Thursday, 1 December 2016


So Donald Trump is president elect, despite the fact that on the face of it (Clinton’s time of birth unknown however) her chart was marginally more favoured on the day of the vote. However, So often when Jupiter is looking quite positive by transit in someone’s chart, they get what they need and what is going to ultimately benefit them, rather that than necessarily what they may want …  The economic/and socio/political outlook for many countries, not least the USA is looking grim in the coming 10 years and whoever was going to be president is going to have a pretty unenviable time… and Clinton will probably live to be relieved that she did not have to shoulder that weight.

Trump’s chart looks very challenged from mid December (Saturn conjunct his Moon and opposition his Sun; an every 30 year event) and remains so till inauguration.  . The impact of the implications of coming power and the implicit responsibilities will at the very least overwhelm/bore him and he will realise the limitations of his projected plans/promises … and his health could be impacted, however there is a protection from Jupiter simultaneously. This difficult Saturn transit to Sun and Moon will repeat itself next summer and fall, but without such significant Jupiter protection.

Mercury moves retrograde from the 20th, suggesting that much from then, will be put on hold globally and in peoples lives, in some context, or communications /travel goes awry and it may not be till the 8th of next month that things straighten out. Use the time for reconsideration of goals and methodology, rather than just allow yourself to merely get frustrated.

People are angry and rebelling globally (Uranus in Aries) over growing inequality and economic privation of the many, whilst they see the powers that be, capitalising more and more on their power and wealth. Pluto’s (power) entry into in Capricorn (monetary system) in 2008 saw the beginning of this poverty /wealth divides. The Lehman banking crisis was the first warning of the corruption/imbalance in our financial system, and no lessons were learnt. 

The populist desire to blame the increasing wealth imbalance on anyone convenient is strong (especially on the outsider), but also correctly on the current neo liberal system and its big players, but sometimes the very people many of the discontented and the disadvantaged look to, for salvation and to hero worship (Neptune in Pisces), such as Nigel Farage in the UK and Trump in the States, are the very beings (although cleverly seeming to speak their language and champion their cause) that in reality champion and represent and have exploited the very system that has brought such inequality. 

Nationalism is on the rise and the search for more autocratic rule. The principle of democracy has been an assumed fact, given that the vast majority of people alive now in the west, have only known so called democracy and taken it for granted and now it seems to have genuinely failed the many  (the electoral systems are not truly democratic in the UK or in the States).

There is however a great danger within the coming 10 years, while Pluto travels through the last 10 degrees of Capricorn, of subtle or not so subtle dictatorships and with their accompanying ruthlessness, being voted (largely unwittingly) back onto the world stage.

Saturn moving into Capricorn from December next year, will bring economic privation for the many to a peak, Unfortunately the likes of Donald Trump and Theresa May will be unable or unwilling to address this in any discernible way, bringing even greater anger and discontent. The only way this will be changed is when there is a total fundamental rethink of the economic system. However many other crises will erupt in the coming decade that will put economic inequality in the shade, not least a greater risk of war affecting the west, because of growing nationalism, which is always a good displacement of attention when internal poverty dominates (as in the 30’s). Climate shifts and the fallout will also inevitably become in all our faces.

The full Moon on the 14th falls at 22 degrees of Gemini and the new Moon on the 29th falls at 7 degrees of Capricorn.  The full brings eruptions of the unconscious to light and closure of chapters. The new Moon brings a new start and a sense of sowing anew for the future. 


Travel is in the air, although many of you may find you can’t take your eye off the ball professionally either; and before the 7th, if born after April 12th, you may need to use your charms more than usual successfully in your working context, but beware of sycophancy.  

After the 7th, if born up to April 17th, your communications are successful because they are tinged with caring and gentleness of expression. 

Before the 19th, also those born after April 4th will have an extra dynamism in terms of your determination and effectiveness of getting your point across.  Constructive communications and negotiations are very much on the cards. 

Mercury retrograde from the 20th, may bring frustrations and days re work.. be patient as it may be that it is not till around the 8th of next month that things find a way .

After the 19th, you will all need to be aware that any pent up anger can be harmful to yourself.  Get things out calmly, to the right place, to the right person and the right time. 

Jupiter is currently in his twelve-year visitation opposing the Suns of those born April 5th to 12th.  For this group, good times roll.  Extravagance and confidence is in the year, but with conscience and caution, enjoyment, travel and celebrations can abound; and other people are a source of benefit and joy.  Just avoid over-generosity.
The same group have Saturn currently tempering their energies and indeed travel is very much indicated, but it might have a dutiful overtone. 

This combination of Jupiter and Saturn augurs well. 

 Uranus is back this and next month for his final positive stimulus to those born around April 9th to 11th.  These two months are an opportunity to finalise the need for excitement, adventure and liberation that has been around you since June of last year.

 Finally, Pluto is still hovering around the Suns of those born April 4th to 7th.  This coming year will mirror this on and off and it is a time when you have to be wary of power struggles and unconscious forces that can be over-whelming to your energy that can create disturbances within you and within relationships, notably in a career context, or around an authority figure.  Be conscious and squeaky clean. 

 Intimacy and dealing with very intense financial affairs is flagged up this month; and after the 2nd, long distance issues and travel are also in the air, as is intellectual stimulation from study.  However, around the 20th, Mercury moves retrograde, (ill the 8th of January). So from the 20th travel plans /itineraries can go awry and misunderstandings are in the air.  Try to get important communications achieved before then.  

However, before the 7th, all born after May 12th can feel that love and happiness go very well in a travelling /long distance context.  Harmony is in the air.  

After the 7th, for all born up May 17th, you may need your charm in a professional context more than you feel inclined to display.  

Before the 19th also, if born after May 6th, there is a danger of some assertive individuals at work making you feel a little stressed, or indeed your own assertiveness may be unnecessarily activated.  Beware bullies and bullying behaviour.  Ambitions are loaded. 

However, after the 19th, if born up to May 10th, energies a drive are put very much into goals and social life, in a very constructive way.  Your leadership skills are strong.  

Neptune is enhancing those born from 29th to 30th April, with continued hypersensitivity and creative inspiration, which he has been dong on and off for nearly 2 years.  Make the most of this period as by next year, this influence has waned, but empathy and sensitivity remains yours. 

Pluto is very empowering to all born May 5th to 8th.  This has been around for about a year and the repercussions continue next year.  It gives belief in self, empowerment of knowledge and wisdom, courage, self-regeneration and very positive influences to higher learning and through travel and other cultures.  


December is a month for relationships.  Other people are powerful movers and shakers in your life. 
Before the 2nd, if born after June 18th, communications with others are powerful and effective.
After the 7th, if born up to June 17th, happiness and the affections and stimulated through vacations, visiting family and any long distance connections.  Love and travel go hand in hand. 
Be aware that from the 20th, Mercury, your ruler, moves retrograde and that can bring ,up until the 8th of next month, a sense of frustration and block, particularly connected to communications around money and getting mutual understanding of complex issues straightened out.  There will be a feeling of frustration and things being on hold. It is rather a time for re-evaluation, rather than frustration.
Before the 19th, all born after June 6th will feel an increased drive and courageous energy and determination in all matters academic, ideological and connected to travel.  Energy and enthusiasm surrounds all those areas.  

 However, after the 19th, if born up to June 1st, be very aware that there may well be extra tiredness, irritation and frustration with self and others professionally.  Tempers are short and patience is thin.  Count to ten. 

The good news is that for all born June 6th to 13th; Jupiter is smiling on you from Libra.  He is bringing happiness and fulfilment through leisure, pleasure, and enjoyment of life, romance and through offspring issues.  Those involved in the arts are particularly inspired and fertile.  In fact, fertility is strong for this entire group.  

However, you will need this protection, as Saturn is also currently opposing the Suns of this same group, so there will be a rather bitter sweet feeling of protection and joy, despite the fact that there will be some blocks and restrictions and reality checks around others and relationships.  Duty calls, but you may also be recognising some facts that need to be faced. Hard work and pragmatism however may be necessary.

Uranus is currently opposing the Suns of those born June 10th to 12th.  This month and next month will feel for these Geminis a little chaotic and unpredictable.  Others are bringing change and the unexpected to your door.  Be flexible and recognise that other people are catalysts for change for a purpose.  

Neptune is in his last stage of bringing some fog and confusion to those born May 30th to June 1st.  Since April 2015, this influence has been underway and will be over by February 2017.  There may be some sense of feeling like a fish out of water in your working life and a sort of discontent, because it’s not fulfilling your heart.  It’s also possible that you feel that there are some confusions and uncertainties and smoke and mirrors around work, but it’s very important to avoid misunderstandings and to check everything out thoroughly.  Deceptive circumstances are in the air.  Avoid all mendacity, no matter how convenient it may be at the time.  Inspiration through nature and being near the sea and through spiritual pursuits is very productive. 

 The full Moon falls on the 14th, which is directly affecting those born between the13th and 14th June. An intense day, bringing to the surface issues from within and without, that need addressed. This is a time of reaping and possible closure.


Focus is quite strong on work, despite being a holiday month, but after the 21st, you will be glad to know, that for all born up to July 2nd, sociability and relationships become a joy.

Also, from the 2nd, for all born up to July 18th, communications with others becomes paramount, important and happy.  

However, the 20th, when Mercury goes retrograde, there is a danger of misunderstandings and arrangements being confused.  Check all communications arrive and that they are clear from you to others and vice versa. That will be true until approximately the 8th January. 

Before the 7th, also for those born after July 13th, love life and affections are flagged up strongly in relationship issues.  Giving and receiving affection is a very powerful and easy issue. 

After the 19th, if born up to July 2nd, focus on internationalism and travel is strong.  Much energy and drive is put into travel and communicating long distance.  Enthusiasm is in the air and very constructive energies are manifested on your part.

All month, Jupiter is squaring the Suns of those born July 7th to 13th.  Although this can bring a sense of well being and happiness, it can also tempt to over generosity and extravagance, notably connected to family and home; and the spending of too much money on gifts etc. can be regretted later, but the good times do roll at the time. 

Neptune is very sweetly influencing all born around July 1st.  Empathy, gentleness, sensitivity and intimacy is powerful and love of the arts and nature and indulgence in those things brings great joy.

However, if born July 6th to 9th, Pluto is in his rare visitation by opposition to your Sun, which you are now no stranger to.  Power struggles and intense issues in relationships are still flagged up.  Avoid unconscious and manipulative motivations and be wary of those who have them towards you.  Power from Pluto has to be used for the greater good or it will ultimately not do you any favours.

This is a month of fun, enjoyment, creativity and happiness.  Of course it is.  And focuses on offspring as well.  The arts can feature very successfully, as can love life.
Be aware that, after the 20th when Mercury moves retrograde, although it does not directly affect you, there could be some hiccups or delays or misunderstandings connected to everyday work routine; and also take care of your health.  That’s true until about the 8th January. However, Venus is protecting you, also in that area. 

However, after the 7th, Venus is particularly powerful in terms of relationships, if born up to August 20th.  The power of love in all contexts is around you this month and indeed your charm and loving abilities bring joy to others. 

Before the 19th, if born after August 8th, there is also a sense of strong-minded people being around you who are not afraid to express themselves quite powerfully and with determination.  Just be wary of unnecessary confrontations through rigidity and refusal to compromise.  Don’t mar positive relationships.  

Jupiter is also on the case in a positive way for those born August 8th to 15th.  He is bringing wisdom and the benefits of positive communications that bring joy to you and you can reciprocate.  Travel is also a distinct possibility. The feeling of love and reason combine very nicely.  Luck and a sense of well being is in the air. 

However, the same group have Saturn trining their Suns, which means that there is also a need to be loyal, dutiful in romantic issues and towards one’s children.  There is hard work asked of you, but you can do it in a way that is admirable and makes you feel happy.  You are constructive and mature. 

Uranus is also bringing bonuses now to those born August 12th to 14th.  For this month and next month are about closing a chapter with the rubber-stamping effect of ability to be inspired in love life and all relationships.  A sense of excitement and awakening is being completed. 


Home and family figure strongly in December, for your sign in particular.

After the 2nd, for all born up to September 8th, important communications in love life and with one’s offspring are flagged up, but beware that from the 20th there is real room for miscommunications, misunderstandings and complications over communication techniques, such as technology.  Issues in communication in the first half of the month may need to be addressed again later in the month.  

 Before the 7th however, for all born after 14th September, the power of love and joy and party time is very much in the air; and although work may be a preoccupation for many of you before the 19th, after that date, for all born up to September 1st, the power of energy and drive and intensity and even a competitive mood may well flag itself up for this group.  Others are no shrinking violets and the Christmas period shows some strong personalities in your orbit. 

 Saturn is also in square relationship to the Suns of those born September 9th to 15th.  During this time there may be a feeling of tiredness, stress and some weighty burdens to be addressed.  Blocks and delays may be part of the picture.  It’s important to pace yourself and get rest.  Family conundrums and obligations may feel a little more onerous than usual at Christmas.  

Uranus too is creating a little bit of uncertainty and unsettledness in those born around September 12th to 14th.  This is the last chapter, including next month, of an energy, which has haunted you a little since June of last year.  By February it’s gone and you will feel much more serene.  Again, issues to do with family, home, real estate may have been a source of some uncertainty. 

Neptune too, opposing the Suns in his last chapter, for those born September 1st to 3rd, is in indication that you have to be wary about not seeing others clearly, or over-idealising others.  Check out the small print and check out others’ credentials.  By February you will be clearer.
Finally, Pluto is empowering the souls and the psyches of those born September 5th to 8th.  The power of love, creativity, the arts and sense of self-regeneration should not be underestimated.  The old Virgo shyness is vanquished and the sense of self-reinvention is successful.  Your power, used wisely, is significant now. 


This is a harmonious month for many of you.  Your wisdom in communications and your normal fairness is shining.  After the 2nd communications with family will be very paramount, but be warned that after the 20th communications can become unstuck, notably, if born up to October 9th, so it is important to remember clarification over the Christmas period.  

 Before the 7th, if born after October 14th, love, happiness, warmth and good taste is yours, particularly connected to home real estate and family, but there is a danger of a little extra indulgence. 
After the 7th, if born up to October 19th, the general party spirit is thriving and love life, romance and very happy connections with offspring are flagged up.
Also, before the 19th, all born after October 9th will feel that they will not take no for an answer when it comes to enjoyment, fun showing their affections.  This is a good time for physical activity, sports and competitiveness.  It is also a time where speculation is in the air with enthusiasm.  

 Jupiter, in your sign now, is quite magical for those born October 8th to 15th.  For this group the month feels very positive, very happy, with abundance, joy, optimism, travel, growth and a positive outlook being very much underlined.  

 But at the same time, for this group Saturn is sextiling your Suns, which give also a sense of caution, care productivity, practicality and effectiveness.   This is an excellent combination.  Common sense is very much part of your vision. 

Uranus is now bringing, for those born October 12th to 14th, another chapter, over by February, of some unpredictable events and uncertainties and insecurities around relationships.  Others are behaving in ways that are ultimately catalysts for you to make changes.  Be flexible.  This particular journey is nearly over. 

 Pluto is still squaring the Suns of those born October 7th to 10th.  This once every 124 year transit, which has been around since early 2015, is still hovering in the ether, bringing some inner struggles in a desire for independence and personal empowerment.  This is a period where you need to be aware that any misuse of power for personal aggrandisement can backfire, but equally it is important not to remain under the thumb of other people’s jurisdictions or power, when it is not necessary, or if it is badly motivated.  


Finances are quite a focus this month, as always in December.
After the 2nd, if born up to November 8th, many of you will be very much aware of the need for good, clear and effective communication, which can be achieved.  However, after the 20th, when Mercury moves retrograde, there will be a distinct danger of communications having to be double checked and blocks and restrictions are around, but it is a time for re-thinking and re-planning, rather than just pure frustration. 

Before the 7th however, if born after November 14th, your charms go a long way to helping smooth any difficult areas in dealings with others.  

 After the 7th, if born up to November 20th, there is a distinct tendency towards much indulgence in home and family.  This is suitable for the season of course.

Before the 19th, all born after the 8th November also have a Mars square, which can bring a little trouble from over assertiveness connected to home and family.  It can be a little bit of a battle ground at home as wills are fixed and intransigent, so maybe a little leeway will be necessary, but forcefulness should be avoided. 

After the 19th, for all born up to November 2nd, the determination moves into more constructive mode and there is a desire to enjoy, to love and to have fun.  That is both constructive and satisfying.  Energy is high and successful. 

 Neptune very much sensitises you now, as it has been for many months, for those born November 1st to 3rd.  There is real magic in the air when it comes to creative inspiration – you’re visual, sensitive, empathetic, caring and you’ll want a love life that reflects spiritual soul mate qualities, as much as physical.  It is a very softening influence and gives exquisite sensitivity of spirit and the emotions and the heart are powerful. 
Also very positively, Pluto your powerful ruler, is currently favouring, very much ( in his once every 124 year angular relationship) the Suns of those born November 6th – 9th.  He is now creating a great sense, as he has for a year or so, of greater insights, truth seeking, powerful communications that are effective and transformative.  Your intellect is deepened and your interests in the more profound issues of life are underlined.  Your forensic powers, typical of Scorpio are honed to the nth degree. 


This is your month.  Time for celebration, as it is the period of your solar return. 

The first two days of the month, if you’re born after December 19th are very good for successful communications.  

After the 2nd, finances become a focus of thinking and communicating, but beware that after the 20th, when Mercury goes retrograde, you need to be very careful to ensure that you are on the ball with all financial transactions; and that there are no misunderstandings.  However, Venus is around to support you on that one.  

After the 7th, all born up to December 19th are able to use their heart combined wonderfully with their mind to communicate with love, tenderness and effective charms.  

Before the 19th, if born after December 8th, Mars in your solar third house is bringing you a sense of determination and assertiveness, which people notice and which is admirable; and you get things done, as energy is constructive, intelligent and effective.  

After the 19th, if born up to December 1st however, be aware that irritations are in the air, particularly on the domestic front.  Stress and potential for short temper and impatience needs watching.  That can be from you to others or vice versa, but it seems to predominate on the home front. 

Jupiter is currently very protective also and bringing positive influences to bear to those born December 7th to 14th.  Friendship and social life flourish, wisdom is strong and travel and long distance issues can be very beneficial.  There is protection in the air and your goals are getting fulfilled. 

However, because, Saturn is also sitting on the Suns of this group simultaneously, you will need this cavalry effect, as you can feel tired and also rather burdened with responsibility and obligations.  This is a time of hard work, but it’s important to look after the body and pace yourself.  You may well be feeling the march of time.  Be patient with blocks and delays.  There is a reason.
Uranus, however, is very much a bonus now for those born around December 11th to 13th.  This influence has been in the ether since June 2015 and he is now back powerfully until February.  There is a boost to energy, drive, awakening, enlightenment; relationship issues are sparking a new chapter and romance is positive.  Dealings with offspring are inspiring and your intuition and sense of enlightenment is in the air.  Respect your own ingenuity and individuality. 

Neptune is still playing smoke and mirror tricks on those born around December 1st.  This has been an influence that has been in the ether on and off since April 2015 and is now in his final throws of influence.  He’s gone by February.  This has created some confusion, uncertainty, insecurity and possibly some areas of not seeing clearly and possibly some deceptive circumstances, connected to roots.  Sacrifices may have been made and there has been a sense of lack of stability, possibly on the family and home front.  Tiredness, needing sleep has been part of the picture and also a need to commune with nature and the worlds of the arts and music have been healing.  This is currently quite strong.  A time not to make major decisions, as all is not clear.   This is a time for floating. By February a new clarity of direction and understanding and insight will drive you. 


This month for Capricorns is in many ways a time of retrospection and review of the past, despite the business around you.  

As of the 2nd, Mercury moves into your sign and will affect all those born up to January 7th.  Communications will become important and your thinking will be stimulated, but beware that after the 20th when Mercury moves retrograde there is room for confusion, mistakes, misunderstandings, communications not being received when they should and possible memory lapses, so double check everything.  It may also be that you have to revisit issues and communications with that took place in the first half of December in the second half in order to somehow undo some problems.

Venus is beautifully in your sign before the 7th, most directly affecting those born after January 12th.   This will enhance your appearance, your charms, your sense of well-being and your lovability.  It is possible that after the 7th finances are given a boost as well; and indeed many of you will be putting a lot of effort into financial security this month. 

After the 19th, however, for all born up to end of December, your mind is sharp, determined, assertive and constructive, as indeed are your energies.  Intelligent action is yours and above and above all intelligent forthright communications and thought. 

Jupiter is this month squaring the Suns of those born January 6th to 13th.  There is a danger of expecting too much of yourself or of others and a little bit of over-confidence.  Assumptions and expectations need to be avoided and expectations may exceed reality, but with moderation this can be an indulgent, pleasant time.

Uranus is now in his final hit of squaring the Suns of those born around January 10th to 12th.  You have been feeling this influence on an off since April 2016 and he is now in his final throws; over by February.  This has created a little bit of a sense disruption, unsettlement, and unpredictability, particularly on the home and family front.  A slightly rebellious feel has been in the air and flexibility has been necessary.  A calmer situation will resume in February. 

Neptune is still harmonising the Suns of those born around December 31st and by February this whole process will have been completed.  It has brought your heart to the fore, your thinking has been dominated by your feelings, your sensitivity, empathy and compassion has been increased, your emotional potential is more fragile, but your appreciation of beauty and nature, the environment, the arts has also increased tremendously, as have your talents therein. Emotional intelligence has been yours and continues to be so as a result of this long transit.

Pluto is in his once every 248-year visitation still powerfully impacting those born January 5th to 8th.  This has been such a long haul and has been both empowering and tense at the same time.  Your life has been about endings, new beginnings.  Great change.  The old has gone and birth of the new is very much under way.  It is very important not to abuse power, or to be coercive.  Egotism has not got to be a motivation.  Be aware of who and what you are and make that knowledge work in your life, but not to satisfy your ego or ambition. It is important to face aspects of yourself, which is part of the process.  It may not be comfortable, but believe that the phoenix rises out of any ashes around you.

The new Moon on the 29th will then affect directly those born December 28th-30th.
 Initiate the new and sow for the future .The time is right.


Social life and friendships figures largely this month, but be aware that from the 20th when Mercury moves retrograde, you need to double check arrangements with others as misunderstandings and delays and hiccups are rife.
From the 7th, Venus moves into your sign, favouring all born up to February 17th.  It adds to your charm, to your graces, your appearances, your sense of well being and your love of nature is enhanced; and home and family bring particular warmth to your life.

Also too, Mars before the 19th, is in your sign, impacting particularly those born after February 5th.  For this group, before the 19th, there will be a strong sense of ambition, assertion, drive and energy, physical, psychological and material.  Your determination and focus should not be underestimated in terms of achievement and also the power of your intellect.  

Jupiter is very much gracing the Suns of those born February 5th to 12th.  This particularly favours spending the month in other countries and in long distance communications.  It also favours wisdom; clear thinking, spiritual pursuits and any long distance associations bring blessings.

Similarly Saturn is also affecting this same group in a very constructive way.  Friends are invaluable and loyalty to them is part of the picture.  You are mature in your goals and disciplined and patient.  The sense of the responsibility balances wonderfully with your sense of joy.  This is a great combination.  

Uranus, your ruler, is in a very favourable relationship now to the Suns of those born February 9th to 11th.  He has been hovering around this spot since June of last year and this is his final chapter of his once every 42 year visitation on this angle to your Sun.  It is over really by February.  He has brought and is bringing a sense of awakening to your true potential of belief in yourself and your authenticity and originality; and a belief in your ability to express your true ideologies and understanding and insights of life. You intuition has grown and should be trusted and eureka moments are in the air.  You are awakening really to your true unique Aquarian potential. 


This is a month of being acutely aware of your status and your position in the world and career may well be a focus.
From the 2nd, many of your born up to March 7th will also be acutely aware of the power of friendships and communications with others. However, it is important that all organised activities, particularly around the Christmas period, get double checked as retrograde Mercury from the 20th (till January 8th) can create havoc in terms of being in the wrong place at the right time or the right place at the wrong time; and other such confusions. 

However, before the 7th Venus is harmonious to all those born after March12th; and for this group there is at least a sense of great joy and affection through friendships and your goals, particularly creative ones, can flourish.  

 It is important before the 19th, with Mars being in your Solar Twelfth House that you do not sit on anger and let it brood.  Try and express it harmoniously and calming as possible in the right place, at the right time, to the right person. 

However, after the 19th, Mars very definitely moves into your sign, really stimulating your energy, your drive, your assertiveness and your ambition, particularly for those February born Pisces.  There is only one danger with this.  The assertiveness can become aggression and over-competitive nature and forcefulness.  There is also a distinct possibility that you may also be at the receiving end of such behaviour.  Competitiveness is in the air and avoid inviting trouble from others, but positively your determination and ambition can be very successful.

 Saturn is currently squaring the Suns of those born March 7th to 13th.  This can create a sense of tiredness, stress, block, restrictions, and limitations from authority figures or in a working context.  Look after your body, be patient, self-disciplined and grit your teeth and do what you have to do.  Step up to the plate.  Necessity is important now, but get rest and be measured in your efforts.  Be courageous and hard working and not running away from responsibilities will pay off big time. 

Neptune is sitting right on the Suns of those born February 27th to March 1st.  This has been a phenomena that happens once every 165 years and has been around you on and off since April 2015.  You are now coming to the end of this long visitation from your ruling planet.  What he has and is continuing to bring, is an exquisite sensitivity that so typical of a Pisces nature.  He has inspired on a positive level the arts, love of nature, a visual sense, psychic qualities, spiritual growth and empathy and compassion.  Negatively, he has brought over-sensitivity, escapism; maybe delusion and a tendency for self-deception; and along with the over-idealism can come disillusionment.  Provided you let your sensitively be used for the greater good of others, rather than be overwhelmed by it, this can be a transformative and redeeming period. 

Pluto has been in an empowering period for several years and continues to be for all born March 5th to 8th.  Your leadership ability, your caring for the greater good, your humanitarian capacity and the power of good groups and friends in your life have been transformational and regenerative.  Your courage, strength and insight and power to do good for others as well as self is currently of great potential. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


The US elections obviously dominate the month and I will stick my neck out and say that on balance, despite the email crisis,  after the election, when results are announced, Hilary Clinton’s chart does look marginally better than Donald Trumps …  Unfortunately we are not sure of the time of Clinton’s birth, but according to the two different times of birth been given by her at various times, she either has Scorpio rising (double Scorpio) or has Gemini rising. However, we do know Trump’s time of birth (Leo rising, no surprise there) but never the less, Clinton looks like she is relatively the happier of the two at the time of the election result.. (Unless she feels happy that she is let off the hook of the responsibilities of office!)

The USA chart does not look so hugely shook up at the result either, so that could be indicative of her win too, as a Trump triumph would certainly point to some fundamental changes and uncertainties in the air. However no matter who wins, there will be a new mood of general discontent that will not go away.  Late next month and early Jan 2017 will bring much anger and disappointment re the economy, which will haunt the States through 2017.. Its reputation and standing in the world will take a probable hit, no matter who is president.
The world is in very shaky waters… and a new nationalism is very much in the air and the desire for self-determination and change is rather commensurate with Ceres currently in Aries and conjunct to Uranus in Aries (rebellion of the people against the establishment)

From next month, the world will find itself with some serious and growing economic problems to say the least and capitalism as we know it, is going to be in the dock, as Pluto continues his journey into the last half of Capricorn. China and the USA will be facing crises over the next few years re the economy and England will be in turmoil over Brexit as Uranus (instability and chaos) continues to passes over its ascendant and Pluto conjuncts its Mercury (death of a certain status economically).  Also Saturn will be squaring its own place in the England chart this month. This will bring many challenges to its status and a very necessary review of events. Theresa Mays chart looks troubled late this month /early December as she struggles to make headway with Brexit. It will not go her way ..(We do not have her time of birth).

 Mars (planet of war) in Aquarius (future/technology) this month from the 9thpoints to the dangers of cyber warfare and increasing awareness of its potential in the future

When Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2025, staying there for nearly 20 years, then we will really have a serious potential of abuse of technology, both as a weapon and in terms of its potential domination of our society to the detriment of the human condition.  Positively (there is always a healing potential with Pluto) it could also be used to address and solve some of the biggest challenges of our time through the power of technological advance. 
With Pluto it does tend to be a case of “saint or sinner”.

The full Moon falls on the 14th at 13.52 GMT and the new Moon falls on the 29th at 12.18 GMT. The new moon correlates with a fresh chapter being initiated; hence we traditionally sow on the new, whilst the full Moon indicates a reaping of energies and the need to acknowledge a finalisation of some sort.


No room for superficiality this month.  It’s about serious stuff in terms of complex financial issues and intimate dealings with others at an emotional level.  

Before the 12th, if born after April 5th, travel is very pleasurable and romance can be linked.  A love of learning is also indicated, but be wary, after the 12th, if born up to April 11th, of relying too much on charm with sycophancy in your work.  

Also, before the 9th, if born after April 12th, there is a danger with Mars square to your Sun of aggressive competition and impatience with colleagues in the work context.  There are pushy people around and that can include you. 

After the 9th, however, for all born up to April 4th, intelligence and structured dealings with others can bring progress in your goal and in group projects.  Your wisdom and energy combine successfully. 
Jupiter is now, as he moves through Libra, opposing the Suns of those born April 3rd to 7th.  For the group, relationships are flourishing, but there can be a danger of over-expectation of other, or even being over-influenced by others who you see as the answers to your problems; but luck is around in relationships, provided you are cautious and don’t take for granted.  

People from other cultures, wise people and people who can definitely bring rays of light into your life are in the ethos.  

Saturn is a very maturing influence in a very constructive and practical way for those born April 3rd to 8th.  He is bringing a certain amount of duty and obligation into your life and having to step up to the plate, but the practical consequences are to your benefit in the long run; particularly to do with legal or overseas issues and obligatory travel; and also in terms of study.  

Uranus still marching through your sign in erratic manner is continuing to create some chaos in the psyche of those born April 9th to 12th; and will be until around March/April 2017.  Change is coming and you cannot avoid it.   You have to be flexible.  You have to see your life as a journey now, rather than an arrival.  Positively it is awakening you, enlightening you, making you more authentically true to yourself, independent, maybe even rebellious, but you cannot stay as you were.  Just don’t be too impulsive.  Let change take you rather than you push change.  Your value systems are also changing and you are awakening to new truths. 
Pluto, by contrast, is once more, for his final chapter, haunting the lives of those born April 4th to 6th.  You are in the middle of a personal power struggle between the old and the new; and the past and the future.  You need to assert yourself to know who you are with a sense of destiny in mind, without being controlling or coercive.  Transformation can happen without too much crisis, if you handle this time well.  


Relationships are powerful movers and shakers in your life this month; and others can shine a light into your existence, not least through good communication. 

After the 12th, if born up to May 13th, a love of learning is indicated and harmony surrounds you in travel and your kindness and wisdom is underlined. 

Mars is a very constructive force from Capricorn now, for those born after May 13th, where before the 9th he will be giving real drive to your beliefs, to your ideologies and a purpose to your energies, which spell success.  Constructive assertiveness is yours in all you do and others will admire that. 

However, if after the 9th, if born up to May 6th, be wary of being overly pushy, bossy with others in your professional context and also be aware that there are those too who will fight back or challenge you in some way.  Have patience and don’t be too impulsive.
Neptune, direct on the 20th of this month, is now definitely harmonising the Suns of those born around April 28th to 30th.   He is making you emotional, sensitive, creative, empathetic and compassionate.  The proximity of the ocean is healing and working for a good cause, that you really believe in, that moves your heart for others, can be very rewarding and heart fulfilling. 

Meanwhile, those born May 5th to 7th are feeling the power of Capricorn yielding you to believe in self or your destiny and to enjoy empowerment through wisdom, through your beliefs and through influences at a long distance.  You are given self-reinventive and courageous qualities that carry you forward on your true path.
The full Moon falls in your sign on the 14th affecting strongly those born around May 13th. Be aware of the power of your unconscious and repressed feelings/energies at that time as they are in eruptive mode, which can equate to endings of chapters that may in fact be possibly overdue.


Everyday routine and work issues will dominate and it is time to rationalise usefully many things in your organisation to make life easier and more constructively successful.

 Before the 12th, Venus in your opposite sign, will bring for those after June 6th an opportunity for love life to flourish, to meet new potential partners and to, at the very least, enjoy a happy, loving and affectionate time with others.  

After the 9th, if born before 7th June , much energy can be put into academic, constructive progress and travel and focus can be very much long distance in a constructive way.  Energy is driven and positive. 
Jupiter is smiling kindly on those born June 1st to 8th.  This every six year trine brings fertility, fun, sociability, a little bit of risky adventure and creativity is also enjoyed and successful.  Romantic good times are flagged up, as are benefits through offspring. 

However, by contrast, if born June 4th to 9th, Saturn is also on your case.  He is demanding his pound of flesh through others who are blocking your path to some extent or demanding a very mature and grown up response to a challenge in a relationship issue.  Also important to look after your health and to get rest; and to honour obligations to others where they need honouring. 

So rather bitter sweet for those born June 4th to 8th, but the cavalry is definitely going to help you with any challenges. 

Uranus brings a bit of excitement and adventure for the innovative into the lives of those born June 10th to 13th.  Friends can be catalysts for exciting change and insights and you can bring encouraging awareness and progress into any collective goal.

Important to remember however, that if born around May 30th to June 1st, Neptune is not exactly encouraging clarity in your career or status context and there may even be a bit of discontent about the work that you are doing as you long for something that suits your heart centre.  Check out small print and make sure you understand all communications and avoid deceptive circumstances and check out the credentials of all in your working environment whenever you can.


Enjoyment and celebration of life is strong now for Cancerians.  Love life can also get a boost.
After the 12th, when Venus moves into your opposite sign, certainly all born up to July 14th will have opportunity to really show affections and warmth to others and others are reciprocating. Love life is highlighted.

Before the 9th, for all born after July 15th, be aware that people will be no pushovers in your life and very assertive energies are around.  You will be meeting people head on and they will reciprocate.  This can be positive with compromise, but it could also lead to some confrontation, so have a care. 

If born July 2nd to 9th, Jupiter is currently squaring your Sun, which lends itself to a tendency towards self-indulgence and over-confidence.  Over-generosity to others, connected to home and family is also a possibility.  Enjoy, but do have some caution and humility. 

Uranus is continuing to cause some sense of uncertainly and some chaos in the lives of those born July 11th to 14th.  Your restlessness at work is shown and this period will not be completed for your understanding until spring of next year.  Whether others are shaking the tree, or whether you are feeling uncertain about career direction, it is a time of realising that there is only two certainties in life; and one of them is change.  Whether that be internally or externally, just be wary of rushing into change for its own sake.  When it comes, embrace it as an opportunity for an awakening.  

Neptune is truly inspiring now for those born June 30th to July 2nd.  Other countries and other cultures call and there is a great need for a more spiritual dimension in life.  Great appreciation of the arts, nature, and spiritual pursuits is strong.  Extra sensitivity to self and others enhances your persona.  Music, film and being near the sea can all be healing to your soul.   Idealism is also in the air. 

By contrast, if born July 6th to 8th, Pluto now opposing your Sun, as he has been on and off since early 2015, is in his last chapter of challenge.  This is a time when you will have your situation and your very psyche, being somehow confronted by a power struggle with forces or a force, which has been quite uncompromising.  Issues are coming to a close by the end of the year, but this has been a time of much heart and soul searching and need for courage to draw boundaries around others where their behaviour has been unacceptable; and to acknowledge that sometimes we have to go through the dark in order to get to the light.  The depths of your soul may have felt challenged and the most important thing is that your conscience is clear and your motive is pure, but endings of chapters are probably necessary and part of destiny.  Beyond this there is a new strength and ultimately a self-reinvention.  


Many of you may need to focus on domestic issues this month, notably clarifying communications.
After the 12th, all born up to August 18th will be able also to enhance romantic relationships and relationships with offspring through intelligent and full communication.  

 For all those born after August 8th, with Venus in your Solar 5th House until the 12th, may find enjoyment of life, pleasure, the party spirit and romance all underlined very positively. 

 From the 9th, also, all born up to August 8th, may find that there are some people in your orbit who are a little less than conciliatory.  Assertive relationships and exchanges are on the cards.  You won’t get away with things so easily in all your dealings with others.  Compromise will be needed. 

Jupiter is a definite ray of light now for those born August 3rd to 10th.  He is bringing a note of optimism and positivity to your thinking as well as extra wisdom.  Travel too is favoured.  

 Even Saturn is constructive to those born August 6th to 11th.  He is bringing maturity, purposeful action, pragmatism and constructive progress, even in the challenging areas of life.  Seriousness and a loyalty is demonstrated in both romantic issues and connected to offspring issues.

Uranus is a particularly exciting influence now on those born August 12th to 15th.  This has been in the ether for a while and is not complete until March 2017.  New opportunities, new insights and new awakenings have been and continue to be in the air; notably connected to philosophical issues, spiritual issues and long distance issues.  Travel is illuminating and innovative and relationship may be linked to any of these new dimensions in your life, in a very positive manner. Ego is down graded on the altar of greater insight and wisdom.

Shrewd thinking is your gift this month and notably before the 12th if born after September 3rd.  Excellent communications benefit you. 

Before the 12th, all born after September 9th will find a lot of love and happiness and self-indulgence being flagged up on the home and domestic front.  Just one danger, some excess may be in the air.
However, after the 12th if born up to September 15th, enjoyment of life increases as does sociability and romantic potential.  Fertility is also highlighted.  

Before the 9th, if born after September 15th, a lot of a typical courage and determination and boldness is indicated when it comes to social life, romantic issues and speculative adventures, all of which is constructive and well directed.

 Saturn is less kindly disposed towards the sign of Virgo currently.  Notably, this month, if born between September 6th and the 11th, there may be a feeling of tiredness and some sense of being a little over-whelmed by life’s blocks and restrictions.  Take care of the body.  Reality checks and karmic events are possible, notably connected to real estate, home and family issues.  Be patient and disciplined.  This time will soon pass.  Learn from it. 

Neptune is still opposing the Suns of those born September 1st to 3rd, in this once every 165-year visitation.  This rare transit has been around since May 2015 and now it’s coming to its final destination and will leave you by February 2017.  Meanwhile, many you have felt a very strong sense of smoke and mirrors being around your life, particularly relating to others and relationships in any context.  You have idealistic, possibly projecting fantasies onto others and you have needed and continue to need to check the small print in all negotiations and in the calibre of all people.   Not least being realistic in your expectations of others.

Very positively, all born September 7th to 10th are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s of the Pluto support of your Sun which happens every 124 years aprox.; and which has been around since March 2015; and is now ensuring that transformation, change, personal empowerment and indeed confidence in your own personal destiny is assured.  


Finances need attention.  Good communications about these will help.
After the 12th, if born up to October 20th, others will respect your general wisdom.  You get heard. 
Before the 12th, if born after October 9th, your charms are a great asset when communicating and your creative abilities are underlined.  There is also a sense of harmony.  

After the 12th, if born up to October 16th, your penchant for diplomacy will be most useful at home and with family. 

There is a bit of a warning before the 9th for those born after October 16th, that you could be dealing with family issues where these is some confrontation and your own energy may seems to others a little bit like a bull in a china shop, or more to the point you may feel that others have that quality.  Anger issues are likely to manifest on the family and domestic front, so count to ten. 

However after the 9th, if born up to October 10th, Mars in your Solar 5th house suggests great energy and courage put not only into creative issues, but also into living life to the full and you are not likely to want to take no for an answer in romantic pursuits.
Jupiter happily  in your sign now is exactly conjuncting in his once every twelve year visitation the Suns of those born October 4th to 12th.  For this group there is a period of confidence, positively, growth, inner and outer; and the potential for extra charisma and travel.  Wisdom abounds.  Luck is in the air.

Even for those born October 7th to 12th, Saturn although a restraining force, brings wisdom, caution, constructive understanding and practical progress; and not least loyalty and determination. 

However, in the background, Uranus is still creating some second-guessing in relationships for those born October 13th to 16th.  Others are catalysts for changing your life, whether that is comfortable or not.  See this as an adventure and a bit of a destiny journey to another awareness in relationship issues. 

Those born around October 8th to 10th are still grappling with Pluto after several years.  This really is in its final stage.  A new sense of independence is coming as you recognise the end of an era in which you have been honed, through some stress, into a stronger person.  


This is your birthday period and a tine for shining and for consolidation of your individuality.

After the 12th, for all born up to November 14th there is an injection of personal charm and diplomacy skills.
Before the 9th, all born after November 14th, intelligent determination becomes very successful and your ability to effectively argue your case and move forward is noted; and dynamic action pays off.
However, be wary, after the 9th, if born up to November 8th, as there may be some war drums around on the home front.  Others may match your wilfulness and fixity is in the air.  Compromise may have to be dredged up… as Mars is seriously at work as a challenging agent.

Neptune is still emphasising increased sensitivity, empathy, creativity and increased emotions if born from November 1st to 3rd.  This has been affecting you for some time.  Idealism has been strong, whether it be in love life or in aesthetics, but a gentle approach to others has been evident.  Normally this makes people less materialistic and less egotistical as well. 

Pluto, your powerful ruler, is at the end of a long two-year transit, very positively regenerating the lives of those born November 6th to 8th.  Your insights and the power of your mind and your speech and your intelligent effectiveness to make things happen has been consolidated.  The best qualities of Scorpio have been brought out in you, which is the manifestation of power for the greater good and without ego or pure self gain 


Before the 12th, many of you born after December 7th will be feeling extra confident in your personal appearance, extra loving, extra charming, with a sense of harmony emanating from you.   After the 12th you may find that finances are somehow slightly improved or at least protected. 

 From the 9th, if born up to December 8th, your constructive assertive qualities can take you far.  You’re physically, mentally and intellectually strong, focussed and successful. 

Jupiter is in harmonious angle currently in his once every six-year relationship to you for those born from the 2nd to 9th.  This augers well for social life and for friendships and for having luck in pursuing your goals and in particularly when involved in collective goals.  It gives you leadership skills as well and brings an element of growth, luck and travel is very good too. 

Remember though that Saturn is going through your sign still and is currently focussing his energies on those December 5th to 10th.  So despite the Jupiter protection for many of you, there will be some reality checks for this group.  Extra responsibilities are in the air.  Challenges to your organisation skills abound.  You need to be pragmatic, mature and focused in order to achieve what you need to achieve.  Blocks and restrictions demand reconsideration and patience.  Also important to step up to the plate and embrace what needs to be done, but also to take time to ensure that you don’t push your body too hard and that you look after your health.  It is also a time when finances may need a little caution and austerity too. 

Uranus however, is continuing his exciting stimulant of your Sun, if born December 11th to 14th.  This continues until April 2017.  So since June 2015, this journey has been underway and has been awakening you, enlightening you to new possibilities, new ways of looking at life, new creative and romantic innovations and a sense of more liberation to be true to yourself.  Enjoy.

By contrast however, if born around December 1st to 3rd, you are still experiencing, although it is nearly over (by February), a long-term transit of Neptune squaring your Sun.  It has been in the ether since April 2015.  So there is still a little way to go in needing to be careful about self-delusion, over-idealism, and deceptive circumstances and it is important to keep grounded.  However, positively, you have become more sensitive inspired and more appreciative of the arts and nature than ever before; and your empathy and sympathy is powerful.  You will also have needed more sleep and to avoid any substances as much as possible, which will have a slight distorting effect, because your body and mind is very sensitive under this transit. 

The new Moon falls in your sign on the 14th affecting all born around November 29th. A sense of the innovative is around you and  augers well for the coming year in this respect.


This is a socially demanding month and friends play an important part, as do group associations.  

After the 12th, Venus in your sign, will bring to those born up to January 13th a boost to your physical attractions and your affections and your sensitivity to beauty and the arts will all be underlined.  Love and harmony is in the ether. 

Before the 9th, Mars in your sign will bring an effective boost to energy and drive for all born after January 15th.  You are assertive, but be sure that the assertiveness doesn’t tip into slight aggression .You are a force to be reckoned with now; and indeed you may attract those to you who are equally determined to stand their ground.  It is a good idea to use the energy positively and consciously, maybe in competitive sports, but ambition is seriously underlined. 

For all born January 1st to 8th, Jupiter is currently squaring your Sun from your Solar Eleventh House.  The intimation of this is that you are going to be feeling very self-indulgent and also that you are likely to be easily influenced by others who persuade you to push the boat out.  Over-generosity and over-confidence can be a problem, but good times can roll with caution. Don’t expect too much of self or others
Since June of last year, those born January 10th to 13th have been experiencing the Square of Uranus, which has brought some sense of disruption, uncertainty, adrenaline and almost a rebellious quality and sense of lack of continuity and uncertainty has been in the air, very likely from the area of home, domestic, real estate.  This has been a bit of a chaotic journey, but you will be glad to know that it is over by the end of March next year.  The goal of the journey will be more liberty in independence; flexibility being the only way to ride the challenge, even if it has at times been something unnerving.  Don’t be too impulsive to force change.  It is going to happen in its own time anyway. 

Neptune has been blessing you with a greater sensitivity, aesthetically and spiritually if born December 30th to January 1st.  This has been around you for around 18 months and continues to be so until February 2017.  You have gained from this journey and your heart and your mind have been more in balance.  You may have been surprised at the increased sensitivity that has actually done you many favours.

Pluto is in his last lap of affecting those born January 5th to 7th.  Since December 2015 you have been feeling the power and the intense sense of destiny that this has brought.  It may not always have been comfortable.  Power struggles and endings of chapters have been thrust upon you in some way, as has your sense of needing to acknowledge your power with consciousness and with a good conscious. By the end of the year you will have completed the missions that Pluto has brought to your door.  The revolution internally and externally will be obvious in retrospect.  You have a responsibility to use your power wisely and to remember that you are the agent not the owner of it; and any endings that have been uncomfortable have been predestined. 


Focus on your work and your public standing will be inevitable this month.  

Before the 12th, if born after February 4th, take advantage of social invitations because there is a potential for great joy, satisfaction, sharing of feelings and even romance. 

 After the 9th, for all born up to February 5th, your energy and drive peaks.  Ambition, determination even forcefulness is possible.  Beware that it doesn’t turn into stubborn over-assertion and know that others who come into your space are not pushovers either, but on every level you know who you are, where you are going, what you want and how to do it.  Just be careful your motive is pure.

Jupiter is very helpful now in his once every six year angular relationship of a positive nature to those born January 30th to February 6th.  Travel is particularly flagged up as positive and enjoyable and any long distance issues can be very beneficial and indeed academic pursuits flourish too.  You feel lucky, you grow, there is positivity and benevolence and at the very least protection.  Enjoy.  The Universe is on your side.

 For those born February 2nd to 7th however Saturn is also bringing challenges , but of a very positive sort to your door.  Responsibilities and obligations you handle well and wisely.  There is loyalty and you step up to the plate.  You’re pragmatic, practical, and cautious and earn respect for your achievements, even though they are at the cost of some focus and hard work.  Your very mature attitude towards any challenge pays off wonderfully. 
Your ruler Uranus is continuing his long once-ever 42-year transit to the Suns of those born February 9th to 11th.  Since June 2015 this has been affecting you on and off and is now in his final throws of stimulation.  By March you will look back and realise that over the last 18 months or so you have become more genuinely true to yourself.  Your thinking has been much more evolved, big picture aware and liberating; and your ability to influence other people to liberate themselves and move forward, including yourself, has been significant.  You have awoken to true potential on your life’s path and your enlightenment is much more powerful in your consciousness.


November can be a very creative and also a very sociable time for Pisces, with the love life and art highlighted as can come speculative ventures.

 Before the 12th, if born after March 6th, be careful that you are not over-confident or over-indulgent in your work expectation.  Remember that charm alone also is not enough, but creativity is strong.

After the 12th, if born up to March 13th, your popularity and your ability to bring joy to others is notable; and working in collaboration with others creatively, or for a good cause can be very successful and satisfying. 
 Before the 9th, for all born after March 19th, your leadership skills are considerable and your constructive intelligent action, both alone and in collaboration with others, is certainly note-worthy; and your ability to fight for causes that you believe in, on projects which matter to you, is considerable. 

Saturn is notable challenging now for those born March 4th to 9th.  This once-every fifteen-year square to your Sun is bringing some challenges in career and also connected to authority figures.  Decisions need to be made based on the fact that you come up against challenges in your professional life.  Others things are really tough and difficult and demand extra hard work; or you’re feeling negative about your circumstances.  Honesty and humility are the only guide to the truth in the matter and lack of confidence needs to be fought, but with courage and standing up to challenges you can prove yourself, but it takes time, effort and ensuring you pace yourself physically.  On the other hand, it may be a time when you realise that you have to face the fact that a change of direction may be wise.  Either way, you can grow through this period. 

Your ruler Neptune has been sitting on the Suns of those born February 27th to March 1st since April 2015; and has been so doing on and off; and will do so until February of next year. This long journey of your ruler in his once every 165 years visitation to your Sun has flagged up the very essence of Pisces qualities strongly underlined in your being, in all its positive and negative manifestations.  Extra sensitivity, psychic powers, escapism, artistic longings, idealism, confusion, potential for self-deception or deception from others, complete inspiration on a humanitarian or aesthetic level and a sort of divine discontent for better, more spiritual idealistic circumstances. Positively you have needed, and continue to need to use your hyper-sensitivity to improve the conditions of those around you and to inspire rather than to let that hyper-sensitivity drag you down, with a sense of despair or disillusion. 

Those involved in the arts, or compassionate work have risen magnificently to this energy. It has been an opportunity to understand and deal positively with the exquisite universal qualities of love, the arts and spiritual inspiration that Neptune can bring and which can be comforting and inspiring to others. Of course, the brighter the light, the darker the shadow.  Inevitably with those qualities comes some pain, when all is not as you would love it to be. 

Pluto, since March 2015, is now in his last stage of being in a very positive relationship to the Suns of those born March 5th to 7th.  By December of this year, when this transit is over, you will look back and realise that there has been a subtle sense of finding your place in the world, which has been enabling you to show your power in terms of dealings with others and to have a leadership ability, intelligent insight and a will to make things happen for the greater good.  This has been a destined empowerment and transformation in your life, born out of intelligence and a compulsion to use your power for regeneration and transformation for self, but more importantly for others.