Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Aries March 21st - April 20th

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and importantly your ruling planet Mars spend much time in Taurus this month, focusing enormously on drive and determination to increase one’s bank balance or get one’s deserts in some way, and this can be done by charm, negotiation or sheer will-power and forceful confidence.  Just don’t be too much of a ram , your symbol , charging aggressively and impulsively at your target.

Jupiter will additionally be lending to those born April 6th to 15th a measure of wisdom in communications and wise judgement in action and a general feel-good factor, and indeed the power of intellect strengthens as the month progresses. Good communications with and positive event with and round siblings are in the air

Uranus, still in your sign, is currently in his once every 84-year visitation, directly affecting those born around the beginning of April; an influence that will last for a year. Inevitable change is in the air and a fundamental volcanic desire for something new, unique, unusual and liberating with revolutionary overtones. Freedom is a powerful drive now. Be careful it isn’t grabbed at any price and don’t be too impulsive in action.  This is a momentous period and allows for your own personal uniqueness to shine and if you repress a need for some change it will likely be foisted upon you. Hang loose and remain very flexible, and see where the journey takes you, rather than push the pace too aggressively.

For this same group however, Pluto is challenging, hence this is an extra important time and there is a possibility that those around you are also possibly a little threatening to your security in some way, and you need to be very conscious of motive and to be aware of the primeval buttons being pressed in you and in others.  The temptation to misuse power has to be avoided. Be squeaky clean, but also stand up to all that you feel is unjust, unfair or threatening in an intelligent and conscious way. Endings of chapters are in the air. Meltdowns are followed by new beginnings. This is truly an evolutionary journey of your soul with regeneration and transformation as the goal.

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