Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

Planes, boats and trains call, as this is definitely a month when many of you will have wanderlust or be planning a vacation. If born after September 11th, before the 9th is a particularly good time to combine romance or creativity with long-distance travel.

As Mars is in Taurus all month, many of you will be very positively and constructively working towards academic goals and success, and fighting for beliefs passionately. Later in the month career issues tend to loom large in a positive way. Your charms and creativity and good communication skills excel.

Those of you born September 9th to 18th have Jupiter squaring your Sun this month. There is a slight danger of uncharacteristic over-confidence, a touch of arrogance even, or possibly an over-extension of resources, but for your sign this is relatively harmless as self-effacing modesty is intrinsic to your nature and you may find it is just a period of welcome self indulgence and good times. Just don’t regret pushing the boat out too far later.

Those born August 28th to September 2nd have Saturn bringing a very sensible, cautious and constructive attitude to decisions, thought and communications, which serves you well, and obligation and duty may be part of the picture. This is a time for maturity and sense of responsibility, no less.

Neptune is now getting stuck in to influencing strongly those born around August 28th to 30th. There is a distinct danger of selective perception in relationships. Do not put people on pedestals from which they will fall, or feel that you can rescue people, who could become liabilities. Try and see clearly and keep grounded. Positively, however, this is a time of empathy, compassion, caring and increased sensitivity to the arts and your creative abilities abound. A greater sense of a spiritual connection to a larger whole is yours, but be wary of being unduly influenced by seductive gurus, or people who are weaving smoke and mirror effects around themselves. Negative escapism should however be avoided.

However for those born September 3rd to 5th, Pluto is empowering your creative skills and romantic drives. You have the strength to achieve a lot, thanks to Pluto.

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