Wednesday, 1 January 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

It is all about relationships this month. Other people are strong and can be calling the shots, and if born after July 3rd excellent communications, enhance your connections with others.

For lucky folk born July 5th to 20th Venus is smiling, bringing beauty to relationships. Loving souls who care are there for you with depth, intensity and sensitivity, and you respond in kind.

However, Mars for those born July 2nd to 17th is also bringing a little annoyance from some quarter, possibly domestically. There is impatience around. Your energy may be a bit like a bull (or crab) in a china shop, and passive aggression can be in the air.  Be conscious.

However if born July 4th to 10th you are blessed as Jupiter in his once every 12 year visitation is now right on your Sun, bringing growth, inner and outer, travel, bonuses, blessings, a feel good factor, aid re health issues, and at the very least he is protecting you if in any difficulties.

Saturn for those born July 12th to 17th is guiding you to take your creative and love life and your dealings with offspring seriously. This is a time for responsibility, obligation and reality when it comes to affections. Love needs hard work. Just as much as any successful career does, in order to maintain its power. Now is such a time.

Uranus is finishing his yearlong challenge to the Suns of those born the last day of June, first day of July. There has been uncertainty; chaos, restlessness and claustrophobic feelings in working life and now you start to see the meaning of this period. A need to be true to self and not others in terms of expectations is what is important now, and any change that happens to you is designed to catapult you into a freer, more innovative future, and if you are staying put, things will settle, with a new vision and a new understanding of yourself.

Pluto is still bringing a power struggle in some context for those born July2nd-5th.  Truth is your sword and your shield now.  Be conscious and dignified and let inevitable endings be part of life’s journey

The new Moon on the 1st, for all born around July 3rd, brings a new chapter in relationships and around the 16th the full Moon brings for those born around July 18th; a sense of finale.

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