Friday, 1 November 2013

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Your mind is unusually sharp this month, particularly if born September 1st to 22nd but it won’t be until after the 10th when you really feel that your intellect gets heard and understood. It is also possible before the 10th, that communications, computers, vehicles; messages all just somehow let you down.

After the 5th if born up to September 15th, love life, leisure, enjoyment and the arts can all be very full on in your life and a sense of harmony with others is underlined.

Mars is in your sign this month, directly impacting all born September 1st to 20th. This implies an extra assertive energy that you possess and you will not be a shrinking violet and your normal self-effacement will be reduced. Competitive, compassionate drive is yours – handle it wisely and beware over assertiveness or even of rather full on energy from others.

Jupiter is also very much affecting those born September 11th to 14th bringing blessings from friends and from people from other cultures. Your social skills are underlined and generosity from others is significant. Protection is in the air. Romance is enhanced by luck and generosity.

However if you are born September 5th to 11th there is seriousness necessary in life currently. Careful thinking, academic study, grown-up discipline, austerity and integrity are all yours to benefit from.

Finally Neptune is still hanging around the Suns of those born August 25th to 27th. Smoke and mirrors and elements of deception still need to be carefully watched out for. Don’t be martyrs to others; your sensitivity can be taken advantage of. Use it rather than let it use you. Check the small print in all agreements and check others credentials. Get sleep and enjoy the healing power of music, film and being near the sea.

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