Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

Focus on the home, real estate and family is important now, even if irksome; and if born after February 7th your aesthetic sense is powerful and it can help enhance your environment, even if a little expensively so, but for many of you, particularly if born after January 26th, there is also a potential for your energy to be a little like a bull in a china shop on your domestic front. War-like vibes are generated, so have a care. Others around you, especially re family and domestic relationships, will be not as accommodating as maybe you would wish. Have consideration for their wishes too.

After the 9th many of you will be finding the power of romance elevated and creative confidence inspired, and after the 15th all of you will be able to use the power of your intellect to fire creative progress and to enable enhanced relationships.

If born February 5th to 14th, Jupiter is on your side, notably again re the power of Cupid and re extrovert, creative confidence. And children’s issues can be highlighted positively

However Saturn is on not too friendly terms apparently (but in reality he is your friend in disguise) towards those born January 24th to 29th. He is bringing some stress and strain from authority figures and from the career direction. You may be questioning the workability of your career or feeling that the restrictions do not suit your independent spirit.. Alternatively you may be realising that sometimes only true grit, patience and self-discipline will bring the rewards. Do what is necessary now and face facts. Don’t kick this can down the road.

If born in the last two days of January, now and the next year are seeing you in a state of enlightened change, both internally and externally. Your ruler, Uranus, is creating eureka moments. Embrace them well and it is time to celebrate your authentic Aquarian uniqueness and to believe in the innovative in your thinking and importantly in your unique future.

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