Friday, 1 November 2013

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

November is a time for focusing on rationalising work, office, organisation, routine and the well-being of colleagues which can be done successfully. It is also a very good time to ensure that your health is as maximised as possible. Saturn also still in your solar 6th house is exhorting you all to be conscious of health issues and to work steadily but consciously to look after the body and maximise its harmony and to be very organised and structured in the work environment. Wherever Saturn is we have an obligation to work hard.

When Mercury moves direct after the 10th you can be particularly successful and constructive in all these areas. Prior to that there can be some confusion and lack of conclusion.

Before the 5th Venus in your solar 7th house augurs well for all those born after June 15th. Love life is stimulated and affections are highlighted.

However Mars is in an uncomfortable angle to your sign in Virgo, directly affecting those born May 30th to June 19th. There seems to be some trouble on the home front. Family and those with whom one shares home space and real estate issues aren’t exactly serene. Your own impatience and irritation is also unhelpful. You are stressed and intolerant and this is catching. Be aware.

For all born May 23rd to 25th there is a feeling that Neptune is maintaining his ability to confuse when it comes to your goals professionally, and others are not necessarily as trustworthy as they seem, or at least there is the potential for misunderstandings. Don’t be too idealistic about what you can expect and keep grounded.

Uranus is currently bring real eureka moments and intuition and also opportunities for experiencing liberating new ideas, people and activities and a sense of new belief in self and your ideological passions, if born May 29th –June 1st.  New friends and contacts can be catalysts.

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