Thursday, 1 August 2013

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

This is a month when you have to face some profound truths of life and to deal with intimate and private issues, such as joint finances and complex feelings openly and honestly. Before the 8th if born after January 9th, you have plenty of opportunities to thrash some issues out.

After the 23rd many of you will be focusing on academic issues or travel and are able to link travel with romance and a love of learning predominates. After the 16th many of you will be finding your charms work wonders in furthering your career.

Before the 28th however there is a warning for all born in January that there are people out there who feel a little threatened by you and who may pit their wits against you. Be well armed with truth and subtlety.

The big news is for those born December 28th to January 5th is that Jupiter still in your solar 7th house is bringing very special contacts from people, either from long-distance or from those with wisdom who certainly have the power to aid and abet you, and relationships can definitely flourish.

However if born January 1st to 4th there is also a feeling of rare restlessness in the air and also some disruptions that are unexpected and left field in your psyche and possibly on your home scene, so don’t be impulsive - change is needed but it will happen in its own time. This is a journey.  For those born around December 31st, Pluto is sitting powerfully on your Sun now and with Saturn, your ruler, and Jupiter both supporting you now, this is a tremendous once in a lifetime opportunity to acknowledge your real potential with confidence and to accept a real change involving wilful self reinvention of yourself and your life .

Neptune is gracing the lives of those born December 24th –27th allowing a greater sense of compassion, sensitivity to others, less ego drive and more spiritual/emotional idealism and also allows creative gifts to flourish.

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