Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Libra September 22nd - October 23rd

May is a month when you have to look very deeply into profound complex issues, both emotionally, even if this is difficult, and also financially. It is a time to get your finances in order and a time, if necessary to give away some of your resources, spiritually, psychologically, or in any which way, to others with selflessness as the main ingredient.

However for many of you, particularly in the second half of the month, travel is a distinct factor, and indeed love life and professional progress can be made in a foreign context. At the least your mind will be busy with far off horizons. Also higher learning and academic pursuits loom large with great needed focus. There also maybe spiritual/ideological /religious intensity as part of the picture.. .

Mars in Gemini now is additionally, for all October born Librans prompting a very strong drive for intellectual progress and there is a rather assertive Bible-thumping essence to your passions and indeed much zealous energy is put into long-distance issues.

Jupiter, still in compatible to your sign Gemini, and is also very much on your side now in relation to overseas or long-distance issues and travels, and also is very helpful for legal issues, notably if born between October 10th and 19th. Luck and a feeling of well being is yours. And confidence and a desire for more freedom grows and belief in the power of your mind and wisdom.

Those born around October 3rd to 6th have Uranus and Pluto haunting your energies. This is an intense time that is not going to be over for some time to come. Uranus is creating change brought by other people, unexpected left-field events, but which in the end are liberating, even if at the time they make you feel insecure. Hang loose and see a bigger picture. This is a journey, not an arrival and one that leads to greater freedom and a more innovative existence. Pluto can for some of you, be bringing challenging power struggles and a desire for independence that can make you ruthless. Be conscious. Buttons that go very deep are being pressed. Draw boundaries if necessary, especially if there is any sense of coercion and beware sinking to knee-jerk primitive levels of behaviour yourself. This period will lead ultimately to empowerment if you are conscious and fully aware of motivation Trust!

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