Thursday, 1 August 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

You are a communicative, intelligent sign and with the Sun in Leo now in your solar 3rd house, these qualities are underlined and accentuated positively, notably strongly between the 8th and 23rd. Before the 8th many of you will find that your best communication is done rather privately and subtl

Before the 16th all those June born may be spending time happily and enjoying beautifying the home, but after the 16th it is all systems go for all born up to June 9th, for creativity, enjoyment of life, party time and indeed romance. Joy around children’s issues may emerge.

Finances are looking protected if not even enhanced by Jupiter’s position in your solar 2nd house, but don’t take your eye off the ball at work where a slow, sure, steady slog brings gain.
Mars is also currently making you quite proactive in getting the money you feel you are owed and helping you plan your increased security.

Uranus is very proactively positive for those born June 1st to 4th. He is bringing a new awareness and a new ideological and political activation. He is also bringing you the ability to work for the greater good in group situations and a desire to be quite revolutionary. Your ideas and your intuitions are strong, and your desires are strong now in relation to being innovative and being true to yourself in quite a public fashion, where you can make a difference and wake people up. Expiate this positively now.

By contrast, Neptune if born May 24th to 27th can make you a little blind-sided to events that are going on at work, with colleagues or authority figures. There may be some smoke and mirrors professionally. Just make sure you keep in the loop and beware people who have hidden agendas, but importantly it is a time for you to recognise your emotional needs and sensitivities and to realise that some things are just too important in life to be just left to the mind alone.

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