Wednesday, 1 January 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

 January is a time when international dimensions, travel and vacations may well be in the air and certainly for those born May 2nd to 18th, love and travel can combine well, and it is also a time when profound emotions are also connected with long distance.

For those born after May 2nd intellectual and academic pursuits are very much in the ether in a very positive way and with success.

Jupiter is also very well disposed for those born May 2nd to 8th. He is also adding to your intellectual depth and wisdom. Knowledge gained and given out now is very satisfying to you and to others, and issues to do with siblings are very positive and progressive.

However Saturn in your opposite sign is now haunting the Suns of those born May 10th to 14th. For this group there is definitely some stress emanating from others. It feels as though someone is being oppressive or restrictive. Maybe they are acting as a very wise teacher and you are resenting the necessary that they are requesting you to do, or maybe they are genuinely people who are unnecessarily coercive or problematic. It is also a time to be aware that restrictions and limitations are part of the picture, and if somebody or something is worth working hard for, then this is a time when you cannot avoid that, and in some cases where relationships are genuinely problematic, it can be a very pertinent time for a goodbye. Good relationships just go through a little bit of a challenge and strengthen as a result. Authority figures can also loom large.

However Pluto now shifting to affect again those born May1st-4th is bring to this group a new strength, and resolve and inability to intelligently affect others by a bringing of wisdom and strength via metaphysical concerns and via academic excellence and depth. Long distance issues can also be life changing and empowering. There is self-reinvention in the air.

If born April 23rd to 26th, you are being blessed now with a tinge of the magic of Neptune.
 A touch of fairy dust, no less.

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