Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Taurus April 2st - May 20th

This is your birthday period or solar return, which should bring a boost to energy and extrovert confidence. Before the 9th if born after May 9th you will be looking and feeling particularly good and your charisma will shine. All of you before the 15th will command attention through your work.

However later in the month it is personal finances and ensuring your own personal security that will dominate in a successful way if you give it attention.

However the majority of you who are born after April 27th do have Mars in your sign currently, which can make you positively very driven, determined, energetic and constructive in energy, or it can make you stubbornly over-assertive or resistant to necessary change or other people’s opinions which could be counter-productive. Taureans are quite good at this stubborn and rather self-damaging attitude at times. Potential war drums are audible – have a care and don’t do knee-jerk responses. .

Jupiter currently from Gemini is at least quite protective of finances for many of you, if not actually obviously advantageous.

However Saturn, still in your opposite sign of Scorpio of course, is now directly affecting those born April 25th to 30th, indeed as he did last November and December. Other people are demanding or even oppressive and the reality checks brought to your door by them cannot be ignored. Decisions have to be made and learning curves have to be understood.

However those born around April 26th are blessed by Neptune’s delicate increase of sensitivity and creative skills, and empathy and compassion for friends knows no bounds and brings spiritual blessings.

Those born around May 1st to 3rd are feeling the power of a super-conscious insight, intellectual incisiveness and a sense of determination to achieve what one believes in with success and indeed a destiny.

 The solar eclipse on the 9th/10th targets those born round May10th. This can indicate a period of renewal and rebirth in some way: a new chapter

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