Friday, 1 November 2013

SAGITTARIUS November22nd - December21st

This is a time for some retreat and reflection, and maybe some visitation of the past would be in order. A need to commune with your soul, and communications with others may be rather secretive and private. However after the 10th you can think more clearly and have a little more sense of belonging to the world when Mercury moves direct and so others are beginning to read from the same hymn sheet as you.

Before the 5th all born after December 16th have Venus enhancing their lives. Love, harmony and creative abilities feel strong and after the 5th there is a sense of possibly more financial security.

However if born December 4th to 20th, Mars is creating a few stresses and strains work-wise. Others are irritating or coercive and disagreements are possible. It is important that you are not too assertive yourself, but you will need to stand up for what you believe in.

With Saturn in your 12th house now, many of you may find it hard to ask for help when there are problems. Overcome this feeling.

Meanwhile, those born the first two days of December have Uranus inspiring romantically, creatively and re children’s issues. You really need to think of ways of liberating your energy now in innovative directions, so that it fits more authentically who you are.

If born around November 24th to 26th ensure that you are seeing people clearly and that you are not deceiving yourself, or that others are not weaving some smoke and mirrors around you. Keep grounded; avoid excessive indulgence and addictive behaviour. Check the small print. Neptune is still at work.

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