Wednesday, 1 January 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

This is not a time for the superficial, it’s a time for depth and intensity and talking about the more uncomfortable things in life with others, but it is also a time for rationalising very complex joint financial situations as well, and after the 11th most of you will be finding that your intellectual concerns and incisiveness will be glowing, forthright and constructive. Also it is a good time for long-distance communication.  Love that is selfless now is needed in some way.

Mars is smiling on those born between June 1st and 16th. He is bringing quite a predatory note in terms of your desire to have a relationship, and also provides a lot of energy and drive for all matters creative, and intelligent inspiring energy in terms of dealing with children, love life and the arts is abundant.

Uranus is also finishing his rare and yearlong influence in a positive way for those born May 29th to June 1st.  He has brought and is finalising now, a new sense of awakening and enlightening to a bigger picture understanding other than pure brain. He has brought intuition, wisdom, a sense of conviction connected to higher knowledge and you have been on a journey of exploration and friends have been awakening you to different groups, different ways of looking at life, and new knowledge, and this has been a very fruitful, liberating and enlightening period which is just coming to an end. You will not be the same again.   You cannot disinvent this new awareness and freedom.

Meanwhile Neptune is now creeping forward again to influence (as last March/April) in his rare and very protracted once every aprox 83-year square to the Suns of those born May 24th-27th. For this group yet again there is a sense of confusion and lack of signposts.. There is also a dissolving of certainties in life. Let this be… and float, as a subtle metamorphosis is happening, but beware illusion, deception and escapism along the journey..  Redemption is coming, but Neptune works in mysterious way. By the end of 2014, the fog will start to clear.

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