Friday, 1 November 2013

SCORPIO October24th - November 21st

This is your solar return period (birthday) a time to shine, and if born November 2nd to 16th your intellect is sharp. Only after the 10th will the fruits of your mind manifest. Before then, communications are not fully grasped.

Money focus is very strong before the 5th and after that date, many of you will find, especially if born up to November 15th, that your heart joins your mind equalling extra charm.

Mars, your co-ruler benefits you if born November 1st to 20th. He enables intelligent cooperation with others, leadership skills, drive, energy and constructive courageous action..

For those born November 11th to 14th, Jupiter is very much smiling down on you, particularly enhanced travel and brings wisdom to bear and happiness and luck re increased understanding and learning. Long-distance news pleases.

Saturn in your sign, sits now right on the Suns of those born November 5th to 11th. For this group, life is serious and tough and you can no longer avoid some learning and reality checks. Austerity, self-discipline, hard work and maybe some karma need facing. No kicking this can down the road. You are forced to face facts and do what is necessary. Bite the bullet.

However for those born November 1st to 4th, your ruler Pluto is very much supporting you in his rare transit to your Sun. He is bringing a profundity and investigative insight into truths that serve you well, not only in wisdom and action, but also brings will power to achieve things.

Neptune brings ongoing romantic and creative idealism if born October 25th to 27th.

A solar eclipse falls in Scorpio on the 3rd at 11 degrees of Scorpio, affecting those born November 3rd to   5th. This is a time of new starts, new focus and new resolution. The full Moon falls on the 17th and will bring for those born around November17th an insight into some simmering energies at work in relationships that need confronting.

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