Friday, 30 November 2012


    by Leigh Oswald


 It would seem that the world is not going to end around the 21st December as has been suggested by those who believe that the Mayan calendar predicts such an event. However it is certainly true that between the 26th and 31st of the month, there is a considerable feeling of disruption. Indeed around the 26th when the Sun squares up to Uranus, there may well be some potential for geophysical upheavals. Most certainly the left field and unexpected are in the air. Also, as the year ends on the 30th/31st, the Sun lines up exactly to conjunct Pluto which has a sense of power that can be used for good or ill, and can be quite a global dramatic influence. Drama is in the air and as always with Pluto, this can be the misuse of power or the use of power for the greater good. Pluto spells power as in the words “plutocracy” and “plutonium” and endings followed often (not always) by new beginnings, are in the ether as the year closes.

 It is now that Saturn (ruling Capricorn) is in Scorpio that the power of Pluto (ruling Scorpio) in Capricorn is taking full effect, as they aid and abet each other. Both these positions relate to finance and to the economic and establishment structures and both also connect to the revelation of the deep, the dark and the hidden. The full extent of tax avoidance is now being unearthed in global economic dealings. We are increasingly being made aware that current challenging market forces and imposed austerity measures seem to be damaging the poor and middle strata of society, whilst leaving the very wealthy largely untouched.  Being called to account is part of the karma of Saturn in Scorpio and even some of the establishment figures themselves are having to address the problems of long term corruption within their own milieu, but the fight to keep the system as it stands afloat, while fiddling round the edges, to affect seeming change, will still be the goal of many in power.

 In our face climate change issues are upon us also. Hurricane Sandy in the U.S. and massive extensive flooding in the U.K. are hardly subtle reminders that whilst governments bleat on about restoring growth, the forces of nature are taking their revenge and creating the biggest wakeup call possible. The phrase sustainable growth is nothing less than an oxymoron.

 Neptune in Pisces now and for many a year to come will deluge us with issues re water; and redemption will only be achieved when we acknowledge our failures in looking after our planet’s precious resources.

To say simply that we are the custodians of nature is an arrogance of assumption. In reality, nature is our custodian; and if necessary she will make us suffer and deal us collectively some fatal blows, if we have not deserved her care or appreciated her precious balance, bounty and beauty.  She is basically screaming at us to wake up to her ability to wage destruction on us, when we abuse her services.

 It may not be the end of the world, but for those with eyes to see, we are certainly looking over a precipice.

 We all, not least governments, fiddle, while the planet burns and drowns.

On a more positive note, the first week is excellent for the arts when Mercury conjuncts Venus, and there is a smoke and mirrors feel in the air around the 16th when Venus squares Neptune.

Although this is Sagittarius’ month, Scorpio is powerful, Mercury being in that sign until the 11th and Venus until the 16th. It is therefore a time to continue to unearth the unsavoury. After the 26th when Mars moves into Aquarius away from Capricorn, a real global maverick mood is in the air.

Also Uranus moves into direct motion on the 13th, signalling a new proactive revolutionary drive being re born that will be increasingly effective and more globally resonant among the populace. Such drives will increase and maverick energies will be high profile and the fight between the old guard and a new desire for radical change is once again ignited strongly.
 This rebellious mood will reach a peak in May/June next year when Uranus once more exactly squares (90degree angle) up to Pluto

The new Moon falls on the 13th at 21º of Sagittarius and the full Moon is on the 28th at 7º of Cancer.

Happy Holidays.  A time to reflect on what really matters.


For Aries, December is often a month for boarding train, boat or plane, or at least having long-distance connections emphasised, and notably with Mercury and Venus being in Sagittarius from the 11th and 16th respectively, there is a big pull to travel.

However for many of you there will also be the need to really sort out some complex financial issues and to also deal with issues that have a rather awkward feeling about them in terms of needing truth and honesty.

Before the 26th, all born after March 31st will need to tread carefully around colleagues and bosses. Authority figures in general may well be on the warpath and you also need to be aware that with your ruling planet Mars squaring your own sign, the war drums are audible and your impatience can be a troublemaker

 For those born March 27th to April 2nd there are favours now from Jupiter, who is sharpening your intellect and giving opportunities to confidently grow and get listened to.

Those born March 24th to 26th are still feeling very restless and maverick in temperament. Be conscious of this rather than let it control you, otherwise impulsive energy can make you a little accident prone and you can find yourself jumping out of a frying pan into a fire as the urge for change takes control without you thinking things through.

Meanwhile those born March 28th to April 1st also have Pluto creating some drama to do with the identification of your true potential and individuality. This may manifest in some power struggles with others which are forcing you to draw your boundaries and to discover your reasonable power, but don’t be primeval or over-reactive to others. Endings of chapters are in the air because it needs to be the end of a chapter within your own psychological kneejerk response to life.


Finances of a complex nature need to be looked into. It is indeed a time of generosity, but also a time when one can bring out the best in others by helping them with their resources. Relationships go deep this month and the power of communication and love is significant.

However, because Saturn is in your opposite sign of Scorpio, all born April 26th to May 1st are also experiencing some heavy learning curves and reality checks vis-à-vis others. Obligation and duty may be part of the picture, but also the realisation that someone has become a stress too far. Only honesty will truly allow you to assess the situation, and indeed what one has to do. Saturn is about biting the bullet.

It is certainly true that those born after May 1st do have this month the opportunity to give of one’s best generosity of spirit and your charms are seductive. Reciprocity of love is in the air.

Before the 26th contacts that are long-distance are in the ether and energy is strong, notably if born in May, and constructive hard work, despite the season, is flagged up. After the 26th all born before April 25th need to treat carefully in career and not be too pushy or impatient.

Money is certainly favoured by Jupiter in Gemini currently. At the very least, he is being protective.

Neptune is still positively influencing the suns of those born April 21st/22nd. He is bringing an extra dollop of sensitivity and creative inspiration. Your ideals are strong and your empathy and compassion are admirable. You cannot deny your heart.

Equally, those born April 28th to May 1st have Pluto empowering your determination to remake yourself, to regenerate life and have courage to achieve, and long-distance issues are certainly an area when you can focus.


Relationships loom large this month from a professional and also a personal viewpoint. After the 11th there is a very sociable feeling about you, and your communication skills with others are outstanding. You will be in demand, especially if born up to June 10th when all of you will find a meeting of minds important when it comes to the pursuit of romantic possibilities, but do not ignore the power of achievements in your working life, especially in the first week.

Before the 26th, energy put into securing financial issues can pay off. After the 26th very early Geminis born up to May 27th may find they have long-distance plans calling, and this is a time of real intellectual energy that is constructive, focused and successful. Legal issues too can be addressed with constructive vigour

Jupiter is in your sign, which of course is excellent news for those born May 27th to June 2nd. For this group there is confidence, growth, both inner and outer, relationship joy, travel and a green light going on to fulfil your needs and desires. Enjoy, but do not take your eye off your professional obligations now that Saturn is in Scorpio.

If born around May 25th to 27th Uranus is inspiring you to seek out the new and innovative and rightly so, and trust your intuition. Others are catalysts.

However if born around May 22nd be wary that all is not clear. There is confusion and you feel a little lost on a foggy night at sea with no landmarks, but you need to honour your heart. By the New Year, things will start to clarify.

The New moon in Sagittarius on the 13th is a message for those born around June 13th/14th that the initiation of the new, or the regenerated in relationships, is in the air.


Despite the holiday season, you will be focusing very much on executing your work ambitions and able to do it well. However before the 16th there is also plenty of time for the desire and ability to indulge life, fun and romance, notably if born after July 2nd. Your creative font is also during that time at high capacity.

Before the 26th however Mars is in your opposite sign of Capricorn and if born after July 2nd this can drag up some people who are likely to pit their wits against you and who will be no pushovers. Your assertiveness towards others can also be problematic. Jupiter in your 12th house however is bringing a sort of psychological contentment.

If born June 27th to July 1st you have to be very mature, measured and grown up in your attitude towards children’s issues and romance. Loyalty and duty are priorities.

For those born around June 26th the element of the unexpected is in the air, particularly in profession, and your adrenaline levels are high.

If born around June 22nd/23rd enjoy the gift of Neptune inspiring you spiritually and creatively, and far off horizons can be very seductive, and your vulnerability to your emotions is accentuated.

However if born June 30th to July 2nd, Pluto is still haunting you, continuing the battle of wills that you may well be having with others. Coercion and power struggles are in the air and you have to keep squeaky clean. Draw boundaries and act with dignity, but know fate is in the air.

The full moon, your ruler, is in Cancer on the 28th and directly impacts those born around June 30th /July 1st. For this group there is a need to take note of eruptive feelings and events that are messengers.


 A time to shine and entertain. December is definitely a party month for Leo and appropriately so for your signs desire to, and from the 11th the social whirl and a real characteristic desire to be living life to the full calls. Romance also gets the green light, especially if born up to August 12th.   Offspring issues are particularly underlined too this month, as is creative potency in all contexts.

However before the Christmas period, you will need to focus attention on family and ensure their needs are met and that they are not neglected or indeed resentful. With Mars in Capricorn you cannot ignore your health and work issues either, as much as pastures seem much greener elsewhere.

Jupiter is bringing opportunities for growth now if born July 30th to August 5th. Friendships, leadership skills and social life are all tinged with success and expansion and of course not a little extra confidence.

However Saturn is definitely bringing those born July 28th to August 2nd down to earth with a bit of a rude bump, so although Jupiter is protective and acts as a mitigating factor, Saturn effects dominate and are related to home and family issues, which it is why it is so important to accept the disciplines and rigours of those Saturn priorities that are demanded of you, if your future is to be blessed and if Jupiter is going to fully oblige you as you would wish. Every thing has to be earned.

If born around August 6th, you have itchy feet and the desire for adventure and risk and the impulse for sudden travel can get the better of you and it can indeed be liberating, particularly after the 13th.


December is definitely a home-loving time for your sign, especially after the 11th when Mercury and Venus respectively move into your domestic arena, bringing a level of comfort and quiet calm.  Love and family harmony is accentuated and the desire to enhance surroundings may be fruitfully pursued.

Before the 16th many of you will be very successfully negotiating and communicating your way into progress, both personally and professionally as your communication gifts are polished and dealings with siblings are enhanced.

Before the 26th all August born Virgos are feeling empowered and focused and if dealing with creative issues, you are truly and constructively focused, and indeed you are not your usual shy and retiring self when it comes to the party spirit and you are not shy about coming forward to display unique gifts, or indeed to display your affections and attractions to others. Take yourself by surprise and enjoy confidence. After the 26th, your usual work ethic returns with a vengeance.

 A slight warning for those born August 31st to September 5th; beware unusual complacency at work or over-reaching. However this same group have Saturn simultaneously bringing some welcome caution.

Neptune is still creating some illusion, delusion or over-idealism around relationships if born at the very beginning of Virgo, around August 23rd. Keep it real and don’t project what you want to see onto others, and check out the validity of those you deal with.

However very positively those born September 1st/2nd have a wonderful Pluto transit still bringing a great creative and romantic confidence, and fertility abounds on all levels.


Prior to the 16th, financial issues may loom large but in a positive way. You may find yourself more pleased than you anticipated.

The need for communication is strong with a need to thrash things out and intellectual pursuits become paramount, but in the first week your charms go a long way to enhance your life, and indeed your finances.

Before the 26th, Mars is in Capricorn, suggesting that all those born after October 3rd need to tread carefully around home and family, and although this is an excellent time for DIY, impatience and over-exertion can be problematic.

However Jupiter is casting his benevolent rays down on those born September 30th to October 6th. For this group travel is a favoured option and intellectual pursuits are also powerfully enhanced. A feeling of protection luck, well being and growth is yours.

Uranus and Pluto are however in a less friendly angle to your sign, Uranus is now affecting those born around September 26th to 28th. For this group others are behaving in a very unexpected fashion. The left field is in the air vis-à-vis significant others. Their desire for greater freedom or authenticity can be a trigger for you to pursue your own desires too, but do not rely on people’s predictability or continuity. After the 13th, things will become clearer.

If born the first two days of October, the desire for independence, empowerment, and the instinct to avoid a threat to your security and your authentic future may make you over-react to others. A power struggle may seem to be external but it is really within yourself, and facing some of the darker truths of life may be necessary at this point, not least about you.


There is much activity from Mercury and Venus in your sign before the 16th creating then for all born after November 3rd, a period enhanced by your charms, the love of others and creative gifts, and Cupid casts his spells.

Before the 11th, all born after November 11th have an accelerated mind and a huge desire for communication, which is successfully convincing to others. Many of you after the 11th will be putting emphasis, charm and persuasive skills into accruing financial security, and before the 26th with Mars in Capricorn, many born after November 2nd will have then a forcefulness about your writing and speaking that is constructive, convincing, focused and mature.

However, when the month draws to a close after the 26th you will need to tread carefully if born October 24th to 29th as there will be people with whom you share house room who will be less than pleased and may find your controlling behaviour, if not reigned in, difficult to handle.

Saturn, the teacher in your sign now brings to you all at some point over this next 2½ years some challenges.  Now those affected are born October 29th to November 3rd. For this group, not only is it a time to keep a respectful eye on your body, but also recognise the limitations of your power. This is a grown-up time when facts have to be faced and the realisation that sometimes there is no gain without pain, and restrictions are there for a reason.

However by contrast, if born at the very beginning of Scorpio, around October 24th/25th, Neptune is sharing his magic with you. This rare contact is bringing idealism, fantasy, emotional empathy, and sensitivity and extreme creativity to your door. Enjoy!

Pluto, your ruling planet, is now very rarely and incisively empowering those born November 1st/2nd. He brings great intellectual insight and power to your communications. You get heard.


This is your month and certainly after the 11th many of you will be feeling in very good form, particularly as your ability to communicate what you really want and need to say will be enhanced and received well.

After the 16th, if born after December 11th, the power of love is touching your life and generosity of spirit favours you. It is also true that the period leading up to Christmas, many of you will be working very hard to ensure that your finances are in order and as they should be.

After the 26th if born up to November 27th, intellectual insight and persuasive argument is yours and you can achieve a lot through assertive and constructive communications.

Of course, Jupiter now is in your opposite sign of Gemini, bringing a certain amount of extravagance and a sense of well being particularly vis-à-vis other people who are very generous towards you and who are on your side. This is particularly noticeable now for those born November 28th to December 5th. Expansion and celebration are in the air  but don’t give in to needless expenditure or overconfidence.

Also for those born around November 25th to 27th, Uranus is bringing an exciting desire for your future growth. You are restless for innovation and new experiences and to be awakened creatively, and romance calls in a more adventurous direction. Your intuition now should be listened to.

However if born around November 22nd/23rd, be wary that you are still in a time of confusion, fog and uncertainty.  Separate fact from fantasy; get rest and avoid damaging, gratuitous escapism.

The new moon in your sign on the 13th points to those born around December 21st feeling then a kind of renewal of energy and a focus on a determined goal


Capricorns often feel that Xmas is a time when they want to hunker down and be rather private. It is a time of review and a spiritual retreat. However with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, which is your sociable house, up to the 11th and 16th respectively, you will find that you are a little torn between privacy and sociability.

Certainly before the 16th all born after January 1st will have plenty of opportunities for the joys of friendship and collective gatherings of celebration, and before the 11th if born after January 9th, your voice can be heard effectively by friends and in a group leadership situation. You will all, as Xmas nears, have some hunger for the retreat that the period can offer.

Mars in your sign before the 26th activates all born in January, to achieve what privately needs doing. You are forces to be reckoned with and proactive to achieve, likely connected to home and family issues. Make sure your drive doesn’t shift into control freakery.

Saturn in Scorpio is a constructive, disciplining influence on those born December 28th to January 2nd. Demanding friends impose their needs on you and it’s a time to be grown-up.

If born around December 26th to 28th Uranus brings insecure uncertainties, maybe on the domestic front. Make no rash decisions. This is a fluctuating journey, not an arrival.

Pluto is still sitting on the Suns of those born December 29th to January 1st. For this groups this is a huge fated every 248-year baptism of your potential power. Do not misuse it or cut corners and know you are the agent, not owner of the power.

The full Moon falls on the 7th degree of Cancer on the 28th, a date when those born around December 30th may feel that others bring a few uncomfortable facts to your door which may be a shock to you and indeed to them.


Friends are as important as your family to you and this month is no exception. After the 11th you will be very much in demand and romance is very much on the cards for all born up to February 8th, notably after the 16th when friends particularly open doors for you.

However, because Mars is in your 12th house until the 26th, it is possible that many of you will run the risk of brooding. This is a time if you are feeling cross to get it out healthily and not exercise passive aggression or passive resistance.

After the 26th when Mars moves into your sign, those born up to January 25th will feel a real rush of energy and drive. Make this constructive rather than angry.

Jupiter from Gemini is very much favouring all born January 27th to February 2nd. For this group there is a real desire to celebrate Christmas in true party spirit. You are pro life, proactive, optimistic and creative. However this same group will need these qualities because Saturn is also, notably if born January 26th to 31st squaring your Sun, which could bring some stress from work or authority figures. There is definitely a block, a restriction and a feeling of having to face some difficult facts. This is a time of doing what is necessary.

Uranus is smiling on your sign if born around February 2nd to 4th. Your ruling planet is enticing you to become more true to your authentic being, more maverick, experimental, more, independent and seeking a better future and your intellect is allowing you to see the way forward and a bigger picture and one that involves more freedom and innovation.. This is a time when belief in yourself excludes the need for approval of others. Your intuition guides you well, but listen to it carefully. It is also a time when you desire to fight for the liberties of others, not just yourself. Enjoy !


You may feel you can’t totally relax about work this month and even when not at work you feel somehow high profile and having to rise to the occasion, which may not suit your mood.

However before the 16th many of you may find your attention is far afield, either through travel or overseas interests, and this can be romantic and intellectual, notably for those born after March 1st, and communication skills are honed, as are academic achievements.

Before the 26th Mars enhances energies on a very intelligent and well-directed level for all March born Pisces. Your leadership skills in a group and your ability to focus on pursuing your desires shouldn’t be underestimated. From the 26th energy focuses on more private pursuits.
 After the 26th it’s important if born up to February 25th that you don’t sit on anger and seethe like a pressure-cooker. It will do you no good.

Those born February 25th to March 3rd need to have a care this month over extravagance and general over-confidence. However because Saturn is also on your case you have to be very disciplined of necessity in some way in order to achieve goals.

Neptune, your ruler, is in his once every 165 year visitation to the Suns of all those born around February 21st/22nd. It is a powerful period, which has been going on for some time when you will really be feeling that incredible psychic and idealistic power of Neptune. Just beware of the more negative side of deception, escapism, addiction, unrealism and passivity. Make him work for you, not against you. Use your empathy and sensitivity to uplift the world.

However for those born February 26th to March 1st Pluto is helping you meet a destiny of leadership ability and the desire to transform others and to also be the recipient of other’s power who can transform your life in some way. Do not waste this energy

Friday, 9 November 2012


 by Leigh Oswald

The big U.S. election day of the 6th does on balance seem to favour Obama, but it will be a nail-biter. The Moon in Leo favours his Leo descendant in terms of public support, and the US chart in general has a rather conservative feel planetary wise at that time, suggesting a sticking with the status quo.

Mercury moves retrograde from Sagittarius on the 6th, moving back into Scorpio on the 14th, then finally moves direct on the 26th. Therefore between the 6th and 26th there will be the inevitable hiccups, delays, confusions and of course it is no coincidence that the presidential election on the 6th may therefore suffer from some uncertainties and count confusions. Indeed it may indeed not be until after the 26th that total clarity is achieved.  Many things in our personal lives and globally, will be put on hold during that period, ultimately for good purpose.

Saturn is now established in Scorpio (there for two and a half years) and the Sun is now in Scorpio until the 21st. Mercury is also there between the 14th and 26th and Venus too, from the 22nd, so this is not a month for the faint-hearted. Important truths are revealed and the dark is uncovered. Scandals are rife and it is no cosmic coincidence that Jimmy Savile, the late, shamed TV personality has Saturn, the lord of karma, now sitting right on his Scorpio Venus and next month it will exactly conjoin his Scorpio sun. These visitations from Saturn only occur every 30 years. Even posthumously, it seems the planets haunt us and bring their message.

The dark will be revealed and prices will be paid. Not least related to sexual and economic scandals (Scorpio).  Burlusconi, the ex Italian president, has just been found guilty of tax evasion and he too has just had Saturn sitting on his Venus (once every 30 years)

Saturn in Scorpio does not do half measures, and that will be reflected in extremism, whether that be socio-political, or in extreme climate conditions, that will (as much of the East coast of the U.S. can now bear testimony to,) now increasingly dog the planet.

The arts are favoured after the 22nd when Venus is in Libra.

Mars very much activates the American chart before the 17th. Thereafter, from Capricorn, a getting down to business with a strong work ethic is underlined globally. The 27th is a significant day when Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and which can be quite explosive for England, which is a Capricorn country (as is Afghanistan and India) and the establishment in general, and with revelations that are pretty uncomfortable. The 23rd is a day of risk when Mars squares to Uranus and shocks are in the ether.

However, interestingly, there are two eclipses in the month. There is a total solar eclipse on the 13th at the 22nd degree of Scorpio and an annular lunar eclipse on the 28th at the 7th degree of Gemini. The eclipse of the 13th can act as a cleansing that is necessary for a clear-out so that a new start can be initiated, whereas the lunar eclipse of the 28th suggests a tricky time when dark forces can erupt on the planet and the power of the unconscious dominates the conscious and very difficult endings of chapters are in the air.


November is a month when Aries need to get down and deep with some uncomfortable issues that maybe they would rather avoid, but it is necessary to face up to now. Also it is important to resolve complex financial issues, particularly joint ones, and between the 6th and 26th there could be much uncertainty in that area, and the cheque will not be in the post.

Before the 22nd all Aries born after March 24th have an opportunity to embrace a bit of Cupid’s magic and others are bringing love and charm into your life; and before the 17th all born after April 6th may have planes, boats and trains very much part of their life and energy put into academia will be powerful. After the 17th, all born up to the end of March have to seriously focus with great discipline on profession.

Meanwhile if born April 1st to 7th you have Jupiter bringing an extra helping of wisdom, insight and communication skill, so exploit, and travel can also be very progressive.

If born March 24th to 27th, hang on to your hat as change is in the air and you can do nothing about it but go with the flow, hang loose and know that it is ultimately innovative. But if born March 27th to 30th, beware those who would engage in power struggles with you, and beware misuse of power on all levels, your own included. You could have a tiger by the tail.  Check motives

It is relationships that figure largely in your life now. The power of others impacts you but between the 6th and 26th you may feel rather uncertain and wobbly when it comes to communications with others as they may not deliver the news you want to hear. After the 26th you can start to read from the same hymn sheet again.

Venus from the 22nd favours all born up to May 1st when it comes to love life and harmony, and popularity is yours, gained by your generosity. Before that date many of you will be building your charms in your professional sphere.

Before the 17th, focus on finances will benefit. After that date all born up to May 1st are also likely to be happy travelling or studying.

Those born April 22nd to 28th have Saturn testing you. Others are difficult, challenging and only you can decide if the challenge is one you need to acknowledge and step up to the plate to, or whether you are learning something that you need to act on to protect yourself.

If born April 27th to 30th, Pluto is empowering you, not only intellectually but also from overseas contacts. Step into your own potential.

Meanwhile, those born around April 21/22ndst are feeling the magic of Neptune creatively and will experience increased empathy, compassion and sensitivity. Your heart needs to be exposed.

The solar eclipse on the 13th directly impacts those born around May 13th. This will be a powerful new start potential in relationships.

Rationalising career plans is important this month and try and get communications sorted out effectively with others before the 6th, particularly if born around May 22nd to 25th, otherwise you may have to wait until the 26th for normal service to be resumed, when dealing with others, both at work and personally.

Before the 22nd, if born after May 25th, the good times roll and the party spirit is strong in you, as are creative inspirations. Thereafter you will need to charm your colleagues who will be extra amenable.

Before the 17th if born after June 7th, people are no pushovers. Mars in your 7th house is challenging you and you may have to fight your corner, or compromise more than you planned

Jupiter meanwhile is blessing those born June 1st to 7th. Enjoy! He is bringing not only benefits relationship-wise, but also growth externally and internally now.

Check out all the small print in everybody and every situation if born around May 21/22nd as Neptune is fogging the picture, but for those born May 24th to 28th, enjoy and embrace new input and innovative ideas and people, and believe in your intuition.

The lunar eclipse of the 28th falls on the Suns of those born around May 29th. You may be surprised what uncomfortable, but eye opening truths emerge.
It is a time for creativity and extrovert enjoyment of life, although the flow may not be so smooth from the 6th to 26th when Mercury backtracks. Double-check all communications.

After the 22nd all born up to July 4th are gifted with extra charisma, magnetism, charm and creative skills, and after the 17th if born up to July 3rd watch your back as there are people who are prepared to challenge and trip you up. Relationships are challenging.

Saturn in Scorpio now is harmonising with the energies of those born June 24th to 30th. He is bringing a measured, cautious approach to your being and giving a seriousness and mature attitude towards relationships and indeed to offspring.

However those born June 25th to 28th also have Uranus creating a desire for excitement and adventure and you are on the edge of your seat and a bit addicted to adrenaline. Don’t be impulsive, or do anything that is irreversible, but know it is time for some modification and change in life to liberate you. Also those born on the last two days of June are suffering from some ongoing challenge from an authority figure or rather dark force out there. Don’t sink to their level; draw boundaries with dignity.

Meanwhile if born around June 23rd enjoy the blessings of Neptune as he inspires on a very high level of consciousness but which involves your soul and your heart, creatively and in terms of altruism and compassion.

Focus on home and domestic issues dominate your plans, but both social and domestic plans can be put on hold, frustratingly so, between the 6th and 26th, but at least after the 22nd many of you will be making efforts to make home sweet home a reality.

Before the 17th, if born after August 9th, your predatory side is strong as is your extrovert creative instinct and your energy is proud and effective. After the 17th however, many of you need to remind yourselves of the need for pursuit of income.

If born August 3rd to 9th friends are invaluable and bring opportunities, and indeed your leadership skills are honed.

However with Saturn in Scorpio, those born July 26th to 31st are feeling the cold fingers of this karmic schoolteacher. Family issues are weighty and need attending to. Blocks, restrictions and delays are all to teach you something important. No pain, no gain. Reality checks need observing.

However, by contrast, those born July 22nd to 28th are also feeling a great desire to kick over the traces and make a new start, and are seeing the bigger picture and having a greater understanding beyond the limits of the ego. Between Saturn and Uranus this could be a great learning-curve period.


Your mind is sharp and communication is important to you now, possibly out of necessity, but because your ruler Mercury is infuriatingly retrograde between the 6th and 26th either side of those dates are best for negotiation or at least for results coming through.

Your charms are underscored after the 22nd if born up to September 4th. Before that date, focus on finances will be beneficial.

Before the 17th if born after September 9th, war drums are audible from others whose level of irritation seem needless, but it could be in response to you being critical.

After the 17th all born up to September 9th need to keep an eye on finances that are complex and shared by others.

Uncharacteristic extravagance and over-confidence are in the air for those born September 3rd to 9th, notably in career, so just beware.

Those born late August benefit from cautious, measured discipline applied to their affairs.

However if born around August 23rd, beware: those around you may not be as they seem. All that glisters is not gold and heroes and heroines will fall of pedestals and those you try and save may become liabilities.

If born August 31st/September 1st, Pluto is really giving confidence, not only creatively, but also romantically, and the power of offspring and Cupid can be very regenerative
Doing a few calculations over finances will not go astray, and don’t be surprised if between the 6th and 26th communications and organisation do not go smoothly.

Before the 22nd if born after September 26th, is a good hair period. You are looking good and feeling good and your charms are extra potent. Thereafter money can be made through creative feats and persuasive powers.

After the 17th if born up to October 5th, be wary that you are not a little impatient or over-assertive, particularly with family and on the domestic front, and the proverbial bull in the china shop will do you no good, in attitude.

For those born October 4th to 10th, this is brilliant time for vacations and for enhancing one’s intellect and metaphysical interests, but equally those born September 26th to 28th are feeling the disruptive hailstorms of Uranus as others throw unexpected slings and arrows into the melting pot. The unpredictable in others can however result in your greater freedom.

Meanwhile those born 1st and 2nd of October are dealing with the power of Pluto. Power struggles with others at home may be forcing you to take a bold stance with dignity and endings of chapters are in the air, as you assert your power with a powerful sense of destiny. That is quite undeniable, but stop and count to ten first, so you assert yourself with dignity and calm

Your month and time to shine, or a time to at least show your power, positively or negatively, but be aware that from the 14th to 26th when Mercury is retrograde in your sign, many of you may feel that you can talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

Venus in Scorpio after the 22nd is favourable for all born up to October 3rd. It ignites magnetic charms and harmonises relationships, and before the 17th many of you will focus on pursuing your second favourite subject: finances.

After the 17th if born up to November 4th you are no shrinking violet when it comes to arguing your case with obvious intellectual strength.

Saturn is now sitting on the Suns of those born October 24th to 28th. This prompts a reassessment of necessity. It’s a time to look after the body, acknowledge its limitations and be cautious. Face facts that though uncomfortable, means life is addressed more realistically.

In contrast, if born October 31st -November 1st, Pluto now brings great intellectual insight and power. You are listened to and responsibility that goes with power needs honoured. You are the conduit, not the owner of this power.

For those born around October 24th, Neptune continues to soften your heart and inspire creative depths: a once every 82 year event..

The solar eclipse on the 13th targets all born around November 15th. A time for a new dawn.


Some retreat is needed this month. Many of you need to review your past and behind-the-scenes activities are significant. If born between the 6th and 26th you mat feel paralysed by an inability to move forward as you would wish. A retreat for many of you would be advisable.

However before the 17th for those born after December 8th, Mars in your first house will demand that you assert self in some way, but anger can be the result as frustration builds.

If born December 3rd to 9th Jupiter is at least bringing bonuses from other people who have your best interests at heart. People from other cultures and who are wise can illuminate your life and good news re partners can bring blessings. Travel too is very much on the cards as it so often is.

If born November 26th to 28th life is full of a need for change, innovation and rejuvenation romantically. Be confident about your own uniqueness.

Meanwhile, for this born around November 22nd/23rd, be wise that there smoke and mirror effects around you and all is not real. Your perceptions are wobbly and others may be not totally up front and you are lacking in certainty of identity. Hang on in there, as this is a valuable, if confusing transition.

Lunar energy on the 28th affects those born around November 30th. This could be a time when truths are told, facts are faced and relationships have to accommodate these.


Friends and group associations dominate and can be very constructive, but don’t expect to make major headway between the 6th and 26th. Thereafter you start to see results but your charms, notably after the 22nd, can be persuasive, especially if born in December.

Before the 17th some of you may be feeling rather angry, particularly if born after January 7th. Don’t sit on resentment; don’t seethe, express with calm to the right person at the right place at the right time.

After the 17th, all born up to January 1st are much more proactive in a successful way, and your energy, psychological, physical and spiritual is strong to enable you to achieve what you want, but don’t be too assertive.

However Pluto and Uranus are still very much on the case for many of you born late December. If born December 25th to 27th there is a restlessness that cannot be assuaged and there is a desire for rebellious and maverick behaviour, which is uncharacteristic, but change may be forced upon you if you do not acknowledge its need.

Also those born December 29th and 30th are very aware of the need to flex their muscles and to express a fated sense of power which you can use for good or ill. With consciousness, it will be the former. This once every 248 year hit should be honoured with respect for the sense of destiny it brings.

You are in the spotlight in your profession, so acknowledge that and effort put in between the 6th and 26th may not come to fruition until after that period.  Delays happens for good reason if you but trust.

Before the 22nd love life and enjoyment connected to other cultures is possible for all those born after January 24th.  Also creative input is well received far afield. Thereafter, your charms need to be exploited and employed at work and colleagues and superiors smile upon you..

Before the 17th, if born after February 6th, your leadership skills and ability to inspire others is strong. After that date, all born up to January 31st need to be careful about sitting on any unexpressed anger. It will do you no good and can harm relationships and your body, however behind the scenes hard work can seriously pay off.

If born January 23rd to 27th, Saturn is causing professional conundrums. You need to face facts and do what is necessary, or accept delays and just keep soldiering on, if what you are doing is right. Also, this same group need to be wary that the lord of time: your co-ruler Saturn, is reminding you to honour the vessel that carries you: your body.

If born January 14th to 26th, you are able to use your intuition to guide you perfectly now, as your ruling planet, Uranus is rarely and magnificently enhancing your judgement.

A brilliant month for pushing the boundaries both intellectually and geographically, but travel can suffer from some delays and hiccups between the 6th and 26th.

Before the 22nd some of you can sweet-talk your way to financial advantage and after the 22nd if born up to March 1st, love and creative skills blend with long-distance interests.

Before the 17th if born after March 8th, tread carefully at work as there are angry people who may well be taking it out on you; deserved or not.  Carefully monitor your own assertiveness.

After the 17th if born up to March 1st, you are can be proactive in social life and successfully co-ordinating events.

Saturn is a serious, but constructive note for those born February 21/22nd to 25th. Intellectual activities and travel have a dutiful, obligation feel and needed discipline pays off later.

If born February 25th to 28th, there is a powerful input from Pluto that allows you to be a mover and shaker in a way that reaches far. Your insight and intellectual ability, provided it is used for greater good, can be life changing for others and self now. Use wisely.

If your birthday is cuspal Pisces, around February 19th and 20th your ruler Neptune is in his rare visitation to your Sun, emphasising hugely your Piscean traits, whether positive i.e. creativity, spirituality, psychic powers, empathy, compassion and redemptive action, or negative i.e. escapism, hypersensitivity, addiction, vulnerability and deception. Ensure the former dominate.