Thursday, 1 August 2013



by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is the month of Leo, which is the sign of the lion, the king of the beasts, the sign of regality and the divine right of kings. Whether one is interested or not in royalty (and it may well be that your sympathies lie with the satirical magazine, Private Eye’s front page, which merely stated “Woman Has Baby”), it is interesting to look at the new Prince George’s chart, as a signifier of the world he will grow up in, how he responds and how it will shape his destiny

Prince George, born July 22nd 2013 at 16 24 BST in London, in fact avoided being born under the Royal Sun sign of Leo, by around half an hour. He is a very strong Cancerian, with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter all in that water sign. This is a very, very sensitive, emotional, nurturing and family orientated and home loving person, with strong impact from the mother.  His feminine soul will be very attractive, but with a strength that should not be underestimated as importantly, he has Scorpio rising. He is rather dominated by the unconscious and the power of self-protection and his lack of Fire in his chart will make him rather watchful and rather covert in temperament. He has however, to his terrific advantage, a tremendously magical and very, very rare sensitive grand trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune, which has been operative all July and lingers for this month…and he has also got Mars thrown in. This all combines to give him statesman-like qualities, emotional intelligence and a strong empathy, compassion and sensitivity, creativity and a huge idealism, which he will be determined to make real and to manifest.

 He will also have a rather private but determined pragmatic zealous/pioneering drive (Mars conjunct Jupiter), if able to express this fully. He will not be afraid to fight for people power and for what he believes in. Because of his powerful, intense and passionate, but private Scorpio rising and with Jupiter, Mars and Mercury all in opposition to Pluto (his ruling planet), he will be no pushover and will fight tenaciously with a powerful if a little indirect will… when it is necessary. He will also like and get challenge and will have a rather maverick side with his strong Uranus input too. In fact he has a powerful T square with Uranus at the apex and involving his ruler and three personal planets.  He will therefore like a bit of risk and adrenaline. There will be many challenges to the constitution as he matures and there are likely to be radical changes in his expected role in his lifetime, as there is a conflict between his second house and the eighth house, suggesting some insecurity of role and a shift in value system being imposed upon him. Some significant power struggles, both intellectual and situational are highlighted in his life.

 Being born at a full moon (Moon in Capricorn opposition his Sun in Cancer), he will feel the contrast keenly between his parents back grounds, which will serve to give him balance and greater breadth of vision, but also a feeling of inner contradiction. This Capricorn Moon sign (his mother Kate is a Capricorn) also gives him a conservative, self-protective feel, which will conflict with a need to accommodate and flirt with inevitable change.  His mother also has a full Moon chart with her Moon in Cancer opposition her Sun in Capricorn and Prince William was born at a new Moon (Sun and Moon both together in Cancer). The sign Cancer is a powerful input in the recently evolving line of British royalty, introduced strongly since the late Princess Diana (Cancerian) came onto the royal scene. This in itself marks a shift from the proud, rather remote “divine right of kings” tendency of the power of Leo, to a more people centred and more vulnerable, emotional consciousness in those who are now taking on the royal status.

The strong mix of Scorpio and Cancer in Prince George’s chart will indeed make for a very emotionally passionate and deep person. At times inscrutable and private, but he will know how to take a stance and lead, when he has to. He will have quite psychic intuitive powers and x ray vision into truths, with profound intelligence and deep insight and with depths and a strength of will that should not be underestimated, especially if challenged. He will not like being parted from his parents when young and early childhood experiences have a huge resonance on his adult life…He may at times be quite passively resistant and will withdraw into his crab like Cancerian shell, in response to certain expectations of him, when he feels overwhelmed by influences around him. However his pioneering, even slightly maverick side will become evident. In this respect he shares some characteristics of his Scorpionic grandfather, Prince Charles. His Virgo Midheaven and Venus in Virgo gives him high standards and the ability to serve with quiet dignity, but his sensitivity is such that he will also need much privacy and time for withdrawal. His compassion and empathetic sense is strong and like his late Grandmother, Diana and it seems, Prince William, his father, he will be a natural champion of the vulnerable, but never losing his sense of dignity, self-containment and self-protection.  

Apologies to those who really are not interested in the chart of one child, but as an insight into someone who will be so much in the media attention, it is an interesting exercise.

 As for this month, there is much smoke and mirrors around in terms of world affairs and politics between the 25th and 27th and the unexpected is in the air and hidden revelations abound. With the rare and rather beautiful water grand trine that continues to resonate this month, the demand by many on the planet to redress our values and to get the balance between nature and money more sensitively expressed, will be significant.  The power of the collective unconscious for more resonance with the natural world of humanity is getting louder and dare I say and hope, is getting heard.

As someone named Kokomo J. said in a post on the Internet recently
“We could get a better understanding of life if we were part of the eco system, not the ego system”.
Says it all really!
Mars in Cancer before the 28th may put some focus on the USA and there will be some assertive forces emanating from her and also towards her from other nations.

Accident-prone days and events that are left field and uncomfortable are suggested around the very beginning of the month when Mars squares up to Uranus, as indeed this is published.

The new Moon falls on the 6th at 14° of Leo and the full Moon falls on the 20th/21st at 28° of Aquarius. The full Moon is expiation and the new Moon is an initiation.

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