Tuesday, 1 December 2015


The current Square from Saturn in Sagittarius to Neptune in Pisces is indicative of reality checks (Saturn) that thwart excessive idealism/empathy (Neptune). The tightening of border controls between countries and the sense of an increased intolerance/suspicion/fear of refugees by governments and many citizens in the wake of the shocking terror attacks in Paris, is classic of the fear /caution / cynicism /reality checks (valid or otherwise) that Saturn brings, when clashing with the unconditional open boundaries that Neptune as a symbol, suggests.

Neptune, also, negatively manifested can distort truth and can pervert ideology. Extreme emotion rules that can be ruthless or inspired  … Isis or Daesh, or whatever they are to be called, have selectively distorted the Koran to suit their own extremist and ruthless agenda. The potential dangerous equation /confusion (again a negative manifestation of Neptune in Pisces) of the Muslim religion with Isis, is like equating Christians with the Klu Klux Klan. Muslims have suffered at the hands of Isis more than any other group. Neptune, in extremis, can distort, blind and lack rationality and bring paranoia.

Saturn squaring Neptune indeed brings a need for caution, but above all, pragmatic realism, rather than blind fear or over idealism, but pragmatic realism is subject to individual viewpoint. Corbyn’s view of our response to the Syrian debacle, as he would see it, is pragmatic idealism (if somewhat confused), but Cameron’s view is more, as he views it, pragmatic reality (if populist and possibly short sighted).

Hence in fact the whole of the left versus the right debate has evolved to be a question of a polarisation between possibly over idealism and (often) ruthless pragmatism.   That however sums up the debate about what exactly the human condition is.

Ideologically, it boils down to whether people/nature /the planet (idealism?) should be our priorities, or market /economic forces (pragmatism?).

The climate change talks in Paris have lost attention on the altar of the Isis threat, but climate issues are a potentially a bigger global threat of an existential nature to our planet than any terror group. Saturn (economics / establishment) currently in Sagittarius (global) squaring Neptune (collective unconscious, the power of nature) in its own home sign of Pisces (nature/seas) is a symbol of what a terrible threat our unremitting globalised economic forces are to the forces and balance of nature.

There is some indication (planetary wise i.e Sun sextile Mars on the 3rd, and Mercury trine Uranus on the 3rd and Sun trine Uranus on the 9th and Venus trine Neptune on the 11th) that there maybe more progress than anticipated in the Paris summit, but with Mars square Pluto on the 6th and 7th and Mars also opposition Uranus on the 11th, there is a struggle and there will be a ruthless digging in from those with vested interests in the status quo, of course.

Economic forces have in many ways become the enemy of the heart and soul of many people and of our home planet (Saturn versus Neptune). This current difficult angular relation between these two planets is now pointing that out clearly. However with Pluto (obsessive powers) in Saturn (establishment/ conservatism) ruled Capricorn (establishment economics), since 2008 until 2025, the slant towards maintaining the economic status quo and protecting it, is quite ruthlessly hard wired in the established powers that be. 

This coming month indicates an ongoing global fear and a particularly dangerous period when unexpected shock events, that are potentially quite explosive and geophysical disturbances are in the ether, is around the 10th –13th, when Mars is opposing Uranus.

Also the 6th and 7th is a time when Mars squares to Pluto and that is a ruthless/angry and controlling combination.

This is the month of Sagittarius.  Sagittarians born after December 7th will, before the 10th have a great rush of communication needs and ability and Geminis born after the 5th June, before the 10th will also feel the power of others communication s impacting their life and the need for an exchange of ideas will be important and probably beneficial.

 Venus till the 5th is in its own sign of Libra. As a result all Librans born after October17th, will before the 5th be blessed with extra charm, charisma and loving vibes and love is in the ether. So too all Aries born after 14th will before the 5th, find attention from others on a very warm level is underlined and kindness and affections are in the ether too.   After the 5th Venus moves into Scorpio, which suggests that after the 5th all Scorpios will feel at some point a rush of love, happiness and exuding attractive vibes to you advantage. Equally Taureans after the 5th will feel the power of other favours love and warmth.

 Mars all month is in Libra. Hence all Librans born after October 3rd will during the month feel more assertive / ambitious energetic and driven. There is also a danger of being a little too assertive or combative, and the power of other peoples’ will, can impinge too.  If an Aries, born after March 31st there is a definite possibility of some cross swords with others and the whole principle of self-assertion versus self-surrender will be flagged up.  There is also a tendency for Capricorns born after January 1st to find that impatience and impulse can be your enemy this month, especially professionally. Similarly Cancerians born after July 1st may find that irritation and impatience and impulse may be a danger in a home /family context.

Aquarians born after January 30th and Geminis born after May 31st may very positively find their constructive energies very well, intelligently and successfully used either in romance or creativity, or in academic /ideological pursuits and with successful focus on long distance or legal issues or in travel pursuits.

Jupiter still moving through Virgo is now enhancing the lives of Virgos born September 13th-17th. Travel is in the air and confidence and opportunities abound as does luck, and at the least it brings protection or some sort of celebration and good times.. If there is a difficult situation manifesting or a disappointment under this transit, then the situation in the long term is likely to turn out to be for the best and advantage you somehow.  Pisces born March 11th-15th are also being affected by Jupiter Good times can roll, but there is a danger of overconfidence, lack of moderation or even a little too much of a sense of entitlement. Enjoy, but with caution and a little modesty.  Similarly Sagittarians born December 12th –16th and Geminis born June 11th –15th, need to be aware of pushing the boat out a bit far in relation to domestic indulgence or in professional issues ;over confidence/extravagance can be an issue.  Taureans born May 11th –15th may be feeling happy and buoyant re creative /romantic and offspring issues. Life feels like fun and celebration, and Capricorns born 11th-15th are also blessed with a sense of greater wisdom and optimism (the latter being unusual for Capricorns) with potential very positive input from other countries and via travel. A seasonal celebratory feeling is strong for all above Jupiter affected birthdays.

Saturn however, the benevolent depot of a planet is being quite challenging now to Sagittarians born November 28th—December 4th.  There is a sense of weighty realties/obligations and duties and hard work to face up to and maybe some financial reality checks.  Blocks and hiccups are in the air and the health also needs to be protected from stress and tiredness Remember to honour the body. Step up to the plate and do what is necessary, m despite being daunting. Secure things for the future with hard work and a sense of reality, and accept the things that you need to address in your life that need revision.. Not a fun time, but it can in the long term be very constructive, so long as you deal with things pragmatically and not give in to under confidence or excessive negativity.

 So too Geminis born May 28th-June 3rd may be feeling blocked by others or circumstances and others can be a source of obligation/duty or stress. Hard work, self-honesty and maturity are needed to deal with the challenge. A need to rethink goals may be in order, or a realisation that some things take more patience and hard work than anticipated.  Pisces born February 25th-March 3rd are also feeling a little slowed down or browbeaten, work challenges are in the air and there is a need to honour the necessity principle. Also Virgos born August 31st –September 5th, may be finding weighty responsibilities and realities in life quite onerous, but which need confronting. Delays are not necessarily denials, but hard work is needed.

 More positively Leos born July 29th –August 5th, may be rising to an occasion very constructively and the virtues of maturity and hard work and wise behaviour and noble efforts bring rewards and admiration, not least in dealing with romantic /creative and children’s’ issues.  So too Aries born March 27th-April 2nd, will be finding that mature hard work related to academic study, legal issues or related to being very constructively persevering in long distance issues and related to dutiful travel, serves you well, even if quite demanding. Aquarians born January 26th-February 1st are similarly benefiting from mature realism now. Librans born September 29th-October 5th are also finding that mature conversation and grounded thinking and focused concentration stands one in good stead now.

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are long players in peoples live. And currently Capricorns born January 4tb-6th and Cancers born June 20th-30th are feeling the testing hand of power (courtesy of Pluto) and how one deals with it. Either ones own power or others.. Ensure that you draw boundaries around your own power, in terms of misuse for ego gratification and avoid others who misuse power. Unconscious dark forces are at work in the subconscious, all quite primeval. Beware, you may have a tiger by the tail, or be in contact with someone who has. Also beware that crossing people now can bring power struggles, but wisely used power can serve you and others very well, provide there is the motive of the greater good at the heart of the issue.  Endings of chapters are in the air, and so is fate in some way.
  Also Aries born April 3rd -5th and Librans born October 6th-8th may be feeling some sense of fate n their lives and internal struggles may be strong in an effort to find your true power and independence.  Know the depth of this power can need much conscious handling.

However if Taurus born May 4th-6th, or Virgo born September 6th-8th Pluto is now bringing remarkable powers of regeneration, strength and self reinvention in some way. You life and being has power over self and others in a very positive way and can be very transformative.  Truth and depth is part of the process.

Scorpios born November 5th-7th will also be finding they are in a process of understanding that their empowered depth of insight and forensic understanding is very much a root of success and renewal in life.  Pluto is your ruler and he is working well for you in this rare visitation.

 Neptune is bringing a mixed blessing to Pisces born February 26th-28th. Your ruling planet only visits you once every 165 years, which is now.. Immense spiritual powers for good and inspiration as will as immense sensitivity is yours, but so too is the significant potential for escapism, and self-delusion and over idealism or even a martyred attitude to life. Don’t let Neptune use you, use it to reach out with sensitivity and creative inspirations, Your boundaries are very thin and you can get too affected by others and events. Try and protect your psyche, which is so open now. Music /film, the arts and the sea can all be potent factors in your life now. So too Virgos born August 30th –September 1st have the tendency currently to feel that relationships are confused or becoming diminished with an element of deception and mystery being in the air. Check out all facts and credentials and also do not chase rainbows and project onto others a fantasy. Keep grounded and realistic about situations and people. Accept the dissolving of some times as part of a natural evolution.  The above to a lesser extent applies to Geminis born May 27th-29th and Sagittarians born November 28th-30th.

Neptune is currently inspiring Cancerians born June 28th-30th and Scorpios born October 30th-November 1st, creatively and in terms of compassion and extra sensitivity idealism and a more spiritual sense is yours, all in a very constructive way.

Currently Aries born April 5th-7th and Librans born October 9th-11th are dealing with Uranus and his unpredictable, but liberating influence. There is a sense of the adrenalinised and the unexpected around you from within and or from others. You are being kick started uncomfortably possibly into a new future that can be exhilarating or unnerving. There is restlessness for the exciting and for escape from the old, but there is a danger of impulsive behaviour regretted later. You should not make irreversible decision easily and remember that this is period of travelling rather than arriving. The new the unique the innovative and the future call. And there are definite eureka moments in the air, but be cautious as you may throw out the baby with the bath water in a bid for change or excitement.

If born Leo round August 8th-10th or Sagittarius born December 7th-9th, then the new, the freeing and exciting is around very positively as you are awakening to new chapters and new people who can inspire and enlighten you and kick start you into a new future, either though long distance or study potential or via romantic/creative or offspring potential.  All courtesy of Uranus in his rare visitation to enhance you Sun degree.
 The New Moon falls in Sagittarius at 19 degrees on the 11th and the Full Moon falls in Cancer at 3 degrees on the 25th.

For Sagittarians born round December 11th-13th, the 11th can be a day of new starts /new chapters.  For Cancers born around June 24-26th, the 25th can be a day of closing of chapters or a sense of powerful release of emotions that need to be expressed from within your self or others around you; the Full Moon is rather uninhibited.

Unconscious forces then show themselves rather forcefully.


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