Sunday, 1 February 2015


by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is the month of Aquarius. It is all about innovation, the maverick, the scientific and the ability to think outside the box. Mercury is also currently in Aquarius, emphasising those qualities, but it has been retrograde since the 21st of January. However it goes direct this month on the 11th, which is good news as everything starts to become a little bit more progressive for everyone. Glitches get fixed, things move forward, there is less delay and there is more clarity than there was before the retrograde period. Those most affected by the retrograde motion will be AQUARIANS who after the 11th will see a real clarification and the green light going on. LEOS too will feel more constructive re relationships after the 11th.

 Actually in some way we all will.

It is no coincidence that the rise of the so called “left” has become so apparent in recent weeks with Syriza in Greece gaining power and the Podemos party in Spain on the rise. Aquarius rules democratic socialism and it represents rebellion against the status quo.

Also Saturn (restriction /problems/karma) now in Sagittarius (globalisation/ internationalism /ideology) will underscore rebellion against collectivism with other states and more tribal instincts in people, and nationalism, in all its good and difficult manifestations will grow. The Euro zone will face significant challenges.

Uranus in Aries is back to squaring Pluto in Capricorn as he has been doing on and off for several years now, denoting huge conflict being in the ether once again, about the economic way forward.  Uber neo liberal Capitalism is being challenged, with its current economic models (austerity) for progress.

All CAPRICORNS and CANCERS born January 3rd-6th and July 4th-6th respectively will be feeling, yet again, the dual power of these planets. There is change, disruption and power struggles in the ether, both inner and outer and this is a time to avoid the dark in your self and in others, to be squeaky clean and be determined to be conscious, not primeval in reaction and also to ensure that your goals are for the greatest good. It is also a time to accept that change and endings are inevitable in life, but that another more empowered chapter can and should evolve. LIBRAS and ARIES born between October 4th and 7th and between April 1st and 4th respectively, will also continue to feel the challenge of change, unsettling energies and confrontation with challenging power within and without, to be handled consciously and with a clear conscience.

 However for TAURUS and VIRGO born round May 3rd-6th and September 3rd-6th respectively, the power of constructive destiny is in the air, as is a feeling of strength, power regeneration and confidence. Almost a feeling of self-reinvention is felt, through empowered intelligence.

SCORPIOS born between November 6th-8th have the power of their ruler Pluto on their side now and as a result can feel extra forensic insight and the power of their communication goes effectively far.  Also PISCES born March4th-6th will have a greater sense of effective power in group contacts and indeed will have courage and conviction in goals they choose, that feels destined

Venus and Mars are both in Pisces until the 20th. Venus in Pisces is very good for the arts and creativity and spirituality, but Mars in Pisces can make for irrational aggression, notably connected with religion, which certainly we have already seen. Pisces is the opposite sign to Virgo, which rules Paris.  This month PISCES need to be aware that assertiveness, ambition and drive is strong if born after March 6th, whilst VIRGOS born after September7th.need to be aware of those who will challenge you. There are confrontations in the ether. PISCES however born after February 23rd will have also a heightened sense of the aesthetic and the forces of love and affection are around you, so an interesting month for the FISH amongst you.

It is interesting that Saturn, currently in Sagittarius and has been since late December, makes a stressful square angle to Virgo now and Paris is indeed a Virgo city.

Greece is also a Virgo country and the way ahead looks tricky as conflict with Saturn now in Sagittarius (authority and the old school (euro zone) look inevitable).

All SAGITTARIANS born November 25th-28th are currently aware of the test of maturity and discipline. Only facing truths with humility and by using discipline and patience and by looking after the body will you get through this challenging time well. Similarly GEMINIS born May 25th-27th will feel that others are blocking them and that their own lack of confidence is holding them back. Patience is needed and a genuine reassessment of goals is needed. Look after the health. That is true too for many August born VIRGOS and for many February born PISCES. Saturn can at best bring reality checks and constructively so and at worst can bring depression, despondency and tiredness. Learn the lesson and face and do what is necessary and respect the body.

However for Librans born Sept 26th-29th, there is a sense of maturity of thought in evidence and siblings may be a focus in that capacity also AQUARIANS born January 23rd –26th will have leadership obligations and will be serious and hard working when it comes to pursuing collective goals. Friendships can take on a serious dutiful role too.

Jupiter remains in Leo until the 11th August, helping members of that sign plus Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries. Those most benefiting are LEOS born August 7th-12th who enjoy travel, growth, luck and positivity, with good results romantically and creatively.  ARIES born April 4th-9th are also feeling upbeat re cupid related issues/the arts and it feels like party time and confidence abounds. If SAGITTARIUS, born December 6th-12th, travel and academic results are favoured as is good planning for those events.. Also wisdom is in the air. If AQUARIUS born Feb 2nd-9th, the good times roll, but be wary of overdoing and self indulgence also have a care round over trusting and over generosity. GEMINIS born June 4th –10th are also favoured by Jupiter now and will feel wiser and good communications and agreements abound, whilst LIBRANS born October7th-13th will feel a boost to friendships and social life and personal goals can be shaped with confidence.  All these groups favoured by Jupiter can enjoy travel currently. Especially after the 11th when Mercury starts to play ball again.

If TAURUS born May 4th-10th or SCORPIO born November 6th-12th, beware losing a sense of moderation at home or in profession. Also avoid overconfidence, or even a little arrogance. Taking too much for granted can cause problems later. Fun can be had, but keep a sense of balance

The new Moon falls on the 3rd at 14 degrees of Leo and the full Moon falls on the 18th at 0 degrees of Pisces.

For LEOS born round August 7th the 3rd augurs splendidly for you for new projects and a sense of sowing good futures. Also AQUARIANS born round February 3rd the 3rd brings the new to your door from others.

For PISCES, the 18th can bring for those born round Feb. 19th/20th a sense of the eruption of a culmination of a sense of the ending of a chapter, which feels as if it has been building within. Similarly for VIRGOS born round August 22nd/23rd, others are presenting you with some realisations about a certain situation, the truth of which may need facing, so as to decide the next step.