Thursday, 1 August 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

Leo connects with your solar 9th house which is excellent for promoting and pursuing your favourite subject, travel, and international dealings are also flagged up positively for all of you this month, notably between the 8th and 23rd, and for very early Sagittarians, after the 28th as well. Also academic progress is enabled and your ideological/metaphysical and super conscious levels of awareness are heightened.

Much very profound communications and focus on planning financially for the future is indicated for many of you, with a sense of assertion and action, but there is some protection financially currently.  After the 16th all born up to December10th have Venus enhancing your solar 11th house, encouraging good input from friends, a happy social life and extra strong people handling/PR skills

For those born December 3rd to 5th change is in the air in a very positive way. There is a liberating sense, both in terms of romantic issues and offspring issues, and a new sense of awakening, enlightenment and a kick-start into a newer, more innovative future is indicated, courtesy of Uranus. More involvement with technology can enhance your life, especially creatively.

Jupiter, your ruling planet is reasonably protective financially from your solar 8th house now and is therefore bringing potential bonuses from others and enriched intimacy is also suggested.

However if born November 25th to 27th be very careful that you are seeing people and situations clearly. Check out facts, check the small print and don’t be over-idealistic and project what you want to see onto others and onto situations…. Try not to let wishful thinking cloud your real judgement. Creatively you are truly inspired however and music and being near the sea can be very restorative of your currently extra sensitive nervous system

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