Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Pisces February 19th - March 20th

The good thing about this month is that it accentuates your intellect, and your communication skills become more fluent. Also with Mars in Taurus there is great energy and drive added to your spoken and written word and to your convictions to an assertive degree until mid-month, notably if born after February 26th. If born after March 9th, use the first ten days of the month to use your charms successfully.

After the 9th, indulgence on or related to the home front can be a little excessive, but love and affection are in the air in a domestic context. Be sure after the 15th that there is no room for misunderstandings in family issues.

For all born March 6th to 16th, have a care that Jupiter is encouraging over-confidence and some extravagance can mar your potential, as the good times may roll a little too much, so beware of pushing past the point of success and also of a little complacency. However if born February 23rd to 28th, common sense, austerity, duty and obligation are in the air and travel may well be related to duty or obligation or possibly to study. Serious contemplation relating to spiritual matters may be part of the picture. At the least this is a constructive, if serious time.

Neptune is still profoundly affecting those born February 23rd to 25th. Never were you more aware of the power of Pisces in both its negative and positive dimensions. Idealism, spirituality, creativity, increased sensitivity is in the air as is a potential for self-deception, escapism and sort of a divine discontent can be yours now. Don’t underestimate your psychic sensitivity and a propensity to get carried away by a seductive idea, but selflessness can be in the air that can be very enriching for self and others. Develop creative potential fully now as you were never more gifted. Nature calls you to really appreciate her wonders and to feel as one with her. Make sure also you get plenty of rest and above all keep grounded.

However if born around March 2nd, don’t underestimate your power to be transformative for others and your influence and energy can go a powerful long way for the greater good. Ensure your motives are as pure as possible. Destiny is in the air.

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