Saturday, 1 November 2014


by Leigh Oswald (London-based astrologer and teacher )

 Scorpio is a month dominated by the power of Pluto, the ruler of that sign. If you think about the word Pluto, its connotations are very much connected to power – plutonium, plutocracy. Pluto has the power for great good and regeneration and transformation, or great destruction, and this month will therefore be fairly critical in terms of how power is used., not least around the 11th.

With Jupiter squaring the Sun around the 14th, there are some large and delicate egos on the planet and Syria, which is a Scorpio country, may continue to be very, very hotly in the news as it undergoes such a terrible time of conflict.

Neptune currently strong in his own sign of Pisces (from Feb 2012-Jan 2026) is very much indicative of a problem with boundaries. There is a danger of viruses (the invisible) being more prone to not honouring boundaries in any way, hence potential inability to control certain infectious agencies, Ebola being the latest. Neptune knows no boundaries and rules the invisible, so when Neptune is in Pisces there is a direct correlation with the potential for widespread epidemics, or at least fear of them. It also flags up the danger of antibiotic resistance, because of over use of them, not least in meat production.

It also puts focus on the need to recognise the importance of the seas (Neptune ruled) and how vital the health of the oceans is to the whole of our planetary survival and to wake up to the destruction of industrial fishing and acidification of our seas. Wherever Neptune is, is where we need to redeem ourselves and not to be blind to issues.

The 13th when Mars squares Uranus is probably the most dangerous time of the month in terms of geophysical eruptions and being accident-prone, and the economies of certain countries, already showing certain weaknesses in Europe are likely to be greater causes of concern this month, not least around the 13th when Venus conjuncts to Saturn (economic stress). Further austerity measures globally may be a source of great discontent around the 19th and 26th. Misuse of power, not least by British politicians, is very likely on the 11th when Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and it is also a time when the States may start to feel some economic wobble as the fiscal stimulus is withdrawn.

Both Barack Obama and David Cameron face challenges late this month and early next, as Saturn challenges some natal planets in their charts.

Regenerative, rejuvenating times on the planet in some connection, where hope is flagged up, is between the 1st and the 4th, and the 18th and 24th.

The full Moon falls on the 6th at 14 degrees of Taurus, exact at 22.23 GMT, a time for the end of chapters and to reap the results of certain actions, as the unconscious erupts and the cycles run full circle.

The new Moon falls on the 22nd at 0 degrees of Sagittarius, exact at 12.32 GMT – a time of hope, positivity and the sowing of new futures.

ARIES March 21st -April 20th

One is not allowed to get away with the superficial in November. It is a time of depth and profundity and also for dealing with very private, secretive issues both on an emotional a
and intense level, and also connected to finances. Complex financial issues are very much there to be dealt with and you will have a craving for depth and intensity in life in some way and truths will be faced. Communications about finances and private feelings that are very urgent will be enabled between the 8th and 28th and before the 16th passions are strong.

 After the 16th, when Mercury moves into Sagittarius, all born up to April 8th can combine love with travel and creativity inspires. Idealism of an ideological sort may be your driver.

Mars is not too well disposed towards those born March 24th to April 17th. There are war drums audible and this can come from authority figures or on the career front. You are impatient and intolerant and others may respond in same mode. Stop and count to ten before impulsive speech or action, or you could embroil yourself in difficult situations unnecessarily.

Jupiter however is helpful if born April 9th to 13th. He is bringing a zest for life, opportunities for increased social life, fun, enjoyment, extravagance and children's issues can be a source of joy and fertility. Beware about rash speculation however, and over-confidence.

Uranus and Pluto are still very much affecting those born April 1st to 4th. So much change has been going on over the last year or so and continues to. People misusing power and challenging you unfairly at work have caused you pain and problems and you have had to be careful not to throw your own over-assertive weight about as well. However for many of you there has been a need for radical departure into a new direction and you feel you are waking up to your true potential, but impulsiveness can be your enemy. Change is around but don't push the river, and make sure that your power is used for the greater good. You are the agent, not the owner of it.

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Scorpio is a month that focuses on significant others and indeed relationships are a powerful influence on your life this month. Good communication relationships are vital and also enabled between the 8th and 28th, and before the 16th all born after April 30th have the power of love and affections enhancing life. Old relationships improve, and new ones can come in.

Indeed the full moon in your sign on the 6th, may see for those born around May 5th, a sense of realisation within, about the true status of a relationship, as your unconscious erupts somehow revealing some important and necessary facts.

Mars is very much on your side if born after April 23rd up to May 17th. He is bringing you a philosophical empowerment and a sense of courageous intelligence and constructively in your decisions.

If born May 10th to 14th be aware of a tendency towards over-indulgence and hedonism, but good times can roll.. Jupiter is very tempting then. Domestic/family indulgence and extravagance is on the cards,.

However Saturn is directly opposing in his once every 30-year hit, the Suns of those born May 14th to 19th. For this group challenges are very much on the horizon from other people and from circumstances. One has to rise to maturity to accept and deal with certain issues in life. Courage and application of will and discipline will help, but reality checks are in the air. The march of time is a strong theme and the need to care for the body.

Pluto is a real empowerer still if born May 2nd-4th. . He brings wisdom, courage and empowerment from the higher mind, travel and academic accomplishments.

Neptune is still encouraging kindness, ego less care and compassion and creative skills to those born April 24th to 26th. Friends too are priceless gifts in their connection with you now.

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This is a good month to rationalise your everyday working life. Tidying up environment will tidy up your mind. It's a time for boring practicalities and rationalisations that later you will be glad you addressed.

After the 16th however, when Venus moves into your opposite sign, many of you born up to June 9th may find a remarkable input of love, affection, romance, social life. P positive feedback from other people will really lighten your mood and bring fulfilment.

Jupiter too is very helpful now provided you take advantage of his opportunities that are coming your way, if born June 10th to 14th. Your normal levels of intelligence and adept intellect are given an extra boost and communication abilities are effective and far-reaching, and there is an optimism and positivity about you that is infectious. Much comings and goings can also bring benefits, and relationships particularly thrive through excellent communications.

Uranus is an exciting influence still if born June 2nd –5th. From last March till next March, you are enjoying an enlightened insight in self and life through working with and communicating with others and a more revolutionary and intuitive big picture has grown, that has really liberated you and your trajectory will be slightly different and for the better now..

Just beware that if born around May 24th to 26th there are still some smoke and mirrors around in your professional environment and one should check small print on everything in business, and don't always take on board the superficial appearance of people or situations. You need more sleep than usual and escapism and over-indulgence can be to your detriment.

The new Moon on the 22nd may well, for those born around May 22nd/23rd, bring a sense of a new chapter in a relationship, that is all good.

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

November for Cancers is often a time of great enjoyment and celebration of life. Love life, children's and creative issues and general celebrations of happiness are in the ether. Between the 8th and 28th your ability to communicate brings joy and writing skills are underlined. Before the 16th love life is particularly emphasised and enjoyment of children's company is exceptionally good. Parenthood is especially underscored.

Mars however in your opposite sign is directly affecting all born June 25th to July 19th. There will be some people who will challenge you or stand in your way in some respect. You will be assertive but as so often with a Mars opposition, assertion is stimulated by others' harsh stance. Be diplomatic, think before you react, and try to be calm and compromise.

Saturn forces maturity and discipline upon those born July 15th to 21st and serious issues that demand a grown-up approach are evident in romance, and offspring issues may need serious thought in terms of handling them. Creativity demands technical patience and expertise.

For all born July 2nd to 6th Uranus and Pluto are still directly impacting your lives in this very long haul. You have been in the firing line of those rather daunting influences for some few years and power struggles have been in the air, as well as great insecurities and restlessness professionally. This is a very important period in your life, which tests your mettle to rise above and accept that endings are followed by new beginnings, no matter how difficult it is.  Career too is changing and all is in flux and uncertain, but out of this comes a stronger more secure you, and the uphill struggle of this chapter is truly nearly over. A phoenix will rise.

Neptune however is still bringing subtle blessings (since March 2013) to all born June 25th-27th. For this group a sense of spiritual awakening to the less material aspects of life and a greater empathy, compassion and inspired imagination has crept up in you. This journey is nearly complete and you are better, richer person for it.

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Issues to do with domestic and family matters dominate this month. Communications about these things are probably best achieved between the 8th and 28th and you do have a desire to make changes and moves in those areas. Before the 16th you will also have a desire to have harmony in these same respects, although this could be difficult, as there are practical reality checks that may need facing first.

If born August 15th to 21st, there are significant disciplining issues that you need to face within yourself and problems and challenges that need very logistical answers on the property/family front and your living arrangements. Frustrations and delays abound, and it is also a time to face facts, and do what is necessary, and if you do, rewards are round the corner.

Mars is inviting you to get your sleeves rolled up in your working capacity , so that you make progress there and clarify your professional objectives

After the 16th many of you born up to August 11th may find that love life takes a turn for the better and you are feeling relatively optimistic in your creative and affectional self.

Jupiter is also extremely protective now if born August 12th to 15th. He is bringing luck in love, and also travel and international opportunities, but he can also bring over-optimism, a few blind spots and possibly over extravagance, over confidence or even a little over expansion and a little arrogance, so have a bit of a caution and then you can still enjoy the moment.

Uranus too is still bringing for those born August 4th to 7th a sense of the new, the exciting and the innovative, and a desire to take a leap into a freer future with possible overseas connections. There is also a need to honour a need to look beyond your own needs/ego and recognise a bigger picture, which gives objectivity about your self and life that can be truly liberating and indicates a new life opportunity in some capacity.

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

The power of your brain should not be underestimated and your communication skills are quite ingenious with detail being your forte, notably between the 8th and 28th and before the 16th you can combine charm with intellectual insight perfectly and emotions and brain can be good partners.

Mars is also very much on your side if born August 26th to September 20th. Your assertiveness, both creatively and in romantic issues shouldn't be underestimated. You are not a shrinking violet during this time. You are determined and driven and a little less self-effacing than usual, but constructively you are going to get yourself heard and on the map.

Saturn is also bringing a note of very constructive caution to those born September 15th to 21st. He brings steadiness and groundedness of thought processes and gravitas to you assessments of situations and people.

Jupiter from your solar 12th house brings for you all a sort of quiet guardian angel effect protecting you and allowing quiet preparation for when Jupiter bursts positively into your sign in August next year.

Neptune brings for those born around August 27th an ongoing warning that is nearly spent as energy of projecting on to others what you want to see and also allowing others to project to you what they want you to see, but creatively it has been, and continues to be. an inspiring time. You need music and water around you.

Pluto is still and till next January bring to the door of those born September 4th-7th, the real and very positive power to reinvent yourself as a powerful and constructive person re love life, the affections generally, creativity and re parenthood.

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

There may be a need to think quite profoundly about finances and between the 8th and 28th focus around finances and security issues can be very fruitful, and also before the 16th money can be made through your charms and your artistic abilities, but can also be gained because of the power of affectionate ties. Before the 8th those born after October 12th have an extra boost to communication skills and to sharpness of intellect, courtesy of Mercury in the last half of your sign, now thankfully direct and many issues from the last 2 months that have been pending get finally resolved somehow.

Mars is not so kindly disposed towards many of you, particularly if born Sept 27th- October 20th. There is a feeling that you may be a little bit of a bull in a china shop in your domestic situation and also there is a sense of other people who are a little bit forceful or assertive and you yourself may also tip into a reaction against your normal compromising nature, by being a little angry. Impatience and intolerance can be in the ether.

Jupiter however is well disposed to those born October 13th to 17th. Friends are saviours and you have got leadership skills. Goals are successful and you are very useful and lucky for others.

If born October 4th to 8th both Uranus and Pluto are still challenging you in their long haul. The unexpected, the unpredictable and some power struggles are around you. This is a metamorphosis and revolution in life that you are having to weather. Others are catalysts for change and you need to stand your own principles with humility and courage and access your own power without ruthlessness. Others are destabilising in their actions and in events, but they are in reality kick starting you into a newer better future, you just may not know it quite yet.

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

It is your birthday month so a time for celebration and for taking a step into the sunshine. Between the 8th and 28th Mercury in your sign brings extra intellectual insight and depth, and your normally forensic mind is strongly underscored.

Before the 16th if born after November 2nd, love life dominates and your ability to understand the laws of aesthetics and harmony will be demonstrated. The power of affections is strong.

Those born October 27th to November 20th are in strong form intellectually and the force of your argument is irrefutable and your judgement and will combine to bring success.

If born November 12th to 16th, care needs to be taken about being over-confident, over-arrogant or over-extravagant in your work goals. Success is around but don’t push your luck.

However for those born November 15th to 21st, Saturn is sitting right on your Sun in his once every 30-year visitation, bringing some significant reality checks and karmic boomerangs to your door. This is a time for maturity, hard work, discipline and facing facts. Do what you have to do, rather than what you want to do and it will pay dividends.

Your ruler Pluto is still very much enhancing the lives of those born November 3rd to 6th. In this long 2-year transit, he is empowering your insight more than ever before. The courage, determination and wisdom he brings needs to be used for regeneration and transformation, not only of self, but also of others.

Neptune continues to enhance the power of your deep feelings, but bringing an edge of greater compassion, sensitivity and a dissolving of ego, if born November 27th-29th. In romance/ creativity and re offspring issues, the power of the heart/soul dominates and enhances life.

 The full Moon affects all born November 6th-8th on the 6th. For this group, be prepared for some revelations from others then, that can shake you but which have to be acknowledged.

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

This is a time for some retreat, some behind-the-scenes focus, some soul-searching and contemplation of self and the more spiritual side of life. Behind-the-scenes activities, connections flourish. Quiet service to others brings satisfaction. However after the 16th when Venus moves into your sign, all born up to December 11th can feel the benefits of love, harmony, beauty and peace.  You will be looking good too.

Jupiter is also very much on your side now if born December 12th to 16th. He brings long distance opportunities, travel, wisdom, academic successes and plain luck, growth, inner or outer; and well being, and for those born December 4th to 7th, exciting new people are on the horizon. There is a change in your life that is satisfactory and children's issues are particularly rewarding and satisfying. Creativity too is awakening you to a whole new dimension of self.

Uranus is still favouring those born December 4th-6th. For this group, since June 2013 and till March 2015, there continues to be a sense of a leap into a new chapter that is exhilarating and liberating., not least related to the affections / children’s issues and or creative issues. You have discovered your talents and true self. A new dimension has opened to you.

Neptune however is a little less clear cut for those born November 26th-28th. This once every aprox 83 year square to your Sun has been ongoing since March 2013 and will be over by January 2015. It has been a foggy voyage with a sense of a dissolving of one status quo with a rather uncertain destination to another. You have needed more rest and to develop a “let go and let god” attitude, whilst emotions have been strong.  It is not however been a time for making irrevocable decisions as confusion and illusion is in the air. A time dawns very soon when you see the other side, when the metamorphosis is complete and redemption is found.

The new Moon in your sign on the 22nd directly relates to those born around December 15th. For this group a new start is in the air.

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Friends figure strongly in your life and your communications with them, particularly between the 8th and 28th This can be very fruitful, quite profound and about stuff that you like, and before the 16th, those born after December 31st can find that love and friendship mix well and one can beget the other. Social life is very pleasing.

Mars in your sign now is directly affecting all born December 25th to January 18th. For this group, ambition, drive, determination and physical, spiritual and psychological energy all work well. Just beware it doesn't tip over into over-assertiveness. 

For those born January13th –19th, Saturn your ruler is bringing responsibilities and obligations to others and leadership qualities that you cannot shirk. This is a time of karmic obligation and which is ultimately very rewarding.

Those born January 1st to 5th are still in this huge revolution in life when empowerment and change is bestowed and the need to recognise that the only true corollary of power is humility and change should not necessarily be feared. See this as an opportunity.  Fate is at work now and although the events around you can seem daunting, accept that this journey allows now a huge leap in depth understanding of the nature of life and its potentials. Endings are followed by new beginnings. T5his conjunction only happens every 248 years, so understand its rarity and therefore its significant power on your life .. Only you can choose as to how you embrace it with clear conscience and self-awareness and humility to use as a force for the greater good. .

Neptune in his ongoing rare visitation to the suns of those born December 25th-27th (over by January) is closing a chapter of increased sensitivity and openness to the more spiritual and creatively inspired side of consciousness. Your mind has been seared with the power of your heart and its importance and has brought reflective balance and enrichment.

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Career is predominating this month, notably between the 8th and the 28th. You are in the public eye and you can rise to the occasion. Although for many of you born between the 12th and 18th responsibilities, duties, obligations and some blocks are also part of the maturing process in your attitude to career and yourself in relationship to it.

If born up to February 8th, after the 16th there will be a much more sociable time and romance is in the ether and collective projects benefit from your wisdom

With Mars currently in your solar 12th house it is important for all of you not to sit on anger, to seethe or resent, but to get things out consciously and positively, as they happen and as you feel things. Repressed anger leads to depression and later explosions..

If born February 9th to 13th, Jupiter from your solar 7th house is bringing extravagance, benevolence, generosity – possibly over-generosity to others, but it is an excellent time for travel and enjoyment but just beware of over-indulgence and over-trusting. Relationships can flourish and new ones are exciting and people from other cultures can enhance your life, but beware others promising more than is possible and you being too confident and complacent.

Venus after the 16th can bring for you, if born up to February 8th, a sense of popularity with others and love , support and affection from friends abound as you are in demand and love life can get directly intertwined with friendship somehow.

Uranus, your sun sign ruler, is currently enhancing your life if born February 1st to 4th, as he has since last April.. You are being blessed in this once every 42-year angle to your Sun with a sense of awakening to your true authentic being and purpose. Your intuition is incisive and your sense of thinking outside the box is greatly creative and will enhance your power. The w world of technology and the innovative is powerful now in your life as it should be, almost in  a revolutionary fashion.

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

Pisces may find travel this month particularly inspiring and those who are academically inclined will get great joy from learning and philosophical pursuits, notably between the 8th and the 28th

After the 16th those born up to March 9th will use their creativity and charms very effectively in professional progress. Also for all born February 24th to 18th, this month brings energy, drive, ambition and intellectual insight that is constructive and effective.

If born March 13th to 19th, travel for duty or for work is possibly in the air, but there is a great maturity to life that is necessary, courtesy of Saturn.

Jupiter continues to protect the area connected to work and everyday functionalism from your solar 6th house.

Your ruler Neptune continues to directly affect all those born around February 22nd to 24th and this is nearly over having been strongly operative since Spring 2013. By next year this particular long journey will be complete and it has been the complete intensifying of your Pisces qualities. Your soul, your spirit, your creativity have been totally pinpointed. A metamorphosis has been happening, hopefully to bring out your best qualities. Negatively you have needed and continue to need to avoid escapism, care is needed particularly round the 20th. The arts, the sea and music and film have been potentially vital components of your life and nourishment.

Pluto is still empowering you if born round March 2nd.  However after this month this rare once in a life time visitation by sextile, of aprox. 2 years is about complete so ensure you enjoy the last chapter of your extra insight and empowerment to enable others to shine and appreciate the powerful transformation and advantage that friends and contacts have and are bringing to your door.