Friday, 1 November 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Focusing on putting your house in order financially can be very productive. Thinking long and hard about money values and constructing your life with this in mind can be rewarding, but it may be after the 10th when you are able to see more clearly when Mercury moves direct. Before that time, finances could feel slightly confused and the cheque may not be in the post.

After the 5th many of you may feel very inclined to beautify your home, spending time in it and entertaining there, as that is where your heart and aesthetic sense is lying.

Before the 5th, many of you, especially if born after October 18th find yourself expressing yourself to others in a very harmonious way.

However because Mars is in your solar 12th house this month, it is important not to allow yourself to seethe with resentment. Passive aggression serves no one well. This is a time to say what you think and feel, calmly at the right time to the right person.

Be wary if born October 12th to 15th of being over-confident at work or with too high expectations and a general self-indulgence is in the air for this group.

If born October 1st to 4th others are bringing some chaos or unpredictability into your life. You cannot second-guess their actions and they are making you feel insecure, but in fact their purpose is to force you to kick-start yourself into a freer, better future. In the meantime, hang loose, stay flexible. Also, this same group have Pluto on their case and that will also include those born October 4th. Big changes are in the offing, including domestic shifts. Endings of chapters are in sight and just be aware that power struggles need handled with care, calm and wisdom and force you to grow in wisdom. Free your self from shackles with dignity and transform your self. Phoenixes want to rise.

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