Friday, 1 November 2013

PISCES February19th – March 20th

This is a great month for a trip away or for studying happily. The higher mind is enhanced but after the 10th may be the most successful and glitch-free time for these activities as then Mercury resumes normal motion, i.e. goes direct, and if born March 1st to 14th, your mind is in great shape and communications far afield are in the air.

After the 5th all born up to March 13th have a vibrant social life and friends come up trumps.

However Mars stalking your solar 7th house of relationships indicates that for all born between March 1st and 18th there is a danger that others will be confrontational or at least irritable, so be careful you don’t exacerbate this situation.

Jupiter is truly enhancing, if born March 9th to 12th. Harmony, luck and happiness surrounds creative ventures and romance and fertility is in the air. A sense of protection is around.

For those born March 3rd to 9th, hard constructive work is on the agenda and brings deferred gratification. This is a grown-up period.

Blessed are those born February 28th to March 2nd as Pluto is empowering them in a way that gives them leadership ability, influence over others, intelligent insight and the power of self-reinvention and determination. Exploit!
Neptune, your ruler is currently and rarely going through your sign and is directly affecting, (as he has for a few years) those born around Feb 21st/22nd. For this group there has been and continues to be, an immersion in Pisces archetypal qualities. Positively this truly inspires, both creatively and spiritually and also brings exquisite (almost painful) hypersensitivity to others and even to other dimensions. The danger is self-deception, projection, over idealism and being taken in by smoke and mirrors created by others.  Enjoy music, film, the arts, and exploit your compassion and empathy but avoid excessive escapism and keep it real..

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