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The main astrological feature this month is the movement of Jupiter from Scorpio into the sign of Sagittarius, his natural home sign, on the 8th, where he will remain till early December 2019.

Jupiter stays in each sign for approximately a year, and each sign gets a visitation ever 12 years. He takes 12 years to orbit the ecliptic (path round the Sun).

Jupiter provides at the very least some protection, and a kind of cavalry effect, and at best, he brings confidence, growth: inner and/ or outer, and advancement in life, luck and an enlarging of life’s horizons mentally, philosophically and/ or via travel and international connections.

One of his effects astronomically is to help deter asteroids from threatening the earth because of his magnetic gravitational influence and symbolically he is protective also to us as individuals, when influenced by him astrologically. 

Wherever Jupiter falls in our birth chart (our lifelong map) is also the area of our life generally, where we can feel lucky, advantaged and at the least protected.

Clearly all Sagittarian Sun sign natives will at some point(s) over the coming year receive his blessing, but if you have any other planets or points of importance in Sagittarius, in your birth chart, if you know it, you will also receive a benefit of some sort, when that planet(s) or point is hit.

Globally, Jupiter in Sagittarius implies powerful international influences, as well as the power of new philosophy and adventure and also the desire for and ability to embrace a more big picture understanding. Negatively it can bring over confidence, arrogance about over expansion and ambition and rashness about pushing out boundaries and foolish, even dangerous adventurism. Risk is undertaken more readily, as over optimism about safety and outcome can dominate. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, unthought through over ambition by individuals in power in certain countries is more likely to be used to try to empower themselves over other nations, for their own ego and their countries benefit, a they perceive it.

 The last time Jupiter was in Sagittarius (2006/2007) was the period that led up to the crash of 2007/2008 (when Pluto entered Capricorn), as banks and lenders had taken too many careless risks and expansions, for the sake of short-term advantage and greed. The results of which reverberated around the globe, as countries had become economically so linked, interdependent and dominated by globalised money systems and corporate power. Jupiter’s natural move thereafter into the next sign of Capricorn marked the resulting need for protection by financial stringency and global austerity (Capricorn).

Globalisation is underlined with Jupiter in Sagittarius and there is an overwhelming need for global cooperation for the good. We cannot go it alone any more. However, if we do get arrogant about what we think we can do alone to influence the world or regain sovereignty, the world and we will pay a price.

The spread of international influences is powerful, as now the massive interconnectedness of the world impinges very strongly and not always kindly on us all. This, when combined with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (downside of rampant neo liberal capitalism), would suggest that individual countries’ actions, such as England’s coming Brexit and Trump’s U.S. domestic and international policies, and Brazil’s vote for the new far right president, will reverberate globally far more significantly and with more powerful challenging consequences for the countries implicated and our world, than I suspect we all realise. Hubris and nemesis always reigns, not least now relating to climate change and environmental policy. 

The positive potential of Jupiter in Sagittarius is that it will force out of necessity, a global discourse and cooperation of action, about the urgent need for change in our global behaviour, as the frightening power of events, related to nature and potential socio/political crisis, will be in our face and such action will be imperative, on the basis of collective survival.

The other significant event however is that Uranus moves back into Aries on the 6th  (important date in the USA) where he will stay till March the 6th next year, and thereafter he will then totally commit himself to Taurus for 7 years (unpredictability, shocks and change re security / money /economic issues, especially implicating technology)

This temporary revisitation of Uranus to fiery, assertive Aries will rubberstamp the “shock” of the rise in populism, nationalism and racism that has emerged over recent years while Uranus has been in that sign and the power of the “strong man” who apparently defies the system, in favour of quite ruthless empowerment of country and self, regardless of the rest of the globe. “Might is right”. Strong egos are underlined.

The mid term elections in the USA, interestingly on the 6th, do not seem to affect Trump’s sense of confidence significantly. If his birth chart’s time of birth is correct (10.54 am), there is a lot of ego and self-gratification at work on that day, whatever the objective truth is.

Talking of which, the very end of this month and especially the first half of December do not augur too well for Donald Trump or Theresa May. They both have planets at 8 degrees of Cancer and Libra respectively, and Saturn will challenge both of these then. In Trump’s case, it is a strong every 30-year opposition, and in May’s case, it is an every 15-year square. This is karma and difficult to avoid for the individuals affected, without them learning important lessons and facing the uncomfortable music, unless they are in complete denial.


The important news this month for your sign is that Jupiter moves into Sagittarius on the 8th, a compatible energy of course with Aries (fellow fire sign) so from the 8th, for approximately a year, Jupiter is on your side and initially this moth he will bring benefits to all born up to March 27th  This is very favourable for travel, study, academic pursuits and legal issues and a general feeling of positivity, confidence, and growth. 

This is not a month for shallowness for your sign.  You need to get to the root of things, even if uncomfortable.
Mercury goes retrograde this month on the 17th, which, for some of you, notably if born up April 5th, may denote some delays or complications connected to travel after that date, notably if born up April 5th.  However, before that date all plans should run well. 

Love life looks particularly positive and emphasised if born April 14th to 21st and the power of affection from others can be considerable.

From the 16th, when Venus moves direct, progress will be made and the lessons of the last month will have been learnt in terms of sensitivity.

Before the 15th, if born after April 10th, you are all going to get a boost from your ruler Mars.  Your leadership skills and ability to coordinate other people well is impressive and your energy is constructive, rather than competitive and if it is put into humanitarian energies, so much the better.

Saturn however is also a little tricky for those born March 24th to 28th.  You may well be reminded of issues that were going on earlier in the year and in the spring.  This is the final hit, suggesting that you are finally getting to grips with an issue and stepping up to the plate and putting it right, particularly connected to career.  

Uranus moves back on the 6th into the late degrees of your sign for about four months, directly affecting those born April 19th to 20th.  Be prepared for a few reminders of unsettled issues.

Finally Pluto is still challenging the lives of those born April 7th to 10th.  This is however, nearly over and is a time when you really make sure you use your power wisely, especially in your work situation. It is also about finding out your true destiny.


This is a period in the year when relationships figure strongly. 

Jupiter moves away from Scorpio on the 8th, from where all Taureans have benefited to some extent for about the last year and moves into Sagittarius for a year, and for your sign he represents a rather dumb note, unless you know the details of your birth chart.  Ensure that from the 17th you all double check financial issues as there is room for confusion.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 17th, till the 6th of next month, bringing some delays, uncertainties and frustrations related potentially to money and relationships.

Before the 15th, all of you born after May 11th need to be very aware of fixity, impatience and stubbornness, both from yourself and others, particularly on the work front.  It would be counter-productive. 

However, after the 15th, if born up to April 30th, constructive efforts collectively and with friends, which bring respect, are very much indicated.  Energy is used wisely.

Saturn is challenging, but nevertheless very supportive for those born April 25th to 29th.  Work may be obligational in terms of travel but constructive self-discipline and grounding efforts and hard work really do pay off.  Try not to spread yourself too thin. 

Uranus moves out of Taurus on the 6th, temporarily for four months back into Aries so many of you born at the very beginning of Taurus around April 21st will feel a sense of pressure is off in terms of uncertainty, but it does return to be revisited in March next year.

Neptune is continuing to extremely sensitise those born May 3rd to 5th.  This has been a journey that has been continuing since April 2017 and is over by next year, but you have been left a more emotionally aware person and more creative.

Finally Pluto is in the final months of empowering those born May 8th to 11th.  This long journey you have had over the last few years has given you a power of observation and insight which has allowed you to move forward with more confidence about your true being and also commanded respect from other people, mostly connected to higher education, higher learning, legal issues and travel and general all round wisdom. 


The interesting news for you this month is that Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Sagittarius for a year from the 8th.  The last time he was there was around twelve years ago. This brings benefits over the coming year for all of you at some point.  Initially those most favoured are born May 22nd to 28th.  The main benefits are likely to be from other people and it increases your confidence.  The downside of a opposition from Jupiter is over-confidence, over-trusting, over-investment in others particularly, but it can, with care, be very expansive and is very good for travel and internationalism.
Mercury your ruler moves retrograde on the 17th, bring a lot of issues that need clarification with others.. This is true till the 6th of next month.

Mars is also very much on your side before the 15th, if born after June 12th.  Again, constructive travel is indicated.  Energy, drive, intelligent action is your friend. 

After the 15th, however, if born up to May 31st, the square from Mars can bring a few obstructions, restrictions, limitations and blocks in your work.  Irritations are in the air from others and yourself.

Uranus moves back into Aries for about four months from the 6th, initially this is going to affect all born around June 21st and will remind you of that desire for change that you had earlier this year, in a positive way.

Finally, Neptune is still casting his fog over those born June 3rd to 5th.  His long journey is nearly over now, where you have felt a little lost and confused and disorientated, but you will soon that where you are when this finishes at the beginning of next year, is a more appropriate place for you to be.


Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius on the 8th, where he will stay for a year, does not directly affect your sign, but you have all benefited from him being in Scorpio at some point over the last year. 

However, this month can be very celebratory, creatively and in terms of enjoyment and love life if born July 17th to 24th.  Venus currently in your Solar 4th House suggests the possibility of over-indulgence or over-spending at home, but from the 16th, when Venus moves direct, you will find that relationships will have benefited from sensitivities that you have shown over the last month.

After the 15th, if born up to July 2nd, energy put into study or travel or internationalism and indeed legal issues can be very beneficial.  You are sensitive in attaining your goals. 

Before the 8th, Jupiter in his last degrees of Scorpio will bring a final flourish for those born after July 19th.  Bonuses to do with creativity, love life and children’s issues are in the air.

Saturn is currently opposing the Suns of those born June 25th to 30th, as indeed he was in February/March and May/June.  This is the final hit and is a final confrontation re issues that have been either problematic in relationships, or around events where you need to make up your mind as to what needs to be done in order to fix the problem. Stepping up to the plate is required.

Uranus switches the energy back in focus when he returns to Aries on the 6th to those born around July 20th.  Issues to do with any disruptions that were around in the spring may be returning for another chapter and some resolution, so you can find some true freedom. 

Neptune is very positive, however, in an ongoing trine to your Sun for those born July 5th to 7th.  This long several year journey has brought true inspiration, creatively and spiritually, particularly for long distance issues, or from learning. 

Finally, if born July 10th-13th, Pluto is also coming to an end of a very long challenge that you have experienced since early 2017, where others have been possibly problematic or controlling and where you have had to learn to use your energy in a wise and squeaky clean way.  This power struggle you have felt on some level is definitely on the wane now.  What matters is that you have drawn boundaries around unacceptable behaviour in self and indeed in others; and you’re empowered as a result. 


 Jupiter, after the 8th, moves into Sagittarius for the coming year.  This every twelve-year transit of that fiery sign is compatible with your own Leo sign, so hence for the coming year you will all benefit at some point, to some significant degree.  Initially this month, it will be those born up to July 30th.  For this group there may well be travel, a boost to love life, increased fertility, luck, positivity and confidence and at the very least protection.  Creativity is certainly underlined. 

Things however for all of you may be a little tricky at home before the 22nd

However, communications with offspring and creatively are all favourable for all born up to August 6th, but after the 17th, when Mercury moves retrograde, communications may go a little awry, so get major decisions made before that date.

Social life and friends can be very rewarding for all born August 18th to 23rd.  Deserved popularity is significant.

Before the 16th, remember that being admired is important, but not enough.  You will really have to earn it with empathy and compassion.  

Also, Mars in your opposite sign of Aquarius before the 15th is a bit of a warning to those born after August 14th, to be aware of people who are contentious, who are stubborn and who will step up to the plate to challenge you if necessary and it is important that you don’t invite this situation in too easily.

 Uranus moves back into Aries on the 6th, where he will stay until early March just to finalise the work that he was doing from those late degrees of Aries.  Most directly affected this month are late Leos born  around August 21st/22nd.  Issues that were flagged up in April and May will return for a more positive completion and the feeling of awakening and liberation and sense of personal uniqueness will yet again be underlined.  This feeling will be around until March.


Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius away from Scorpio on the 8th is significant for your sign insofar as he is likely to bring some extravagance and maybe a little over-confidence.  Good times can roll however over the coming year, but a little caution is needed.  Initially those directly affected are born up to August 30th and excessive spending or indulgence is possible to do with home a real estate. 

However, before the 8th, in the last degrees of Scorpio, Jupiter will be favouring those born between the 20th and 22nd September.  You will benefit by wisdom, confidence and luck and excellent communication. 

Mercury in Sagittarius indicates that all born up to about September 7th will find communications at home particularly confused after the 17th.  Stop and think before you speak and make sure you understand all messages and that others understand all yours. 

After the 15th Mars moves into your opposite sign of Pisces.  This is significant for all born up to September 2nd.  This would imply that other people might be stubborn, difficult, even challenging during that time.  Pick your fights carefully.

Saturn is very constructive, if challenging, for those born August 27th to September 1st.  All your work can be extremely successful, but only because of great commitment, discipline and patience.  This is particularly true with creative efforts and also socially in love life and with children.  Your maturity and pragmatism is admirable. 

Before the 6th, all born at the very beginning of your sign, around August 24th, will be benefiting from Uranus hinting at what is to come in March next year.  A new sense of liberation and potentially liberating travel and study. 

Neptune is still opposing the Suns of those born September 5th to 7th and will do until January next year.  A sense of dissolving is in the air and uncertainly.  Tiredness needs to be acknowledged.  Get more rest.  Listen to music.  Be near the sea and try not to push the river on decisions.  This is a slow journey and you have to trust.  It will evolve in its own time.

Finally, Pluto is still very empowering for those born September 10th to 13th.  A newfound sense of destiny, fate and purpose is yours, creatively and romantically. 


Communications with offspring and in general can be very constructive for all born up to October 8th, but try and get important stuff done by the 17th as Mercury moves famously retrograde then.

Venus is in your own sign still and for all born after October 18th, this is good news and it really emphasises your charms, your PR skills, diplomacy and empathy and compassion, especially before the 16th

Venus moves direct on the 16th, when your own needs will get more acknowledgement.

Before the 15th, all born after October 14th will be feeling very assertive and constructively so.  Determination and competitive spirit if all well directed, will help your goals in life, socially, romantically and creatively.

Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius for a year, which happens on the 8th, is particularly positive for your sign due to the compatibility of elements.  Fire goes well with air.  Initially benefiting are those born up to September 30th.  This will add extra wisdom and communication skills to your repertoire and a general feeling of luck combined with good intention brings success.

Saturn, however, is still challenging from his current position in Capricorn to those born September 27th to October 2nd.  For this group there is still a feeling of wading through mud, particularly around domestic issues.  Tiredness and obligation is in the air, but also a need to re-think some issues that are not going so well, but patience is definitely needed.

Uranus moves back into Aries on the 20th, just to remind those born at the very end of October after October 20th that some issues that remained unresolved from earlier in the year, are back for final confrontation and you have until March to finalise some issues to do with change. 

Finally, Pluto is still in his final phase of challenge, which has been going on for a few years now to those born October 11th to 14th.  Confrontations with self, which may be projected onto others is still around.  Endings of chapters and some crises are finally being addressed.  What matters is you use your power wisely and consciously and that others around you are seen to do the same.


Jupiter moves out of your sign on the 8th and into Sagittarius.  Before the 8th, the last benefactors of Jupiter in your sign will be born after November 19th.  For this group there is a sort of final flourish of a positive bonus, whether it is travel, growth, luck or windfall or just massive protection. 

But the Sun being in your sign this month always gives a boost anyway to your energies.

Try to ensure that communications around finances are done and dusted before the 17th when Mercury moves retrograde in that area of your solar chart.  You all may need to have extra compassion for those who need it before the 16th

Mars is in a difficult angle to your sign before the 15th because from Aquarius he is squaring your energy, especially the Suns of those born after November 13th.  This will bring a sense of confrontation, domestically and you may well be feeling impatient and irritated , very stubborn and immovable also.  Also, other family members may be confrontational and this needs careful handling.

However, after the 15th, for all born up to November 2nd, when Mars is in Pisces, this gives a very different mood for this group, who then will be feeling creative, constructive, determined and courageous, notably romantically and creatively. 

Saturn is helpful, if demanding, for those born October 27th to November 1st.  Your thinking is serious, grounded and pragmatic and this is very useful in the efforts that you put in and in the discipline you show. 

Before the 6th, Uranus remains dipping his toe into Taurus, which for all born at the very beginning of your sign, around October 24th, will be getting a taste of what will be far more significant next March in terms of some sense of a desire for change, freedom or at the very least, of other people creating that mood for you through their actions, which can feel disruptive. This has been in the ether since last May.

Neptune is continuing to inspire the spirits and the creative urges and romantic tendencies of those born around November 5th to 7th.  Empathy, compassion, sensitivity and the power of your heart and idealism will be irrepressible.  It is hugely inspiring creatively and romantically and in terms of affections. 

Finally, Pluto is still empowering those born November 10th to 13th.  Intellectual incisiveness and influence over others is significant. 


The very good news is that Jupiter moves into your sign on the 8th, where he will stay for a year (happens every 12 years).  This will bring bonuses for you all at some point during that period.  Initially those most affected and benefited will be those born up to November 29th.  A boost of confidence, travel, growth – a once every twelve year sense of joy is very much on the cards. 

Mercury in your sign is also very good for communications for all born up to December 7th, but do try to ensure that issues are resolved before the 17th as from that point he goes retrograde (frustrations) and can cause some confusion or problems with all communications and general delays. He stays retrograde till the 6th of December..

Friendships are incredibly beneficial now if born after December 17th and after the 16th you will get back what you have put in, when Venus moves direct.

Before the 16th, if born after December 13th, you’re assertive, but, constructively so, as Mars complements your sign..

After the 16th the however if born up to December 1st, beware of impatience, irritation and over impulsiveness

After the 6th, all born late Sagittarius, around the 20th December, will be inspired to continue some change in life as you felt was very much hinted at last year and Spring this year.

If born around November 25th to 27th, remember you’re still on a journey that needs patience as the old dissolves and new invisibly takes shape and it is nearly within sight.  At least by the end of the year you will have more concrete concept of the outcome of your sense of metamorphosis..


A slight warning is flagged up for those born after January 14th.  Be careful in the workplace of being a bit sycophantic.  Your charms can be helpful, but don’t overdo it.  You will see more progress after the 16th, career wise.

However Mercury moves retrograde on the 17th till the 6th of next month and that can cause delays … so get as much achieves as you can before that period.

After the 15th, for all born up to December 31st, your assertiveness and your confidence is impressive and gets you places and your passion in communications influences people. 

Jupiter’s move into Sagittarius does not directly affect you, but before the 8th if born late Capricorn, after the 17th January, you will get a bit of a boost, through friendships and leadership skills and be enabled to do what you wish to, with more self-belief.  

Saturn is still on the case of those born December 25th to 30th, as he was at the beginning of the year.  Be real.  Face facts.  Do what is necessary and remember the hard work put in will be worth it.  Don’t let negativity get you down.

Neptune is still seriously sensitising the lives of those born around Jan 3rd –5th. Powerful spiritual, emotional and creative energies are continuing to be at work within you, and need acknowledgement and indeed celebration. Being near the sea and around nature is healing and your need to celebrate the importance and preciousness of the heart, is strong.

 Pluto is still pretty powerful in the lives of those born around January 9th-11th.  A long period (since around the beginning of last year) has brought intensity in your life and in your soul. A time of endings and transformation in some way and out of the potential crisis comes a new you and an empowerment and regeneration, as you greet your true potential and indeed your destiny.

Restlessness, and desire for more uniqueness and change, for those born around January 18th and 19th will return this month after the 6th and will stay with you until early March, to complete what got underway last year and in the spring of this year.  Be careful about throwing out the proverbial babies with the bathwater, however.


Jupiter moving into Sagittarius on the 8th  (for a year) is very good news for all born up to January 27th?  It will be a boost to your leadership skills.  Friends will be very useful to you and you to them and popularity and optimism and confidence is yours.  Meanwhile before then those born Feb 16th-19th, maybe tempted to push the boat our a little too far or biting off maybe a little more than you can chew, possibly over confidence, but with caution, good times can roll.

For this same group, your ruler, Uranus, moves back into Aries on the 6th, where he will stay until early March, bringing for all late Aquarians, born around February 18th/19th, a reminder of the boost to a sense of needing to celebrate and accentuate your unique gifts and individuality and freedom, a feeling and drive to push into the future with a big picture consciousness, that you were enjoying in Spring and indeed last year.  This journey will be completed by March next year.
Mars is in your sign before the 15th, bringing for all born after February 9th, a particular boost to ambition, determination and constructive physical, psychological and spiritual will.  Just make sure it doesn’t tip over into over-assertiveness. 

 Mercury moves retrograde on the 17th and stays so, till the 6th of next month. This may put a bit of a block on ambition and cause frustration and delays. You also need to be very aware of a need for double checking all communicaions, sent or received, as there is room for confusion and misunderstanding.

However, to compensate, from the 16th Venus moves direct and this will flag up a sense of forward movement emotionally and connected to matters of the heart, especially related to a long distance issue. Also there is a feeling of getting good feedback for emotional and creative efforts and sensitivity you have needed to display since early October.


Jupiter moving into Sagittarius on the 8th puts him in your Solar 10th house of career for a year.  The danger is of over-reaching or over-optimism, but with care, success can be yours. 
Initially so affected will be those born up to February 25th.  Don’t push the boat out too far.  Stop and think before you display lack of caution

Mars is in your sign from the 15th, directly impacting those born up to February 28th.  This will bring drive and energy, and will bring enthusiasm and determination, particularly creatively and it can bring great success, provided you look before you leap. However you need to ensure you are not in any way coercive and beware others being a bit pushy around you too. 

Saturn, however, is keeping the reigns on those born February 22nd to 27th.  Discipline, focus and pragmatism and maturity are your friends. 
 Mercury moves retrograde on the 17th till the 6th of next month. This will bring potential break down in communications or delays connected to work, or in your goals.. Clarify all things and be patient. Delays can be for a good reason /.

Neptune is maintaining his huge influence on those born March 3rd to 5th.  This will be true until January.  During this time, you are more inspired and idealistic than ever.  The arts are a blessing and your empathetic and sympathetic humanitarian side excels.  The downside is a need to keep real, keep grounded and don’t get seduced into unrealistic situations and keep as honest as possible.

Pluto continues to subtly but definitively empower those born March 9th-11th.. This has continued for nearly 2 years and now you can see the benefit. Powers of regeneration, leadership and incisiveness is yours, and the power of friends and social groups can be truly inspiring.

Meanwhile, all born after March 18th can enjoy the first eight days of the month where travel, academic success, confidence, belief in self and good news are underlined. 

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