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The very rare coming together of Saturn (karma) in Capricorn with Pluto (hubris and nemesis) in Capricorn (establishment and economic systems) is powerful this year and starts to really manifest this month, and indeed continues next year on and off. This creates an existential crisis and beginning of a meltdown of a global system. So many people feel this in their waters… and the planets certainly indicate this. England is a Capricorn country…. say no more.

This month also, there is a powerful Mars (energy,anger,drive ) conjunction with Uranus (unpredictable shocks) in Aries around the 10th-15th .. which suggests a real trigger of sudden events and upheaval sociopolitically and geophysically . Earthquakes, literally and metaphorically, are very much suggested during that period..
Around the 2nd of the month when Mars square up to Pluto is also quite an intense day is indicated , when ruthless power struggles are very likely.

Correlative or causative? The jury’s out. (I suspect correlative.)
England’s chart (25 December 1066), which always seems to reflect what is going on pretty perfectly, has Saturn conjunct Mercury this month from 10th-22nd  (every 30 years). This points to an impasse in its direction of travel and status and some serious rethinking will be necessitated as a result of blocks and denials.  Some humility may be needed and at the least, complex hard work will be essential to sort out a massive practical national and economic problem. No prize for guessing what that is about. Also Mars conjuncts the England ascendant the 2nd -4th, triggering anger and eruptions.

Our socio-political, economic and geophysical challenges are unprecedented in many ways, because we are globalised.

The rise of extreme inequality within nations has resulted in an understandable desperate shout for help. This seems to be manifested in a rather primeval feeling among many, unconsciously or not, that any seeming “strong authoritarian man” will do (Pluto), to sort any mess out.

Hence opportunism is rife for any one to vie for power who has a desire to enlarge a superego, who has ambition to control and who has strong and even extremist views, so as to counteract what is often seen as woolly liberalism that has led to discontent. They say they want to fix this, and declaring to champion the masses as opposed to the few (in theory). The pendulum has swung heavily in the direction of the 30’s, as many have noted, but although history does often rhyme, it doesn’t totally repeat itself.

Global climate change is now threatening so quickly and visibly our planet and therefore our survival and making it increasingly impossible to be in denial about it. Uranus (significant manifestation of human assisted unpredictable change), having dipped his toe in Taurus (nature), from June to November last year, is from next month and for the coming 7 years, committing to that earth sign and so really flagging up to us all, the severity of this existential crisis that faces us all. .

However, interestingly the “Strong Men” who are attaining power, and are essentially very right wing, are it seems mostly in complete denial still about human assisted climate change, as it threatens their ambitions for their economic and social power. The measures needed for the good of the planet are contrary to their desires and they have no interest in the truth of the science. They feel above that. New leaders in countries in South America and parts of Africa, Australia and indeed in the USA are either declared climate change deniers or disinterested. Indeed extreme Brexiteer politicians in the UK, who want to make England independent and great again, as in the romanticised (Neptune) past, are all too often, climate change sceptics or deniers.

Politics and the free market has increasingly become obsessed with economics and eternal growth (negative Capricorn), to a point of a loss of humanity or care for the planet. We are now at tipping point.

Pluto (power) brings initially the rise and then abuse of power that is represented by the sign he is in, followed by the price to pay and resulting meltdown, and that happens when he reaches the 3rd decanate of the sign he is travelling through. Pluto has just arrived at that decanate of Capricorn; and Saturn (now in his own home sign of Capricorn) brings karma also by gritty reality checks. This combining of the two very powerful forces now is starting to indicate the fall out of all that has been misused and abused by the globalised political system for decades, but especially over the last 12 years or so, since Pluto entered Capricorn, staying till end of 2024. Saturn has been in Capricorn from Jan 2018, staying till the end of 2020

The ironic and arguable good news is that the very difficult fallout will become so obvious and in such an uncomfortable way, that the world will be forced to face facts and make changes, if our survival is valued at all.

Neptune still in Pisces till 2026 (from 2011) has been negatively, making many idealise the past and long for the good old days when their country was great and wonderful. Rose coloured spectacles abound and again the idea of a seeming  “ strong saviour” to make that happen is created.

Positively, however Neptune is awakening in so many the sensitivity to nature, its value and the desire to preserve it and value it, creating e.g. a movements toward veganism and an ardent desire to protect the planet from extremes of climate change and to protect the oceans (Neptune) and its creatures etc.

Neptune rules Pisces, so its once every 165-year move into the sign for aprox 13 years is especially prescient. Those born with Neptune in Pisces (since 2011) will be, with no choice and of necessity, totally aware of these planetary issues and passionately proactive in response. It will be part of their very being and purpose to do so.

Trump has Saturn squaring his Jupiter (every 15 years) from February 21st till March 5th. This significantly blocks and frustrated his goals and ideals, demanding a climb down or massive rethink, but in a way that tends to make people who experience this, angry and/or depressed… However he does have Jupiter conjunct his Moon at around the same time, so he will have a compensatory factor… or at least the cavalry will arrive in some way, as he perceives it.

Saturn always brings a reality check and is karmically necessary. He is not called “the karmic schoolteacher” or “the benevolent despot” for nothing

However April and May will see a direction of travel for Trump, that culminates in very late 2019 and beginning of 2020 that is the beginning of a complete and radical change in his position in life. Pluto and Saturn will be really proactive in their challenge. 

The new Moon is on the 4th at 15 degrees of Aquarius and the full Moon is on the 19th at 0 degrees of Virgo.

Sow on the new, reap on the full.

Your mind is sharp this month, notably for those born after April 2nd and leadership skills with good communications with colleagues are also underlined.

Before the 3rd, if born after April 16th, love life, travel and study can all combine beautifully.

After 3rd, all born up to April 18th need to be a little careful about sycophancy at work.

Mars is in your sign now, powerfully driving those born after 9th April.  This is true all month.  Ambition and determination is very strong, but other people may be just as determined. Ensure your cooperation is combined with your drive, otherwise war drums are in the air. 

Jupiter is very much supportive and on your side for all born April 6th to 12th.  This is a brilliant time for holidays and travel, whether for pleasure or work.  Success in study shines and your philosophical orientation is underlined.  Luck is in the air as well as pushing out boundaries. 

However, if born between April 3rd and 8th, Saturn is challenging you now, particularly professionally.  You’re tired and you need rest.  You need to pace yourself.  You have reality checks.  You have to step up to the plate in a conscious controlled and mature manner. 

Uranus is in his last lap of very much finalising a period of change for those born after April 18th.  By mid-May you will look back and realise how times have changed since June 2017.

Pluto is now, for those born April 11th to 13th, starting a long process of challenge in your work, which is ultimately empowering.


Career has to be a focus, particularly communications that need to be very clear, if born after 3rd May.  

After the 3rd, however, all born up to May 20th can be enjoying love life, connected to study and travel; and long distance issues shine. 

Mars moves into your sign on 14th, meaning for all April born Taureans you will feel a great impulse of be assertive, ambitious and determined.  Make sure this doesn’t become stubborn aggression.  You may feel that other people are trying to trip you up and block your path.

Saturn is currently bringing, for all born May 4th to 9th, a great sense of solid, practical, grounded work ethic and travel and international issues may be from a sense of duty, rather than pleasure, but one that you’re happy to do.  The work you put in now will be very beneficial. 

Neptune is currently, for those born May 4th to 7th, bringing you idealism, greater sensitivity and creative joy, with inspiration.  Your empathy is strong and you work well in groups for the greater good and for creative purposes.

Meanwhile, Pluto is now starting to affect those born May 11th to 14th in a rare visitation that is both empowering, regenerating and transformative in terms of your wisdom, international potential and sense of destiny.  Just make sure power is used for the greater good, not just yourself. 


This is a particularly good month for internationalism and long distance projects and travel, especially before 10th, if born after June 4th

Before the 3rd, if born after June 17th, love life takes on an extra sheen.  Harmony, affections and love just glow and others are particularly beneficial for you .

Before the 14th, Mars is helpful for those born after June 11th as you are very driven to fulfil your goals and your aims in life with the help of other people.  Your energy is constructive and quite pioneering.

Jupiter is in the opposite sign to you currently, bringing very many relationship benefits for all born June 8th to 14th.  People from other cultures can be very helpful and others are working positively for you in a way that brings long-term satisfaction and growth and your own people skills are particularly strong. The downside however when Jupiter is opposing your Sun, is that it does potentially bring an over-reaching, an over-generosity or an over-confidence, not least in relationships and others may tempt you to bite off more than you can chew, so have a caution. 

Uranus is, for those born after June 19th, bringing a new sense of the big picture, humanitarianism, altruism and freedom and a leap into the future.  This has been going on for about two years and is now finalising. 

Neptune, for those born June 4th to 7th, is warning many of you to be certain that you are clear about the integrity of people you work with, that you understand what’s really going on, you check the small print in all deals and you are not over-idealistic.  There is a potential for self-deception or some smoke and mirrors from others, but idealism is in the air, as are the arts, but you need more sleep than you may realise..


This is not a month where superficiality will not cut it and issues to do with joint finances are important. 

After the 3rd, all born up to July 20th have Cupid smiling on them.  Warmth and love grows and this is a two-way thing. 

However, before the 14th, if born after July 20th, Mars will be squaring your Sun, which may make you feel a little contentious, impatient and irritable with others at work and equally others can feel the same towards you.  Have patience and calm and if necessary be prepared for others to lack these qualities. 

However, after the 14th, if born up to July 1st, your energy is constructive, controlled and productive, particularly working with others in groups and with friends.  Your leadership skills are excellent. 

Saturn is challenging now for those born July 6th to 11th.  Other feel as if they’re standing in your way and blocking your path.  Responsibilities and obligations to others may feel burdensome. This is a time to stop and re-think and discriminate and know the difference between what you have to do and what is really not necessary.  Get rest.  You will feel tired and avoid negative thinking and look after your health. 

Uranus is in his final phase of being quite disruptive to all born after July 19th.  The roller coaster of change is about to finish and this is the final chapter and when you look back over the next few years, you may realise that actually you have been liberated,  even if in a rather uncomfortable way.

Neptune is really inspiring for those born July 6th to 9th.  Inspiration comes from travel, the arts empathy and sensitivity, which is increasing many fold currently.  Your heart needs listening to.

Pluto is now getting stuck into challenging those born July 13th-16th,  by opposition (once ever 248 years). Challenges and potential power struggles are like and this is in the air till late 2020.You trigger deep issues in others that create challenge and equally they may trigger unconscious deep issues in your self, which are quite primeval in nature.

Endings are in the air, followed by new beginnings but it is a deep intense journey, where your best allies are integrity and some humility and drawing boundaries around coercive action in others ,or in self .. Power struggles need real caution. Your own power can be realised by being as conscious as possible and by using power for the greater good, not just for your own ego


Relationships and other people are of paramount importance and actually hold the power particularly before the 10th if born after August 5th.

Before the 3rd, if born after August 19th, your creativity and desire to be centre of attention and your  ability to attract love and admiration is strong and you can achieve this 

Before the 14th, if born after August 12th, your energy levels are high and efforts put into study and also travel is successful and you are able to focus your desires and attentions as constructively as ever.  Legal issues can also be beneficial.

However, after the 14th, if born up to August 3rd beware that other people will be quick to react to your desires, which may be impulsive and impatient, and over-ambition and stubbornness can get you into hot water, 

Jupiter, however, is very protective of you if born August 9th to 15th.  For this group the creative world, speculation and just plain fun and assertion of your individuality is very much shining and love life and parenthood can also be a joy.  Luck is definitely on your side, as is expansion. 

Uranus too, for those born after August 20th is finalising two years of change.  Liberation and a new awakening.  A new trajectory lies ahead. 


Work is a necessary focus this month and after the 10th, for all born up to September 20th communications with others are important and progressive and satisfying. 

Before the 3rd, all born after September 19th may be tempted to spend a little bit too much money on domestic, real estate or family issues.  Have a care, but motive may well be good. 

After the 3rd, for all born up to September 20th, there is a genuine feeling of love, happiness, contentment, creativity and harmony in love life and in the arts. 

After the 14th, if born up to September 3rd, energy and drive is very much constructively focused into travel, long distance interests, legal issues and also study.  You are driven in a way that is bound to bring success and admiration. 

Jupiter is currently squaring your sign and at the moment directly affecting those born September 9th to 15th.  This is a temptation to be over-confident and over-indulgent, to bite off more that you can chew, but a good time can be had, provided moderation and caution is taken into account, notably when it comes to domestic matters.  You can push your luck.

Saturn however does bring, for those born September 6th to 11th a strong feeling of control, hard work, focus, discrimination and practicality, especially in love life and to do with parental issues.  Practicalities and realism will be important and if applied are successful. 

Neptune however is warning for those born September 7th to 9th, that others may be consciously or unconsciously slightly deceitful or you may be deceiving yourself by projecting what you want to see onto others.  Have a care.  Check things out.  Don’t be seduced by your rose coloured spectacles.

Finally Pluto is empowering and confidence bringing in an opportune way for those born September 14th-16th.Your thinking is forensic and insightful as are your communications. This serves you well in your progress and allows empowerment for self and those you deal with.

The Full moon falls on the 19th at 0 degrees of your sign, affecting those born around August 21st/22nd. This is for this group  a time of a culmination of an issue , and a revelation of some truth that has a fallout .


This can be a very celebratory month and before the 10th, if born after October 6th, happy communications in love life, with children and also your artistic skills are underlined. 

Before the 3rd, also Venus, for all born after October 19th, is bringing extra charm to your thinking and your ability to create harmony and love through communications is significant.  It is also a boost to all creativity.

However, after the 3rd, if born up to October 22nd, the temptation to over indulge and over-spend and be over-generous needs possibly curbing. 

Before the 14th, Mars is in your opposite sign, directly affecting all born after October 13th.  For this group, there may well be some contentious issues arising with other people.  Assertiveness from you will invite the same back and competition and confrontation is on the cards, so care is needed. 

Jupiter however is bringing luck, which is gained, through your intelligence for all born October 10th to 16th.  Travel is very much in the air, as well and wisdom and wise communications are yours, which bring you benefits. 

However, Saturn is a little less kind to those born October 7th to 12th.  For this group there is a sense of tiredness and a feeling of being burdened, not least by family or domestic situations.  Obligations are in the air and you need to step up to the plate, but reality checks also need taking note of, particularly about things that need to be realistically sorted out. 

If born October 14th to 17th, there is a heads up, courtesy of Pluto to the fact that some challenges are on the way and rather profound issues are developing within you that demand addressing, which can come from way back.


Home issues are important this month, not least before the 10th and if born after November 5th, it is important that your communications are clear, as confusion is in the air. 

After the 3rd, for all born up to November 21st, your ability to combine charm and intellect will be progressive for you.

After the 14th, if born up to November 3rd, beware that Mars will be in your opposite sign, bringing confrontations with others who may be just as determined and stubborn as you.  Control issues may be the challenge. 

Saturn is however a stern friend to those born November 6th to 11th.  He will demand of you this month serious, grounded thinking and pragmatism in effort and consciousness.  Hard work will pay off and focus the mind. 

Neptune is really inspiring now for those born November 6th to 9th.  He is accentuating your creative skills and you will be very inspired by nature, spiritual issues and the power of your emotions and your heart, not least to do with love life, where you ideals are now very strong and your parenting skills are hyper sensitive. 

Pluto, your ruler, is now bringing for all born November 13th to 16th a new sense of true Scorpionic intensity, forensic qualities and insight, which gains you respect.  Truth is important to you and this rare transit brings the intense power of intelligence of communication, which really gets you noticed.  This transit lasts until late 2020.


Your thought processes are powerful and impressive, especially before the 10th if born after December 5th

Before the 3rd, Venus is bringing bonuses to those born after December 18th.  You are shining with extra charisma, your heart is powerful and open and you can attract love and affection and give it as well.

Before the 14th, if born after December 12th, Mars is driving you in ambition, in love life, and in artistic and creative affairs and there is a sense of a fiery energy that takes you far.

Jupiter, of course is still in your sign, and those most benefiting from it intensely this month are born December 9th to 15th.  For this group a real sense of growth, optimism, positivity, pushing out boundaries and very beneficial travel surrounds you.  Personal charisma is also strong. 

Uranus is in his last lap of a two-year transit of awakening and enlightening the energies and creativity of those born after December 19th.  You can now look back and see how far you’ve come. 

However, Neptune is a warning to all born December 6th to 9th to avoid over-idealism, over emotionalism and to also see things and people clearly.  Confusion is part of this journey, so don’t make decisions that are irreversible if possible and try and keep as grounded as possible.  And trust.  This is a period of change, which has its own timescale, which you can’t force. 


Take note of finances this month, but after the 10th if born up to January 17th your communications skills will be sharpened successfully. 

After the 3rd, all born up to January 18th, there is a very powerful sense of love life, harmony and affection really enhancing your existence.  You look good, you feel good and you exude charm, which attracts the same to you. 

However, before the 14th, Mars is in square sign to you of Aries and this is directly impacting those born after January 10th.  There could be some impatience and impulsiveness on the home front from you to others or vice versa and patience and calm and compromise will be necessary. 

However, after the 14th, if born up to January 1st, your assertiveness and determination is harmoniously expressed and successful, particularly to do with creativity and love life and to do with one’s offspring. 

Saturn is of course still in your sign and is currently affecting those born January 4th to 9th.  This once every 30-year hit is quite strong because it brings reality checks and maturity and challenges that need to be addressed.  It also can make you tired and you need to look after your body, respect it but also to know what has to be done and restrict yourself to those issues.  Karma is at work. 

Uranus is also finishing a final chapter of a rather disruptive two-year period for those born after January 18th.  Change is going to ease soon, but you will realise that it has kick-started you into a new life just by being uncomfortable at times over the last few years. 

Neptune is making those who were born January 4th to 7th more hypersensitive and the heart is as strong as the mind and your creativity has become very powerful. 


Finally Pluto is now directly sitting in the suns now of those born January 10th –13th .This once every 248 year visitation lasts on and off for 2 years and brings significant opportunity for power and a sense of destiny to your life. The main proviso is that your motive is always for the greater good;, not just personal ego and gain, otherwise you can find yourself with a tiger by the tail that can bite hard. 


This is your month.  A time to shine and communications can be very successful. 

Before the 3rd, if born after February 14th, your charm is also influential and can bring you gains as you think with your heart as well as just your mind.  

Before the 14th, if born after February 9th, your assertiveness and your determination are intelligently presented and you get listened to and you can achieve your goals.  Excellent for academia.

However, after the 14th, if born up to January 31st, there is the potential for some stubborn confrontation between you and others, possibly on the home and the family front.  Lack of compromise and intolerance can be your enemy and impulse needs to be guarded against.

However, Jupiter is supportive now for those born February 6th to 12th.  He is bringing leadership skills and benefits from friends and groups of people and your goals, collective goals particularly, are being enhanced.  Luck is driving you.

Uranus, your ruling planet, is just about to complete a period of awakening and enlightening and a realisation of your true individuality and authenticity, which has been underway for two years, if born after February 16th.  Your uniqueness and more maverick side have served you well in an awakening.  Life will become more stable now, but in a way that is beneficial, as you have carved a more individualistic way for self.

The new Moon falls at 15 degrees of your sign, directly affecting those born around February 5th. The new and refreshing is in the air . 


Some private self-reflection is positive this month, but after the 10th, when Mercury moves into your sign, all born up to March 18th will find your communication skills and your sensitivity enhanced and your ability to project those into the arts and in relationships.

Before the 3rd, if born after March 16th have a care that you are not a bit disingenuous in your charms, particularly professionally.

After the 3rd, if born up to March 18th, your ability to gain favour from groups of people and friends and your ability to give and receive harmony and support and affection in furthering your goals is strong.

After the 14th, all born up to March 1st will find that their assertive determination is constructively expressed and you can persuade others successfully and also your actions are harmonious and productive and determination is positive.

Jupiter, in square angle to your sign now, is directly affecting those born March 7th to 13th, which gives a desire for extravagance and a temptation to over-reach or to bite off more than one can chew, or to be a bit too optimistic, particularly on the career front.  This can also however be a very indulgent and enjoyable time, with moderation, and it is good for travel too.

However, Saturn is bring a different principle to bear now for those born March 4th to 9th.  This group will have constructive hard work being your friend. Grounded, sensible approach to problems and issues will benefit you.  Practicality is necessary.

Finally, Neptune your ruler, for those born March 4th to 7th, is at its zenith of power now, bringing idealism and creative brilliance, or escapism over idealism and therefore potential deception from self or others..  Choose wisely.

 Finally Pluto is a rarely positioned friend now in a very constructive regenerative way to all born March 10th-13th.

Your ability to empower yourself via leadership skills and to regenerate life for others and even just to attain your own worthy goals are given a great boost.  This regenerative, insightful, intelligent and healing influence is around for the best part of 2 years. Be conscious and have motives of integrity and then you can achieve beyond your assumptions.

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