Friday, 1 November 2013

LEO July 22nd – August` 22nd

Real estate and family and domestic issues are a focus this month and if born August 3rd to 16th, much communication may be necessary on that front, but before the 10th there can be misunderstandings and a definite feeling of dysfunction when it comes to getting heard. After that date, things ease, but delays and confusions may be in the air before.

Use the window before the 5th if born after August 17th for romantic opportunities and creative skill when Venus is compatible.

It is also important and has been for some time for your sign, to ensure that finances are thoroughly examined and practically rationalised, and this month, much energy can successfully be put into that very thing as Mars highlights your financial sector currently.

If born August 5th to 11th, Saturn is giving you a little bit of a test. Domestic issues are tough, family members are harsh schoolteachers; you are feeling tired and if you have avoided certain realities they are crowding in on you now. Work patiently, hard and with discipline to do what is necessary. You will be very glad of the better infrastructure you achieve later.

However if born July 31st to August 3rd, Uranus is very much inspiring you. He is bringing you a desire to take flight, travel to other lands, escape limitation, and make a new innovative start and to think outside the box. Your intuition is pretty sound and your sense of uniqueness needs honouring. Frustrations building for some time can now be released constructively through a new direction forged …and the timing feels just right. Broadening intellectual and metaphysical horizons are all part of the liberating journey Jupiter in your solar 12th house suggests that a very private guardian angel is protective. Reversals are to your advantage and enemies can become friends somehow.

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