Sunday, 1 March 2015


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

Uranus and Pluto are now exactly squaring each other again, bringing that whole conflict between the new concept of economic way forward versus the old austerity paradigm into full flood, not least with the situation in the EU with Greece's new stance. The people versus the establishment are very much in the ether and discontent about social conditions and the polarisation of wealth is likely to grow and become quite tangible in many European countries and also in the USA.

Mars in its own sign of assertive, fiery Aries this month is also squaring up to both Uranus and Pluto, suggesting there are certain flashpoints, notably around the 11th when chaos, unrest, extremism and the shocking and unexpected are in the air. This is also a time when there could be stress related to Aries-ruled Germany and England, counties which may be feeling some stress and strain socially as well.  The drums of international confrontation are louder than usual.

The aggressive tone of fighting politicians will increase as elections approach. Egos and ideological polemic will prevail, creating more public disillusionment with a floundering political system and its purveyors.

The 4th and 5th are also days of some passion and intensity, no half measures. Inspired times creatively are specifically around the 18th and the first week sees Jupiter trine Uranus which is   actually a very fortunate time with unexpected bonuses and windfalls and certain breakthroughs that are possibly beneficial to the world, not least in terms of technological and scientific breakthroughs.

Capricorns, Cancers, Aries and Libra are likely to be feeling the intensity of the Uranus/Pluto now notably if born Jan 4tn-7th, July 6th-9th, April 4th-6th and October 7th-10th. Things that have been bubbling within you and externally for some years are erupting significantly currently. Endings of chapters and unexpected change are thrust into their path., Destiny is at work for these people in some way ,but all are tested to not misuse power and to draw suitable boundaries round those that do , and not sink to primeval levels of response. Liberation is in the air, but is important not to be too impulsive in the quest for change and also to avoid risky behaviour, especially for the Aries group. For all those identified above this is a powerful journey in life and only with consciousness and self control and pure motive will you find this a rewarding and empowering path

Mercury in Aquarius until the 13th is enhancing the intellect of that sign, especially if born after Fed 2nd and Venus in Aries before the 17th is bringing love, affection and creativity to the lives of many Aries, born after March 30th. After the 13th all Pisces will be feeling the added desire to communicate and extra wisdom/ creativity is theirs, whilst all Virgos will find the input of others communication significant and they will need to listen.

Because Mars is in its home sign of Aries, the assertiveness of this position will also be significant and many Librans also will find that others are no pushovers in their life, especially for Aries if born after March 26th and for all October born Librans. Even Cancers born after June 30th and Capricorns born after December 29th, will find that irritation impatience and some potential confrontation in career or home is on the cards.

However all Leos born after July 30th, will be empowered with courage and constructive action in terms of travel, philosophical/ideological/academic courage and confidence and Sagittarians born after November 28th will have assertiveness and courage and confidence in creative endeavours and in romantic inspiration and round offspring. Aquarians too born after January 26th will feel the power of intellectual strength and you will get listened too.

After the 17th Scorpios born up to november10th and Taureans born up to May 8th will find that Cupid enhances their lives in some way, or at the very least, love and affection abound, as do your charms.

Jupiter currently benefits Leos, directly in terms of travel, luck, growth and a feel good factor if born august 4th-8th but have a care in terms of over confidence, but enjoy. Aries too, born A pril2nd-6th and Sagittarians, born Dec 4th-8th are feeling the positive rays of Jupiter, in terms of love/life/fertility and creativity, or in terms of travel and academic or legal boosts respectively. Less favoured, bur still boosted in terms of intelligence and opportunities and some protection are Librans born Oct. 5th-9th and Geminis born June 2nd-6th.

However for Taurus born May2nd-6th and Scorpio born November 4th-8th, there is a need for some moderation and self restraint as extravagance and over confidence is in the air.

Also Aquarians born Feb 1st –5th are aware currently of the bounty of others and good times roll, but be discriminating and don’t over expand or over risk.

Sagittarians and Geminis are now feeling the movement of Saturn as he moves slowly and pedantically through you’re the sign of the Archer (centaur). He is now at4 degrees for many weeks till around 19th of April. Till then, many Sagittarians born November 27th-29th and Geminis born May 24th-26th will be feeling the necessity principle of the karmic schoolteacher that is Saturn. Remember he is a benevolent despot too, so he is asking you to learn and do the hard work necessary to make your life more stable for the future. Reality checks are in the air, from with and from others.

It is also true that for Virgos born 26th-28th and Pisces born Feb 22nd –24th, there will be blocks delays in the ether and learning curves and all the above who are affected by Saturn need to respect the body now as tiredness is at the least, likely.

However Saturn is very constructive if demanding now to Aquarians born January 24th-26th as he is bringing maturity and a sense of responsibility in a collective project, Saturn is also enhancing a sense of loyalty and duty to friends and causes, which bring personal satisfaction and admiration. Similarly Librans born October 27th- 29th are currently in disciplined intellectual mode and mature and measured in thought. Aries born March 24th-26th will need to be aware of facing responsibilities and serious work/duty re academic/long distance issues and Leos born July27th-29th also are finding themselves needing to be very grown up/responsible re romance/creative and offspring matters. 

All Pisces born February 24-28th and Virgos born August 30th-September 2nd are a little prone to deceptive circumstances or over idealism currently, so check the metaphorical or literally; small print of people and agreements and keep grounded and you are all exceptionally sensitive to suffering now, so extra compassionate and very inspired creatively/spiritually, but keep it all real and avoid projecting what you want to see and beware escapism /addictive tendencies. This is all related to Neptune slow furthering of his path through Pisces.

Geminis born May 28th-May 30th are also coming into a period where they need to be clear about events at work and there Is a possibility of some sense of discontent with the professional status quo. Also Sagittarians, born November30th-December 2nd will also need to keep grounded about domestic circumstances and to avoid deceptive circumstances. This is a time when both these groups are starting a subtle metamorphosis of a journey as the old order dissolves in some area and the new slowly emerges, but it is a bit of a blind journey, so keep as much on your toes as you can, whilst recognising some loss of control that is inevitable. Neptune is a subtle road to redemption.

The full Moon falls on the 5th at 15 degrees of Virgo and the new Moon solar eclipse is on the 20th at 29 degrees of Pisces. Therefore for Virgos and Pisces the 5th and the 20th will both be significant dates, the full Moon being a time of endings of chapters and the culmination of past events, while the solar eclipse will significant the birth of the new. For Virgos born around September the 8th the5th will denote some sort of revelation that may not be so comfortable from within yourself and denotes an completion somehow or ending of a chapter and for Pisces born around the March 6th there is on the 5th a sense of a showdown with another that illuminates a certain truth..

However the solar eclipse on the 20th for Pisces and Virgos born around March 20th and September 22nd/23rd respectively, the birth of the new is in the air.