Thursday, 1 August 2013

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

 Leo is a square energy to your own and so can be a little uncomfortable in effect. It can make you feel a little stressed, particularly on the home and family front, but good communication between the 8th and 23rd with family members or domestically can alleviate issues.

Before the 16th all born after May 1st can be in quite a celebration of life mode, enjoying social and romantic life, and children’s issues and creative skills abound, and a love of beauty is underlined after 16th. Your harmonious ruler Venus is bringing advantage in your working life.

Mars before the 28th is making you quite forthright in your ideas if born after May 2nd, but in a very constructive and powerful way, but after the 28th for that short period, be aware that if born at the very beginning of Taurus around April 22nd, you need to tread carefully with tact.

Jupiter is protective for Taureans now if born April 27th to May 5th. He enhances your intellect and communication skills and sibling issues are buoyant too. Intelligence is your luck now.

However, by contrast Saturn is unfortunately dampening this energy a little if born April 25th to 29th. Other people are burdensome and demanding, and hard work, discipline and patience are necessary, and possibly difficult loyalty is asked of you. Realty checks are around re others and only you know what you need to do. The necessity principle is at work, but get rest and look after the body too.

Pluto is very positive however if born around April 30th. He is bringing home some rare metaphysical truths to your awareness and is also enabling very empowering travel and bringing good contacts overseas to your door.  It is a time of belief, self-reinvention and personal transformation.

Neptune is also a bit of magic now if born April 24th –26th. Friends are sensitive and you are feeling very benevolent to those who need you and your heart and spiritual centre are enhanced.

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