Friday, 1 November 2013

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

Focus on professional skills is important now and you have to shine even if reluctantly. Communications re work issues and negotiations ideally should take place after the 10th when Mercury smoothes the path. Before that time colleagues or associates just don’t seem too available and progress on career projects can be help up  (for good reasons that maybe invisible to you).

Before the 5th if born after February 13th social life can be pleasing, but after the 5th a little down time, alone time, privacy and behind-the-scenes empathy and compassion serve you well.

Many of you this month may be focusing on complex financial issues. Energy put into rationalising this and paying bills, taxes, sorting out insurances etc. will all serve you well.

If born February 1st to 7th issues can feel a little like climbing uphill – one step forward, two steps back. Anxiety and lack of confidence may surround efforts and thoughts. Look after the body, get sleep and know that what is demanded of you currently is what is necessary and real. The karmic schoolteacher, Saturn, is at work and he really is ultimately a friend in disguise as an uncomfortable despot

However if born the last two days of January, Uranus who is your ruling planet, is inspiring you to a greater need for freedom, authenticity, innovation and lateral thinking, gifts that belong to your sign anyway. There is a bit of a genius streak going on and you should trust your intuition. This once every 42-year transit by your ruling planet can kick-start you through some awakening experience or influence, into a better future where freedom and your uniqueness can be more greatly honoured.

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