Thursday, 1 August 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Your emotional and financial security is important to you and this month certainly focuses on your need to revamp, reorganise and to try to secure your monetary issues, notably through good communications and intelligence between the 8th and 23rd.

Before the 8th however, all born before July 11th have the gift of the gab. Your excellent people skills are impressive and effective and negotiations can be very successful.

Also Mars in your sign until the 28th suggests for all born after July 2nd, that there is great forthrightness, determination and courage given to your presentation of self.

Jupiter of course in your sign is adding to luck if born June 28th to July 6th. For this group this is a period of growth, travel, a pushing out of boundaries, confidence and sense of protection. Health and work are also benefited. Saturn too is supportive of your energies romantically and creatively/artistically in a very practical, measured way if born 25th to 9th June.

Uranus is a little disruptive for those born July 2nd to 15th. There may be uncertainties and insecurities at work and you are feeling restless anyway, but change is around you and you cannot repress this feeling, but don’t jump out of the frying pan into a fire, or throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. However be flexible and know that even uncomfortable change can often turn out to be liberating.

If born June 24th to 27th, know that this is a period of time when your sensitivities become much greater and your ego is taking a back seat. Neptune is at work positively. Your sensitivity to others, empathy, compassion and growing awareness of more spiritual realms is growing and indeed more creative talents are seriously underlined too…enjoy and exploit and let others benefit from this shift in you.  Finally Pluto is sitting right opposite the Suns of those born June 30th –July2nd. This is a big one and can transform your life. It’s not over till the year-end. Don’t abuse power and know that chapters inevitably close to make way for the empowering new.

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