Thursday, 1 August 2013

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Leo is not the easiest of months for your sign, being in square energy to your own. It puts focus on challenges in your working life where you need to shine, but maybe reluctantly.

Before the 8th, if born after November 11th, academic results and activities are satisfying and certainly long distance communications and travel are also happily flagged up. Before the 28th, this same group have Mars giving particular energy in terms of your idealistic and zealous projects and travelling is a source of real enthusiasm and interest – much more than just a holiday.

Jupiter is currently in a particularly benign angle to the Suns all born October 30th to November 7th. For this group, again long-distance issues and travel are very favourable as are the powers of your super-conscious mind – a natural student with success. A general feeling of confidence and well-being and a pushing out the boundaries in your mind is strong.

However, by contrast, Saturn, our challenging friend, is directly sitting on the Suns of those born October 28th to November 1st as he was in May and June. This is a bit of a long, drawn-out bitter/sweet saga and is a karmic reminder of things that you need to attend to, even if you would rather not. A hard working, disciplined, patient, practical, logistical challenge is yours. You have to do what is necessary and what is very “grown up”. If you do, you will gain so much further down the line.

Neptune is harmonising the lives now of those born October 26th to 29th. He is truly inspiring you creatively, visually and musically, and also making you exquisitely idealistic in matters of romance, and indeed soul-mates are around, but just keep grounded. Your sensitivity is shifting your priorities a little. Compassion is strong.

Pluto your ruler is also allowing opportunities for those born around November 2nd to realise true Scorpionic insight, truth seeking and wise use of power and influence.

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