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Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. (Pisces being the last)… This is the spring equinox period.  Aries represent the new in many respects.  It marks the beginning of growth, optimism and a move forward with enthusiasm.. a signifier of Spring, no less and indeed a characteristic of the archetypical Aries.  However over confidence can be a problem.

Jupiter is squaring Saturn currently.. a desire for progress in chaotic international issues is strong , but constant blocks and hiccups and regressive developments are rife, (not least in how the refugee crisis is being handled and the middle eastern wars and of course in the need to fundamentally address climate change issues)  Basic infrastructure and fundamental reorganisation and a moral reordering is needed collectively in all aspects of our society , but quick fixes wont cut it… Frustrations and regressions abound.

Neptune continuing in Pisces (in his own sign, so super powerful both negatively and positively) also suggests a collective confusion, and a hunger for more humanity and spiritual and egalitarian values and a desire for revolution in the status quo. A surge in left wing politics is a result, personified in Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, but religious extremism can also be an ironic spin off of this, such as so called Isis/Daesh, as a totally ruthless rebellion against all Western values and indeed against civilisation.

Such extremism begets other angry extremism and rebellion (often racial and/or anti establishment, for good or ill. Donald Trump is a manifestation. (He is a Gemini with Leo ascendant with Mars and Pluto in Leo, both conjunct his ascendant and Moon in Sagittarius). 

Meltdowns are in the ether.  The world looks on in amazement.

Now Pluto (meltdown/crisis/nemesis, when misused) is past the midpoint of Capricorn  (a fracturing of much of the western led globalised establishment that has been built up in the last 8 years or so) there is a sense in the collective global unconscious, to quote W. B. Yeats’ The Second Coming, that:

  “Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity”

From 2025 when Pluto (power) moves into Aquarius, it will be the world of technology and artificial intelligence that will be the focus of power and it will bring its own critical problems, if power in this area is misused and if it is  motivated by profit/control.

Between the 5th-10th of this month there is more chaos and the unpredictable unleashed.  Days of positivity/hope are 12th, 14th/15th and 17th and 18th….

Mercury in Taurus moves retrograde on the 28th and stays that way till the 22nd May.. Prepare for delays, and blocks and confusions, not least re the economy. Greece and Turkey may be facing greater difficulties.
Also Mars in Sagittarius moves retrograde on the 17th and stays so till June 29th.That is a very significant symbol for general geopolitical global stasis, paralysis, emasculation and lack of direction… not to mention a build up of dangerous, internalised seething anger in the much of the global populace.


This is your birthday period and before the 5th, if born after April 10th, the power of communication is strong and effective provided you maintain objectivity. After the 5th Venus in Aries brings to all your sign at some point in the month a greater charm, sense of aesthetics and the sense of love /affection being in the air more than usual.

Mars, your ruler, now in compatible to your sign, Sagittarius, gives extra power of fiery strength and determination to all born March 27th-30th. Ideological fervour is strong and much constructive energy is put into travel /international dimensions and possibly legal issues.  Saturn is also on your side, suggesting successful travel for duty/work and focused constructive academic work, if born April 4th-7th. For this group this is a very grown up, step up to the plate time, with positive, if deferred outcome.  Uranus is still creating some chaos and restlessness for those born April 8th-12th.. Adrenalin flows as is urge for change and adventure/rebellion, the new /the liberating. But have a care about too much impetuosity and risk. There is another year to go of this. Let it take you on a journey, but easy does sit.

Pluto too is now on the case of those born round April 7th .A 2-year period of transformation lies ahead in which change is inevitable within and without. Power struggles are likely unless you are in control of your reactions and are squeaky-clean, and then personal true inner empowerment can finally be yours.

 Mars your ruler moves retrograde from the 17th, after which many of you may be aware of frustration of action and hiccups re travel/long distance matters. This period lasts till the end of June so try and finalise important issues before the 17th

 If born round the 11th, the new Moon on the 7th can bring a happy new beginning.


This is a month for your sign, of some retreat and contemplation on the past and where karma can play a role.   After the 5th if born up to May 15th there is a sense then that communications are important, if not urgent and you are quick to respond. After the 28th there is a definite hiccup and sense of delay in certain personal issues and communications cannot get through. These delays have a purpose, and are often opportunities to rethink strategy and this period of retrograde motion by Mercury lasts till May 22nd, so be prepared. From the 17th, Mars change of direction suggests complications and freeze of energy re complex financial and very intimate issues. This lasts till late June, so be prepared.

Jupiter is very much supportive now to those born May 3rd –7th (as last October). He is bringing good times, creative enhancement and fertility and also potential romantic possibilities. Luck is in the air.

 Neptune too is currently bringing extra emotional sensitivity, compassion inspiration and idealism to those born April 30th-May 2nd.  This coming few years will bring a window to develop creative s and thoughts before they voice them. Idealism is strong as the heart is more powerful now.  The sea too may call a source of solace and calm.

 Pluto is in his rare trine to the suns of those born Around May 8th, for the next 2 years (once every 124 years aprox.) brings a sense of renewal and sense of self-reinvention and transformation through determination and positive will power is around you. Mind over matter potential is strong and a never say die attitude allows for triumphs.

 The full Moon on the 22nd will affect those born April 21st-23rd.. For this group, the power of your or others subconscious is strong and eruption from that source can be quite surprising, but necessarily expressed. Often there are ending in the air as we reap what we sow and time to close certain doors.. a natural cycle .


 A time for social life and collective projects that get energy and can flourish and social life and friendships/romance can flower too… notably after the 5th.

Mars however in your opposite sign of Sagittarius is challenging those born May 27th-30th and this group will feel that war drums are audible from some around you. You too may be over quick in reaction mode and impatience and irritation are in the air. Try and be calm.. The atmosphere is quite eruptive. After the 17th others will likely frustrate you and relationships become complicated and there is a need to rethink others and beware from them, some passive aggression. This period lasts till late June so be mindful.

Jupiter is tempting those born June 3rd –7th to be a little over expansive, or ever confident or over indulgent in certain areas of life, not least on the domestic/family/property front. Enjoy, but a little caution and discrimination can be advised.

Saturn is in his every 30-year challenging mode to those born June 5th- 8th and despite the Jupiter influence being in the ether, this is a time of some blocks from others, or from circumstances that need serious attention and reappraisal… It would be wise to take stick and rethink certain goals, or at the least be patient and accept some modifications to plans, that ultimately may be in you best interests.. The reality checks round others and events now are educational and may help lift the veil from your eyes.  Look after the body too; it may be struggling a bit.

Uranus is now bringing some feeling of the new and exciting to those born June 9th-13th.. New projects/friends are inspiring and you want some feeling of the new and innovative and you can be very intuitive now and think outside the box successfully. This is around you on and off for around a year, so enjoy..

Have some care if born June 1st-3rd, as Neptune is now and for the coming 18 months or so, squaring your suns, and this means a tendency to be oversensitive and over idealistic and indeed potentially vulnerable to rose coloured spectacles, deceiving oneself or being vulnerable to deception from others.  Check everything out and do not take things or people too much at face value.  Also do not become a martyr to life or others.. Things are shrouded a bit in fog so make no life changing decisions as things are a little possibly distorted in you mind and vision.


Career looms large this month, possibly in not so easy a way … although from the 5th your charms and creative abilities can stand you in good stead, just be careful about being disingenuous.   And before the 5th all born after July 12th, mat need excellent communication skills to make progress.

Jupiter is supportive and protective if born July 4th-8th..You are wise now and travel is favoured and emotional intelligence is yours and your ability to communicate with sensitivity and generosity of spirit is indicated.

After the 17th Mars may bring some feeling of lack of power in your working life and all is in stasis for a few months. For a reason.

 Uranus is starting now and affecting to some extent for the coming year those born July 10th-14th bringing change, unpredictable events and a restlessness that can lead to impulsiveness that may be less than wise or constructive.  Family/domestic disruption/change is possible. See this a journey where the old has to be shaken up, bit let the change happen that is necessary without forcing it drastically.

 Pluto is a big player now for those born around July 8th-10th. He is opposing your suns and this brings potential for real coercive manoeuvres and power struggles around and with and from others for some time to come. This is a journey that won’t be complete till the end of next year. Draw boundaries round this and walk away, and don’t get drawn into dark confrontations with others who have baggage and agendas. Protect yourself and keep squeaky clean and you will strengthen yourself, but endings of chapters with others are in the air.. Fate may flag up an ending that is quite extreme of some sort in a certain relationship. It’s time may have run its course or a complete reinvention and revolution is needed in that area.  At the end of this chapter you will be amazed art how much you have become a phoenix rising from the ashes of the old in a regenerated empowered state.


For your sign April can equate to travel and the power of the higher mind.. a more philosophical period and where boundaries are bring pushed out literally and mentally  notably before the 5th if born after August 16th. After the 5th all if you may be able to happily mix romance and the affections with travel (long distance issues) and there is also a sense of a love of learning. Mars too is activating you life now if born July 27th-August 2nd. For this group and n energy peak is evident that is constructive and courageous and it creates courage and proactivity in romantic and creative areas of life. Children’s issues figure strongly too… There is also a sense of speculative energy.

Mars may be bringing some feeling of emasculation re romance or artistic/ creative projects. This is a time of rethink and lasts till late June.

 Saturn is acting as a very good controller and mature director of energies if born August 21st to 15th. He is bringing a sense of disciplined hard work and duty to your creative and romantic life.. You are stepping up to the plate and being constructive and pragmatic and this is bringing appreciation and deferred gratification. Dealing with realities is a good thing and offspring may be part of the picture.. Technical skill and hard work applied to creativity will pay off.

Uranus too is now very much a happy catalyst for those born August 12th-15th and will be for approximately the coming 12 months.  He is bringing a new sense freedom and adventure and waking you up to you individuality and specific gifts. You will be feeling restless to take a leap into a new future which holds promise of more authenticity.,  An interesting and more ;liberating tome is at hand ; an awakening that needs conscious handling.. This can be internal and /or external in its effects.. Other counties and travel may again be part of the picture.

A month for a bit of depth and intensity and where issues such as complex finances may figure largely and where there is a need to look beneath the surface of things.  After the 5th all born up to September 15th have a chance to constructively address these issues through fruitful communication. Try and achieve this before the 28th.

Before the 5th all born after September 16th, will be feeling the power of affections around them and love life can be enhanced. Also there is a strong desire to indulge and enjoy oneself… and others are in a mood to join you.

 However Mars is not too well disposed towards those born August 30th-September 2nd as he is creating some lack of harmony, possibly on the domestic/family front.   Irritation and impatience is within you and others around you. Stop and count to 10 before reacting.  You may be like a bull in a china shop with your energies.. so have a care. After the 17th this situation becomes rather paralysed and a new sense of inner battle may be needed to resolve the situation and this could last till late June

Jupiter however is very much your ally, now being in your sign and directly benefiting all born September 5th-9th.. This is a period for buoyancy, travel, expansion and enjoyment, not to mention some luck or at least protection. Just be wary of over confidence or over expectation … but with some modesty this van be a very positive, progressive time.

However Saturn is counterbalancing this energy for those born September 7th-10th. This group also need to be aware that there are certain restraints currently at work which you cannot ignore or walk away from without dealing with them honestly first. Obligation may clash with a desire for freedom and the obligation needs priority with courage..

Neptune warns those born September 2nd to 5th, to be wary of others who may not be all they seem or claim and you need to be wary of rose coloured spectacles but inspiriting via the arts can be considerable.. Music /film and the sea and nature and retreats are draws.

 Finally Pluto is currently also bringing for this born around September 9th-11th a need for regeneration and reinvention of self in line with a sense of destiny and you are given an opportunity to reach some significant self awareness and embark on a powerful path.. But remember you are the steward, not the owner of the power.


Relationships are a considerable focus this month. And before the 5th, if born after October 13th, communications with and from others are a key for good progress. After the 5th all of you will experience the input of good vibes from others and cupid is on the scene for many.. at the least current relationships that are positive flourish .  Invitations are in the air. Mars too is activating the passions and energies of those born September 29th –October 2nd. Communications are energised constructively and boldness of energy is within you… but after the 17th, things get a little paralysed/

 Saturn is supportive bring intelligence of action and considered caution if born October 8th-11th. Groundedness and loyalty are very much enhanced.

 Uranus however is bringing now for those born October 12th-16th a sense of the unexpected from others.. Life is a bit of a roller coaster and others are acting as a catalyst for probably necessary change, even if uncomfortable this may be the opportunity to be kick started into a freer better more authentic future, but let the change take you and don’t push the river.. This energy is around on and off for about another 11 months.

 If born around the October 11th, be aware that there are some inner power struggles at work, and there is a need to be conscious of the deep root causes of this, so be conscious and calm .  Family issues are flagged up and be aware that the energies are quite primeval…be in charge of them and understand their purpose.. Don’t let them control you. These struggles can cause confrontations, but be conscious of your needs and motives and be honest.

The new Moon on the 7th will impact positively those born around October 12th.. The birth of the new is in the air then and it is time for sowing new seeds for the future.


Work and everyday tasks that are necessary and dealing proactively with bolstering your health may figure this month.  After the 5th all born up to November 15th will benefit from the input of others wisdom and conversation. Good communications wit partners is enabled and can be very healing. Before the 5th all born after November 16th will potentially benefit from extra romantic input and joy with/round children.. Also creative talent is flagged up and the arts inspire.

From the 17th financial issues get a bit stuck and value systems are challenged and energy is stymied

 Jupiter favours those born November 5th-8th. . Friendships are very appreciated, social life is buoyant and your leadership gift in a group effort is excellent… Intelligence and opportunity combine to bring progress and luck.

Neptune is truly now sensitising and inspiring now and for about year, if born November 2nd-5th. This may show itself in love life or in creative projects.. Empathy, compassion and idealism is strong.  Be aware that your heart and emotional needs are powerful and are likely to long for a soul mate and you may feel you have found one during the coming year. Keep real and you will find this an inspiring and hugely sensitive time.

 Pluto your powerful ruler is definitely regenerative and empowering now for those born November 8th-11th. Intellectually you will be more profound and incisive than usual in thinking and in communications. You can impact others considerably with insight and regenerative energies.. This is a once in a lifetime energy that lasts till the end of 2017. Use it well and wisely and not just for personal power and ego.

 The full Moon of the 22nd will on that date impact those born round October 25th .For this group you may be aware that this is a time of unavoidable contact with energies that have rumbled for some time and there’s a need to give birth to these energies with care and consciousness.


This is a good month for enjoyment/creativity and for love life. Before the 5th if born after December 15th communication is successful in any context is favoured and after the 5th all of you will find that the power of love and affections are especially underlined too and creative urges can be successfully expressed.  Mars is currently in Sagittarius and this affects directly those born November 29th and 30th.  There is a need for this group to be aware of a great increase in determination and energy is likely and it may be needed, but be aware it may tip into over assertiveness. Use extra drive wisely and after the 17th however when Mars moves retrograde, there may be a feeling of frustration and block and anger may be internalised causing some physical stress. Be patient and use this period wisely for reconsideration and patient waiting. It lasts till late June.

 Jupiter is affecting by square energy, those born December 4th- 8th, tempting to an over doing and or over expectation with a little lack of moderation, but so too Saturn will be directly affecting by conjunction those born December 6th-9th, creating a sense of some negativity and frustration and low confidence and also some tiredness.  A delay or block demands reality checks and hard work in order to put a better infrastructure into the life. It also requests patience and courage to keep on the pragmatic track… Saturn is the karmic schoolteacher and a benevolent despot.  Speaks volumes.

Uranus by contrast is inspiring the lives and energies for aprox for a year or so, of those born December 10th –14th.. New love life events, inspired happenings re the arts and creative gifts and life changes because of events round birth and creativity and a restlessness for the new and to express ones own uniqueness is strong now and all this can be successfully expressed.

Neptune is challenging now the lives of those born December 1st-4th. This suggests that for this group there are uncertain circumstances that feel a bit fogged re home /family circumstances. Dissolving of certainties are in the ether and it is time to be careful about making life changing decisions as you are may be not clear about facts and idealism can cloud logic.   Sensitivity to others is strong, but beware of seeing things and people in a distorted way.. You need peace, serenity, the arts, music and nature to feel calmed and at peace.  This influence hovers on and off for around 12 months.


 Family focus is strong and before the 5th all born after January 11th can benefit from constructive communications and agreements re home /family and real estate.  And after the 5th all born up to January14th can also find excellent creative gifts in operation and offspring and romantic relationships all benefit from the power of wise loving words. After the 28th however, things may get a little blocked and off-track. After the 5th also you all can experience the power of indulgence and good times re home but beware over spending and over indulgence. 

 Beware the power of repressed anger this month as Mars is in your solar 12th house Notably after the 17th .Do not seethe.

Jupiter is very supportive now of those born January 3rd –7th.  He very much favours travel and long distance benefits.. Also academic issues and legal issues can be a source of positivity.. You are in philosophical, wise mode.

 Uranus is creating some uncomfortable unpredictability in his current relationship to the suns of those born 9th-13th. This influence lasts on and off for around 12 months and suggests a need for change and a restlessness within that can lead to impulse of an unwise sort and family/domestic issue a source if some disruption and unpredictability. It’s not too settled.. This is an uncharted journey that needs patience and to go with the flow rather than forceful leaping into the new for the sake of it.  

Neptune brings a new sense of gentleness compassion love of nature and need for meditative peace and kindness of heart if born January1st and 2nd. This remains strong for the coming year and invites the arts and artistic skills into your life in a positive way and the sea is soothing.

Pluto is creating a rare influence in the life of those born around January 8th currently.. Others are pitting their wits against you possible because they feel challenged or threatened by your power and you need to be careful about power struggles with those who can be ruthless. Draw boundaries and do not get tainted, but positively you will realise during this coming few years, just how much the power of this transit brings you to a sense of understanding of the wise use of power, and how there are inevitable endings in life, literally and metaphorically followed by phoenixes rising, and that some dark confrontations with others are great learning curves.. Through the dark into the light.  Keep your conscience clean and this will be a strengthening period.


A month for increased information and knowledge, which can be shared with and gained through others.  Notably before the 5th if born after February 9th..  For all of you, after the 5th charm and affections linked to communications makes for a happy and rewarding mix. Communication with family needs caution and clarity after the 5th for all born up to February 9th.  Misunderstandings are very possible or plain lack of successful communications. After the 28th this may increase as a possibility.

For those born January 27th-230th Mars is bringing a power of intelligent constructive action when dealing with friends /social life or in a leadership role. You are ideologically driven and successfully so.  After the 17th however there may be some sense of a need to rethink and to pause as events shape shift.

 Saturn is bring a mature, disciplined, focused and hard work ethic into the lives of those born February 4th-7th.. This provides determination and focus and brings recognition by others and deferred gratification. Loyalty and measured responses come easily are very constructive now.

Uranus your unpredictable ruler is now really bringing out true Aquarian potential if born February 8th-12th. There is a new sense of intuition and eureka moments of understanding.. There is an even greater ability to think out of the box. Your independence is important to you now and you are aware of a need to take a leap into a more authentic future for yourself that reflects your true insight and independence of vision.. Energy is inspired and you have a sense of an awakening that guides you to the new and the innovative. This energy remains in the ether for the coming 12 months.. Enjoy and use wisely. .


 Though not the most materialistic of sign, this may be a moment to focus on finances..   Constructively. After the 5th for all born up to March 14th, Mercury brings constructive discussions with others and wisdom is given and received, and before the 5th Venus in your sign brings potentially for all born after March 14th a sense of beauty harmony and the power of love and affection is strong within you and you personal charms and creative gifts (strong in Pisces) are really enhanced.

Mars however from Sagittarius are bit jarring on the energies of those born March 3rd-7th. Those in authority /or work colleagues can be a source of irritation or slightly confrontational and this can work both ways. Impatience and impulse can cause you some problems, so stop and think before speech or action, After the 17th when Mars moves retrograde, there may well be a sense of frustrating blocks that cause particular seething frustration, bur see this event as a period of constructive reassessment of goals and strategy.

 Jupiter is currently in you opposite sign of Virgo and is now directly opposing the suns of those born March 3rd-7th.. For this group over confidence needs watched and over doing or expectation too much of people or situations.. Have some care, caution, and realism.. Having said that the good times can roll and relationships and travel can be a source of expansion but beware over enthusiasm or over generosity and general over everything, but see next paragraph

Saturn however is a stern disciplinarian for those born March 4th-8th, so that will act as a safety valve to many of the above group, bringing a sense of restriction /delay , some karmic lessons and forcing a need for reassessment of ideas /projects and maybe of others. Look after your health too, as energy may be drained. This is a reality check, and though frustrating maybe just what is needed.

 Neptune your ruler now for the next year aprox will be bring the extreme Pisces characteristics out in those born February 28th-Match 3rd. This once ever 165 year visitation brings positively inspiration, creativity extra spiritual awareness, compassion, idealism and exquisite sensitivity and even extra psychic capacity., but negatively, can being over idealisation illusion or delusion , tiredness and negative escapism and a sense of divine discontent .. Use the positive qualities to inspire the world., but just keep grounded.

 Pluto meanwhile will spend the coming few years bringing intelligent empowerment and some sense of regeneration for those born round March 8th. Leadership roles are in the air as is the regenerative power of others for your good and vice versa, is a great potential. Utilise with humility and good intention. With wisdom it can work so well for you.




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