.

The first falls on the 1st at 8 degrees of Leo at 3.12 GMT and the second falls on the 30th at 6 degrees of Virgo at 10.37 GMT.

The full Moon falls on the 15th at 22 degrees of Aquarius at 12.29 GMT.


Note to my readers.

I sometimes have readers commenting on how in some months, their birthday period in a specific sign is not highlighted in my monthly forecasts.

Sun sign forecasts are in fact extremely limiting, as the Sun is only one factor of many in your birth chart, and only your Sun position can be definitely known solely from just your birth date & month. The Sun’s 12-month orbit means it returns virtually to the exact same degree at the same time each year (your birthday) & hence basic Sun sign forecasting. In some monthly forecasts, your particular birth sign Sun degree is not necessarily being influenced by any planet & hence the lack of comment.

Without more personal specifics; year, place and & preferably time of birth, astrologers cannot make deeper comments regarding the other, very influential planets that comprise a full astrological birth chart (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). These have hugely individual, varying orbits (unlike the Sun) & are exerting frequent, differing significantly powerful influences, which affect each one of your individual planetary positions at different times in your unique personal birth chart.

If you are interested in a detailed, personal forecast for a period of either 1, or 2 years, you can find ordering options on the services page of my website:  www.astroanalysis.co.uk.

I would also need your name, full date, place & preferably time of birth & contact details, which you can send through my contact page.

You can also simply contact me by email:  leigh@astroanalysis.co.uk


August is a compatible month for your sign, being a fellow fire sign and it is positive for enjoyment of life.

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd, which does herald a sense of breakthrough and a resumption of positive communications, particularly after the 11th, when you will all feel that progress is being made personally and people really listen to you. 

Venus in your sign is very favourable now for those born after March 24th.  Love life, enjoyment, the arts and children’s issues are a source of great positivity. 

Mars in your sign until the 18th is giving for all born after April 9th a great boost to energy, competitiveness and constructive progress, not least in love life and in anything to do with celebrating the creative side of life. 

Both Jupiter and Saturn are directly affecting those born April 4th to 7th, simultaneously Jupiter very positively and Saturn, in rather a challenging way.  One will rather offset the other.  Jupiter on the one hand is bringing positivity and opulence in love life, creativity, fun, and enjoyment; while simultaneously Saturn is causing a few blocks, restrictions, and reality checks, possibly on the home front.  At least you have Jupiter acting as cavalry.  

Pluto is still hovering, squaring your sign, particularly strongly influencing those born April 10th to 13th.  This has been around you for a few months now and is part of a journey forcing you to find your power, particularly to do with career direction.  Make sure you do not abuse it, but a sense of endings and change is inevitable.  


Mercury goes direct on the 2nd and before the 11th it is then very positive for all born after May 13th.  Things slot into place and start to finally move forward again.  

However, after the 11th, you may all find that renewed clarity will be particularly with family,  

From the 29th, those last few days will be excellent for communications for those born April 22nd to 24th, particularly creatively and with offspring.  

Before the 21st, Venus in Leo will be tempting those born after April 25th to significant extravagance on the home front, but love and enjoyment is very underlined, possibly in an over the top 

However, after the 21st, all born up to May 4th will feel a very constructive sense of harmony, affections and creative skills flourish.  

Mars does flag up however, before the 18th, for all born after May 9th, to beware about being too assertive at home and with family.  Impatience and intolerance is around, from you to them and indeed from them to you. There are a few bulls in china shops around.  

Saturn is however constructive in a very disciplined and mature way for the actions of those born May 4th to 7th.  Duty and obligation is strong with a willingness and happiness to fulfil those roles.  Travel may be to do with work or duty, but hard work really does pay off.  It is all about deferred gratification.   

Uranus, now in your sign, is directly hitting the Suns of those born April 26th to 28th, as last month.  He is going go be bringing the unexpected and definite change.  This is long journey.  Stay flexible.  It’s liberating in an unexpected way, even if jolting. 

Neptune continues to sensitise and inspire those born May 7th-10th.. Idealism and compassion are strong and your heart and soul breaks through in your dealings with life.

Pluto is also still empowering (rarely) those born May 11th-13th. Your sense of destiny and purpose shines and is empowered, especially related to long distance issues, legal issues and academic /higher mind issues.


After the 2nd, your ruler Mercury moves direct, having been retrograde since early March, so you will find that your excellent communication skills will be on the ball once more and blocks are lifted.  

Indeed, after the 11th, all of you will find your normal skills , articulacy and writing will be on top form. 

Before the 21st, Venus in Leo will also be bringing, for all born after May 25th, an additional heart factor combined with your intellect and your charms are great, so that you can achieve a lot and communications and affections are well given and well received.  

However, after the 21st, if born up to June 4th, there is the potential for some sycophancy, or being overly charming in a way that may not be 100% genuine and also good times can roll, a little bit too much.

Before the 18th, Mars is very much on your side if born after June 10th. Confidence, passion, creative, artistic skills are all very fully displayed in a way and fully works.  

However, after the 18th, if born up to May 31st, impatience and impulsiveness in communications need avoidance.  

Jupiter is also bringing for those born June 4th to 7th a tendency to over-reach, over-extend and maybe trust too much in other people and other people may tempt you to push the boat out too far, but with care and discretion, good times can still be had, especially socially.  

Those born June 8th to 10th must please remember that Neptune is still squaring your Sun, with over-idealism or deceptive circumstances (from self or others) in the ether, especially professionally.


Mercury moves direct on the 2nd, which means that all born after July 15th will find that progress, communications work with ease and promote your causes. 

After the 21st, if born up to July 6th, your ability to be very diplomatic, charming and caring shows in your relationships. 

After the 18th, all born up to July 1st are forces to be reckoned with in your very constructive abilities to persuade other people of your viewpoint and your energies are well directed and intelligently so.  

Saturn, however, is now opposing the Suns of those born July 6th to 9th as he did late January/ early February this year.   This second chapter of the transit is bringing up some issues that needs to be dealt with to do with relationships.  Others are either teachers or oppresses - only you can decide which is correct.  You need to address the factors involved. 

Uranus is now very positively lined up to the Suns of those born June 28th to 30th and will be for another 18th months.  This will bring you a very humanitarian streak and desire for change, freedom and to work for the greater good.  You are awakened and enlightened.  This is a journey of liberation.  Of your own uniqueness and also encourage you to work for the betterment of all. Enjoy the journey.

 Neptune is inspiring emotionally and creatively now for all born July 9th-12th. Travel and study can truly fulfil your heat and spirit. The arts call as does empathy compassion and intuitive sensitivity to others. Your ego bows you to a higher order of importance.

 Pluto however does demand that you be aware of and conscious of the rather coercive powers of others and possible resulting power struggles. Keep boundaries drawn and walk away, and don’t sink to the same level of behaviour. This energy hovers till the year-end. Know it for what it is, a rather primeval force awakened in your life , probably emanating from another , but somehow unwittingly attracted by yourself.


Its your birthday month, so you can shine, like the Sun, your ruler.  

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd of the month, suggesting that some psychological frustration, may well clear and you can move forward.

After the 11th all of you will feel, when Mercury enters your sign, a great sense of communication success, but do listen to others.

Venus is in your sign before the 21st, favours all those born after July 28th, in a way that brings love and affection to your door. Your charms are at full pelt and finances can also be benefited as can your status. 

Mars, also in your sign before the 18th, is bringing for all born after August 11th the definite sense of  assertiveness, competitiveness and of being very proactive in your goals.  Just make sure this enthusiasm doesn’t tip into over-forceful, dominating assumptions.  

Jupiter is really helpful now to those born August 6th to 9th.  He is bringing positivity, optimism, success and travel. It is particularly good for creativity and romance.  

Uranus however is now squaring the Suns of those born July 29th to 31st. The rare transit will bring a few unexpected shake-ups over the coming year.  Be flexible.  See this as a journey and expect the unexpected in your career to be a bit upsetting.  Ultimately on the other side of the unexpected and maybe uncomfortable, it is liberating and allows you to be more true to who you really are.


Your ruling planet Mercury moves direct on the 2nd which will make many of you feel less frustrated as things start to move in terms of your projects.  

After the 21st, Venus moves into your sign, particularly benefiting all those born up to September 6th.  This brings grace, charm and harmony into your life.  You attract and give love and affection.  Appearances are also boosted.  

Mars also moves into your sign on the 18th, bringing for all born up to September 2nd a great sense of assertive determination, confidence and the ability to achieve.  It is just important that you are not over-assertive. Your usual self-effacing persona will be much more adult and out there, just make sure it doesn’t go over the top. 

Jupiter in Sagittarius is now squaring the Suns of those born September 6th to 9th.  For this group there is a tendency to bite off more than you can chew, to be self-indulgent and go OTT in anything to do with domestic, family or real estate matters. Over-confidence can be a problem, but good times can certainly roll, provided there is some caution. 

Saturn is a wonderful stabiliser now however for those born September 6th to 9th.  He is bringing the gift of hard, focused concrete work that brings great success, even if it is deferred and also brings a serious and constructive approach to dealing with creative affairs, romantic and children’s issues.  Efforts are rewarded. 

Uranus too is very much on the side of all those born August 29th to 31st. Enlightenment and eureka moments come through travel, academic issues and internationalism and indeed legal issues.  Breakthroughs are possible and it is important over the coming year to realise that you really can actualise your true being and let it shine.  You are liberated.

 Pluto is encouraging the ability to use intelligent power, regeneration, determination and successful courage, in all creative, romantic and offspring issues.   You have a greater sense of belief in self now and this can serve you well, provided you remember humility too, when necessary.

Neptune, still opposing your sun sign, is still challenging those born September 9th-12th. Beware of others casting smoke and mirrors around their dealings with you. Keep grounded and avoid over idealism, and projecting onto others what you want to see. However it is very inspiring creatively and the arts and the sea can be healing and you psychic sensitivity to others and their pain is evident, but beware being taken advantage of


Mercury, moving direct on the 2nd, will be a relief to many of you, even if it’s subtle, both in terms of career and your goals, as the green light is turned on.  

After the 11th, you will all benefit through friendship and via achievements of your aims, particularly collective aims.  

Before the 21st, all born after September 28th have social life flagged up very successfully; and love life and friendship can combine and your warmth and enthusiasm enhances group projects. 

Also, before the 18th, all born after October 12th, your drive and determination to achieve your goals, particularly collectively with other people, is admirable and your leadership skills are shining. You won’t give up on anything easily.  In fact you will enhance its journey. 

Jupiter is also smiling on the energies of those born October 7th to 10th. He is enhancing the power of your mind and communications and your wisdom.  Luck is brought to your door through your own intelligence.

However, Saturn is affecting that very same group in quite a challenging way, so you will need that Jupiter as a cavalry effect.  Basically, issues around home and family may be little frustrated, whilst issues socially and to do with friendships are advantaged, but it is important to get the balance between these two areas of your life.  Get rest and accept that frustrations demand hard work, while the bonuses are to be welcomed. 

Finally, Pluto is still a challenge for many of you born October 13th to 16th.  This will be over by the beginning of 2020, but meanwhile you have been struggling within yourself and possibly with others to assert your full powers and potential. Always be conscious of the intensity of this, otherwise it will take you over.  You are changing and empowering yourself, but always keep good motive.  


Mercury direct from the 2nd will allow delays and frustrations around travel or legal issues to be reversed and indeed career issues also start to move forward. 

After the 11th, you will all feel a sense of great communication, ability and success in your working life, but ensure that over-assertiveness doesn’t dominate and make sure you listen and not just talk. 

Before the 21st, all of you born after October 28th may be tempted to use a little too much charm in your working life which can work, but do not become a sycophant, or try and buy people’s affections.  

However, after the 21st, for all born up to November 6th, your charms and your PR skills will be very much enhanced in a group situation and friendships will be of great advantage - you to them and them to you. 

Before the 18th, Mars, your co-ruler, will from Scorpio bring for all born after November 11th a potential tendency to become a little bit too assertive and impatient, particularly in a professional context.  Ambition can drive you too far, which can create some enemies. 

However, after the 18th, if born up to November 2nd, your actions and determination will be constructive and successful and leadership skills shin.

Saturn is a very good guide and grounder for those born November 6th to 9th.  Your wisdom and your speech and your thinking is conservative, practical, realistic and grounded.  Your care and caution are constructive and successful.  Keep on your toes.
 Uranus now slowly travelling through Taurus for 7 years is currently opposing the Suns of those born October 29th-31st. Shocks and surprises from others are likely still, so be prepared to accept that their life changes, within and externally, though disconcerting, can be the catalyst you need for change too.

Neptune continues to inspire emotionally, spiritually and artistically, the lives and hearts of those born November 9th-12th.Love life and offspring can be a source of emotional idealism and trigger huge empathy and connection… Your visual senses are also powerfully aligned with aesthetics.

Finally Pluto your powerful ruler is currently enhancing you best Scorpio traits, if born 12th-15th. Your insight, and excellent powerful communications and intelligent understanding of the truth empowers your life and indeed of those around you.


This is a good month for travel and holidays, seasonally appropriately as the Sun is in your Solar 9th House.

After the 11th, when Mercury goes direct, you will all be on top form again when it comes to academic issues and communications, long distance travel and legal issues are also well starred.  Your communication skills are excellent.  

Also, before the 21st, all born after November 26th have Venus in happy partnership with your Sun, bringing love life and creativity, very much linked to a love of studying and travel.  

After the 21st, all born up to December 6th, there is just a slight need to recognise that your charms can be very helpful at work, but don’t over-egg the pudding for your own gain. 

Before the 18th, Mars also in your solar 9th house from Leo will be bringing for all born after December 11th, great energy and drive to do with long distance issues and academic success.  Goals are sensibly, ambitiously and constructively sought out and achieved. 

However, after the 18th, if born up to December 1st, Mars will be squaring your Sun, which could indicate some impatience and irritability with or from others in a work environment.  

Jupiter, however, is in your sign, which currently adds a huge boost to the lives of those born December 6th to 9th.  This every 12-year transit heralds positivity, optimism, luck, significant travel opportunities and progress.  Enjoy.

If born December 9th to 12th however, just keep remembering that Neptune can make you over idealistic and not very grounded.  Keep real and  clear.


Issues around finances are focused this month, particularly complex ones and shared ones, but after the 2nd, when Mercury moves direct and particularly after the 11th, negotiations can start to go well. 

After the 21st, all born up to January 4th are well positioned for travel, particularly when it involves relationships and love life and a love of learning is flagged up.  Your charms are working well too in all legal negotiations.

After the 18th, Mars is also on your side, for all born up to January 1st, when your energy and drive is constructive and successful.  Again, particularly connected to long distance issues, travel and academia.  

Saturn, of course, is still marching through your sign and he is currently once again, sitting right on the Suns of those born January 4th –7th, as he was so doing late January and the first half of February.  This is a time when you can feel tired, weighed down with responsibility and obligations.  You feel serious.  You’re in a period of re-evaluation and maybe delay.  It’s a reality check that needs to be focussed upon.  Don’t kick the can down the road.  Saturn is your rather disguised friend. 

Uranus however is awakening and enlightening and rather liberating now for those born December 28th to 30th.  This every 42-year transit, which is with you one and off until early 2021, is giving you a sort of constructive rebellious desire to be authentically true to yourself, particularly creatively and in love life.  Enjoy. 

Neptune is also very positive now for those born January 7th to 10th.  He is inspiring you to follow your heart and to understand a better value system.  Your compassion and empathy is strong and your thoughts and your feelings cannot and should not be separated.

 Finally Pluto, still marching through your sign in the final decan (last 10 degrees) is still focusing his energies on the lives of those born Jan 11th-13th. This a very powerful time and has been for many months. It brings internal and external significant changes, endings and new beginnings. At the least, it empowers you, after some testing. Most importantly, it is not a time to abuse power or use it ruthlessly for personal gain. This brings the ability to be healing and regenerative on a profound level for self and others, even though some intensity of feeling and experience has to be experienced as a precursor.


There is much activity in your Solar 7th house of relationships this month, so therefore they will flag up as having a strong impact on your life. 

Indeed, after the 11th, when Mercury is direct and in your opposite sign of Leo, all of you will find great opportunities to make breakthroughs through wise communications; and good news is given and received and partnerships are improved through negotiation. 

Before the 21st, all born after January 25th may find extra satisfaction and love in the power of relationships, both new and current ones.  

Also, before the 18th, Mars also in your Solar 7th House, is bringing for all born after February 8th, the additional power of assertiveness and drive in your relationships and this can tip into some confrontation from yourself to others or vice versa, so just have a care.  

Jupiter is in a gentle, positive connection now to the Suns of those born February 3rd to 6th.  Your goals are well favoured.  Friendships and group work can be successful and your intelligence and your luck combined is also good for expansion, confidence and travel. 

However, the planet Uranus, which is your ruling planet, is currently going though Taurus. This is not in a great relationship to your sign and at the moment he is squaring the Suns of those born January 26th to 28th. This transit will be with you until early 2021 and it just basically warns of the need to be very cautious, as there is potential impulse, rebellion, carelessness and the unexpected, in your impulses and behaviour.  Your need for change and excitement may be valid, but do not lose sight of the need to stop and think and have reflection.  This may be particularly related to home , family and real estate issues.


Before the 11th and particularly after the 2nd, Mercury (which goes direct on the 2nd) will be aligned to the Suns of those born after March 13th.   Yours skills at communicating, both creatively and on an every day level will be enhanced and your ability to have productive conversations, particularly with offspring and in love life, will be evidenced. 

After the 21st, for all born up to March 4th, the power of love and charm and attractiveness will be evident, as will relationships flourish and new people can be of great interest.  

Also after the 18th, Mars, also in your opposite sign of Virgo, will bring for all born up to February 29th, the power of other people, which can be positive, or it may feel a bit over-powering.  You too may well be the one that is a bit OTT.  Be careful about irritation or control issues, from you to others or vice versa.  Other people may indeed be challenging.  

Jupiter is now squaring the Suns of those born March 4th to 7th.  This is a bit of a warning about over-confidence, arrogance, or expecting too much of others or over-reaching, particularly in the professional context, so have a care, but enjoyment can be on the cards. 

Saturn, for exactly the same group, is going to counteract that as he simultaneously sextiles your Sun. which will give you caution and care, particularly when dealing with the progress of your goals and in a group context.  

Uranus is well placed now from Taurus, to encourage those born February 25th to 27th to think outside the box, laterally and divergently, in a way that allows you to have insight, which will be productive for your future.  A need for excitement and adventure can be constructive.  

Neptune your ruling planet is still hovering around the Suns of those born Marc 7th-10th. Your Pisces traits will be massively magnified, both positive and not so positive. Great for the art, creativity, music, and dance and for empathy compassion and psychic potential and for feeling others emotions acutely, like you are a sponge. However, beware also over idealism, fantasy, chasing unicorns and rainbows and also avoid negative escapism, because of hugely increased and sometimes painful hypersensitivity to life. Avoid all deceptiveness, and beware your own vulnerability to others being rather deceptive to you.

Finally Pluto is bringing a sense of destiny and empowerment to the lives of those born March 10th-13th still. Your humanitarian desires are strong and enabled and groups of like minded people and friends are so good for you; and indeed, you are for them and leadership is your too, if you wish it. Always, with Pluto, good motive is needed however.

Sunday, 30 June 2019


It would seem that this month is indeed quite full on; in fact it is pretty intense in many ways globally.

Around the 13-16th The Sun opposes Pluto, indicating some explosive power struggles and rather knife-edge events, The period around the 9th –14th also, and around the last few days of the month are potentially also quite disruptive geophysically and geo politically. Eruptions in all forms are possible, as Uranus is very activated then. The unexpected is around and all these events are potentially connected to the USA (Cancerian country) and England is also in for a bit of a roller coaster of events as well (Capricorn country.) Earthquakes, metaphorically and literally are all flagged up.

 Brexit chaos of course, still dominates British politics..

Boris Johnson is the front-runner for the soon to be next Prime Minister, with his Sun and 3 personal planets: Mercury, Venus and Mars in Gemini, a Libra ascendant and Moon in Scorpio.  The dominance of Gemini makes him literally and metaphorically very obviously Mercurial in nature (i.e. hard to pin down) .His afflicted Mars in Gemini squaring both Saturn and Uranus is very notable for volatility, impulse, accident proneness in behaviour, unpredictability with careless action and careless words underlined as a tendency. What he says and what is accurate, or what he can realistically do, are often at loggerheads and he also has significant anger issues when thwarted in his ability to have the power he wants. This power is often limited and challenged powerfully by others (Saturn opposition Pluto in his natal chart). However his exact Jupiter opposition Neptune suggests he also has a fantasy level of what can be achieved, and presented with almost childlike optimism… especially around finances, which he is very unrealistic and cavalier about; both with his own and indeed with the countries.

His well aspected Moon in Scorpio gives him certain magnetism, insight into others and popularity, but his Mercury square Pluto, suggests ruthlessness in his attempts to force a point of view on others, whilst ignoring facts. Intellectual and ideological power struggles haunt him especially, again re finances. He also has a strong secrecy. There is coercion from or around others re many issues, especially, again, money. Strong sexuality is also a motivation in his life. His Libra rising blesses him with charm, (as does his Venus conjunct Mercury) and he has PR skills when needed; and he will try and please all with his generous words, rather than stick to a higher principle of truth or caution. He will always wait to see which way the crowd runs, and then determine himself to be its champion, in a populist way. His Moon in Scorpio however can make him caustic and sometimes almost cruel in others eyes, in his knee-jerk reactions and desire to speak a careless truth, as he sees it. This conflicts strongly with his Libra rising desire to be fair and charming. This conflict will, and always has, haunted him. .

Interestingly at the end of July, when final decisions are made as to the result of the PM vote, his chart has nothing particularly triumphant going on, but nothing particularly difficult either… but his Saturn will trine Jupiter and sextile Neptune then, which may be enough to swing it in his favour. He also has Uranus trining its own place then. Strong unavoidable reality checks however will then have to dominate his view of things, not least about the financial repercussions of Brexit.

September will be a tough month for him, no matter what, when Saturn sits on his IC. (Every 30 years).

His competitor Jeremy Hunt  (whom we have no time of birth for) is Sun and Venus in Scorpio, insightful and a need for power; and with his Moon in Mercurial Gemini (we do not know the degree).  His Mars in Virgo however concerns itself with care re facts and details, rather overlooked by Mars in Gemini (Johnson). His Mercury in Sagittarius trines Jupiter closely, which gives wisdom and a big picture outlook.  It is possible that Jupiter will oppose his Moon late month, (successful /celebratory), if he is born around midday, but whenever he is born, there is Uranus opposing his Venus all month (every 84 years and a protracted transit). This brings shocks and sudden changes in circumstances, but in what area of life we cannot know, without the time of birth. He also has in his birth chart, Saturn opposition Pluto, like Boris, which restricts and limits power in life.

Donald Trump has Saturn square his Jupiter before the 13th. He will feel very blocked from achieving his goals and will be obviously and maybe dangerously angry during that time, but it will be next January (2020), when he has truly challenging times in his career and life, manifested by the rare difficult transits of both Saturn and Pluto at work then..

The rise of populism and right wing authoritarianism is undeniably growing, splitting the world and populations in so many ways. Pluto (power, constructive or destructive) now in his last decan (10 degrees) of Capricorn (economic systems), finally is revealing what abuse of financial power and policy, and the resultant growth of extreme inequality can lead to, in terms of a general rebellion against a system.  That rebellion however in many ways, is being conveniently exploited and disingenuously hijacked by others, ironically for their own greed, gain and ego.

The result of Neptune in Pisces, since 2011 and recently, Uranus in Taurus since last year has put emphasis on climate crisis issues and the related state of our life-giving ecosystems and of our creatures, that share our planet. This however is also threatening our current predominant political and economic status quo, which as it is, is totally unsustainable.  However, growing consciousness of that reality is a reality too far for many of the stalwarts and gainers from our current system, and so it has become a serious focus of a fundamental ideological conflict. The planet and its politics are in an existential crisis, never seen before, as it is now global and essentially binary.

There are two eclipses this month, a total Solar eclipse on the 2nd falling at 10 degrees of Cancer. This can equate to the new and the regenerative.

The partial Lunar eclipse falls on the 16th at 24 degrees of Capricorn, (directly affecting Trump’s Saturn and Venus.) Total eclipses are often connected to harsh and rather primeval eruptions of the unconscious in a significant way, individually or collectively, or indeed both; and marks the harsh realities of situations and often endings.  It is like a full Moon on steroids.

Note to my readers.

I sometimes have readers commenting on how in some months, their birthday period in a specific sign is not highlighted in my monthly forecasts.

Sun sign forecasts are in fact extremely limiting, as the Sun is only one factor of many in your birth chart, and only your Sun position can be definitely known solely from just your birth date & month. The Sun’s 12-month orbit means it returns virtually to the exact same degree at the same time each year (your birthday) & hence basic Sun sign forecasting. In some monthly forecasts, your particular birth sign Sun degree is not necessarily being influenced by any planet & hence the lack of comment.

Without more personal specifics; year, place and & preferably time of birth, astrologers cannot make deeper comments regarding the other, very influential planets that comprise a full astrological birth chart (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). These have hugely individual, varying orbits (unlike the Sun) & are exerting frequent, differing significantly powerful influences, which affect each one of your individual planetary positions at different times in your unique personal birth chart.

If you are interested in a detailed, personal forecast for a period of either 1, or 2 years, you can find ordering options on the services page of my website:  www.astroanalysis.co.uk.

I would also need your name, full date, place & preferably time of birth & contact details, which you can send through my contact page.

You can also simply contact me by email:  leigh@astroanalysis.co.uk


There might be quite a lot of emphasis on the home front this month but from the 23rd all born up to March 28th can look forward to a little more fun and pro-life excitement.  

Before the 7th, if born March 21st to 24th, get whatever you need to do, done as soon as possible because on the 7th Mercury moves retrograde and things get blocked and delayed. 

Indeed, if born after April 14th, after the 19th there will be also frustrations.

Before the 3rd, if born after April 13th, your ability to communicate with heart and charm is strong, but after the 3rd you may find that your tastes are lavish and expenses over-reached.  Beware.  

After the 28th, however, if born up to March 25th positive, constructive creativity and fun and indeed love life blossoms. 

For all born up to April 10th, Mars is really activating your energy, both in terms of your passions, physically and creatively and you are really up for good times and constructively so.  You are competitive too. 

Jupiter is very much supportive now of those born 4th to 9th April.  There is confidence, ebullience, joy and romantic and creative energy abounds.  

However, beware if born April 6th to 9th, Saturn is on your case.  Blocks, restrictions, reality checks are around.  You need patience and maturity.  Do not kick the can down the road and look after your health.
Pluto is still a background challenge for those born April 11th –14th.
Power struggles manifest with others, that are actually fermenting within yourself.. Be honest about inner frustrations, and how you need to be constructive in dealing with changes needed… not least professionally.


Your mind is alert and sharp this month, but do be aware after the 7th if born up to April 24th, that communications can be particularly frustrated or frustrating and plans go awry, confusions reign, notably on the home front.

After the 3rd, Venus is very fortuitous for all of you in terms of being able to communicate in ways that really do show love and consideration and you receive the same. 

However, after the 28th, if born up to April 24th, things may not be quite so smooth.  

Mars, now in Leo will, for all born up to May 10th, be bringing impatience, irritability and some potential family arguments into the frame.  Impulse is advised against. You are a little bit a bull in the china shop. 

Saturn however, is a very good stabilising influence on all born May 6th to 9th.  There is care, practical skills, calm maturity, focus and discipline.  Not least in study and travel , which may have a dutiful element  

Uranus however is a very big player now being in your sign and is directly hitting all born April 26th to 28th.  The unexpected is in the air, a desire for freedom and element of awakening and enlightening through some shock a volcanic sense that change is needed or is imposed upon you.  Don’t push the river.  This influence will be with you on and off until about June 2020.  Change will happen in its own time, but change there is.

 Neptune is still enhancing the consciousness of those born May 7th-10th. Extra empathy and emotional purity is showing. You need nature, simplicity and the arts    and your good heart will shine.

Pluto is empowering the energies and psyche now of those born 11th-14th. Your wisdom and big picture insight is giving you strength, even in challenging circumstances. Use your increased power and insight wisely and it will serve you admirably… and give you courage.


Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th, which does imply that you may find that certain communications and plans definitely are not so straight forward, so what you can achieve before then is advisable, including financial transactions.  

Venus in your sign before the 3rd directly affects all those born after June 17th.  This brings harmony, love, affection and peace to your door.  

Mars in Leo from the 1st is very constructive for all born up to June 11th. The power of your communications is notable and positive, determined and successful and your drives are well thought through.  

Jupiter in your opposite sign now of Sagittarius is directly opposing the Suns of those born June 4th to 10th.  This brings a potential for over-confidence and over-reaching.  It is good, with some moderation, for travel and expansion but beware of other people persuading you to stretch your resources or generosity more than is wise.  

Neptune is currently squaring the Suns, which he has been for a few months, of those born around June 9th to 11th.  There is a potential for some deceptive circumstances around you or some self-deception, but more importantly, this is a time where idealism, and emotionalism is getting stronger in your life and Geminis are particularly rational, so this can be disconcerting.  Certain things are dissolving, but this issue needs attention in order to balance your view of life. Work issues may have an element of shades of grey and uncertainty, either from within yourself and your attitude of because of external confusing events. 


Your month, so time to shine and certainly after the 19th for all born after July 16th there is a great sense of intellectual astuteness and a desire to communicate, but you must listen too.  

After the 3rd and before the 28th, all of your will have Venus passing over your Sun at some point which will bring a lot of love, harmony and a sense of balance and creativity into your life.  

Saturn, however, is currently opposing the Suns of those born July 8th to 11th.  This is a repeat of what you were experiencing in February time and it can bring some stress and strain and challenges re relationships.  Other people are behaving like school teachers, maybe benevolently so, but reality checks and others are certain and make you stop and re-think many things, not least in your personal relationships, but hard work and loyalty may be necessary and stepping up to the plate may be what is needed, but a focus on realities is essential, even if it means some blocks and delays. 

Uranus is currently however very positive in terms of its potential for liberation or the beginnings of liberation, for those born around June 27th to 29th.  Uranus sextiling your Sun is definitively bringing an awakening and enlightening and a desire to leap in to a more liberated future for self and others.  

Neptune is seriously still inspiring those born July 10th to 12th.  Emotions, sensitivity, compassion, the arts must figure and travel is lagged up and being near the sea is healing.

Pluto however still wading through Capricorn is now opposing the Suns of those born July 13th-16th.. This protracted transit is rare and once in a lifetime. It can manifest in s3everal ways, but certainly powerful individuals and egos may be up for a power struggle or indeed you may be up for that yourself. .. Keep excessive ego at bay, and do not sink to abusive levels of confrontation, even if others do to you.. If necessary draw boundaries and walk away.. However if your motive and cause is good and pure, you may need to maintain your courage and stance. Endings are in the air, literal and metaphorically…. This is a powerful transition in life, somewhat fated and is still mid journey. Avoid dark people and circumstances, if you can.

The solar eclipse of the 2nd will impact those born around July 3rd. This can create a sense of the beginning a new and positive chapter. It is a time of positivity.


Mercury in your sign before the 19th, moves retrograde on the 7th, suggesting that you will all need to attend to issues that need sorting out before that date, otherwise if you wait, delays and confusions are inevitable, particularly if born very early Leo, after July 23rd until 27th. 

Before the 3rd, if born after August 19th working in collusion or in charge of others for a cause, is successful and friends and connections bring happiness all round. 

After the 28th, if born up to July 28th, there is a real feeling of a bonus and a boost to your sense of well being and also to your ability to give and receive love and you look and feel good. 

Mars moves into your sign on 1st, directly impacting all born up to August 12th.  This will really fire you up in terms of ambition, drive, competitive spirit and determination. Ensure that is stays constructive and positive and not over-assertive, otherwise you can attract some people who may want to block you, but you must focus your drive intelligently and acknowledge it. 

Jupiter is very positive now for all born August 6th to 11th.  Trining your Sun now, indeed as he did last January/ early February, and so he is bringing optimism, positivity, hope, travel and a surge in love life and creativity.   

Uranus, currently, is directly affecting those born July 29th to 31st.  This once every 42-year square is bringing a bit of a sense of a shake up or uncertainty, connected possibly to career issues.  Be patient.  This lasts and will take its own time to resolve. 


Social life may be rather full on this month in a positive way and after the 19th, all born after September 17th, may find that communication with friends is valuable and the ability to organise group activities is underlined. 

After the 3rd and before the 28th, you will all find that social life peaks and love and harmony with others shine and your ability to work for ideals and causes that are not just personal also is underlined. 

Jupiter is squaring the Suns of those born September 6th to 12th.  This indicates a desire for expansion, indulgence and maybe a touch of over-confidence.  Reach for what you want by all means but don’t over-reach. Moderation may be necessary.

Saturn however will, for those born September 8th to 11th, so virtually the same group; act as a good stabiliser, bringing pragmatism and practicality and common sense to the fore.  This can therefore be a well-balanced and progressive period.  

Uranus is now very positive for all born August 29th to 31st, which will last one and off until March 2021, and will be an intelligent liberator in your life.  It is good for unexpected events to do with other countries and insights philosophically, in wisdom and legally. It just awakens you to a more exciting innovative future and sense of your unique self.

Neptune however is now opposing the Suns of those born September 11th-13th. This is an indicator of potential for projecting onto others what you want to see, to suit you desires. Be realistic and also avoid being caught in a web of deceit by others, even though it may not be intentional Positively, indulging in nature, the arts , music and being near the sea can all be very healing and inspiring  and your compassionate heart is powerful, just beware it does not overwhelm you and allow you to be taken advantage of .

Pluto however is so empowering and emboldening now for those born September 14th-17th. In love life, and in creative feats and in living life to the full generally, you are now empowered. Your will and courage is strong, and so long as your motive is regenerative for all, this is a significant and successful time, internally psychologically and so externally too.


You may a little internally conflicted this month because the sign of Cancer, where the Sun is most of the month, is square to your own sign, but nothing significant.  

After the 7th when Mercury moves retrograde, many of you will feel a little frustrated as events get held up and progress is blocked, notably after the 19th if born after October 17th, especially in professional issues. 

Before the 3rd, there is a brief window for all born after October 19th for a particular sense of harmony and it augurs well for international and legal issues.  

After the 28th, if born up to September 28th, friendships are a particular bonus in life.

Mars in Leo will be constructive at some point in the month for all born up to October 13th.  There will be a drive, leadership ability, a determination and sense of intelligent action to achieve. 

Jupiter is also bringing for those born October 7th to 12th a sense of wisdom and confidence, which may be needed, because Saturn is simultaneously challenging the energies of those born October 9th to 12th.  Domestic blocks, restrictions or limitations or lower energy may be haunting you for a while, but Jupiter will act as a protection. 

Finally, Pluto is currently and has been on and off for some time, squaring the Suns of those born October 14th to 17th.  You are in the middle of a long journey, which by now you will be aware of since the end of 2018 and it will not be really completed until the end of 2020. This is a transition and an internal power struggle inside, which although is ultimately empowering, it will also involve some inner investigation of quite a profound sort.


This is the month for travel for Scorpio with the Sun in your Solar 9th house.  It is also good for study /academia and philosophical issues too. 

After the 19th, if born after November 15th, internationalism and academia is extra highly focused, but because Mercury is retrograde, delays in travel may be a possibility. 

After the 3rd, you will all at some point during the month be able to combine love with higher learning, travel and have a sort of philosophical pleasure in relationships.  

Your thinking is grounded and practical of necessity and very constructive for self and others.  It is also very good for addressing detailed and demanding intellectual work.

The planet Uranus now in your opposite sign of Taurus is in his once every 165 visitation of opposing the Suns of all born October 28th to 30th.  This is going to be on and off until late 2021, bringing disruptive energies connected to relationships.  Other people’s unpredictability or desire for freedom or desire for change can impact you quite significantly. This can be positive or it can be upsetting, but it is a catalyst for change in your life that is meant to be.  Uranus awakens and enlightens and this may be channelled through other people. 

Neptune is beautifully inspiring still, both creatively and emotionally and indeed spirituality for those born November 9th to 11th.  Enjoy.

Pluto, your ruling planet is now in a positive angle to the Suns of those born November 12th-15th. This enables a sense of constructive and intelligent, objective empowerment in all matters to do with thought insight and all forms of communications. Profounder wisdom is yours now and it is insightful and healing for others.


Mercury is retrograde after the 7th so many of you will need to be aware that communications can go awry after that point, so get as much organised as you can before that date and this may also affect finances and travel issues which may not be straight forward.  

Before the 3rd, if born after the 17th December, relationships can really flourish and after the 3rd finances can be benefited to some degree as well.  

After the 28th, for all born November 23rd to 26th, positive travel is flagged up and love and internationalism can go hand in hand.  

Mars is in Leo all month, bringing for all born up to December 11th a surge in determination, ambition, energised study and again travel is particularly emphasised in a positive and constructive way.  You are a force to be reckoned with which is very constructive and creatively so as well. 

Jupiter, still in your sign, is excellent now for all born December 5th to 10th.  As last February, there is a boost to your confidence, your belief in self, advantages through travel, and opportunities, for growth and optimism.  

However, Neptune is still squaring the Suns of those born December 10th to 12th.  This long, protracted transit is a journey that is meant to be a gradual melt down of the old and birth of the new and although confusing and often disorientating, it is taking you to a new place that is necessary. In the meantime don’t be too idealistic, keep grounded but trust the trade winds. 


Relationships are flagged up as significant this month with the Sun being in your opposite sign (relationship area) but you will need to be very careful after the 7th, and particularly after the 19th that with Mercury retrograde, communications can lead to misunderstandings, notably if born after January 14th.  

After the 3rd you will all however benefit from the affections and the love and goodwill of others in your life; and what you give comes back, like bread cast on waters, as Venus travels your solar 7th House.  

Saturn is still in your sign, where he has been since the beginning of 2018 and he is now directly impacting the charts of those born January 6th to 9th, as he did last February.  Once again you are faced with reality checks about yourself and your structure in life.  You need rest.  You need to be aware of limitations and facts and realities, but hard work and focus is going to be needed.  Saturn is a karmic schoolteacher.  You need to learn his lessons, but the hard work that you put in and the lonely road it feels to be at the time, does pay off in the future, but take time out for rest. 

Uranus is excellent energy now for those born around December 28th to 30th.  This rare transit of trining your Sun is liberating; creatively, romantically and in terms of exploring life.  The main focus will be allowing your unique individuality to shine and awaken you to future potential.  Change is good and you can build a bridge from the old to the new and you have a few years to do this.  

Neptune too is very positive and inspiring if born around January 8th to 10th; emotionally, spiritually and creatively. You need to acknowledge the power of your heart 

Pluto is currently still in your sign of course (till 2025) and is currently directly conjunct the Suns of those born 11th- 14th.

For this group this energy is around on and off till the end of next year. This once every 248-year hit brings a great sense of destiny in life. Events will test you for the wise use of power and also test your ability to handle the power of others and indeed significant events. Endings are in the air, with a sense of a new chapter to be understood. Provided you know your motives are spotless, you will ultimately in some way be significantly empowered by this.  There is a lunar eclipse on the 16th, directly affecting those born around January 15th. This may be a day of some intensity and when eruptions arise from the unconscious from you or others, revealing some stuff that needs addressing.


After the 7th Mercury moving retrograde demands extra care in communications at work and patience.  Blocks and restrictions and delays are in the ether. 

Before the 3rd, if born after February 15th love life and creativity gets a bit of a boost.

After the 28th , for those born January 21st to 25th, relationships can bring blessings and others’ affections inspire you. 

Mars is in your opposite sign all month, directly affecting all born up to February 9th.  At some point all of you during the month may feel the impact of other people’s assertiveness towards you, which may be disconcerting, but you are also assertive in relationships and as a result there can be some feeling of diamond cutting diamond.  Compromise may be necessary, but other people are no pushover.  

Jupiter is advantageous now to all born February 3rd too 8th.  Your goals are enhanced.  Collective work towards a project is encouraged and positive.  Anything that allows you to be expansive and explorative and successful is within your grasp through intelligent action.  

Uranus is squaring the Suns of now in his once every 84-year transit. This will directly affect those born January 26th to 28th.  As Uranus is your ruling planet, this is strong.  Changes domestically or family wise are in the ether.  This two-year transit is likely to bring some disruption and unpredictability, but by your nature, it is something that you are used to and your own uniqueness and individuality will triumph out of a time that is rather unpredictable, but it will awaken and enlighten.  


Creativity is very much flagged up this month.

After the 7th, when Mercury is retrograde, communications with offspring and in love life may need double-checking, as misunderstandings are very possible. 

After the 19th, if born after 14th March communications can be very significant, but care in needed in the way it’s delivered. 

After the 3rd, all of you will have Venus going though your Solar 5th house, which gives a huge boost to creative and artistic pursuits and love life also is very favoured, as are connections with children. 

Jupiter is bringing a tendency for all born between March 4th to 9th, to be rather extravagant or over-confident, particularly in work or business. Don’t over-reach or be presumptuous about outcomes. 

However, Saturn is simultaneously a good check on the energies of those born March 6th to 9th.  This constructive angle to your Sun is allowing a grown up care and caution in your dealings, which will bring a successful period, as Jupiter will work well, but Saturn will bring caution.  

Uranus is in sextile to the Suns of those born February 25th to 27th.  This rare relationship is exciting, individualising, bringing intuition, allowing you to see outside the box and is liberating in your journey through life. A big picture understanding of self and others helps you move forward. This two-year transit is positive on so many levels. 

Neptune, still sitting on the Suns of those born March 8th to 10th continues to inspire the creative and emotional and intuitive side of your being.   This once every 165-year visitation can work in several ways. It can make you too idealistic, sensitive and therefore escapist and it can also, bring self deception and rose coloured spectacles and even a sense of being all at sea and even misguided in your generosity. Positively it can inspire your spiritual and even psychic gifts and can bring huge compassion and empathy, as your heart and soul are at peak sensitivity.. Consequently it can also of course, bring great creative/artistic /musical inspiration of a very unique and powerful sort.   The sea and nature can be a powerful input in your life.

Pluto however is in very empowering mode now for those born March 11th-14th. He is bringing a sense of being able to act and work with insight and intensity to fulfil your own goals or indeed to be able to work for the greater good of others, as well and in a potential leadership role.  Insight and intelligence is yours, as is a constructive determination. The time is right to pursue the goals you value. Just ensure motive is always genuinely for the greater good.