Thursday, 1 August 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Leo energy at work relates to your solar 12th house of privacy and the need to commune with yourself. It is a time when you will appreciate some retreat and quietness, notably for all of you between the 8th and 23rd. Karmic payments may be due to others now too. After the 22nd however, many of you will find that suddenly you want a place in the sun again, even in your modest often-self effacing way.

Before the 16th, when Venus is in your sign , all born after September 3rd have their charms very much shining, so despite a desire for some quiet, others will be paying you much attention and finances are looking positive. Indeed after the 16th many of you will be putting much effort into securing a financial situation.

Before the 28th, all born after September 4th will also have significant leadership skills and friendships are stimulating, courtesy of Mars in compatible Cancer. You will need to divide your time between retreat and being proactive for others.

A quiet intelligent luck is now surrounding those born August 30th to September 7th. Jupiter is giving his protection and to your life and allowing you to grab opportunities, and again friends can be invaluable.  Being graced by Saturn as well as Jupiter many of you are enjoying a sense of real balance of practicality, idealism and progress.

Neptune however, continues to directly oppose those born August 26th to 29th. This is a time to be very aware that other people can be very seductive and alluring, possibly without real gravitas or substance. Don’t be cynical, but check the small print. Sensitivity to others and compassion knows no bounds. Just don’t get taken advantage of. Don’t allow people to take advantage of your practical service orientation, without pulling their weight .

Pluto is also directly regenerating the energies of those born round September 2nd. Your creative, romantic, fertile and fun loving side is full on, confident and potent.

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