Wednesday, 1 May 2013

.Sagittarius November 22nd - December21st

It is a time to bite the bullet and get on with duty, obligation, and routine and to rationalise your everyday working life to satisfactory conclusions. It is also a good time to assert your wishes in the context of work and to remember that asking for help if work is unfairly burdensome is not a sign of weakness. It may indeed not be until after the 9th that you start to see your social life flourish fully again. Indeed after the 9th it born up to December 20th love and affection is in the air and you find the power of others affection towards you is notable. After the 15th all of you will find the power of communication with others can enhance all contacts. Meanwhile you really cannot take your eye off the professional ball.

Particularly fortunate in relation to others are those born December 8th to 18th. Jupiter is smiling on you and people who can offer advantage, wisdom and liberty are in your orbit and your generosity is to others can bring you joy. Indeed your favourite subject, travel, is also in the air and academic pursuits can flourish and be rewarding.

If born December 2nd to 5th excitement looms re creativity, fertility and there is a sense of the new. New contacts can be real catalysts for change and freedom and they may be a little more maverick than you. This is a time for a change and a leap into a more exciting future, which will evolve naturally, as indeed the clock is striking to denote liberating change. Offspring can be a source of enlightening surprise too. Creative work can also be particularly experimental as you take a leap in a more out of the box style and subject matter. There is also a tendency to become more altruistic and concerned with the promotion of the greater good. Beware if born November 27-29th, as Neptune is creating a rather confused smoke and mirror effect in your life especially connected to your domestic circumstances. There is a dissolving of certainty. Every thing is fluid as indeed this is a transformative period and a circuitous long journey. Just beware falling prey to delusion and being gullible. Don’t push the river

The lunar eclipse falls in your sign on the 24th/25th directly affecting those born around the November 27th. It is a time for the endings of chapters, possibly prompted by the facing of some personal truths.

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